Subhash Takes His Maid Anal

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Dear Readers, this is the third story about an Indian man and his maid. The first story was about how an Indian man, managed to entice his maid to have sex with him. The second story was about how he fucked her the first time.

Subhash was anxiously waiting on the third day for his maid Sushila to come for her work. He would glance at the clock, pace his room and again look up. The clock was showing 10:00 A.M. Sushila was already an hour late and Subhash was fuming inside. Two days had gone and already she was showing signs of in-subordination. He had mentally made up his mind to put her in her place today.

The events of the last two days had put Subhash’s libido into a wild orbit. He would have a hard-on every few minutes thinking about Sushila. Never in his life had he experienced lust so strong. It was almost as if, the lust was coarsing through his veins. When he slept at night his painfully erect dick would keep reminding him of his desire and the two nights he had slept dreaming about one erotic idea after another.

The bell rang at about 10:15 and when Subhash opened the door, it was the maid, Sushila. He said crossly, “Do you know what time it is?”

Sushila did not say a word, and simply slipped past Subhash into the flat, and started going about her routine work. This further angered him. He quietly went into his bed-room and switched on the television in his bedroom. He could hardly concentrate in his anger, and was simply switching channels.

“Sahab! Do you want tea?” When Subhash looked up it was Sushila asking this question to him. She was standing at the door of his bedroom as if refusing to come inside. He nodded his head as he looked at her with cold eyes. The bitch was getting out of hand.

When Sushila came with the tea, Subhash asked her, “Why are you late?”

Sushila handed him the cup of tea and simply walked off, not bothering to answer Subhash. He was now boiling inside. He finished drinking the tea and called out to her.

When Sushila came inside Subhash asked her, “Have you got the towel?”

Sushila went out and brought back a polythene bag which contained the towel and showed it to Subhash.

“Take a bath and come back in here.” Subhash ordered.

Sushila meekly obeyed. As she was taking the bath Subhash was unable to grasp her psyche. It seemed that she had simply decided that once she was warming his bed she could take any liberty. Subhash made a mental note to effectively deal with this problem.

Sushila came out of the erotik film izle bathroom dressed in her saree and blouse. She was wearing a bright colored saree, with gaudy prints on it. She came and stood near Subhash. He asked her gruffly, “What are you wearing?”

Sushila lifted her saree, she was again wearing the faded rust colored panties with the hole in them. Subhash reached out and grasped her waist just above the sari. He squeezed her waist hard. A moan escaped Sushila’s lips.

Subhash was deliberately rough with her today. His anger and lust were needing release. He asked her to turn around and slapped her buttocks hard. Sushila screamed.

“Bitch! That will teach you not to come late.” Subhash said.

Subhash established a rhythm of slapping her buttocks, one by one and then with a sudden move he roughly tore her panties apart. Sushila’s buttocks were red by now. Subhash had a large fleshy palm and he was enjoying the flat sound of his hand as it came against her buttocks.

“Sahab! It is hurting me. Please stop!” Sushila pleaded. Tears were streaming down her cheeks now.

Subhash was in no need to relent. He said “Bitch! You will learn not to be late. You will learn every time I ask you a question, it has to be answered. Learn your lesson well today. Next time the beating is going to be so bad that your buttocks are going to be blue!”

Sushila was crying now, she said, ” Sahab! I will do as you say, please do not beat me anymore. I was at fault, I will never be late again. I will always answer your questions. Please forgive me.”

Subhash’s hand stopped. He looked at Sushila and asked, ” Will I need to repeat this lesson?”

Sushila shook her head. Again, she felt a heavy slap on her buttock. “Speak out woman! No more shaking or nodding of your head!” Subhash’s voice was menacing.

“No Sahab! You will not have to repeat anything. I promise to obey and do as you wish from now on.”

“Good! Now take my dick in your mouth and suck it like the nice whore you are.”

Sushila was thoroughly subdued by now. She bent down and rolled down his shorts. She took his prick and started licking the head of Subhash’s penis. Every now and then he would run his finger on his penis and her tongue would follow wherever his finger had traced a line on it.

“Take it in your mouth and run your tongue around the head of the penis.” Subhash ordered.

Sushila obeyed. Subhash was enjoying this. He really enjoyed this woman’s mouth. It was always wet and eager. Sushila film izle had a good technique of stroking the base of his penis with her hand while bobbing her head up and down along the length of his penis while sucking it.

