Stacy’s Story Ch. 02

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[I hope you enjoy this second instalment!!!]

My first story ended with my brother entering my room. My name is Stacy and this is my second story.

I slept for around an hour after my climaxes that night. Until my brother woke me by gently tapping on the door and asking if I was awake.

“I’m awake” I said with a smile, hidden in the darkness of my room. He came in, closing the door behind him, the only illumination coming from the stars and moon outside my open window.

My legs were under the covers, I was a little cold from the breeze coming through the window but if I had closed it I would become uncomfortably hot immediately. I sat up as he came towards me. He sat on the edge of my bed next to me.

“Stacy I…” his voice trailed off for a moment, he bowed his head as if he was ashamed. He raised his head slowly, to look me in the eye.

“Earlier…what I said about you, when I said if you were anyone but my sister I’d…’go’ with you”

“Yea, I remember” I said

“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I was thinking about it earlier and realised I might have upset you, you were already upset about stuff and I just wanted you to realise how special you are.”

“I know what you meant” I said “it’s ok, and for what it’s worth, I would ‘go’ with you too” I giggled as if to make light of our conversation. He smiled looking genuinely relieved and began to rise, ready to leave the room.

“I just wanted to clear things up that’s all” he took a step back from me, but he didn’t turn away.

There and then I saw it in his eyes, through the starlight I saw that my brother, my younger brother, had lust in his eyes, not just lust, there was a yearning a craving in his expression. He looked at me like someone on a diet may look at a huge feast and in that fraction of time my course of action, in the darkness of night, was clear as day. I succumbed to my, to our desire and acted.

My pyjamas consisted of a button down shirt with hearts on it and a pair of matching shorts that came to mid thigh on me. I swung my legs out from under the covers and stood in front of my brother, I briefly looked into his eyes, before planting my lips on his mouth, my arms wrapped around his back as I pressed into his body. He jerked back, breaking the kiss but my arms held him tight. He opened his mouth to speak, maybe to protest, but nothing was stopping me now, I knew his lust was there, I had seen it in his eyes, I had felt it in his jeans earlier that night and in the brief moment when his lips parted to speak I brought my mouth to his and slid my tongue in the open gap. Tasting my brother, his head had tried to move back but then, as if accepting this was going to happen, he put his arms around me and started his own exploration of my, of his sister’s mouth.

Our tongues entwined, I felt his shoulders relax as if a great deal of tension had been released from him. I wondered how long he had thought of me in this way; before this night had he fantasized about me? The times when he saw me in just my panties, had he been turned on? My mind raced as it had done earlier tonight. But then, a calm washed over me, I stopped thinking about those things and returned to the moment. My hands trailed up and down his back, up to his neck and back down to the top of his jeans. His hands were also exploring, his hands moved up to my hair and he began to run his fingers through it. The feeling of being touched as a woman was good enough, but knowing that the hands caressing me, the hands bringing me this electrifying feeling belonged to my own sibling, my own flesh and blood, the feeling was beyond words, it was ecstasy.

We broke off the kiss and stood back; my hands travelled down his arms and held his.

“Stacy I…are you sure?” he said while looking into my eyes. (I wondered if I should ask him the same, but didn’t, in case I didn’t like the answer)

“I think so, I never realised, I never dreamed of this. I love you” my voice began to tremble. “I love you, but there’s something else. I feel like I…..” I was getting frustrated with myself; I knew what I wanted to say but I was afraid to, but then he said them for me.

“I need you” he said, “Stacy I…I want you” and that was it, the confirmation, the last barrier.

He brought his right hand to my face and cupped my cheek. Earlier this night he had wrapped this hand around his cock, he had drooled on this hand and slid it up and down his shaft until he could stand it no more. I wondered if he had washed it since, it was turning me on more and more. He brought his face to mine and we shared a soft kiss, much more controlled than last time. His taste was so familiar, it felt strange, like kissing myself. It was slightly different to mine but similar enough to feel…to feel right. Like this meant we were compatible, as if all siblings should make love to each other.

