Split in Two Ch. 02

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For a smooth transition into this 2nd chapter offering of Split in Two, you must read the introductory story. The participants and their descriptions therein contained are essential to follow the sequential events of this true story. This is Split in Two II

I went to the bathroom and retrieved several damp warm washcloths to clean up Jenna. When I returned, she was still wiping cum from around her eyes with her fingers. I handed her the first cloth and she wiped her face. With a raspy tone in her voice, she said, “You really painted my face Daddy.”

I told Jenna, “I was so excited. I have never had such raw sex. That was the thickest and most intense cumshot I had ever launched.” Jenna smiled knowing she had taken her Daddy over the top. After she wiped her face with the second cloth, I pulled Jenna to me and passionately kissed my daughter. I held my little girl tight and told her how much I loved her. “I am sorry for being so rough. I was out of my mind when I forced my cock deep into your throat.” I then asked her, “Did I hurt you?”

She said, “I’m not hurt, but I feel like I have sore throat. I wasn’t ready for what you did.” With a sheepish look she asked, “How deep did you go?” I told her, she had taken all but two inches of my thick cock into her throat. She raised her eyebrows and grinned approvingly. I continued to peck her lips with soft kisses. “Enough already,” Jenna complained, “Kiss me like your lover.” We kissed passionately swirling our tongues together. “You’re so damn sensual Daddy. Mom’s a lucky woman to have you.”

I asked Jenna, “Are you truly okay with everything that has happened?”

“Of course I am,” she said. “I wanted your cock and you gave it to me. And I must say you really let me have it.” Then Jenna asked, “Daddy, have you ever done that to Mom?”

I replied, “No honey, your mother believes sex should be romantic and passionate. I always have to go slow and be gentle with her. She has always remained cautiously reserved with my big cock. She has never done what we just did. I love your Mother, but I have never felt as sexually satisfied in all my life as I just have with you. .”

Jenna smiled and looked me in my eyes, as she told me, “Daddy, I am so glad I was able to satisfy you. What you may not realize is that I experienced my own pleasure when you forcefully took me. I love to tease and I have enjoyed making your thick cock throb and flex uncontrollably. When you shoved your cock deep into my throat, my whole body tingled. Daddy, I like how you took charge.”

I reassured Jenna, “I had no intention to be rough initially. You teased me unmercifully. Each time you asked where I wanted to unleash my load; you took me further from reality. You dared me to cum on your face. You ordered me to face fuck you and you demanding that I shove my cock down your throat. It was too much for me when you said you knew that I wanted to shoot my cum into your belly while my cock was deep in your throat. I experienced a degree of excitement that I had never known before. Until today, I have only fantasized of doing what we did. I took on the role of a stud in a porn movie with you being the starlet on her knees begging me to white wash your face. It is true Jenna, over and over, you begged me for my seed. You took me to a brand new place. I really am sorry that I became so forceful. I lost control.”

Jenna’s brilliant smile was my signal that all was well. “Daddy, you didn’t lose control, you were so caught up in your fantasy that your animal instinct took over. Sex doesn’t get any purer than that. You did something that you really have always wanted to do. Stop apologizing and celebrate that you have just experienced a life changing orgasm. I am so glad I was the one to take you there.”

I leaned over and kissed Jenna softly. I told her, “I can hardly wait until my cock gets hard again.”

“Again,” Jenna interrupted. “Where did you get the idea that anything like this might happen again?” Jenna must have seen the immediate disappointment on my face following her interjection. “Don’t pout Daddy; you have nothing to worry about. I am so impressed with your big cock that my mind is already racing with ideas of what to do next. I am willing to do just about anything; within reason. I guess you could say I am now a big cock worshipper.”

We kissed passionately again. I scooped Jenna up and carried her to the master suite. I sat her on the decking of the hot tub. “I’ll be right back; I’m going to fix us a pitcher of Manhattans.” I was a bit disappointed when I returned with our drinks, as Jenna never got into the hot tub. I hoped this would be my opportunity to see her totally naked. I was so anxious to see her precious pussy. Jenna was content sitting on the deck and letting her legs dangle in the warm circulating water. Occasionally, she would splash water from the hot tub onto her face and her breasts. I’m sure the dried cum made her skin tighten. We drank and talked for the next hour.

“Now it is my turn for a question Jenna.”

She responded “Go ahead Daddy, ask away.”

I asked escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan Jenna “based on what we just did together, can I assume that you have had a substantial amount of sexually experience?”

