Taking Michelle , Tina Ch. 2

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Early Thursday morning Michelle picked up the phone and dialed Tina’s house. “Hello?” Tina’s sweet voice said.

“Hi, girl friend! How ya been?” Michelle asked, trying to hide the excitement in her voice. She wanted to SCREAM into the phone that she and her father had been making love for the past three days.

Tina was glad to hear Michelle’s voice. “Where have you been? Every time I’ve called I’ve just gotten your Dad’s answering service.”

“I’ve been around. Just been kinda busy…doing things with Daddy,” Michelle blew it.

“You horny little bitch! You DID it! You got your Dad! Was it good?” Tina begged for an answer.

“Girl, you KNOW it was good! IT WAS FUCKIN’ GREAT!” Michelle screamed. “His big cock about wore me out!” She giggled and started to get a warm feeling between her legs, and her puffy nipples started to grow.

“Oh, you bitch! I’m jealous! Tell me everything, right down to the last detail,” Tina placed her big, fluffy pillow between her legs. The same pillow she had used many times to relieve herself.

Michelle told Tina all the wonderful details of how they had made love the last three days straight. She also told Tina the plans her father had to bed HER. Tina’s warm feeling grew between her thighs. Thinking of how good it would feel having Michelle’s father inside her body.

“Did it hurt much, when he took you?” Tina’s, eyes were closed, imagining Hank taking her. His big, thick cock tearing her virgin flower.

Michelle just sighed, “It did for about a minute or so. Then I orgasmed so many times I never even thought about it again.”

Tina’s young hips pushed into the big pillow as she thought about cumming around Hank’s big cock. “Did he… um…um… cum in you?”

Michelle purred as she replied, “Tina, his cock shot so much in me, it ran down my ass, and onto the floor.”

“Are you afraid you might get… pregnant?” Tina asked, as she started grinding her hips and pussy into her pillow. “I bet it felt SO good when he came in you. I can’t wait!”

“Well, he told me the chances of me getting pregnant by him would be very slim. Tina, he came escort gaziantep SO hard in me!

That was all little Tina needed to hear. Her hips thrust into her pillow, and her young body exploded. “Oh… Oh… yes.” Tina moaned as her orgasm ran through her like nothing she had ever felt before. She collapsed across her bed, panting for air.

“Tina? Did you just cum?” Michelle ask with a lusty sound in her voice. Her hand went to her wet pussy. If Tina came, then she was going to cum. Michelle’s slender fingers entered her body. She was SO wet and ready to cum! It just took three pumps with her fingers, and Michelle’s body released. “Oh Tina, I’m… cumming… I’m cumming,” Michelle moaned.

After a long silence Tina spoke up, “That was fucking UNREAL! I’ve NEVER come like that by myself. Only with my Hank….”

Michelle had a pissed-off tone in her voice, “Excuse me… with YOUR Hank?” How dare Tina call him that! He was Michelle’s father. She had first rights to him! Or did she? Did Tina secretly take him from her? “Remember, he’s MY Dad, and I’m sharing him with you.”

Tina just thought to herself, ‘Yeah right. That’s why he always loves me last. That’s why I’ve been helping him cum the last two years. That’s why he always falls asleep with me in his arms after I make him cum.’ Then Tina replied, “I know he’s your father,” in a pissed-off voice of her own.

At last, Friday came. Hank was packing his things for the trip to Atlanta with dear, sweet Tina. He had wanted her since the first time she came on his body. All the times they had loved each other into the early mornings. Hank had spent so many nights with Tina, running to his own room before Michelle would wake up.

Michelle walked into his room and sat on the edge of his bed, “Daddy? do you love me more than Tina?”

He knew the answer, he loved Michelle as his daughter. And he loved Tina more than he loved life itself. She was half his age, but he still loved her.

Hank gave her a firm look, “You know I love you. AND I love Tina. I have since the first day you ever brought her home with you.” gaziantep escort forumları He went on packing his things. “I can’t love you like I do her. I could even marry her. I love her more than I ever loved your mother.”

Michelle was crying, “Daddy, you could marry me. I’d be a good wife,” the salty tears ran down her pretty face. “I’m a great lover, and I’d do anything you wanted. Anything!”

Hank walked to her, pulling her into his arms. He held her trembling body close, caressing her bottom. “Come on, don’t cry. You’ll always be my baby.”

The tears still flowed down Michelle’s face, “I’m afraid you’re going to choose Tina over me.” She went on sobbing.

“I’m not going to do that. You’re my daughter. She’s very special to me, but I would never do that.” He held her tight, one hand caressed her bottom, and the other held her full breast.

Michelle snuggled closer to him, “Daddy, take me before you go. Love me like I was your wife.” The tears ran down her face as she begged her father.

His hands moved to Michelle’s face, he kissed away her tears. Hank pulled off her tiny night gown exposing her full breasts. With both of his big, strong hands he began caressing them. He teased her nipples by rolling them in his fingers.

“Oh Daddy, I love you.” Michelle said, giving herself to her father. She was his slave, heart and soul. She wanted him to know he could do anything to her.

Hank laid across her body, smashing his hips into her burning pussy. He rubbed his rough jeans against her tender flesh. “Daddy, your jeans hurt. Take them off, and use me any way you want. Daddy… take my virgin bottom, use it.”

His cock jumped when Michelle said that. Little did she know, he loved having a woman’s ass! It had been years since his last good piece of tail. “Oh baby, it will take to long.” He kissed her deep. “When I get back, that’ll be the first thing on my list to do to ya’. How’s that sound?”

Michelle moaned, “Do you promise?”

He slid his cock from his briefs, and placed the head at her wet opening, escort gaziantep bayan “Yes, I promise.” Hank slid his long love pole into Michelle’s lusty body. He rammed it in to the root, and lifted her wonderful ass off the bed.

“Daddy,” she moaned as her pussy muscles spasmed around his shaft. He filled her love tunnel with cock!

Hank finished Michelle, and tucked her into his big bed. His thoughts drifted to Tina, as he drove his big, four wheel drive truck up to her house. He hadn’t even stopped when she walked out the front door. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her! Tina wore a white silk blouse that showed her wonderful breasts and nipples, and a short black mini skirt that barely covered her slim thighs. But, best of all…she wore sheer black stockings and high heels!

“Damn you look good today,” Hank said as his eyes roamed Tina’s sexy body. “From the way you’re dressed, I guess Michelle told you my plan?”

“I could tell from her voice,” Tina smiled. “I’m so happy that we are going to do this.” Hank drove down the curvy road taking in her every word. Tina moved close to him. “I’ve wanted you to love me for so long. All the nights we helped each other were great, but now, I NEED you!”

Hank smiled at her. “Well, pretty girl, all of our waiting will be over soon. We’ll have three days to be with each other.” His hand moved to her stocking covered thigh, and he caressed her softly. “And I plan on being with you every minute.”

Tina smiled and moved her little hand to Hank’s growing cock. “I’ve been saving myself for you. You’re the only man I’ve ever wanted.” She reached up and kissed him.

The drive to Atlanta took just under five hours. They talked about how much they loved each other. And about all the different ways they wanted to LOVE each other. “I want to be on top, when I give myself to you,” Tina purred. “I want you deep inside me.”

Hank just smiled at her and slid his hand to her wet, little pussy. She moaned softly as he caressed her. “We’ll do anything you want. I would like to have you facing me, like our first time.”

“I’m on fire, Hank! I can’t wait till we get there!” Tina pushed her wet pussy against his hand, hoping he would masturbate her while they drove down the highway. Slowly, he caressed her. He knew she was hot and ready, but she was going to have to wait until they were in their hotel room!

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