Son Plays Truth or Dare With Mom

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It has been 18 months since my dad left me and mom for a girl I was dating in high school. I was always attracted to my mother more so after watching the 100% verified real incest videos on Fortunately, she had already turned eighteen… But that isn’t what this story is about.

I couldn’t believe my dad would leave my mother, she was a little over weight I will admit that, but holly cow, she was still hot! Especially her large breasts and legs, they were hot as hell. On top of that, her mannerisms made her beautiful, she carried her weight with dignity and grace, so much so I never could take my eyes off my mother when I was around her.

We made the best of it with my dad being gone, playing games on the weekends helped the time pass and gave me and my mother chance to get to know each other on a much more personal level. I was amazed how smart and experienced she was, my mom was really a wonderful lady.

One of the things I learned about my mother was how competitive she is. For the last year and a half, I lost every game we have ever played, whether it was cards, board games, even bowling or arcade games she won them all!

I started to get disconcerted and was about to give up on game day completely… Witch led us to the invaluable conversation…

“Mom, I really don’t feel like being destroyed and debased again today, what do you say to a little television or something like that?”

My mother looked stricken. “What do you mean destroyed? I won all those games fair and Square.”

“Mother.” I explained, “You have beating me in every game we have played for the last eighteen months I am tired of losing, can we do something else??”

“I look forward all week to playing games with you on Saturday son…” She said as her eyes started welling up before turning red.

OH great, I can’t fight mom’s tears, shit, what now I thought to myself. “Ok, we can play, but let’s play something I have a chance to win at.”

I could see hope in mom’s face as she began to think. “What do you have in mind?” she asked.

Right then the stupidest thought came to mind, and if you think the thought was stupid what came out of my mouth topped the stupidity cart completely. My only defense was, mom is really pretty… “How about Truth or Dare?”

“Why Truth or Dare?”

“It’s one game you could never win.” I answered.

She laughed then looked at me. “You think?” she said with a glowing smile.

I returned the smile nodding at the same time.

“You’re on…” she held out her hand to shake mine. “So, why do you think I won’t win truth or dare?” she asked.

“Mom, you’re a girl and a woman as well as being somewhat shy and stuff. I am a guy and not afraid to show off a little.”

Mom smiled and simply replied. “Who goes first?”

I crossed my arms in front of me, then with a victorious arrogant smile on my lips, knowing that I was going to beat my mother for the first time in over 18 months. “Be my guest Mommy.”

“Truth or dare?” she asked.


“Who was the first girl you really kissed, when and where and how far did you get with her?”

I blushed a little but it really wasn’t anything I didn’t think she’d already knew. “Elizabeth Mackey, ” I confessed, “It was my first day in high school while she was waiting for the bus. It didn’t go anywhere but first base from there…”

I looked at my mother and said “Truth or dare?”


“When and who was the first man who had his tongue down your throat? How far did he get, and where were you at the time?”

“I watched her lips curl as a smile of confidence erupted on her face. “Your Uncle Bill, it was before I dated your dad, we were in the woods, I was still in school, and he got to second base.” She giggled, “over the shirt only.” Giggling some more my mom admitted, “Well that day anyway that was all he got.”

My mouth dropped open, my tongue fell out and I must have looked astonished as my mother said. “You still think you can win son?”

After pulling myself back together again I nodded my head and said. “We haven’t gotten to the dare part of the game yet mom.”

“How many truths are we allowed?” she asked.

“What do you say? 5, ok?”

With the same smile she looked at me and said. “Fine with me.” Then continued “Truth or dare son?”

I decided to save my four truths for later to see how daring my mother might be, I already had my finish moves ready to go, there was no way she could ever do what I had in mind. escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan So, I simply said. “Dare…”

This caught her off guard even if she didn’t show it. My mom had an excellent poker face.

“Great,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her while getting ready for her first dare to me.

“Kiss me.” she simply said. I started to get up and go to her when she held up her hand and told me “Not like a mother… kiss me like you did Elizabeth.”

My eyes showed my surprise as my mouth fell opened. “Uh, which time, we made out like, for about ten minutes.”

Mom looked at me thinking, I wandered for a second if she wanted the whole ten minutes of it, then I thought better of it and waited.