Jenna responded; “I’m not a little tramp Daddy. About 18 months ago, I met Tom at a sorority party. He was cute and we started talking. By midnight, Tom invited me to his place. Being a little tipsy, I agreed. We sat and talked a while and then I must have nodded off from drinking. I awoke in the morning sleeping on Toms couch covered with a blanket. How sweet I thought. We went our own ways that day but occasionally bumped into each other on campus. On one occasion, Tom asked me for a date and I agreed. We went to a movie and then a club with a band. I thought he was nice. We dated a couple more times over the next month. The next time we went out, Tom felt comfortable enough with our friendship to ask if porn offended me. I told him I had never seen porn. He asked me if I would like to see some. My curiosity got the best of me and I agreed. At Tom’s place he put a tape in a VCR. The actors were attractive muscular well-hung men and beautiful women with fantastic bodies. The sex was all but acrobatic. The close ups shots were vivid. I saw more cocks in 90 minutes then I had seen in all my life. I liked it. In fact, my panties got damp. We dated again and Tom asked if I would like to view another movie.

The rest is history. We became involved in a monogamous relationship with rules. Today’s slang term for us would be “fuck buddies”. We acted out scenes from porn videos, used toys, did role-plays, wore costumes, and shared our fantasies. Tom and I have no romantic connection. Our relationship is strictly sexual. Should either partner wish to not engage in an activity, it ends immediately. We always honor that rule. We are respectful toward each other and enjoyed one another. We have a great time together. Most people believe we are a dating couple.”

I interrupted Jenna; “Did you act out a fantasy today?”

“Absolutely Daddy; when I felt your hands on my ass and your stiff cock against my pussy while we bobbed in the water, my mind raced of how I would get to see it and touch it. I have fantasized many times about being your lover over the last few years. The taboo of incest makes the charade so much more tantalizing. I had no idea you were so well hung. I am glad everything happened just like it did”. Jenna then asked, “Daddy, have you ever fantasized about me?”

“Yes Jenna, on many occasions. I have had some very filthy thoughts about violating your small hard body. I get excited watching you stretch in contorted positions. Your flexibility and petite size turns me on. I fantasize about having my way with you. My God Jenna, I wish my cock were not so large. I desperately want to have sex with you.”

“No way Daddy; that’s not happening. You can be sure I will keep you more then stimulated and satisfied in other ways this week. I do have a special treat in mind for you Daddy. Can we establish two rules with our relationship right now?”

“Yes Jenna, I’m willing to agree with anything you ask.”

“Okay Daddy, after this week ends, this fling is over; never to be spoken of again. We enjoy the next few days and then it ends: forever. Secondly, if either partner objects to any activity, it stops immediately. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes Jenna, I make you that promise.”

“Daddy, I am going to keep your balls drained for the next two days. You are going to find out how much that I love to give head. I am going to make sure that you will recall our time together in Ocean City, everyday, for the rest of your life.” Jenna’s dark brown eyes glared into my eyes burning that promise home.

Nearly unable to think while processing Jenna’s promise, I suggested we should get showered and go out for a first class meal to celebrate our time together. Jenna said, “I don’t think I can swallow anything hard.” She giggled and said, “Pardon the pun, but my throat is a bit sore”.

“How about spaghetti?”

Jenna said, “That sounds great. Let’s shower and go.” When I stood up in the hot tub, Jenna squeezed my flaccid cock. She looked me in the eyes and said. “Daddy, you have a beautiful big cock. I’m going to take care of this slab of meat when we come back. Remember what I said, I have a special treat for you.”

I told Jenna, “Let’s get in my shower together.”

She slid off the hot tub deck and stepped toward the doorway. She told me, “Not now Daddy. You haven’t seen my pretty little pussy yet. I want you to wonder what it looks like, smells like, and tastes like before you get to see it.” On that note, Jenna went to her bathroom to shower. We met in the living room in about 20 minutes.

It was almost 7:00 pm before we got to the restaurant. The busy dinner crowd was already gone. We were isolated at a small table in the corner. After we ordered, Jenna excused herself and was gone for about ten minutes. I became concerned and asked if everything escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan was okay when she returned. She said, “I ran over to the drug store to grab a couple of things.” She then pulled a small white plastic bottle from her bag.

“What is that,” I asked?

