Taming Sayali Ch. 09

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Synopsis: Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian teenager, encounters a personal tutor who is interested in taming her spirit for his own purposes, rather than to please her mother, who also has designs on him.


Late Friday afternoon Neleema received a call from Kanan saying that she would not be able to come over until tomorrow morning. She went on to say that she was bringing over a young lady from one of her classes who had information that was quite pertinent to the subject of our discussion, Neleema’s daughter, Sayali. At the time I was out in the courtyard tutoring Sayali on the finer points of the Sepoy Rebellion. It had been an extremely hot day and the biting flies had been feasting on her bare body, distracting her somewhat from my lecture. I had to admit that I was more than a bit distracted myself at the sight of those beads of sweat that ran down the slopes of her breasts and dripped off to land on her belly and continue the trip to that musky furnace that held me in thrall despite my best efforts to be professional.

The fact that she was stark naked was one thing to which I had not become immune. I still enjoyed watching her tawny body shift and turn as she hung there helplessly. I still was a victim of those disturbing urges to have my way with that shapely body. I wondered if Neleema realized I was still strongly attracted to this lithe nineteen year old. I laughed to myself at that thought – of course she knew, Neleema was a very wise woman. I knew that she still considered Sayali to be under her protection, despite the lead role she had allowed me to take in taming this creature of curves and hollows that were so tempting to my baser side.

As promised, Kanan was accompanied by a girl probably the same age as Sayali. Prior to their arrival I had taken the precaution of leaving Sayali in the pit hanging from her wrists and securely gagged. In this way she would be effectively out of sight as far as our visitor was concerned. After a few pleasantries and the usual pot of tea we sat back and waited for whatever revelation Kanan and her companion had to offer.

The look on Neleema’s face was initially one of disbelief as the Sayali’s classmate at the college began to describe some of the activities that she said Sayali had been involved in at the university. According to her, Sayali was quite active sexually with both female members of her college, as well as young men from a neighboring college catering to sons of the wealthy, who loitered at a safe distance from their university for the express purpose of enticing Sayali and others like her.

Disbelief turned to anger as the young woman began providing details of all that had been going on for the entire semester. It seems that Sayali enjoyed having multiple partners whenever she had a dalliance. According to the girl on a number of occasions the boys had taken Sayali to a nearby apartment in order that she could be gangbanged by up to a dozen of them in a single session, many of whom had her more than once and even in all of her orifices. I thought Neleema would have apoplexy when the girl made that particular claim.

Of course Neleema challenged the girl to show proof of what she claimed. She was silent for a time, refusing to answer Neleema. Just before Sayali’s mother could claim victory in this matter, Kanan instructed the girl to remove her clothing. We both were stunned by this action on her part, but even more amazed that the girl complied. She slowly removed her jacket and then slid her skirt down, now standing there in her white cotton underpants and blouse. At a wave from Kanan she dispensed with the blouse. She was very well endowed for a nineteen year old. I could hardly fail to notice the damp spot covering much of the crotch in her panties, but I was more impressed by how her heavy breasts strained the straps of her bra, digging into the flesh of her shoulders.

“Remove everything so that they may see your shame and the proof that Neleema wishes to have.” I heard Neleema’s sharp intake of breath as the girl’s full breasts were revealed. I too was taken aback at what was revealed. Those two plump melons were covered with uncounted welts, cuts and bruises. I could see that they had been put there over a long period of time, since some were almost healed while others looked so raw masturbasyon porno that they must have been created within the last few days. Upon closer examination it became apparent that more than one implement had been used on those firm globes.

Then Kanan gave us the full story about how this young girl came to be so brutally whipped, and why almost everything that happened to her or would happen to her in the future was done with her own interests at heart. Even before Kanan began to suspect Sayali of grave misconduct at college, this one, her name was Harsha, had already developed a reputation as one of those wantons who lived only to pursue men. She was an extreme case considering her age, having just turned twenty. Kanan attempted to intervene and was rudely rejected. This only made her redouble her efforts to rehabilitate this young trollop.

Kanan managed to discover one of the many places where this teen tramp held liaisons with some of her many sex partners. In this particular case it was with a much older man, one who could have been her father. At great risk to herself she took a number of pictures showing Harsha and this man copulating. Having obtained incontrovertible evidence of this slut’s wanton behavior, she had a meeting with the girl’s parents where she displayed the damning photographs.

