Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 06

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On my way home from Danni’s Sunday evening I suddenly realised that I’d forgotten to talk to her about not mentioning Talia to her mother. I made a mental note to mention it the next time I saw her and hoped it wasn’t mentioned in the mean time.

I had thought about exchanging phone numbers with Danni but thinking it through, thought better of it. If we could contact each other direct I could see it causing problems and lead to secrets being kept from Jane. Best leave things as they are I thought.

It was the following Thursday evening when I walked in to the lounge and found Jane in conversation on her phone. I soon realised it was Danni she was talking to so rather than listen to one side of the conversation, something that always annoyed me, I left her to it and went for a shower.

Twenty minutes later I found Jane still on the phone and I was just about to leave her to it when I heard her saying goodbye to Danni.

“That was a long chat, what’s up?” I asked.

“Oh dear, well it looks like Danni and Sam are no more,” Jane replied.

“Ah… well to be honest I’m not that surprised,” I said.

“I think you will be surprised when I tell you what’s happened. It turns out that Sam is Gay!” Jane said.

“Oh… You’re right I am surprised, I didn’t see that coming,” I said genuinely surprised.

“Me neither. Apparently although Sam knew from an early age that he was gay, because of his parents being rather strait-laced and by the sounds of it openly homophobic he thought he could subdue it somehow and lead a straight life,” Jane explained.

“That’s terrible, he must of gone through hell, poor lad,” I said.

“Yeah I know, it’s so wrong,” Jane said.

“So how does Danni feel about it?” I asked.

“She’s upset of course but she feels relieved in a way. At least she knows why they were having problems,” Jane said.

“Yeah it was never going to work was it. Has Sam come out to his parents then?” I asked.

“No, Danni said he’s terrified of how they’ll react,” Jane said, “He thinks they’ll disown him.”

“I don’t understand how any parent could disown their own son for being gay! It’s just crazy,” I said.

“Yeah I know. I mean it’s like Danni telling me she’s a lesbian! I can’t imagine it would make any difference to me. I’d love her just the same,” Jane said sincerely.

The mention of Danni being a lesbian made me immediately think of her and Talia together. I chastised myself for having such thoughts at such an inappropriate time.

“Well I just hope when they do find out, he finds he’s wrong and they understand. So all these work trips, where they just a cover for what he was really up to?” I asked.

“No not at all, he really was working. Which reminds me… I said you would pop round and see her, you know, cheer her up,” Jane said with a knowing smile, “Sam’s away again this weekend.”

“…Perhaps we should both go,” I suggested, thinking Danni would need her mum.

“Nooo I don’t think so, if she needs me she can always call. When shall I tell her you’ll be round, Friday night?” Jane asked.

“Yeah sure if that suits her,” I answered trying not to appear too keen.

“I already know that’s okay with her but I’ll send her a text anyway,” Jane said.

In any other circumstances I would probably feel annoyed that decisions were being made for me but I wasn’t about to complain over this one…

Nine o’clock Friday evening I was on my way to Danni’s once again. What was in store for me tonight I wondered? Would it be Danni alone or would Talia be there again? Not knowing just added to the excitement.

“Hello!” Danni greeted after opening the door.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked up at me, her long blond hair cascading down over her shoulders that were covered by a white bathrobe.

“Come in, I’ve already poured you a glass of coke, I hope that’s okay?” Danni said.

Sitting down in my usual seat in the lounge and seeing my glass of coke along with one glass of wine on the small coffee table made it obvious we were alone.

“So how are you Danni? I heard about Sam,” I said.

“Yeah bit of a shock, but I’m fine. I guess I was annoyed at first but when I realised how difficult it’s been for Sam I just feel really sorry for him. Not for being gay, I don’t mean that, but what he’s been through,” Danni said with a sorrowful look on her face.

“I think that’s really understanding of you. Where does that leave the two of you? You still going to live together?” I asked.

“For the time being yeah but I’m not sure what we’ll do yet. Obviously there’s no future for us as a couple,” Danni explained.

“That’s quite sad when you say it like that. Sorry Danni!” I said.

“Well you know things weren’t right, It’s a sort of a relief to know why now,” Danni said and took a sip of her wine.

“Tell Sam if he ever needs to talk, he knows where I am,” I said.

“Yeah I will, thank you,” Danni said, “Anyway shall we get started!”

Danni sprang to her feet, her bare feet, and motioned for me to stand. Taking escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli me by the hand she lead me to the foot of the stairs.