“Lubrication,” Jenna replied. “This is the best sexual lubricant available. It stays super slippery. In addition to being water-soluble and fragrance free, this product is non-toxic making it safe to ingest. I am planning to slop this lube on your big cock and jerk you off slowly before we go to sleep tonight. Would you like that Daddy?”

“Certainly I would Jenna, but you need to know that I am obsessed with pushing my cock into your belly. I really want my cock inside your tight little body.”

“No way Daddy; understand me, No way. Under no circumstance will that happen. Get that stupid fucking thought out of your head. It is not going to happen. Agree to those terms or I won’t climb in bed with you tonight and give you a slow slippery hand job.”

“I agree Jenna. You know that I am going to fantasize about stretching your tight little cunt with my big cock while you jerk me off?”

“Enjoy yourself Daddy. That is what fantasies are all about. I want you to tell me how you are fucking me while I stroke your thick cock. My two small hands are going to work you for your cum while you tell me how that big cock of yours is splitting me wide open. I am going to pump your cock till you blow your wad all over your belly and chest, and then, your little girl is going to lick it up.

I have already tasted your cum today and I know it is sweet. I want you to look into my eyes while I lick your cum off your chest. I want you to watch my tongue scoop up each puddle of your salty treat. I am going to swallow your seed Daddy. I am getting excited just telling you about it. Tonight, I’m going to enjoy your orgasm more then you. I hope you will be able produce a lot of cum again.

What a tease Jenna is indeed. She had me so excited with her filthy talk that I hardly have an appetite. I am feeling like a teenage boy. The only thing on my mind is pussy. During dinner, I felt Jenna worm her bare foot under the table traveling along my thigh. She rubbed her toes along the outlined length of my cock; I was forced to grasp Jenna’s foot to stop her antics. My cock had a mind of its own and began to stiffen. All my brains were in the head of my cock right now.

After dinner, Jenna and I strolled along the boardwalk for a short time looking in the novelty stores. Jenna made a few purchases. I was getting antsy to go, as I knew what awaited me upon our return to the time-share condominium. Jenna looked at me as she exited an incense store and said, “Your wait is over Daddy, take me home.” We jumped on the trolley and rode it to the end of the line at 28th st. We walked a block to the condo and took the elevator to our suite on the 9th floor.

Once inside our suite, Jenna set her shopping bags on the table and pulled her shirt over her head. “Are your ready Daddy?” There stood my baby girl in a short denim skirt and sandals wickedly smiling at me knowing she was again about to take control of my cock. I grabbed Jenna’s ass and lifted her to my waist. We were just like we were in the water. She had her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. I bunched her short skirt up to her waist revealing white cotton panties. Jenna flashed her beautiful smile and said, “Get ready for a thrill you big stud.” In the privacy of our living area, I french kissed my daughter. She sucked my tongue into her mouth like a cock hungry women. Jenna was the tease of all teasers. She had teased me till I rammed my cock down her throat earlier today and now she was teasing me again. She began to grind her panty-covered cunt against my rising cock. She kept saying over and over, “Oh Daddy your cock is just too fucking big. It would never fit inside me.”

I told Jenna, “Stop fucking teasing me. You know I want to bury my cock in your pussy. Please Jenna, I’m begging. I need to feel your hot fuck hole stretched tightly around my hard cock. I want to see my cock bulging in your taut belly.”

Jenna unwrapped her legs and slid down my body till she was kneeling before me. Without a word, she undid my belt, opened the button and pulled down the fly of my trousers She worked the waist of my pants to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the pants. I pulled my shirt over my head and was then before my daughter in only a tight pair of gray boxer briefs that struggled to keep my stiffening penis contained. Jenna looked up with her brown doe eyes and said “Daddy I’m not teasing. I swear, I want your cock in me but we both know you would hurt me. Look at me Daddy; I am only 5 feet tall. Your cock is one-fifth the size of my body. Please don’t be angry with me Daddy. I will do anything I can to make you happy without hurting myself.”

“I’m not angry with you Jenna. You have me so fucking excited again. escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan Look at this hard fucking cock. I pulled my briefs off and my cock waved in her face. Come on Jenna, lube my fuck stick up and take me on another twisted journey. I’m ready to tell you how I fantasize about fucking you while you stroke my cock.”

Jenna stood up, and said, “Let me get ready for you. Knock on my door in five minutes.” Jenna quickly disappeared into her bedroom.

