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DISCLAIMER: Although the Inuit are a real ethno-cultural group, the characters of Inuit descent in this story as well as the sexual customs of their family are entirely fictional. Their particular ancestry is mentioned only because traditions already attributed by some to the Inuit provide a conveniently plausible origin for customs which appear quite deviant from a Western perspective. The author knows of no actual instance of such customs among modern Inuit people, and regarding what may have been practiced historically, the author encourages thorough research before any judgment is reached.

My family is very unusual, but not in a way that I would ever dream of complaining about. Until just a couple of generations ago, we were all ethnically Inuit. While my grandparents’ generation brought the first infusion of European blood into the family, our cultural Westernization had already been mostly complete by then. The one major relic of our legacy that remains is a rather unique syncretic development. Long ago, wife-swapping was not uncommon in our tribe and often served to develop or strengthen bonds between otherwise unrelated families. As our ancestors assimilated, this custom somehow managed to linger, though in a curiously altered form. Rather than forging a kind of kinship between multiple families, it morphed into an expression of solidarity within each individual family. Upon a couple’s marriage, each spouse is at least permitted if not gently encouraged to be sexually available to the other spouse’s siblings. In essence, the sexual satisfaction of both spouses as well as their brothers and sisters, indeed even procreation, is viewed as a cooperative family effort. There is never any compulsion, of course, but there is no guilt either. Everyone is also encouraged to be very honest about their feelings to ensure we’re all genuinely comfortable with the arrangement.

I use the term “siblings” a bit loosely here, since an obvious consequence of this lifestyle is that at least some of the family’s legal siblings are in fact what we call “couslings,” or biological half-siblings/half-cousins. Any child not sired by his/her biological mother’s husband is usually adopted by that husband shortly after birth. A mother who is herself unwed has the similar option of letting her baby’s biological father’s wife adopt him/her. However, this is mostly just for the purpose of official guardianship. In actual practice, extramarital parents play as great a role in their children’s upbringing as they are able and willing to play, which is often considerable, with aunts and uncles tending to be about as involved and invested as moms and dads.

The overall close-knitting of our family might explain the other major aspect of this lifestyle that would likely shock outsiders, namely our lack of concern for privacy. When scratching the erotic itch, none of us care whether any other adult kin are in the room or not, and any incidental witnesses reacted with amusement or encouragement at most. At least in my immediate branch of the family, this may be one of the things that led to a new development in the tradition, namely a kind of general “Help yourself!” attitude. Each participant in the tradition is always assumed to be at least passively receptive to sex by default unless he/she either states otherwise in the moment or is known to be exclusively committed to a partner outside the family.

As one might expect, few if any of those who’ve married into our spouse-sharing clan reacted with anything less than shock when they first learned of this custom. Still, even we are surprised at how relatively easily they come to embrace such a controversial proposition. Then again, precisely as a result of our upbringing, we may naturally be drawn to partners who are just liberal enough to at least hear us out on the matter. I suspect that what helps the most in easing new members into it is being able to observe just how genuinely close we all are with very little if any of the rampant jealousy they expect. Even among those who were initially quite uncomfortable with the idea, some grew more open it at their own pace. In any case, for gaziantep escort the majority who agree to participate at some point, a kind of initiation ritual has evolved. It can be carried out (and rescinded) at any time but usually occurs shortly after a newlywed couple’s honeymoon.

We call it a “self-presentation,” and the one that’s freshest in my mind happened just about a couple of weeks ago. I had just returned from a Hawaiian honeymoon with my wife Allison, a down-to-earth woman with piercing hazel eyes, long auburn hair, firm 42D breasts, and an equally curvy butt. Just a couple days after returning to our large but cozy condo, we helped my younger brother Tim and Allison’s younger sister Savannah move in with us. We lived very close to the university they both attended. Tim had originally insisted on experiencing life in the dorms, but after a string of party-animal roommates, he’d finally had enough and decided to take me and Allison up on the offer that had been on the table since his high school graduation. On her part, Savannah was just starting college and was never as enchanted with the prospect of on-campus living as Tim was, so when she found out we had room for her as well, she saw no reason not to take advantage. We had just spent the better part of the afternoon bringing their various belongings in, rearranging things a bit to accommodate them, and unpacking at least the most important stuff. We were sitting at the table in our polished chrome kitchen, finishing up the pizza that Allison had ordered when we realized how famished we were getting, when it happened. My lanky brother was telling yet another horror story about one of the stunts his last roommate had pulled.

“I mean, I’m totally used to Kevin and Olivia going at it right in front of me, and even I didn’t want to see that!”