Very quietly she said, “Tonight you’re going to be the doctor,” and then in a much louder voice, “OH THANK YOU FOR COMING DOCTOR, IT’S MY FREIND TALIA, SHE’S REALLY ILL.”

I had to smile, the girl was always surprising me. I followed her up the stairs.

“Oh thank you for coming Doctor, I feel so ill,” Talia said as Danni led me in to her bedroom.

Talia was propped up in bed with a couple of pillows. Her shoulders were bare above the quilt except for her bra straps.

“Hello Talia,” I greeted her, trying desperately to slip in to my new role.

“So what seems to be the problem,” I asked sitting down on the edge of the double bed.

“It’s my chest Doctor, it really aches,” Talia said.

“Well lets have a look shall we,” I said reaching for the quilt.

I pulled the cover down to her naval exposing a whit bra, her large dark areola visible through the thin lacy material and her nipples trying to push their way through.

“I afraid I’ve forgotten my stethoscope, I’ll have to examine you the old fashioned way,” I said.

Placing my ear against Talia’s skin just above her left breast I smelt her fresh fragrant aroma. Moving down so my right cheek was flat against her ample bosom I could hear her heart beating faster than was normal.

“I think we need to remove your bra Talia, perhaps you could help Danni,” I suggested.

Talia leaned forward to allow Danni to unclip her bra. Talia’s heavy breasts dropped down slightly and wobbled as she leaned back.

“I hope my hands aren’t too cold, now tell me if it hurts,” I said.

Placing both my hands below her breasts I slid them up her warm body until they slipped under her hanging mounds.

“Does that hurt?” I asked as I gently squeezed.

“No not at all,” Talia said with a smile, enjoying the contact.

Standing up I stood beside Talia so I could reach down and cup her breasts in my hands. Gently bouncing them I ran my thumbs over her nipples. Talia sighed.

“I’m sorry is that hurting you?” I asked but continued to flick her nipples with my thumbs.

“No that feels so good… I mean no that doesn’t hurt,” Talia answered suddenly remembering to play along.

Pulling my hands up further I felt her stiff little buds rake across my palms. While continuing to play with Talia’s large breasts I watched Danni, who had perched herself at the bottom of the bed, squeeze her own tits through her bathrobe.

“Well that all seems to be very nice, I mean that all seems to be fine. So we need to check your temperature but unfortunately I’ve forgotten to bring a thermometer…We’ll have to do it the old fashioned way,” I said.

“What’s the old fashion way Doctor?” Danni asked, an excited look on her face.

“It’s not something everyone can do, it takes years of practice,” I started to explain while undoing my jeans.

Both girls watched me strip naked, “Fortunately I’m something of an expert, it all comes down to sensitivity of certain parts of the body,” I said.

Now standing beside the bed completely naked I could see both of them staring at my semi erect penis. Climbing up onto the bed I straddled Talia’s legs that were still covered by the quilt and carefully knelt down.

Danni moved around to the other side of the bed to get a better view, “Are you sure this is appropriate Doctor?” she asked, a big grin on her face.

“Oh yes it’s quite professional I assure you. You see as the penis is sensitive to temperature, all we have to do is pop it between Talia’s lips and leave it there a while and I should be able to determine if she’s running a temperature or not,” I really didn’t know where I was getting this rubbish from.

Talia already had her mouth wide open as I held my rapidly growing erection to her lips and slipped the knob between them, “Now Talia I need you to keep nice and still and keep your lips tight around my penis,” I said.

“Phew, I feel really hot now,” Danni said sitting up next to Talia and pulling her robe open, “I think I might be running a temperature too.”

I looked across, my eyes immediately drawn to her bare chest, “We’ll have to check your temperature as well,” I said staring at her perfect little tits.

“I’m can’t quite feel it yet Talia, just hold still and I’ll readjust slightly,” I said unable to take my eyes off of Danni’s breasts.

I gently pushed my penis a little deeper into Talia’s mouth and then with very short strokes began a slow fucking motion, “Ah that’s better, I can feel…mmm…I can feel something now,” I said.

“Such a shame you forgot your thermometer Doctor,” Danni said almost laughing.

“No matter, where there’s a will there’s a way,” I replied, “As I suspected Talia is rather hot.”

I pulled my now fully erect penis from Talia’s mouth, the knob glistened in the light from a mixture of saliva and pre cum.

“Okay escort gaziantep yeni bayan Danni, shall we check you now?” I said.

“Oh Yes Please Doctor, I mean… if you think it’s necessary,” Danni said with enthusiasm.

“Oh yes I think we must,” I said moving to kneel astride her, “Open wide.”

