Stefan’s Stink Pt. 02

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Stefan’s feet were pretty big, a given for most athletes. The professor could tell they reeked, just from looking at them. Stefan sat on the couch and ran his fingers over his feet. Bringing his fingers to his nose, Stefan inhaled the filthy odour on his fingers.

‘I never realised how ripe my feet are before,’ said Stefan ‘but they’re exactly how you like them Prof, unwashed and stinking.’

The Professor quivered, seeing Stefan huff his own stink. He crawled to the young man’s feet and immediately bent down to smell them. Stefan’s feet were damp with sweat, and the smell was intense. The stench was sour and acrid insulting the Professor’s nose. But, the Professor kept his nose directly on Stefan’s sweaty foot, continuing to inhale the manliness of his student.

‘Now I want you to suck all that stink of my toes.’

Immediately the Professor lifted Stefan’s foot to his mouth and licking and sucking the young man’s acrid toes. They tasted salty and tangy in the Professor’s mouth, a taste he savored and craved. Stefan took his free foot and placed it on the Professor’s hard, dripping cock, massaging the veiny rod under his toes. The Professor moaned like a little bitch. The stench of Stefan’s feet in his nose, the taste of Stefan in his mouth and Stefan’s touch was overwhelming for the Professor. Never before had he been so stimulated and so attracted to another man.

A few minutes later the Professor had cleaned both Stefan’s feet, but remained on his knees, awaiting Stefan’s instructions.

‘I think you better make a start on my cock and balls,’ said Stefan slipping of his shorts.

Stefan’s cock was huge. Easily eight inches and incredibly girthy. His balls were large to, hanging low in their sack. Legs open wide, Stefan beckoned the Professor to his manhood.

Desperate to smell Stefan’s ripe cock and balls the Professor knelt between Stefan’s legs. A sharp stench emanated from between the young man’s legs, the Professor trembled ümraniye escort with excitement.

‘It’s been three days since I last washed my balls,’ said Stefan caressing his sweaty ballsack. ‘Since then I’ve had ropes of cum trickle down my shaft onto my balls and pubic hair, from when I jerk of. Drops of piss smeared across my cock head and dripped onto my balls. Plus the sweat from hard gym sessions and football games. You sure you’re up for that kind of odour Prof?’

‘Stefan, I’ve dreamt about the stench between your legs since the first day I met you,’ replied the Professor ‘Please don’t make me wait any longer.’

Stefan chuckled and stopped caressing his balls. He brought his fingers to the Professor’s nose.

‘What do you think Prof?’

‘Its the most masculine stench i have ever smelled in my life Stefan.’

‘Get up on the Sofa. On all fours. I want to touch you, whilst your face is pressed against my manhood,’ said Stefan.

The Professor quickly did as he was told.

‘Now get that nose on my ball sack.’

The Professor buried his face in Stefan’s groin, inhaling hard. Stefan’s balls smelt acrid like urine and sharp like cheese. Cooped up, unwashed for days, the scent was intense and unforgiving, but the Professor couldn’t get enough of it. Seeing this, Stefan pushed the Professor’s head harder into his groin, not allowing him to come up for air. He was forced to inhale the filthy masculine odours of Stefan’s manhood.

Eventually Stefan allowed the Professor a breather. The Professor’s face was shiny, covered in Stefan’s groin sweat. Stefan and the Professor began to make out aggressively. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Stefan could taste and smell his own stink on the Professor’s lips, proud of the manly scent his body produced.

‘I want you to bend over and tell me how my shaft smells,’ demand Stefan.

On all fours on the sofa the Professor obliged. He began at the base, his nose pendik escort buried in Stefan’s pubic hair. He then ran his nose up the entirety of the shaft, up to the pulsating shiny head.

‘It stinks Stefan, even more than your pits or feet combined. It’s pure masculine stench.’

‘Well then, get cleaning,’ said Stefan ‘I want to hear you sniffing hard whilst that mouth of yours cleans.’

Immediately the Professor began sucking on Stefan’s balls, using his tongue to roll Stefan’s balls around in their sack. Waves of pleasure ripped through the young man’s body.

‘Professor, professor!’ cried the ripe stud in ecstasy.

Stefan then grabbed the Professor’s cock and began to pump it. The Professor’s shaft was rock hard and slick with precum. A throaty roar escaped the Professor as his student pumped his sensitive rod. Every one of the Professor’s senses were being bombarded with sexual energy. The tangy, salty taste of Stefan’s balls, the acrid stench of the boys manhood, the feeling of Stefan’s fingers wrapped around his cock, the sultry moans and the beauty of the muscular stud sat in front of him. The Professor had never felt so alive.

‘Put my cock in your mouth,’ demand Stefan.

Taking Stefan’s big balls out of his mouth, the Professor began swirling his tongue over Stefan’s sensitive cock head. He then ran his tongue from tip to base, sniffing the masculine odours as he went.

‘Please don’t tease me,’ whimpered Stefan ‘I need my entire shaft in your mouth right now.’

The Professor swallowed Stefan’s throbbing member and began sucking hard and fast. Stefan began to pump the Professor’s cock faster and harder to. Both men were quickly heading for climax. Breathing quickened as both men were losing control.

‘Im gonna blow Prof!’ cried Stefan as his body spasmed and his mouth dropped open. Stefan roared as he shot rope after ropeof hot cum down the Professor’s throat. Seeing this, sent the Professor bostancı escort over the edge as he shot his load all over Stefan’s abs. The room stankof cum and sweat. The Professor collapsed onto Stefan, lying his head on his hard pecs.

‘That was incredible Stefan. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.’

‘Me to Professor. Seeing you so intoxicated by my stink and feeling your touch was amazing.’

Both men sat together for a while longer. Letting the Professor’s cum cool crusty on Stefan’s abs.

‘Okay Professor, Im gonna have to take of now.’

‘Okay Stefan, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow?’

‘No can do Professor. I’m going to a festival for three days with my buddies,’ replied Stefan.

‘Oh, okay,’ said the Professor disappointed.

‘Don’t worry Professor. Its Its only three days,’ said Stefan seeing the Professor’s disappointment ‘I’m not gonna be showering at the festival and its pretty hot right now. My body is gonna be ripe as fuck for you.’

The Professor smiled.

‘Here,’ said Stefan giving the Professor his gym bag. ‘This should tide you over until im back.’

‘Wow, thanks Stefan,’ said the Professor. ‘Im not gonna be able to stop jerking of with all these things to play with.’

‘I bet,’ said Stefan.

That weekend the Professor made his way through Stefan’s gym bag, shooting load after load sniffing Stefan’s filthy gym attire. On the day Stefan returned the Professor waited anxiously. There was a knock on the door. To the Professor’s disappointment it was just a delivery. A small box. Opening the box, the stench hit the Professor liked a freight train. Inside was a pair of socks and a pair of boxers. There was also a note.

“Professor, these are the socks and underwear i wore all weekend. As you can tell, they’re incredibly ripe. I just thought I’d give you an idea of the stench you’ll be dealing with when I visit you this afternoon. I want you to wear them for our session this afternoon. In return I’ll bring my festival buddy, Jason with me. You’ll be worshipping two stinking young men today.”

The Professor knew who Jason was. Another incredibly hot stud from the football team. He trembled with excitement. Who knew what could happen next?

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