My heart started beating faster as his kiss stopped, his head lowered and I felt his lips kiss me down my jaw, my chin, then down my neck. His hand lowered from my hair and went down my back escort gaziantep ucuz bayan like before, but this time it dipped under my pyjama top and ran up my bare back. My top had five buttons of which only one was fastened because of the heat in the room that night (or maybe the heat was mine). It was the one near the top directly over my breasts so as his hand lifted the back of my top up, the front of it opened up showing my midriff right from the top of my shorts to just below my breasts. As my top moved with the motion of his hand the soft fabric was pulled across my nipples which were now standing to attention.

I leant my head back and closed my eyes when he started licking as well as kissing down my neck. His hot tongue ran down over my throat right to the cleft between my small breasts. I had to catch my breath with every movement he made, the pleasure was boundless and for the second time this night my virgin pussy became slick beneath my shorts.

He stood up again and looked at me and said

“Stacy I’ve wanted this for so long, I’ve dreamt about this so many nights”

The feeling of being wanted, of being craved washed over me. I felt so sexy! It was an amazing feeling and I didn’t care that it was my brother. I simply smiled at him. No words were needed anymore. I sat down on my bed then swung my legs up so I was lying on my back. My pyjama top was almost wide open, I had lain with the shirt stretched behind me so now the button was straining, trying to hold the fabric over my soft, and previously unseen by any lover, breasts. I looked up at him and he smiled at me. What he did next took my breath away.

He took hold of the hem of his T-Shirt and lifted it up over his head and dropped it to the floor, then unbuttoned his jeans. I held my breath as I watched my little 23 year old brother pull down his jeans and shorts down, leaving him standing there totally naked in front of me. He was going to get on the bed but I held up my hand to stop him.

“Turn the light on” I said breathlessly “I want to see you.” Obeying me immediately, as if I was in authority, or maybe because his big sister had asked him to do something, the light flicked on. My vision was blurred and as it slowly cleared my brother’s figure came into focus, this was the first time anyone other than myself had been naked in my bedroom. When my vision did clear the person I was looking at was more than a man, more than a brother. The love I felt was so strong, even overwhelming.

He was smiling at me, most likely because I was staring at him. His erect penis stood out in front of him, the end was glistening with pre-cum. My mouth was dry and I was shaking and I knew why. It was going to happen, no doubt but a wave of doubts came over me, not about the ‘rightness’ of this act, we were way beyond that, but doubts of whether I could satisfy a man. After all this was the first time I had been even this far. I had masturbated and watched porn on the internet of course, I had used a 4 inch dildo once (I regretted it when the dildo broke through my hymen, I thought that the fleshy barrier was further up than that, and was a hell of a lot more painful than I was led to believe!) At least I didn’t have to worry about that, and looking at my brother’s erection even if I hadn’t torn through it that night it would definitely have not survived tonight’s encounter. Still the feelings of inadequacy persisted, I mean what does the woman actually do? I know what the man does thanks to the internet but would he expect me to do stuff like suck his dick and let him cum on my face? I didn’t like the idea of that and what if…

“Are you alright?” My brother’s voice brought me out of the trance and again I focused on his body, his chest was pretty broad, there was no hair on it save for a few wisps around his nipples, certainly wasn’t built like a bodybuilder but he was skinny either. His legs were pretty hairy below his knees, though he didn’t have much pubic hair, I wondered if he cut it like I do. Of course what grabbed my attention most was the proud erection. It wasn’t overly long but it was quite thick and I hoped it wouldn’t hurt too bad, even if it did I wouldn’t care; I’d take it for the love of my brother. (Never thought I’d think that)

“I’m ok” I lied “I’m just a bit worried,” he smiled at me and said

“It’s ok, no need to worry, I’ll take care of you” the feeling of love resurfaced in me again, filling me with emotion, also filling me with lust as my nipples strained against the fabric of my top. He sat beside me like he had done earlier, except this time his erection was in the open and standing to attention. He let his hand trail down the side of my face, past my throat, finally settling over my chest, he gently unbuttoned my top and I, (and probably he) inwardly gasped as the top sprang open and suddenly my bare breast were on display, he smiled again and stroked my boobs one at a time, fondling the base then gently squeezing them, his fingers teased around the pink part of my nipple escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan until finally playing with the hard nubs. I was unbelievably aroused, more than I had ever been by myself. My eyes kept closing but I forced them to stay open because I needed to see, I needed to watch him, just to see him, as if closing my eyes would make him vanish and wake me from a dream.