Five minutes later, I knocked on Jenna’s door but got no answer. I knocked again and still no answer. I pushed the door open. The room had a pleasant sweet aroma from incense burning. There were three candles flickering about the room. Jenna was on the bed, lying on her belly. She was cradling her chin in her hands, leaning on her elbows. My eyes adjusted quickly to the soft illumination. Jenna was looking directly at me in the doorway. She was bare ass naked.

“Come on in Daddy. Jenna is ready to give your big cock the attention it so desperately deserves.”

As I approached the bed, I realized that Jenna was wearing a pair of natural shade thigh high stockings. I made eye contact with Jenna and started stroking my hardened cock. I’m a sucker for nylons. I love the feel of the fabric. Nylons are so smooth and slippery. A woman wears hose to bed for one reason, and that is to excite her man. As I reached Jenna’s bed, she rolled over onto her back. Viola… she was cleanly shaven except for a small tuft of thin brown hair shadowing over her clit. What a beautiful sight. All I could say was, “Oh my God Jenna; Oh my God.” Jenna lifted her legs and took my cock between her nylon-clad feet. I immediately grabbed both of her feet, squeezed them together, and began foot fucking the soles of her feet. After a dozen or so thrusts, Jenna pulled her feet away and instantly rolled herself up into a ball with the back of her knees hooked under her arm pits and both ankles crossed locking them behind her head. She had her head lifted looking to me for response. Jenna was on her back with nothing but her pussy and asshole sticking out.

Her contorted position openly displayed her tiny puckered asshole and her beautiful pussy with flowering lips. “Eat me Daddy,” Jenna pleaded. I couldn’t keep my hands off my cock. I was fully erect. I continued to stare at Jenna’s splayed legs while I stoked my hard cock. Jenna again begged, “Eat me Daddy. Please eat me.” I reached out for Jenna grasping her by the hips and slid her small body to the edge of the bed. I balanced her on the edge with her pussy and ass off the mattress.

A voice inside my head said: “Here’s your chance; shove your hard cock in Jenna’s tiny fuck hole. Hold her down and pound your crank into her. Teach her to quit fucking teasing you. Go ahead. Ram your cock to the hilt; then lift her off the bed impaled on that foot of man meat. Fuck her while your standing up. Go ahead… Hoist her by the hips until only the head of your meat stick is in her little cunt before you jam her down the length of your engorged cock. Bottom out in her smashing against her cervix on every stroke. Go ahead. Split your little fuck toy in two. When you are sure you can’t get your cock any deeper, lay her on the bed on her back and check her belly for cock bulge. You know this is how you really want to fuck your daughter. Go ahead.

Another voice said: “Don’t do it, you’ll hurt her. You’re her Daddy; don’t hurt your baby girl.”

I knelt down before Jenna’s banquet offering. My strong working man hands securely grasped the back of each of her nylon-clad thighs. I touched the tip of my tongue to her rosebud-puckered asshole. She quivered on the contact. I looked Jenna in the eye and said “Daddy’s going to make you cum.” I slid my tongue between the lips of Jenna’s flowered pussy. I took a couple of slow gentle swipes of my tongue along her gash before I started to bury my tongue in her tiny pink pussy. Her wet hole had a musky sent that was pleasant. I passionately licked her opening periodically shoving my tongue in as far as I could. I had made a wet sloppy mess of Jenna’s crotch. I relinquished my grip on her thighs, using both hands to spread her pussy lips wide open leaving her rock hard little clit vulnerable to my assault. I went to work on Jenna’s love button. I continued to lick Jenna’s clit while she screamed indiscernible filth. I gave her swollen clitoris a tongue lashing for several minutes. I felt Jenna’s body become very rigid.

She screamed, “I’m Cumming, Daddy. I’m Cumming. You’re making me fucking cum.”

Fluid vaulted from Jenna’s cunt splashing in my face. I strummed her clit with my fingers as two more discharges surged from within. I washed my face in Jenna’s eruption as I again began licking her open gushing hole. I swallowed her sweet orgasmic nectar. Jenna’s breathing was shallow and rapid. I soon felt her body become limp. She had cum so hard that she passed out with her ankles still locked behind her head. I unlocked her ankles from behind her head and unhooked her legs from under her armpits straightened out her legs. After 30 seconds of panting, Jenna’s breathing became more regular and deeper. She had cum so violently that she was exhausted. I curled up tight against Jenna and covered us with a blanket. I kissed her on the back of the head as she was mumbling incoherently before fading off to sleep. It was gratifying to help my little girl reach such an intense orgasm. I lay quietly holding the most erotic woman I had ever met.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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