A few minutes later, Subhash was about to shoot his load. He said, “Listen woman! I am going to come. I do not want even a drop spilled. I want you to drink each and every drop that comes out of my prick.”

Sushila stopped, looked up, nodded then went back to sucking his prick. With a loud exclamation Subhash came in her mouth. He could notice her hungrily gulping down his cum and gagging on it. “Good girl.” He said.

Subhash dressed and went out for some work. He came back an hour later around noon. He had lunch and again went into his bedroom to relax.

Sushila came into the bedroom and started sweeping the room. Subhash grinned inwardly as he noted that normally it took her only five minutes to sweep the room and today she was going on sweeping the room once, twice and thrice over.

Subhash got up from the bed, stood in front of Sushila and asked,” What is it woman? Why are you taking so long?”

Sushila looked up and said shyly, “Sahab! Aren’t you going to take me today?”

“So, you want it? Bitch!”

“Yes! Sahab.”

“You like this prick inside you? Does it give you pleasure?”

“Yes Sahab! I cannot forget it. I have never got so much pleasure from being fucked by my husband, I will never be able to forget it. It fills me up completely and takes me to heaven!”

When Subhash heard this his prick raised its head. It was hard as a rock. He grabbed the pack of condoms and handed them to Sushila, who now needed no training to put them on his dick.

Subhash simply threw Sushila on the bed. She fell on it and like a dutiful slave simply raised her saree above her waist and spread her legs. Subhash looked down, grinned and simply reached for a bottle of cold cream. He opened the cap of the bottle and spread a generous load of the cream on his condom-covered prick.

Sushila was curious but did not say anything. Subhash passed her the open bottle and said,” Spread it over your arse-hole woman, ’cause today that’s the hole which is going to get it’s share of fucking!”

Sushila knew better than to argue with Subhash. She silently took the bottle and put a globule of cream on and in her arse-hole. Subhash climbed on top of her, grabbed her legs by the ankles and raised them so that both her ankles were in line with her ears. This action seks filmi izle raised Sushila’s pelvis right in the air presenting her arse-hole in a perfect position to be attacked. She could feel the pain of being stretched in this form and grimaced.

Subhash, then asked her to hold her feet in this position and with one hand started guiding his prick inside Sushila’s anus. It was tight, and twice Subhash failed in entering the head of his prick inside her anus. He then grabbed the base of his prick hard and with more force started shoving it inside her ass.

The head lodged inside her sphincter. It was easy after that. Bit by bit, Subhash managed to feed Sushila’s ass-hole all of his 7″ of meat. Sushila had shut her eyes and once or twice a moan escaped her lips. Subhash could make out that the moans were more of pain than of pleasure.

Slowly but steadily, he started fucking her ass. Her asshole felt like a warm wet glove encompassing his penis. It was tighter than any pussy he had ever imagined and the cold cream was providing Subhash the necessary lubrication for ravaging Sushila’s anus.

Subhash established a rhythm and now with one hand he started fingering her clit. Sushila started enjoying soon enough and started moaning. The entry of his prick into her anus was most painful, but after that her pleasure steadily started coming on and with her clitoris being fingered she actually started liking the butt-fuck.

“Sahab! Please put two fingers inside my pussy.” Sushila requested.

Subhash put two fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking her pussy in rhythm with his prick entering her asshole. His fingers could feel his prick between the thin wall that separated her anus from her cunt. This sensation drove him wild and he started fucking her asshole hard almost as if he was going to tear her ass-hole apart.

“Oh Sahab! Oh Mother! Oh God, what are you doing? You are tearing me apart. My cunt and my anus will bleed. Don’t stop! Oh Mother! This is feeling so good. This is heaven! Oh Mother! Harder…. H a r d e r…… HARDER!” Sushila was unstoppable with her verbal encouragement to her fucking.

Subhash needed no encouragement. By now he had lost all sense of rhythm and he was ramming into her hard, he knew that Sushila had already come and had no strength left in her because she had already achieved her orgasm multiple times.

With a loud cry Subhash climaxed. He extracted his prick and asked Sushila to take off the condom. She removed the condom and simply sat down besides the bed on the floor to catch her breath.

When both of them had suitably recovered, Subhash gave her some more money and asked her to come back again the next day for some more fucking!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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