“You pick, but it better include some tongue or I will declare myself the victor.”

I got up and move across to my mother whom I was about to French kiss. I noticed that my dick had hardened to the point of showing through my pants. Quickly turning to adjust myself so it wouldn’t be so obvious I went and sat beside my mother much like I sat with Elizabeth that memorable day. After which I put my arms around mom moving to face her. In response my mother came towards me as I tilted my head closing my eyes at the same time then went in for the kiss.

It was then I felt my mother’s soft moist lips touching mine, I could feel my cock harden in my pants even more as she moved her lips over mine, I began to open my lips moving my tongue over hers. They opened as expected as I invaded my mother’s mouth with my tongue. Both of us started to dance a sonnet of lust with each other’s tongue. I broke the kiss quickly, even though I really didn’t want to, it took everything I had not to go for second base as I backed away and returned to my seat. Let me tell you, my mother could kiss!!

Mom sat there on the sofa, her smile as big as my dick which had gotten harder than I’d ever known before. “Not bad son. You can really kiss.

Then, I felt my mouth say “Truth or dare.” What I heard it say was “TTTRRRth, dRRTTEE” I cleared my throat and relaxed for a moment. Then I managed, “Truth or dare?”

My mother’s laugh was embarrassing as she found humor in my discomfort. “Truth.” She said.

I decided to end this game here and now. “Mom, how far did Uncle Bill get with you, how often when and where.”

My dad in a drunken stupor told me how he suspected mom of cheating on him with Uncle Bill. I was sure I would win the game because I knew mom would never divulge this to me.

`”Shit son,” Mom said as her cheeks turned a deep shade of bright red, her mouth was wide open, her eyes big and round. She swallowed, while looking down, contemplating, I was sure of ending the game. “What happens if I lose the game son?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I say “I will just get up and finish the dishes and go to bed.”

Without looking up she said. “All the way… Many, many times… and yes, when your father and I were married too, your Uncle Bill came over numerous times while you were at school and dad was at work. But we broke it off about six months before your dad left us.” She looked at me with a look that said ‘please don’t hate me son.’

I smiled. “You were very discreet about it mom.”

She smiled and nodded. “I had to be, for yours and your dad’s sake.”

“Did you know dad was aware of your affair?” I asked.

Her poker face wasn’t working now. As her surprise was plain to see. “No, he didn’t, he couldn’t… no, really, he knew?” She asked.

“Yes, he told me about it almost two years ago. He never could keep his mouth shut when he was drunk. I didn’t believe him at the time, in fact, I didn’t believe him till right now. I never would have thought you’d cheat on him mom…”

She kept her blush. “It started in high school and it never ended. I loved your dad, and me and Bill could never live in the same house, he was great in bed and, well your dad wasn’t that good. So, to tell you the truth that is why I kept him on the side. I am not real proud of it, but I am not ashamed of it either. I loved your dad, and I liked your Uncle. But I have all sorts of love for you and that is what is most important.

Absolutely shocked by what I had just found out I got up on shaky legs and went to the kitchen. I poured a glass of red wine for my mother and made myself a stiff whisky and coke. It was still early in the day and I was only nineteen, but I was just too shocked and needed escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan something…

When I returned and handed her the wine, she asked what I was drinking. I told her the truth then sat and asked “Truth or dare?”

“It’s my turn son.” I shook my head. “You asked me what I was drinking. I answered.”

She cocked her head and shook it at me. I said “No, mom just kidding, Go ahead. I pick truth.”

Mom looked at me very serious this time, her eyes started to tear up and turn red. Then in a low voice I heard her say. “Do you hate me now?” Without looking at me.

I flew into my mother’s lap wrapping her in my arms. “I could never hate you mom, that could never happen, no matter what you have done.” Then I kissed her, tasting her lips again, but this time it was more of a son mother kiss than a lover as our previous kisses where. I have to tell you I wanted to kiss her more, I wanted to ravish her mouth like a lover. But my concern was with my mom right then and not my dick…

I held my mother for a good long time until I finally heard her say. “Truth or dare.”

I laugh at my mother’s determination, and even though it was my turn I figured that I still had my end game so I simply answered. “Dare.”

“Kiss me again, like you did the first time…” mom whispered out almost as a question???

