Sydney’s Adventures Ch. 1

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Consciousness returned slowly, seeming to creep into my body in little pieces. I tried to crack open an eye, but was unable to. As I lay with my eyes shut, the excesses of last night began to trickle back into my memory. It was rush week at my university and I had been at a sorority party where I was a pledge. The party had been fantastic, and near the end the sisters had made all of us pledges come upstairs. Slowly it came back to me why I couldn’t open my eyes. I gingerly lifted a hand up and began picking the dried cum out of my eyelashes. Eventually I was able to open both of my eyes and see the aftermath of the party. I was sprawled face-up on a queen-sized bed in one of the upstairs rooms of the sorority. Three of my fellow pledges were in the room with me, two on another bed on the opposite side of the room and one in the bed with me. I wasn’t too concerned with them, at least initially, and instead began to take stock of my situation.

I propped my head up on a pillow and looked down. My nineteen-year-old 38d breasts were absolutely covered in cum; the only skin I could see was through a layer of thick goo. A lot of it was dry, but some of the larger blobs were still partially liquid, as was the large pool that had formed in the valley between my boobs and my neck. I could see partially congealed rivulets that ran from my nipples (which were becoming hard remembering all that had happened last night!) all the way to the bed. Some of my long, dirty blond hair had gotten plastered to my body, glued on with cum.

Looking further down my body I could see that my stomach was in no better shape. Another large pool had formed in and around my belly button, nearly obscuring the henna tattoo I had put on especially for the party. I could see that cascades of cum had slid off my stomach and down my sides and the pools on either side of my body were truly impressive. The bed we were lying on had a plastic sheet on it, presumably to make the eventual clean up easier. What it meant to me though, was that I was lying in a pool of cum, perhaps a half-inch deep, that had formed in the depression my body made in the mattress.

Continuing my inspection, I could see the junction between my two widely splayed legs. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to my pubic hair; in general I wax all of it except for a small triangle at the top of my pussy. While the waxing itself is extraordinarily painful the silky smooth skin that it leaves behind makes it easily worthwhile—there’s nothing worse than feeling stubble on your pussy lips! For this party, though, I had waxed the whole thing and I was now looking down at my bald pussy, which, like the rest of me, was liberally covered with cum. I could only see the upper portion of my lips, but I knew how the rest must look. My normally tight pussy had taken a lot of dicks the night before and I could feel it gaping open. I knew that it was completely filled with cum. Every slight movement would cause a little bit to spooge out, dribbling down through my asshole and joining the large pool beneath my ass. bursa escort bayan I say through my asshole because it too had been used a significant number of times last night and, like my pussy, was gaping open and full of cum. My inner thighs were coated with jizz and even my legs and calves, which are well toned and nicely tanned by field hockey practice, had splashes of dried cum everywhere.

Resting my head back down on the bed I took a moment to revel in the situation. Last night I had been treated like a complete slut and I had loved every minute of it. I don’t know how many guys fucked me; I had lost count before I even made it into double digits and between the four of us pledges we had probably made it to triple digits. I had had dicks in every one of my orifices, usually more than one at a time. Guys had pumped loads of jism up my pussy and ass, down my throat, and over my face and tits. Some of the guys had been so excited by the situation that they didn’t even get around to fucking me, they had just jacked off over my tight belly and large tits. And now I was relaxing in a pool of cum, my pussy and ass gaping open and leaking, and I was even more turned on than I was the night before! Well, ok, I’m not sure if that was really possible, but I could definitely feel a tingling starting in my pussy!

Propping myself up further, I turned and looked at the pledge lying next to me. Her name was Cindy and we had quickly become best friends, even though we’d only known each other for a couple of months. Like me, she is a serious looker. She’s a little shorter than I am (she’s 5’6″ while I’m 5’8″) and a bit more voluptuous (her hips are a little bit wider and she has an extra “d” over me in cup size!). Her most outstanding feature though is her beautiful, slightly curly, red hair. It has amazing golden highlights and is a perfect frame for her picture-perfect face. Her skin is light colored and as smooth as porcelain; she has gorgeous clear green eyes, delicate, arching red eyebrows and high cheekbones.

Of course, the majority of her doll-fine features were obscured by the ropy strings of cum criss-crossing her face, and it was almost impossible to see her ruby red lips because they were completely coated with the pearly-white translucence of so many guys’ loads. I must have looked the same way; I had a strong aftertaste of cum in my mouth and I could feel it dripping onto my face from my hair, sliding down my nose and cheeks and chin before dully splashing onto my chest and breasts. The lake that had formed in my cleavage began to run down and merged with the lake on my stomach. That lake in turn overflowed and cum began oozing down my sides, into my pussy and ass, and onto the bed.

It was too much for me. I reached down to my pussy and began running my fingers up and down my well used, drooling slit. I dipped two fingers inside my pussy and scooped out a fingerful of cum, bringing it to my mouth to taste it’s salty, nutty flavor. I could feel my pussy beginning to heat up and my juices began flowing, mixing bursa anal yapan escort with the residue left behind from the guys last night. I returned one hand to my pussy to continue frigging myself and grabbed my breast with the other. Or I should say, tried to; my boob was much too slippery to get a good grip on but I tried valiantly! Plunging two, then three fingers into my pussy I really started getting into it. I finally managed to get a good grip on my breast, and brought the cum-covered nipple up to my mouth to suck on, savoring the taste of partly dried cum.

