Son Teaches Mom How to Come Ch. 03

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Big Balls

Recap : after much teasing and sexual tension (in Parts 1 and 2) Jacob’s mother, Janey, has finally given in to her lurid desires to sit on her son’s face and have him eat her until she cries out in climax…


In the morning, in the kitchen, everything was normal. Too damn normal for Jacob. He sat not eating his bowl of cereal with his foot tapping on the floor and his fingers drumming on the table, his restless body mirroring his jittering imagination as he tried to catch his mother’s eye. She, however, blanked his every glance and remained aloof from any suggestive eyebrow waggles.

Why is she torturing me?

The squirming teenage boy had been hoping to savour the sensation of sharing this dirty little secret while anticipating their next encounter. She couldn’t have meant it, could she? It has to happen again. It MUST happen again!

Janey and her husband moved around each other in the confines of the kitchen, reaching for toast or coffee or butter with zero physical intimacy between them, their typical routine. A marriage drained of all those tiny touches and caresses that denote affection, intimacy, love. She loved her husband and, no doubt, he loved her but they shared a house, rather than shared a life. There was no animosity. There was no bitterness. There were hardly any feelings at all.

Jacob glared at them both from the table, the lessening but still present erotic perfume of Janey’s hot dirty cunt in his nostrils, tormenting him, taunting him.

Why is she ignoring me??

Last night he had bathed his face in his mother’s molten, flowing fluids and he hadn’t wanted to wash it off when he woke. He felt sticky, he felt clammy, he felt incredibly turned on. His over-excited mind was replaying the vision of her curvaceous thighs and bum slowly coming closer and closer as she had eased her furry pussy on to his mouth.

He was certain there was no way in hell he’d be able to concentrate on anything today unless he was allowed to act upon this distracting lust that was sending an electrical charge down the length of his raging meat every time he looked up at his perfectly serene and neatly dressed innocent mother.

Janey ignored her son’s grimacing anguish at the dining table and busied herself with her morning chores with such a blameless, care-free air that Jacob wanted to grind his teeth until they snapped. When Jacob’s father finally left for work, Jacob’s hopes were raised for his mother’s pretence to be dropped.




“We are NOT going to discuss last night.”

“Now, c’mon!” Jacob was embarrassed at how much his tone was pleading. “We can at least-“

“Nope. We are never going to discuss last night.”


“It was a one-off, never-to-be-repeated, lapse of judgement and …and we shall never speak of it again.”



“You’re killing me, you know that, don’t you?”

“I’m sure you’ll get over it.”

Jacob fumed. Janey remained oblivious to his visible distress. Jacob pushed away his bowl and swigged his breakfast juice. He was just wiping the back of his hand across his lips when something hit him. He peered closer, to confirm what he was seeing. Under the deliciously tight knee-length skirt, Janey was wearing THOSE tights. He could see, as she walked around the house, his dried silvery spunk splatters down the tantalising curve of her black nylon leg. From the back of her left knee, down her calf to her ankle was a long trail of evidence of his manic lust. His cock stood up painfully compressed in his jeans as he remembered all the sperm he’d shot into those pantyhose, over and over again, wishing it was her.

Right now, this very minute, the spunk he had ejaculated into her nylon crotch was rubbing up against her delicious hairy slit as she moved around in front of him. He stood and walked over to her, stood close behind her and snaked escort bayan şanlıurfa his arms around her waist. He held her close and nestled his face in the nape of her neck, inhaling her warm scent and whispered, “You fucking dirty bitch.”

“I beg your pardon?!?”

“You’re wearing them. You …pricktease!” Jacob’s voice no longer whiney and pleading but a deep confident growl.

“You only just noticed? Huh! And I thought you liked me.” His mother’s mocked indignation made him laugh. He was immensely relieved that her guard had dropped, her defences come down.

“You have to let me taste you again, Mom.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know exactly what I mean, you’re driving me crazy!” Jacob began shuffling up the hem of her tight skirt.

“Now what on earth do you – there’s a zip on the side, you idiot – do you think you’re doing, young man?”

Jacob pulled the zip slowly down over Janey’s hip. The skirt hung loose and he slid it down her nylon-encased legs, revealing her beautiful brown bush squished under the spunk-stained black tights. He was in a dream-state, stripping the clothes off the gorgeous idol of his fantasies.

“Now I don’t know what you think is happening,” Janey stepped out of her skirt, “but there is no way – put it over there, Jakey, don’t just leave it on the floor – I’m going to just lean on the table like this,” she placed her hands on the dining table and wiggled her bum at him, “and open my legs like some of kind of depraved invitation.”