I chuckled at his reference to our older brother and his wife. “Just used to it? Please, bro! It clearly turns you on. Not that I blame you, mainly because Olivia’s gorgeous, but especially because she’s as open to you and me as she is to Kev.”

“And on that note…” Allison said, meeting her sister’s gaze with a sly smile as they both rose from their seats. “We’ve made a decision.”

Tim and I exchanged a look of our own before turning back to the girls, doing our best not to let our nascent excitement show on our faces. If this was going where we both thought it was going, this living arrangement would be even more fun!

Allison and Savannah briefly argued in whispers over who should proceed first before Savannah conceded with a roll of her eyes, which elicited a cute giggle from Allison. My 18-year-old sister-in-law, a slightly mousy redhead with curves to rival my lovely wife’s, faced me with a soft blush on her cheeks. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and I felt my mouth go dry. “Nathan Daniel Kutipta, if you’ll have me, my name is Savannah Rachel Leddar,…” In a single, sensual motion, she pulled her jeans and panties down to rest just above her knees, “…and this is my vagina.”

Vaguely aware that Allison was now performing the same rite for Tim, I couldn’t resist licking my lips at the sight before me. Lodged between two beautiful thighs extending from exquisitely flared hips were two smooth labia tucked neatly into a short genital slit, adorned with a thick patch of dark red hair. I swallowed, looked up at her with a smirk, and reached out to touch it. Blood was already pooling southward, and the way she immediately let out a soft moan as I gently stroked her exposed pussy hardened my own genitals even further. I stood up and kissed her on the mouth and simultaneously started massaging her breasts. She purred into the kiss, squeaked when my hands first cupped her mammary melons, and moaned again as I moved my lips to her jaw. I trailed only three kisses down her neck before something inside her snapped, and with an impatient “Ugh!” she was promptly unfastening my cargo shorts. Her own urgency abruptly catalyzed my own arousal as well, and she had barely managed to expose my now fully erect penis before I reversed our positions and spun her around in a single, escort desperate move. She instinctively leaned over the table, her round butt presenting an irresistible invitation. In the corner of my eye, I amusedly confirmed my suspicions that much the same was transpiring between a desperate Tim and Allison, but my attention instantly returned to Savannah. I was inside her before I knew it, and I placed both palms on the table for leverage as I immediately began thrusting. She was already moist as I entered her, and her gasp only made my need to penetrate her even greater. Her tight pussy hugged my shaft as I withdrew slowly and attempted a deeper venture.

This repeated only a few times before she apparently grew tired of my gentle approach. “Oh, quit being a tease and pound my ass like you frickin’ mean it!” she demanded.

Her directness, coupled with the fact that she clearly preferred it fast and hard, had me reeling, and with a primal growl, I immediately let loose and accelerated my thrusts to a speed more like what my instincts were crying out for.

“Augh!” Savannah’s breath caught in her throat as she got what she wanted. “Oh, yes! That’s it! Mmm!”

So I carried on with more or less the same momentum. After about five minutes, my member was practically covered in her natural lubricant. I gripped her hips and just kept ramming my cock into her, and I could feel my semen pooling in my glans and building up pressure. With her intensifying purrs and moans, Savannah wasn’t making it any easier to keep a lid on it, and when she let out a particularly warbling cry of bliss, I knew release was imminent. “Where do you want me to…?”

“Just cum inside me!”

With a drawling grunt, I shot multiple hot jets of seed deep into her pussy, my hips spasming against hers with each explosion. On the heels of that came the loudest moan I’d yet heard from her, and I can’t be sure, but I think I felt her hips spasm a few times as well, which was a good sign.

Breathing heavily I bent over and rested my torso upon hers as Savannah emitted a couple of half-moans/half-sighs indicating something like contentment (hopefully, anyway). “Do you need me to do anything extra, like, with my mouth or my fingers?” I asked.

“No,” came the still slightly breathless reply. “I’m good.”

I nodded against her back, and after a few seconds of noticing that Tim and Allison had finished shortly before us, I lifted myself off Savannah, who rose with a shiver and turned around to face me once more.

“I’m really glad you decided to join in the family tradition,” I said as I redressed myself. “It means a lot.”

She gave me a genuine smile as she pulled her own pants back up and re-fastened them. “I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting used to this.”

“Me neither,” said Tim, still looking a bit dazed.

I laughed at my younger brother and ruffled his hair. “How’d he do?” I asked Allison.

“I think he’s a keeper,” she smirked back.

“Thatta boy!” I congratulated him by clapping a hand on his shoulder.