I was certain he could feel my heart beating, maybe even hear it, I could barely hear anything else. I had felt self conscious at first but again the calmness swept over me, he was being so gentle and I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.

“Do you like this?” he asked “you’re so beautiful”

“I love it and thanks so are you” we both giggled. While he was still fondling my breasts I began to feel a little selfish, I wanted to touch him and make him feel as good as he had to me. My hand was shaking as I stroked up his thigh towards his penis, so much so it was like I was gently slapping his skin. He put his hand over mine and guided it for me, as if he was taking me on a tour of his body, I sat up slightly so I could reach without straining and then I touched it, he had been circumcised at an early age, and for the first time in my life I was holding a cock. The end was quite large and the skin there was soft, further down the shaft it was rock hard, the veins were sticking out so much I wondered if they would burst.

“See, it’s nothing to be worried about” he said gently “it’s just a part of my body, nothing to be scared of.” I felt instantly reassured, while doing this he had been twirling his fingers on his other hand around my nipple.

“Just try to relax; I’m not going to do anything you wont like, trust me”

He moved a little further down the bed letting my hand fall away from him. He had stopped massaging my breasts and instead he leant over my chest. I felt his tongue trace a path around the outside of my nipple making me groan slightly, which surprised me; I always thought the women in the movies over-did it. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over my body as he took my nipple and a large portion on my breast in is mouth, gently drawing on it and making the end feel harder than I had ever made it. He did the same thing to its twin and fondled the bullet hard nipple between his fingers again. After he was done he kissed all around them, finally kissing both nipples gently.

I was breathing deeper now and he moved further downwards, he kissed down past my breasts and over my stomach, briefly pausing at my bellybutton.

“Y’know,” he said looking up at me and smiling “when you used to wear crop tops, it made me go crazy, I wanted to run up to you and put my tongue in your bellybutton!” We both giggled at the thought of him running up to me and licking it in plain view, bellybutton rape? That’s a new one

“Well there’s nothing stopping you now, now you can do it whenever you want.” With that I felt his tongue dive in there briefly and after a quick kiss he continued on his journey down my body, kissing down from my navel to the top of my shorts. I held my breath when I felt him hook his fingers around the waistband and pull them down past my knees and ankles and off. I was naked now, my pussy sopping wet and totally aroused as my little brother continued to pleasure his big sister.

I was still holding my breath, and did so until my chest hurt; I felt the cool air over my wetness, then my brother’s lips at the top of my slit. I was already close to orgasm, after the treatment my breasts had been given I was right on the edge, I offered up my pussy to him, as if begging him to take me over the edge. Then a thought hit me.

“Jake, hold on a sec” I began to stand and my brother suddenly looked very worried.

“What’s wrong? Did I upset you?”

“Of course not, I just need to do something” I opened my wardrobe and bent down to pick up the towel I had shoved in there, it had seen plenty of use this night, realising I was giving Jake a full on view I stayed in the position a little bit longer than I needed to. Then with towel in hand I walked around my brother and knelt by the door, I shoved the towel into the gap below the doors as far as I could until I was satisfied the door couldn’t be opened, at least not easily, by anyone from the other side.

“Just in case” I said walking back around, I was intending to lie back down in the same position but instead my brother stopped me. I was standing directly in front of him and he was still sat on the bed.

“What’s up? Apart from you” I giggled

“Nothing, I just want to look at you for a minute” he was making me feel so sexy, like how I had longed to feel for so long. He reached out to take hold of my hips but I stepped back.

“Ah ah, look with your eyes not your hands” we both giggled then I moved back within his reach. His hands fell down to my legs.

“Your legs are so gorgeous, I can’t remember how many times I’ve wanted to touch them, I even wanted to do it while you were asleep escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan but I never got the courage” again we shared smiles and it felt like we had become so much closer, like it had become the perfect relationship. It made me wonder why sex between siblings was so taboo, even illegal.