Jacob watched mesmerised as his leggy, curvy momma spread her legs and looked over her shoulder at him. He dropped to his knees behind her and was faced with the round expanse of the sexiest arse on Earth. He ran his hands up her legs, the sheer black gauze, smeared with his own crusty gloop, stretched and tugged as he touched her. His palms were on fire. His cock felt like it was breaking in half inside his jeans.

His filthy mind was reeling but a sudden and dramatic thought smashed its way into his head. This may stop at any moment. She may actually change her mind. Maybe this is my only chance to do all those things I’ve dreamed about.

This revelation increased his sense of urgency and he buried his face in the immensity of her nylon-covered butt. He inhaled deeply her most intimate and personal fragrance and pressed his nose further.

All the years of sniffing and licking her dirty undies, so many nights of sucking the flavour out of the soiled crotch of all those pairs of knickers and tights, had lead up to this one extraordinary moment where all his dreams came true. Squishing his face between these heavenly orbs, he licked his mother’s bumhole.

Janey was imagining that Jacob would slide underneath her, she wanted to feel his mouth on her pussy so badly, but he stayed, pressing his nose and mouth between her bum cheeks. She felt his hands spread her cheeks, his nose snuffling at her asshole. His tongue prodding, exploring. This boy was even kinkier than she thought! One of his hands found their way to her pussy and she writhed in pleasure as she gushed through the gusset of her hose, soaking them as they were pushed up inside her, the wet fabric feeling rough on her sensitively aroused lips.

“Now then, stop that.” she ordered, unconvincingly. “If you think I’m going to slide my tights down?” She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her pantyhose and started to roll them down over her smooth flesh, “Then you’ve got another think coming.”

Jacob kissed every part of her warm skin as it was unveiled by the descending curtain of black sheer nylon. He daren’t speak, he had so many things he wanted to tell her but he was afraid he would break the spell. If she stopped now… the twisted knot of sexual agony would cause him to drop down dead at her feet.

Janey kicked off her shoes and yanked her tights

off, escort gaziantep sarışın bayan she was naked from the waist down. She looked down at her boy kneeling before her. She appeared to be deliberating, her internal dialogue running through a series of arguments and counter-arguments. Eventually, quietly, she said, “We’re not going to do this.”

“We’re… we’re not??”

“I am not going to lie back on this table.” She pushed all the glasses, cups and bowls off the cluttered table and they crashed delightfully on the kitchen floor. “I am not going to spread my…” Emotion made her voice crack a little,”Spread my legs and ask you to lick my sloppy, dirty, hot cunt.”

Jacob was speechless.

“Are we clear?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Don’t call me Mom.” She lay her body carefully backwards on to the cold, hard table.

“Mrs Thompson?”

“Janey, call me Janey! For fuck’s sake, Mrs. Thompson!!” Janey laughed as she opened her legs and used both hands to spread her pussylips, she was delighted that her exposed pussy was reducing her young man to a jibbering wreck.

“Yes. Janey. Of course, sorry. Janey.” Jacob got up off his knees and was rewarded with the most angelic vision he could’ve wished for, this reclining goddess offering her sacred… okay, okay, he was getting carried away but he decided that if this was to be the last chance he got ~ he was going to make it last.

He leaned over over her semi-naked body like a prowling panther, brought his face down close to the glistening pink gash, held apart by her wet fingers. He gently trailed his nose through her pubes, damp from her arousal, and breathed in her scent.

“Just the smell of you makes me want to cream my jeans.”

Janey groaned in languid pleasure, her body seemed to deflate slightly as she sank into the orgasmic feeling already building within her. Jacob’s mouth was closer now, just above her open slit. He breathed a slow hot breath over her tingling clit and she purrred like a cat. He did it once more, his hot breath reaching out with a phantom touch.

“And you called me a tease!” Her voice was husky and strange, he noticed this just as he felt her hand touch his head, entwine his hair in her fingers and press his face down hard on her creamy cummy cunt. “Yes!” She shouted as he began to flick her throbbing jellybean with his adept tongue. “Get to work, you horny little bastard!”

Jacob’s brain lost control as he slid two fingers up inside his mother, and continued to lap and nibble her button. He was trying to be cool, a man of the world, an experienced lover, but his mind was yelling: “I’m licking my Mom! I’m licking my Mom!” His fingers opened and closed inside her, scissoring and exploring every fold and curve of her wet smooth pussywalls.

“Fuckthatsgood.” she snarled. Last night he had been too alarmed, surprised and excited to really employ all the skills Melanie had taught him: varying the pressure and angle of his fingertips in response to her guttural moans and, increasingly concentrated circles around the areas that made her squeal or gasp, finding which areas made her sticky juices flow out of her reddening pussy.