They were outraged and vowed to discipline their daughter for this unacceptable behavior. Kanan also noted that the mother seemed even more frightened by the fact that Harsha was not using any obvious method of contraception, and that her father had developed a rather embarrassing erection. Since the emphasis would be the application of severe corporal punishment they needed to get permission from the school to allow her to be excused from physical exercise and the accompanying showers that the students were required to take afterwards. Kanan made the arrangements in exchange for the right to punish Harsha once a week, usually on Friday afternoon after class, at her apartment. For the last eight weeks the girl had been dutifully visiting Kanan for a caning, as well as a lecture on her antisocial behavior. She was also interrogated about the type of punishment she was receiving at home.

The girl was being exclusively disciplined by her mother, who concentrated on whipping her breasts, pubes and buttocks, saying that those three areas were what tempted her husband as well as all the other men she had sex with. She used everything from a strap to switches that were fresh cut from the bushes that grew in the garden at the rear of the house. Her favorite weapon was her husband’s heavy belt and she spent hours decorating the tawny flesh of her wayward daughter with this symbol of male authority.

Kanan had searched far and wide in the city for a shop that could provide her with a more suitable implement for chastising this immoral girl. An acquaintance who was into the more bizarre side of life in this city directed her to a specialty shop that for a very high price, provided her with a cane suitable for her purposes. What made this implement even more unique was that it could be deliberately weighted to inflict even worse punishment to the deserving miscreant.

At their initial punishment session Kanan offered the girl a way to reduce the terrible beatings that she would be getting from her. Naturally this offer was not made until Kanan had given her unprotected buttocks a dozen of the best, using the weighted version of the cane. Twice during the beating Harsha had collapsed in tears from the terrible pain created in her soft cheeks as the leather wrapped cane ripped into them.

In exchange for licking Kanan’s deliberately unwashed pubic mound for half the time normally devoted to her punishment, she would receive only half the number of strokes, and if she also chose to use her talented tongue to delve into Kanan’s back passageway, her punishment would be reduced to a mere three strokes of the cane, weighted of course. Harsha had become quite adept at pleasuring both of Kanan’s entrances, and these days her bottom, with one major exception, was the better for her diligence.

I made some tea and sat by the window that looked out to the area where Sayali was kept. Gradually I picked up the muffled sounds of the whipping that mature porno the two women were delivering to Harsha. Curiosity got the better of me and so I wandered down the hall with my tea in hand to get a view of what was going on in that little room. She was on her back, ankles and wrists tightly bound to the corners of the bed. A pillow, or perhaps two, had been shoved beneath her body to elevate her plump pubic mound, making it easier to whip.

They stood on either side of her, Kanan wielding my flogger while Neleema was content to use the paddle. As I watched and sipped my tea, the paddle fell machine-like, flattening the fat breasts of the girl with each blow. I noticed that her mouth was stuffed with something that made the sounds issuing from her barely audible. Kanan was concentrating her fury on Harsha’s rounded belly and that sensitive region below. The flogger made a cracking noise when it struck, and it left behind a region of swollen flesh. I thought it strange that they would merely beat this helpless nineteen-year old and not ask her to recant what she said about Sayali. This was not to my liking at all. Would Sayali suffer the same fate? I was a bit taken aback at my reaction, my concern for the girl in the pit. I would someday probably rue the day I ever met this bundle of erotic curves and hollows, but that day was not now.

The sight of Harsha’s abundant pubic hair, damp and matted, as the flogger mercilessly pounded away at the thick cunt lips beneath it made me have an erotic fantasy that was almost uncontrollable. It was Kanan lying before me, her pubes totally hidden by a mass of thick springy pubic hair that grew like some jungle between her legs sending tendrils up to her navel and down to ring her anus and even plant a few strands even further up between her buttocks. My thick, hard cock was slicing its way through that jungle and ramming deep into her hot, wet grotto as she grunted and urged me to go deeper and harder. Standing beside us was Neleema with a thick length of leather covered wood that she was applying to Kanan’s swollen breasts which were huge and sprayed sweat with each blow that they absorbed.

This vision threatened to overwhelm me, and so I took my leave as the two women continued to whip Harsha with a cold fury that made me shiver. What could I expect when they started in on Sayali? I did not want to address that question at this moment. It took me some number of minutes to regain my composure. I sat by the window and stared at the hoist that was holding Sayali captive, her naked body moving gently like a leaf in a soft summer’s wind, awaiting her fate.

My analytical side began to take control over my emotions, presenting a number of questions that I began to ponder. First and foremost, which of the two girls was telling the truth was yet to be determined. Naturally my other side immediately chose to believe Sayali, but I might as well have been flipping a coin to determine the truth. Why had the two women deliberately chosen to examine Harsha first? Why waste their strength on her when both were really more interested in testing Sayali, each for a different reason? I guessed what they were doing to Harsha was merely a practice, in much the same way that a student might run through an etude before settling into work on the concerto.