Just as I was about to orgasm I felt another hand join mine at my pussy. I looked down in time to see one of Cindy’s fingers slip into me, making space beside mine. Wordlessly I withdrew my fingers and Cindy plunged two and then three fingers into my pussy. Cum displaced by her fingers and my juices dribbled out and onto the bed, but I didn’t care. I arched my back in time to her thrusts and shortly began to have a tremendous orgasm. My warm, sticky cum began spurting onto her hand and when she slid her thumb over my clit I seriously began to see stars. As my orgasm finished washing over me I collapsed back into the puddle of cum I had been passed out in and looked over to Cindy.

“What a night huh Sydney?” she said stretching languorously. As she opened her mouth to speak strings of cum stretched between her lips.

“That was unbelievable,” I replied. “I haven’t been fucked that well in, well, ever! And that was a pretty pleasant way to wake up, I have to admit,” I continued. “Perhaps I can return the favor!”

“Perhaps you can,” she mused.

I rolled onto my side, putting an arm over her and pulling her closer to me. We began kissing passionately, loving the taste of each other’s mouths mixed with cum from dozens of guys. She rolled onto her side and we embraced each other. The feel of our breasts rubbing together, lubricated by cum, was fantastic. We ground our bare pelvises together (she had shaved her pussy for last night as well!) loving the smooth, slippery, slimy feeling. The only sounds in the room were our heavy breathing and the squishy, soggy sound of our bodies rubbing against each other. Hating to leave her arms, but needing more direct stimulation of my pussy, I pulled out of Cindy’s embrace, crawled down to the end of the bed and turned around. I slid between her legs and began to grind my pussy on her inner thigh. Each pass of my pelvis would leave a wet, sticky trail. She wasn’t able to stand my teasing anymore and begged for me to move my pussy up to hers. When I did, the feeling was incredible. Her pussy, like mine, was yawning open and cum was pouring out in rivulets. The sight of our two sloppy, messy pussies rubbing against each other will be forever etched into my mind! Our lips alternately sticking and sliding against each other and the wet, squishy sounds were mind blowing. I could feel the heat of her pussy against mine and I’m sure she could feel the same. When our clits bursa rus escort rubbed against each other I could swear bolts of lightning shot between us. In what seemed like seconds we both began spasming as orgasms rushed over us. Her pussy contracted violently and her love juices began pouring out over my pussy. That, in turn, sent me over the edge and my pussy began spurting all over her. Rubbing up against her frantically, our orgasms seemed to go on forever. When we finally came down we collapsed into a sweaty pile of intertwined legs and pussies. A mixture of our cum and sweat and the cum from the guys of last night dripped liberally from our pussies onto the bed below. Exhausted we dozed off, our pussies glued together by drying cum.

The next time I woke up, it was to the sound of the sorority president entering the room. It must have been almost noon, and light was streaming into the airy, bright room.

“Time to get up girls,” Kim, the president said. “I trust that you all had a satisfying night’s…sleep. As you know,” she continued as we groggily began to focus on her, “This party marks the end of rush week, and it is my pleasure to announce the results.”

That really got the four of us moving and we hurried to get out of bed. In retrospect we must have made for a pretty funny sight and a startling contrast. Kim looked immaculate, perfectly made up and wearing a short, flowery summer dress and white, strappy sandals. The four pledges, though, were a mess. The act of standing up had caused new rivers of cum to begin flowing down us, dripping off our faces and breasts. Our pussies and assholes acted like artesian cum springs, with jizz bubbling out and oozing down our legs. I was glad to see that the other girls were as messy as I was. Our hair, which had been primped to perfection last night, was a matted, sticky mess; eyeliner and lipstick that had been painstakingly applied was now a smeary wreck.

“Now that I have your attention,” Kim continued after pausing to let us collect ourselves “I want you to know that out of the 20 pledges we had this year, the four in this room were the best. Congratulations, you all have been accepted to tri-delta!”

Our girlish, high-pitched screams of glee probably broke windows two blocks away, but we didn’t care. We’d been accepted by the best, most prestigious sorority on campus! Without thinking the four of us hugged each other, breasts jostling together in an emotional, slippery group hug.

Once the squealing had subsided a smiling Kim continued. “Your first job as sisters in tri-delta is to clean up this room. As of now, the four of you are roommates and this will be your room. Four other new sisters live across the hall from you, and there is a communal bathroom at the end of the hallway. Personally, I’m starving; the dining room, as you know, is downstairs. Lunch is served until 1:30. I suggest you hurry up and clean yourselves off before joining the rest of us for a meal!” Kim began to leave and, as she was heading out the door, turned back to us. “Congratulations again girls, I’m sure we’re all going to have a great time together!”

Little did we know what a great time it was going to be!

Author’s Note: Let me know how you liked my story. If you liked it a lot, then vote below, if you didn’t like it move on, there’s nothing to see here! Also, feel free to email me.

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