Still the Favorite Camper

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The morning after Mark had rubbed me to orgasm left me confused, excited, and eager. I had idolized Mark for years as my counselor, but now to have him suddenly become my lover? Was that possible? I had barely had one girlfriend by the time I was 18, and now there’s a 40 something year old male who’s affections I’m trying to win? Confused was a good word.

I was nervous to see him that morning after what happened. He was already in the bathroom in the back of the bunk with the other campers washing up. I walked in and went directly to a stall to pee, when I heard Mark shout that all the campers had to evacuate the bathroom immediately due to a private counselor meeting. All our campers scurried out of the bathroom, being rattailed by Mark who was using his towel to playfully shoo them into the main bunk.

I came out of the stall and Mark was waiting there outside with a smile. He said good morning, I said hi and nervously looked away. He put his hand on my cheek and redirected my gaze to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, just feel a bit weird after last night.”

“Well, there’s no reason to feel weird. Did you enjoy yourself?”

There was no lying about that question. I had cum profusely and then used Mark’s fingers to gather up and swallow my own load. I enjoyed myself, maybe too much.

I smiled and responded, Betturkey “yes, maybe too much?”

He laughed, “Are you asking me or telling me?”

I began laughing too. “Telling you.” I started to relax again and feel better about what happened. Mark took a step closer to me, placed his right hand over my bulge, and gave it a gentle squeeze. He removed his hand, brought it up to my face and inserted his thumb into my mouth. Staring right at him, I opened my mouth and welcomed his thumb, sucking it again only this time in broad daylight.

“Let’s not have you wearing any underwear on tonight okay?”

I nodded with his thumb still in my mouth.

“Are you still my favorite camper?”

I nod again, bobbing my mouth down to his lower knuckle of his thumb.

“Of course you are. Now let’s get ready and have a good day.”

With that, he removed his thumb and grabbed my erect bulge once more and left the bathroom.


Needless to say, the day went by in a blur. I was distracted all day, eager for night to arrive. Finally, nightfall was upon us and we had managed the kids to sleep.

I got in bed with my underwear on, and laid there nervously waiting for Mark to come over to me. I quietly lifted my hips, and slid my boxers Betturkey Giriş off, and felt the coolness of the sheets against my already hard cock. I didn’t want to seem too eager, so I turned on my stomach so Mark could start on my back and then have me turn over.

Five minutes later, I heard the creak of Mark’s bed as he came over to sit on my bed. He slid his hand down my back and didn’t hesitate for a moment sliding straight down my ass to my feet. He leaned in and whispered. “Good boy.”

He moved his hand from my foot up my inner thigh, tickling all the way which made me shutter and arch my ass up a little bit. He place his hand flat on one of my ass cheeks, gently squeezing while parting it from the other. I felt the sheet slip into my crack as he did this, parting my ass cheeks each time he squeezed until he developed a rhythm. He was sort of massaging my buttock doing this and it felt great. I couldn’t wait for him to make me turn over because the grinding had already gotten me close to orgasm.

He gradually stopped with the squeezing and in the dim light I saw his thumb approach my mouth. I opened up, and coated his thumb with a generous layer of saliva. He just had to rest his thumb in my mouth and I took care of the rest.

What happened next, perhaps is obvious to you the reader, but to me as an 18 year old, came as a welcomed but scary development.

He took his thumb, and gently pressed it squarely down onto my rosebud. The sensations that went through my extremities were intense, and I stiffened as I arched into his thumb, thrusting himself inside me. I rested again, feeling the fullness of his thumb pressing into me from inside. He began to push down deeper once again forcing me to arch my ass so I took him all the way in. We developed a rhythm like this, thrusting deeper, in and out, forcing me to grind into the mattress while he thumb-fucked me. I felt like I was close and he quickened the pace, until I exploded into my sheets, my anus clutching his thumb with each release, my face buried into my pillow with what was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

Spent, I turned my face toward Mark on the pillow, and he again soothed me, rubbing my hair, while his thumb was still implanted deep in my ass. He gradually, and slowly extracted his thumb, and tapped my hip so I would turn over onto my back. I had made an utter mess of myself, and he was quick to take his fingers and squeezed the cum from my spent cock onto his fingers and let them dangle once more a few inches from my mouth. This little routine was a huge turn on, as I would lift my head off the pillow to clean my cum from his fingers. He tried inserting his cum soaked thumb that had been in my ass into my mouth, and initially I resisted. He whispered to me, “Are you my favorite camper or not?” and with that I guided his thumb to my mouth, cleaning every last bit of me from him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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