As was customary in our family, for roughly the first month after Savannah and Allison’s self-presentations, we were mutually vigilant for signs of jealousy or discomfort, just to be sure that all four of us were truly fine with the situation. Fortunately, no such signs emerged. In fact, if anything, Allison seemed at least mildly turned on when she witnessed me having my way with Savannah, and my little brother made me proud every time I saw him pleasure my wife. Sometimes, a sort of chain reaction seemed to occur. An encounter between me and Savannah would get Allison in the mood, and since I needed to recharge, she would turn to Tim for release. Tim certainly never complained.

On some mornings, Allison would be lucky enough to be penetrated twice in quick succession. In the morning, if she woke up horny, I was not infrequently woken up by the wet feeling of her mouth repeatedly enveloping my dick to harden me up. As soon as I was hard enough, she would waste no time in mounting me and rolling her lovely hips against mine until we both got escort bayan release. If I was the one who woke up with morning wood, she would basically just shake me awake and skip straight to riding me cowgirl-style. She would then traipse to the kitchen to prepare breakfast while I got ready for a shower. On some such mornings, when I emerged from the shower and headed for the kitchen myself, I was greeted first by the sound and then by the sight of my still groggy but clearly horny brother boinking Allison doggy-style in the kitchen. One time, when she noticed me trudging in, the look of primal pleasure she wore gave way to a brief look of amusement as she managed to utter, “Someone needed it bad this morning!”

I soon learned that Savannah shared Allison’s very to-the-point approach to sex as well as her tendency to be driven over the edge by the feeling of a man cumming inside her, both of which were sexy as hell! Significant foreplay was welcome when we had the time and the mood was right, but it was hardly ever a requirement for a satisfactory climax. Either Tim and I are gifted men or our girls are just really easy to please, and frankly, it’s never really mattered which explanation is more accurate. The truth may even be a combination of the two. The glorious result is the same in any case.

If anything, Savannah is even a bit more direct than her sister. Once, the two of us were driving home from an errand Allison had sent us on when I noticed her rubbing her crotch through her gym shorts. This alone made me swallow and feel blood start pooling in my own groin. Then, her hand slipped under her shorts and presumably her panties. “Pull over,” she said.

“Why?” I said, if only to confirm the obvious.

With the cutest damn pout I’d ever seen on a grown woman, she managed to make even a mostly superfluous confirmation drive me wild. “I wanna have sex. I want you to cum inside my pussy.”

I was rock-hard almost instantly. “God damn it, woman!” I seethed. “You’re gonna be the death of me!” She giggled as I eagerly looked for the first safe opportunity to drift onto the side of the road. This no-nonsense college freshman had reduced me to acting like a horny teenager, but I couldn’t bring myself to care! I parked the car in the grass and took off my seat belt nearly simultaneously, and in seconds, her shorts and panties were around her ankles as I clamored into the footwell in front of her and lowered my own pants just enough to draw my throbbing cock out. Savannah immediately scooted her ass forward on the seat and spread her thighs wide, and I made short work of entering her waiting pussy.

“Aah,” she sighed at that first penetration before leaning back and biting her lip.

In that moment, I was really grateful she liked it fast and hard, because if she kept making sounds and faces like that, that was all I would be able to muster anyway. I quickly built up my thrusting rate to her taste, her moist pussy walls pressing tautly against my shaft with each thrust.

“Yeah, that’s it!” she moaned with half-lidded eyes. “Oh, God!” She emitted a half-gasp/half-squeak that invoked another one of the primal growls that were becoming something of a habit of mine.

After a few minutes of feverish pounding, moaning, purring, and grunting, we both finally climaxed within seconds of each other. My eyes briefly rolled to the back of my head as the hot pressure building in my glans was finally released and I filled her up with my cum.

Catching my breath I withdrew from her and pulled my pants back up while she did the same. I then climbed back into the driver’s seat. “You don’t beat around the bush, do you?” I said with a laugh.

“Maybe this whole swingin’ in-laws lifestyle has spoiled us all when it comes to sex,” she shrugged. “You want pussy, you get pussy. I want cock, I get cock.”

“Fair enough,” I chuckled, though had she not said it just after I’d already spent myself, that probably would’ve had me tearing her shorts down myself. “At this rate, though, we might be testing the odds even with you on the pill. Between the four of us, we’re likely to have several kids before too long. Kevin and Olivia already have two.”

“Hey, as long as you and Allison are there to take the brunt of the responsibility while I’m still getting an education, I’m okay with that,” she said.

“We’ll always be here,” I reminded her sincerely, “so no worries there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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