Every now and then, pausing his attention to her pulsating clitoris to slide down into her wet sloppy slit to lick and suck and swallow all that honey, the ambrosia he had earned. Then back to sliding his tongue around her clit in an almost mechanically relentless rhythm.

Forty minutes later, Janey was building up to her third climax and panting hard like an asthmatic chimpanzee, Jacob was licking up and down from her pussy to her bumhole as three fingers pumped hard in a downward thrust. His jaw ached and he was soaked in mummycum.

Suddenly Janey’s body tensed up. She cried out. Her limbs flailed. She brought her legs up and a knee conked Jacob hard in the side of his head. escort şehitkamil A foot caught him viciously in the ribs. Janey’s hands were on the back on his head, he could feel her nails digging into his scalp. She held him tightly in place as she came into his mouth. He was slipping off her rollercoaster of sweaty skin. Finally she pushed him away; he fell on his bum on the floor as the gurgling sexy mess that was his mother twisted and quivered on the kitchen table.

After a minute or two of whimpering like a puppy, she opened her eyes and asked, “What the fuck was that?”

“What do you mean?” Jacob stood up, licking his sweet salty lips and undoing the fly of his jeans, he needed to pull out his stiff dick or risk it suffering irreparable damage.

“It’s like,” Janey’s voice was distant, her eyes glazed, “you’ve wiped my brain clean of all thoughts. All my worries, problems… vanished. I barely know where I am or who I am or … I never knew it could feel like that, Jakey. I’m very grateful.”

“You’d better be!” Jacob thought as he watched her and rubbed his sorely neglected cock through his shorts.

“It’s my pleasure to give you, erm, pleasure.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck, that was … amazing.” Janey wiped her hand across her sweaty brow and sighed.

“Really?” Jacob grinned, pleased with himself. “Well, I’m glad you’re happy, Mom.”

“Ouch.” Janey was wriggling, trying to ease herself off the table, Jacob helped her to her feet. “I am too old to be laying on tables. Oooooooh, you turned my legs to jelly again.”

“I love you, Mom.”

“Aw, Jacob.” They held each other close and kissed. Their kiss was long and soft and

intimate. There was an indescribably filthy joy in kissing your son and smelling your own cunt-juice on his face. “Thank you, son.”

She broke the embrace and turned to leave, her bare feet pattering softly on the floor.

“Hey, whoa, wait!” Jacob said.

“What? Oh my skirt, thank you Jacob. Will you throw my tights in the washing machine? I think they need a wash by now, don’t you?” She got as far as the doorway before a stunned Jacob protested.

“Now wait a cotton-picking minute, woman!” Jacob shuffled over with his jeans around his ankles. Janey leaned against the wall, her eyes showed she was still lost in a dreamy cummy euphoria.

“Have I forgotten something?”

“Yes, yes you have. What about my happy ending??”

“Now, Jakey…”

“You cannot leave me like this again!” Jacob pulled down his shorts and proudly exhibited his erect, gravity-defy prick.

“We talked about this, boy, we agreed-“

“We agreed nothing! I must’ve missed that meeting. I need you. Look at the state I’m in!”

“Just make a date with Mel, you can… you can think of me as you do her.”

Jacob took her hand and kissed her. “I already do that, Janey. I’ve only ever thought of you when I was with her.” Janey looked into his eyes, frowning with confusion. “I was only attracted to her in the first place because she looked a little like you. Although not as gorgeously sexy, obviously.”

Janey was dazed as he covertly guided her hand on to his thick throbbing cock. Instinctively she curled her fingers around the shaft.

“Jacob? Really?”

“Of course really. It’s only ever been you. I’m nuts about you, surely you must know that.” They stood close together, Jacob’s cock poking her in her belly. She lowered her hand and suddenly he felt his mother unconsciously guiding the head of his cock between her messy pussylips.

“I …had no idea.”

“Silly woman.” They were kissing again; harder this time, more frenetic, more passionate.

“You have to understand, Jacob, there’s nothing I want more… but it’s a step too far!”

“No it isn’t.”

“It is! It’s too… perverted. I just can’t cross that line.” Janey became abruptly self-aware and realised she was extremely close to being impaled by her son’s thick cock. She stepped back and shook her head.

“Seriously, no.”

“You aren’t serious?”

“I am, Jacob, pull up your pants.”

“Awwwwww fuckin’hell fuckin’bullshit.” Jacob, the loving son, grumbled but obeyed and bent over to gather his underwear and jeans up his legs. “This is not fair! This is-” when he looked up the doorway was empty. His mother had gone.

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