Danni looked up into my eyes as my engorged knob slipped between her red lips, “Good girl now keep your lips tight around my penis,” I said.

Talia played with her own big breasts while she watched me slowly fuck her friends mouth, “Does she have a temperature as well Doctor?” she asked.

“I’m not, aaah… I’m not sure yet… ooooh!” I muttered with pleasure, “Perhaps you could help me Talia, only I’ve lost some sensitivity.”

“Yes of course,” Talia said looking up at me enthusiastically, “What do you want me to do?”

“If you could hold my testicles it should help,” I said.

“Okay,” Talia replied and wasting no time jumped up on to her knees.

Her breasts pressed against my side as her right hand slid over and under my buttocks to caress my heavy balls, ” Is that okay Doctor?” she asked.

“Yes yes that’s perfect,” I answered, “I’m feeling something now… that’s it… just a little longer.”

Pushing deeper into Danni’s mouth and then withdrawing until her lips just covered the tip I continued to slowly fuck her. With Talia gently playing with my balls I could of easily shot my load so it wasn’t long before I had to stop…

“Yes I’m afraid you do seem to have a temperature as well Danni,” I said pulling my cock from Danni’s warm mouth, “So I’d better examine both of you further to find out what the problem is.”

“Can you do me first please Doctor?” Danni very quickly volunteered.

Climbing from the bed I stood next to Danni who was almost laying flat, her head and shoulders raised slightly supported by a pillow. Her white bathrobe was still pulled wide open showing her slim naked body, unlike her friend she wore no knickers.

It was only then that I noticed that Talia was wearing lacy white panties that matched her bra. Her bush of dark pubic hair was easily discernable through the thin material and there was a small wet patch between her thighs.

Talia laid to Danni’s right in a similar position as her friend. Both of them smiled with an excited anticipation as they waited on my next move, their eyes darting between my face and my proud erection that stood firmly to attention.

“Okay Danni as I examine you I want you to tell me if it hurts or feels sensitive to my touch,” I said.

Starting with her breasts, cupping each in my hands and gently squeezing, I could feel her stiff little nipples scrape against my palms.

“I want you to take hold of my penis with your hand so I can monitor your pulse,” I said, “That’s it, now hold it firmly.”

My cock twitched under the touch of her small hand and fingers as she squeezed. Keeping my right hand on her left breast I ran the other down the side of her body down to her hip and further down to the outside of her right thigh.

Glancing over, I could see the wet patch on Talia’s white panties had grown larger and looking up her body saw her playing with her own nipples while her eyes focused on my cock.

“That feels quite sensitive just there Doctor,” Danni said as my fingers brushed against her pussy lips.

“Ah yes, I think we’re getting to the root of the problem now,” I said.

“Is there, Ooooh… is there something wrong down there, Mmmm… Doctor?” Danni asked as my finger stroked up between her pussy lips.

“Your vagina is extremely wet and I can feel your pulse quickening,” I said.

“Oh dear… is that, oooo… is that, oooh… not right Doctor,” Danni said her breathing becoming a little laboured.

I pushed my middle finger between her protruding pussy lips and eased it up her tight wet hole while my palm rubbed against her clitoris. Her hand, still wrapped around my penis now pulled and pushed the foreskin over my rock hard shaft.

“If I’m right I don’t think there’s too much to worry about, I just need to confirm my diagnosis by examining Talia,” I said withdrawing my finger.

“Oh Good,” Talia said with a broad smile.

Danni playfully held on to my cock as I tried to pull away, “You can let go of my penis now Danni,” I said as we exchanged smiles.

“Oh sorry Doctor,” she said but still held on for another couple of seconds.

When she finally let go I walked around to the other side of the bed. I couldn’t resist a sniff of the finger that had been up her juicy little cunt.

“Okay Talia lets get these panties off shall we,” I said.

“Yes Doctor,” Talia agreed eagerly, she was already pushing her knickers down.

Watching her big tits wobbling around I pulled her white lacy panties down her legs and off over her pretty little feet.

“Ah yes, good girl,” I said when her hand grabbed hold of my cock without any prompting, “That’s it, hold it firmly.

“Yes escort gaziantep zayıf bayan Doctor, I will,” Talia said with a dirty smile.

“Now we’ve already examined your chest so,” I didn’t get the chance to finish when Talia butted in.

“Oh no, please, don’t you think you should double check Doctor, I mean you might of missed something,” she said realising I wasn’t going to examine her chest again.

