Sweet Lisa Ch. 02

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I followed my daughter to her bedroom in the attic. I felt a beast inside wanting to devour her young eighteen year old body. She’s so babysoft, so perfect, so untouched. I’ve had my fantasies for years, I’ve masterbated a thousand times dreaming of being inside her. Cum a thousand more – in her mouth, in her sweet fresh cunt, deep inside her tight virgin ass. In my dreams we’ve been to fuck-heaven and back again.

In my mind she was already my sextoy – my daughter, my young sweetheart. All I could hope for was that she was as hungry to fuck in real life as in my dreams.

Her room is predictably pink and flowery, a double bed with lots of pillows and cushions. The air is sweet and fruity, like the teen musk she wears – that smell of hers that drives me wild. She has a laptop that she drags onto the bed late at night to surf the net, and a webcam in her drawer.

I’m sure she doesn’t know, but I’m in her room every day – it’s where I come to masterbate about her, its where all my fantasies take place with her. Her laptop is a sex aide, I’ve logged onto to it. She has hidden folders, with movies and pics of cocks and fucking and sucking. Her email account full of filthy correspondence.

And her diary. I shouldn’t, I know, but its why I was there in her bedroom – there are so many pages dedicated to her sexual fantasies – it was how I discovered her passion for me and her passion to be fucked by Daddy – knowing she lies awake at night riding her fat dildo wishing it were my thick cock. She wrote: “When i think of my Dad’s dick, all thick, filling me up with his warm meat – makes me want to be a cumslut for him. I’d do anything for him.”

There’s a filthy slut inside my daughter, seeking to express herself – I was sure she’d didn’t realise that I knew that. I wondered, reading her mail, how many dirty old men she showed her pretty pussy to on her webcam. I’ve seen the naked and sexy pictures she mails to her admirers, I lay my own copies of them out on her bed when I’m in here.

I fish out her panties from the wash basket – I like to rub the gusset against my stiff shaft, knowing the soft cotton has been hugging her hot pussy all day. When I smell my daughters panties, the scent of her tender twat drives me wild – she’s just as tight as I’d imagined. How I’ve managed to prevent myself from losing control and taking her these past years is beyond me – I’ve been desperate for her cunt for so long now.

“Was I okay?” she asked.

Lisa seemed very nervous again.

“Of course you were,” I said.

I pulled her to me and felt my sticky dick touch her skirt and my stomach against her tiny tits. Her hands snaked up around my neck and as I stooped to kiss my daughter on the mouth for the first time, she was trembling.

Our mouths touched and her chest heaved and a delicious moan came from her as my tongue slipped inside. I licked her tongue, liked her lips and she shivered and she gently pulled me toward the bed.

Lisa looked up at me – she was so unbelievably cute – her gaziantep escort bayan big brown puppy eyes, her bee-stung lips. So petite, so pretty – so very young and sweet and tender. She didn’t need a bra and her tummy was flat and babysoft and perfect. She stood on her tip-toes and landed a deep, desperate, wet kiss on me. As her lips and tongue retreated, her hands slid down my chest and she took my cock in both hands. She had little hands and a featherlite touch that made my cock spring to life. Lisa led me to the bed by my cock – held hold of it as she sat.

“You have such a beautiful big dick, Daddy,” she said, smiled and kissed my shaft and said, “Are you going to cum in my mouth?”

“I’d really love to, sweetie, is that alright?”

“Anything you want to do to me,” she said with a nervous gasp.


“Anything for you,” she said.

“I’ll teach you everything, I promise.” I said.

She smiled coyly and bit her bottom lip, then held my dick with both hands and pulled it up and down and asked, “It felt so big inside me, Daddy.” Up and down. “I can still feel your cum in my pussy.” Pulling down my foreskin to expose my aching head. “Mmmmm, big head.” She kissed it.

“D’you like big dicks?” I asked.

“Nice and big and hard,” she said. “It’s all I seem to think about….mmmmm.” She was loving my hard cock, loving having it in her hands. “It’s so strong and beautiful…..mmmm…..I want it in me all the time. Right up deep inside me.”

“You’ll have to share it with Mommy…otherwise, it’s all for you”

“So long as I get some, too. Was I nice and tight for you.”

“So tight, sweetie, really. You’ve got a beautiful, tight little pussy.”

“Mmmmm,” she hummed, wanking me so slowly. “Do you, y’know, jack-off thinking about me?”

“Of course I do. Three, four times a day….I’m always thinking about you, always.”

“I think about us fucking all the time, too…..we should have started this a long time ago.”

“I wanted to, sweetie, but you were too young.”

“You should have, Daddy…I would have let you.”

I brushed her hair from her face and said, “Sit on your hands.” Lisa lifted her golden thighs and slid her flat palms under. “Don’t be afraid…I’m going to fuck your mouth.”

I saw a flash of fear cross her face and she said, “Am I a good girl, Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“I wanna be,” she said, “just tell me what to do, Daddy.”

“Open your mouth,” I said.

I shuddered as I said it. I was dizzy with the notion, high on gorgeous incest, telling my eighteen year old daughter to open her mouth so I can fill it with my yearning prick. “Oh, sweetie,” I said as my head bumped her lips. She looked up at me as my slick cockhead slid along her pout.

Her young virgin mouth opened and as I held the back of her head, her eyes closed in concentration. I pushed the head of my cock in and out of her soft pout – watching my daughter take just the head, just the head, gaziantep cimcif escort just the big swollen head of my cock, all sticky, all wet – in and out, in and out of her never-been-kissed mouth. I’d never felt so alive, so passionate.