Most would say it’s because there’s the chance of having a disabled child or something but that wouldn’t be an issue for me, for us I mean. When I was 17 I lost the ability to conceive, I had contracted a virus through a blood transfusion after a car accident, I had been in a friends car and she had been going to fast and I think she was slightly drunk, it was after the accident that we, my brother and I, had become closer and stopped the petty arguing. The virus had eaten away at my womb but rather than remove it the doctors had said that after the virus had been killed off they would simply sterilize me, there was no point removing the womb as it wasn’t hurting me or dangerous. It used to bother me knowing I would never give birth but here on this night I didn’t mind so much.

He was caressing my thigh with his right hand, but then he dropped it to the hollow behind my knee and lifted my leg so my knee was over his shoulder. I balanced on my other foot and put a hand on his other shoulder to steady myself. He looked into my pussy for a second; the anticipation was amazing, until he moved his face into my groin. I felt his tongue around my wet folds and then, ever so slightly, he dipped it in between my lips. My other knee became weak and I sagged down at the truly unbelievable feeling of his tongue licking up and down my slit. My brother tasting me, feeling my wetness over his face, I then felt his tongue on the special part of my pussy which sent me over the edge at last. I gripped his shoulder with one hand while the other was on the back of his head almost pushing him further inside me; I felt my hips buck involuntarily against his face, my juices running down his cheeks. He left his tongue inside me while my pussy exploded with pleasure, then he was flicking it over my clitoris sending me further into ecstasy. Even the sheer thought of what was happening was adding to my delirium, my brother was fucking me with his tongue after all. That feeling of wrongness was there again as it had been hours ago when I had reached my first climax of the night, but even that just added fuel to the fire burning inside me.

My brother had to help me lie down properly after my earth shattering orgasm, he leant over me and we kissed again, softly like before. My pussy still throbbed and the feeling was just incredible. We weren’t finished though, and the thought of what was to come got me feeling hot again. He climbed fully onto the bed and laid beside me, still kissing each other, tasting my juices in his mouth. I was infinitely more relaxed now than I had been before; all the tension had left my body. At least it had done for now. He broke off the kiss and looked me in the eyes, our love for each other blossoming again.

“You want to keep going?” he asked cautiously

“Yes, of course” I responded, which made him smile and move his body closer to mine.

I felt him in between my thighs, his hand guiding his shaft to my soft pussy and virgin hole. I wasn’t worried about the pain, like I mentioned before I had masturbated before with an admittedly small dildo, though I still felt nervous about it, going this last step, her transition into womanhood being completed. I felt the head of his penis at the entrance to my body then, my brother gently pressed into me making my pussy stretch to accommodate his member. The head eventually popped into my hole, needing little in the way of lubrication with my pussy juices still making my internal folds slick.

It made me gasp as he continued to push into me, he would put it in a bit, then bring it out, then go in again a little further, I couldn’t help thinking of the old nursery rhyme, (put the cock in, take the cock out, in, out, in, out in out and shake it all about . My mind was racing and still he pushed further in, filling my slick tunnel completely until eventually he was totally inside me, we looked into each others eyes, man to woman, brother to sister, lover to lover. My heart picked up its high rhythm again as he slowly withdrew his cock only to plunge back inside me. I felt the pain but the pleasure was far outweighing it. Not just the pleasure from the feeling of their sex, but from the feeling that I was giving my brother what he’d wanted all this time. I gave myself to him, my body and mind. My entire self was one with him.

His pace quickened and I felt myself getting close to another climax. I threw my leg over his which allowed him to go even further inside me.

“I love you” he said, making me tingle inside, my emotion rising with my arousal.

“I love you too, little brother” I added a wicked grin to the end of the sentenced and it had the desired effect, for both of us. He thrust deep inside of me and his entire body went rigid, his eyes rolled back into his skull and then closed. I watched my little brothers face as his orgasm took over him. That sight, coupled with the feeling of my brother’s hot cum shooting deep inside me, his big sister, sent me over the edge again, my pussy tightened around his cock, then after it passed my body fell forward into his arms. We hugged and kissed and exchanged ‘I love yous’ for what seemed like hours although in reality it was only about 10 minutes.

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