“Well okay, perhaps you’re right, it wouldn’t hurt to check would it,” I said, more than happy to oblige.

Placing my hands on her large mounds I explored every millimetre of the soft warm flesh, her nipples seemed harder than ever against my palms. Danni watched every move while she played with her own stiff nipples as though imagining it was my hands touching them rather than her own.

As I had done with Danni I kept one hand on Talia’s breast while running the other down her body, “Be sure to tell me if it hurts or anything feels sensitive wont you,” I said.

“Yes Doctor,” Talia answered.

Feeling the smooth skin of her right inner thigh I stroked up to the crease at the top of her leg. My fingers sneaked through the tangled pubic hair and found Talia’s soft wet pussy lips.

“Oooh that feels sensitive Doctor,” Talia said parting her legs wider.

“Does it feel the same as mine Doctor?” Danni asked.

“Very similar Danni, very similar,” I replied, smiling as we made eye contact.

“OH Doctor… that’s very sensitive, Mmmmm,” Talia cried out as my finger slipped inside her wet hole.

I squeezed her right breast while slowly fucking her tight cunt with my finger. Her fingers tightened around my shaft and rolled my foreskin up and down.

“Is that hurting you Talia? It sounds like it is,” Danni said teasing.

“No it’s Ooooh… it doesn’t Ooooo… it’s very Oh God!” Talia couldn’t put a sentence together.

“Right so that confirms my diagnosis,” I said pulling my finger out of Talia’s pussy and taking my hand from her breast.

“What’s wrong with us Doctor? Is it serious? Danni asked smiling up at me.

“It’s very serious Danni, you are both suffering with acute horny-itus but fear not, I have the perfect cure,” I said unable to keep a straight face.

Both girls giggled, “Oh Doctor you’re so wonderful, can you really cure us?” Danni asked suppressing a laugh.

“Well I can’t promise that it wont re-occur, in fact it almost definitely will, but the treatment is quite simple. But you must do exactly what I tell you,” I said looking from one excited face to the other.

“Oh yes we will Doctor wont we Talia,” Danni said smiling at her friend who still had hold of my cock.

“Yes Doctor anything you say,” Talia agreed.

“Very good, now the first thing to do is for you to both lay head to tail as it were so you’re looking between each others legs,” I instructed.

“Oh good,” Danni said unable to hide her excitement.

Danni shrugged her bathrobe off and with a great deal of enthusiasm they both laid down on their sides in a sixty-nine arrangement, “Like this Doctor?” Talia asked.

“That’s right, now with your mouth’s closed I want you to both breath deeply through your noses. You will find that the aroma from between each others legs will have a very calming effect which is the first step in the treatment,” I said.

Looking down on the two naked girls as they sniffed at each others wet pussies had my cock twitching wildly. Talia’s big tits squashed against her friends body as she leaned in closer.

“So tell me girls, is it working?” I asked.

“Oh yes Doctor, it’s so… mmmm,” Danni said unable to find the right words but obviously enjoying her friends natural scent.

“How about you Talia?” I asked.

“Smells good enough to eat Doctor,” Talia said and took another deep breath through her nose.

“That’s good because the next part of the treatment is to lick up each others juices,” I said.

The girls didn’t waste any time and they were soon moaning and groaning with pleasure, “Is it meant to taste this good Doctor?” Danni asked.

“It’s a very good sign if you’re enjoying the taste of Talia’s pussy, it shows you’re well on the way to recovery. Now keep licking, get your tongue as deep as you can up that wet hole,” I said, not that Danni needed any encouragement.

“Yes Doctor,” Danni said.

“And don’t forget to keep sniffing in those healing aroma’s,” I said.

After watching the two girls for a couple of minutes as they licked away between each other’s legs my patience ran thin and I had to sample the girls delights for myself.

“Okay girls let me check your progress. Up on all fours and kneel on the edge of the bed for me,” I commanded.

There was no hesitation and I was soon looking down on their sexy naked round bums as they knelt next to each other on the edge of the bed. Dropping to my knees I kissed Danni’s wet pussy before slipping my tongue between her soft lips.

“Is everything oooooh… okay Doctor? Mmmm,” Danni asked.

“Yes very okay.. err, yes yes you seem to be coming on nicely. Now let me check Talia,” I said shuffling over to Talia who was to my right.

Kissing Talia’s pussy and then wriggling my tongue between her wet lips I pushed my left index finger deep inside Danni. The air was charged with the combined odours from the two excited dripping pussies which fuelled my desire. Sitting back on my heels I replaced my tongue with a finger up Tania’s hole.

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