“Uh-um,” she hummed as I put an inch of my stiff prick in her mouth.

“Oh, Lisa,’ I crooned, “I’ve waited so long to put my dick in your mouth.” Her mouth was wet and warm. Her nostrils flared and I fed a few short strokes in and out of her mouth.

“That’s a good girl,” I said.

I pulled my dick out and she smiled and took a deep breath and the second I told her, her mouth was open again. “Open.” I held my cock and fed her as she looked up into my eyes, and as they closed she made delicious sounds with each stroke – “uhm-uhm-uhm-uhm….”

“That’s my girl,” I said. “Oh, that’s it, Lisa, suck Daddy’s cock. You look so pretty….with a mouth full of cock….so pretty.”

Hearing my words seemed to make my cock all the more delicious to her. Her nostrils flared and I pulled my cock out. She barely had time to take a needed breath before I was back inside. “uhm-uhm-uhm-uhm,” she sang for me.

“Open your mouth a little wider,” I said. I could sense that I wanted to lose control.

I just wanted to feel my cock in her mouth, but the urge to push deeper was too much. I recalled the countless times when watching TV with her – getting hard as I discretely look at every bit of her young body. Watching her watch TV as I imagine myself pushing my cock deep into my daughter’s throat. Sometimes when I’m raging, her discomfort when she deepthroats excites me further – and I was raging right then, right there.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I moaned. “Take it…”

My cockhead bumped the back of her throat and her body wet rigid and her hands drew up to my thighs.

“It’s alright,” I said.

I held her head tightly and she gripped my thighs and I pushed my cock in as I pulled her head toward. “Oh, God,” I cried as I felt the head of my cock in her throat. I felt her choke and her body buck and her hands push my thighs. Her mouth gaped and she gasped and her spit drooled off my shiny prick as I pulled it out.

“Sorry,” she spluttered. She looked woefully up at me and said, “Try again, Daddy.” She was panting.

I didn’t expect her to be “eager to please” so readily – it drove me wild, it killed all my inhibitions about how young and innocent my daughter was – she was showing me the slut in her and I was going to make the dirty girl all mine.

She kissed my shaft and said, “Try again.”

“Uhm, Lisa, you’re so dirty.”

“I am,” she confessed, “I’m a dirty girl, Daddy….I’m so dirty.”

“Show me….show me what a dirty little girl you are.”

Lisa sat on her hands and opened her mouth. Her willingness made me throb and as my cock jerked in mid-air, I sensed she felt a deep wave sink right down into her cunt. She took a deep breath and I fed the cock cinsel bilgiler she was so desperate for – Daddy’s. I held her head and her eyes closed. Her expression concentrated and I pulled her gaping eighteen year old mouth onto me.

The discomfort on her face was beautiful and as I bumped her throat, she tensed again. As my cockhead sought out her throat, I felt my foresking draw back as she swallowed my enflamed head. I held her there and she started to shake and I felt her desperation, but I couldn’t stop, didn’t want to.

“Swallow,” I said.

I held her head and made her choke on it. She gagged violently, trying to cough me out. I held and she pulled her hands from under her thighs and started pushing at mine.

I’d lost control – I wanted to be balls-deep, but only a half of me was inside her throat. I was enjoying her pushing at me, because I love to be driven-to-it, and that feeling that I can’t stop myself. When I heard her belly screaming I drew my cock from her throat. Lisa gasped and heaved and spit and began coughing. Her face was flush and hot and sweaty and her eyes filled with beautiful tears.

“You alright?” I asked.

She nodded, almost ready to sob. Her puppy-eyes looked at me, she wiped her mouth and looked at my cock as though it were enormous.

“Try again, Daddy.”

Lisa opened her mouth and sat on her hands and I said, “Think I’m about ready to cum….”

“Please try again….I’ll try harder,” she said.

“It’s okay,” I said.

“Was I no good?”

“Later. When we have more time I’ll teach you how…..your Mom will be home any minute.”

Lisa looked at the window and the clock and became suddenly anxious and said, “Shit.”

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” I looked down at my daughter. “D’you like watching me jack-off.”

“Oh, yea,” she panted enthusiastically.

“Like that?” I asked, giving myself long strokes. “This is what I do when I’m thinking about you. Thinking about us being lovers and more.”


I was near. I groaned, to her delight, and noticed one of her hands was under her skirt, working her clit. “More, sweetie, much more than just my lover.”

“Oh, Daddy, I’m gonna cum, too” she cried.

Her back arched and her mouth opened and I took her by the back of her neck and held her steady. She could hardly stick her tongue out as she was cumming, and she seemed delirious watching me jack-off right in front of her face.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whined, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…”

“Here you go, dirty girl……oh, fucking hell, you pretty little bitch.”

I burst. I came. I came on my daughter’s face. The girl I made. The little girl that used to sit on my lap. I’ve watched her grow, watched her become this perfect nubile young woman. It felt so good to be so wrong. Felt like heaven seeing her flinch, seeing my cum splash her pretty face and her stung mouth. Her eyes opened, cum in her lashes and those puppy eyes looked at my dripping dick. She stuck out her tongue and I squeezed out the last of my cumshot onto her wet tongue. She drew it in and tasted it.

“Mmmmm,” she said and smiled, “How do I look?”

“Beautiful,” I said, as a drop of cum fell from her chin and splashed her thigh.

“Your little sexpet?” she said with a giggle.

I heard the sound of my wife’s car pulling in the drive.

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