I was so preoccupied with this exercise that the appearance of Neleema, wearing nothing but her bra and panties startled me. Her brown skin was covered with a sheen of sweat, worked up no doubt by her vigorous application of whatever implement she was using to beat the truth from her helpless prisoner. I couldn’t help noticing that her panties had become almost transparent from all the moisture they had absorbed. I wondered if any of that moisture had come from within her. Neleema gave me a knowing smile and promised to take care of my urges this evening for as long as it took. “I might even ask Kanan to assist me in calming you down; I’m sure you’d enjoy that kind of an opportunity, wouldn’t you? I saw how you were looking at her just before you fled.” I could do nothing but shrug my shoulders.

I watched Neleema drink two large glasses of water and then fill a pitcher with more of the same. She paused and took a deep breath, calling attention to her heavy breasts and the milf porno hard nipples that were poking through the sheer fabric. “This should take care of Kanan’s needs, at least the most obvious one right now. I hope you will join us shortly; we have an idea for that tramp that will involve your unique capability. I’m sure you will enjoy this little task we have planned for you.” I watched her hips sway as she departed for the bedroom bearing water for her companion who was evidently using the flogger with a great deal of enthusiasm based on the amount of noise it was making as it contacted the naked girl’s flesh. I began to develop another erection and this loss of control dismayed me no end. How was I to deal with matters when it was Sayali on that bed being mercilessly flogged by these two harpies?

It was Neleema who summoned me to join them. I approached cautiously, not at all confident that I would be able to cope with whatever situation I found. The sight of Kanan, wearing only a pair of white cotton panties that contrasted so strongly with her black skin, stopped me in my tracks. I had a glimpse of Neleema, a grinning Neleema, standing beside the bed, holding a strap in her hand. My eyes bored into the crotch of those white panties. It was full to bursting with a wild assemblage of black curly pubic hair that feathered out from that plump crotch and overran her thighs. I was fascinated by the thick line of hair that marched up to her navel, surrounding that enticing indentation. I could easily imagine my tongue insinuating itself into that little hollow and lapping up the sweat and other detritus that it might contain.

Kanan stared fixedly into my eyes, one hand brushing a trickle of sweat that had wandered down between her pancake-shaped breasts which featured large thick nipples that stood stiff from sexual excitement. She looked almost cadaverous with that bony chest and ribs that could be easily counted, not to mention the jutting hipbones upon which those white panties hung. But it was that plump cunt that attracted me, and she knew it. She rubbed the flogger suggestively across her crotch, at the same time using her tongue to lick the sweat that dripped from her upper lip. I could not help being reminded of some exotic animal that lived deep in the jungle, only occasionally being viewed by men.

It was Neleema who broke the tension that had developed between Kanan and myself. My blood was up and at that point had Kanan made any kind of overture I would have been upon her like some wild animal. “I didn’t ask you in to gawk at my friend. What’s the matter with you, haven’t you had enough naked female flesh to stare at today?” Her words were like a lash, cutting me to the quick. Kanan finished breaking the spell as she launched a vicious blow to Harsha’s swollen cunt. The girl’s gasp of pain indicated that she was no longer gagged. However, in place of the material that had been stuffed in her mouth was some type of dental tool that kept her jaws wide apart and made speaking almost impossible.

When Neleema told me she wanted me to shove my cock down the girl’s throat and hold it in place I could not believe my ears. She goaded me further, inquiring if I was afraid to enter the girl’s mouth for fear I would be bitten. “Have no fear my mighty warrior, she cannot close her jaws, your precious appendage is safe from her fury.” Those mocking words made me even more defensive. It was Kanan who pushed me into the corner. “Hurry up and get started. Do you need some assistance? Would you like to see all of me, would that do it?” Neleema burst into laughter and for a moment I felt like fleeing from the room. Then I realized that I was now being examined, and I dare not fail.

My lover took command of the situation, loosening my belt so my pants could drop. My underpants joined them in a puddle around my ankles. Neleema’s warm mouth engulfed my flaccid shaft, which had been running rampant for the past hour or so. It was slow going and the more I tried to concentrate on developing some stiffness the more difficult it became. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands spreading my buttocks and then the unworldly touch of something tender, warm and moist probing my anus. An ocean of blood poured into my cock and I had the mother of all erections. Kanan had chosen this moment to test me and I was now totally vulnerable. She knew that she had power over me, perhaps even as much or more than Neleema. At that point I abandoned my pride and luxuriated in the competing sensations that were bringing me to my knees. At that moment I knew what limbo, that place between heaven and hell, must feel like.

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