So, I did, this time I took my time, exploring her body with my hands, as I also explored my mother’s mouth with my tongue. I didn’t go for second base but I used my hands to cress her neck and cheeks as I explored her mouth.

It was a good couple of minutes before we came out of our lusty kissing and back to our game.

“Truth or dare mom?” I asked into her mouth as I continued to kiss her…

“Dare.” She said. Around my lips as she continued to kiss me back.

“I want second base.” I say never breaking the kiss.

Mom’s hands moved to her blouse and began to unbutton it, pushing me away for just a moment she slipped it off then unsnapped her bra.

I just stared into her eyes as she did it, this was the first time I can ever remember seeing her breasts. They were beautiful, I lowered my lips to her mouth again, kissing her as I brought my hands to her chest. I took my time gently cupping both breasts, feeling the shape and softness. When I got to her nipples I had to break the kiss and look, the nipples where big and round sticking out a good half inch maybe more, they were like little hard diamonds, I lowered my mouth to take one in, suckling it like I did when I was a baby.

My mother’s moan was loud and carried throughout the house, as my tongue, lips and teeth worked their magic on her fabulous nipples. After just a very few moments she started to moan again, louder this time until she grabbed my head and pulled me to her breast as hard as she could.

I didn’t know it at the time, but she had just had her first ever nipple orgasm. I had no idea that a woman could have an orgasm with just from having her nipples sucked.

Finally, I reluctantly raised my mouth from my mother’s breasts to her mouth and kissed her again.

It took a good while for her to settle down form her nipple induced orgasm, I just held her till she relaxed. Finally, she took her hand and went to my crotch to find my raging hard on, then asked. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” I say without hesitation.

“Make me cum again.” she breathed.

She had a skirt on with thigh high stockings which made her legs look incredible. I lowered myself to my knees between her legs and reached up underneath her skirt till I found the tops of her panties. I put my fingers in the tops my mom then raised her butt as I brought them slowly down her legs until I took them off over her shoes following which I removed her shoos enjoying the feel of her ankles for as long as I could. My mom had the most incredible legs.

I opened her legs and raised her skirt, revealing her light-colored thighs and the most beautiful flower I had ever seen amongst mom’s neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her legs and thighs were incredibly soft and shapely. I lowered my head and kissed them starting just a few inches above the knees. Slowly kissing upwardly towards her pussy, I worked my way around it several times denying her gratification. This made her even hotter, she took my head and tried to force my tongue between her legs but I just kept to my pattern.

Finally, I gave her the mercy mom so badly needed and escort bayan oğuzeli I attacked her pussy like a shark attacking a seal. I wrapped my lips around her opening before jamming my tongue into her as deep as I could get it… I started to lap moving from her labia to clitoris. Mom screamed her orgasm as it unexpectedly filled her body and shot out her mouth.

I started sucking on her clit like a small dick flicking my tongue across it as I sucked it into my mouth, her orgasms continuing as mom screamed at the top of her voice.

Finally, I backed off then worked my tongue down my mother’s fabulously shapely legs waiting for her orgasms to slow to the point where she could hear me…

Finally, I said. “Truth or dare…”

“Truth.” She said. I was hoping for a dare but I still had questions I wanted answers as well.

“How many times did you cheat on dad and with who?” I asked…

She didn’t hesitate to answer. “With your Uncle Bill more than I can count until it ended two years ago. There were a few other men I had sex with while we were married, each time was while I worked for the State a few years back. Every time I traveled, I seemed to find someone who wanted to fuck me.” She looked at me. “I was not good at saying no…”

Then there was two men that your dad knew about, they both fucked me while he watched. Then he fucked me after they had done. To tell you the truth son. That was the best sex your dad had ever given me.”

Mom took several breaths before she said. “Truth or dare.”

“Truth” I said.

“What are you thinking about me right now…? Son’ what do you think of your slutty mother…?”

I looked up at her from my assault on her sexy legs. “I love my mother. I like that fact that she is honest and open minded, I love the fact that she loves me.” I looked at her for a good long time before she looked back at me and I finished. “I am proud to be your son mom.”

She held her arms out to me and I crawled into them… after a moment or two “Truth or dare mom”

“Truth.” She said.

“Who is my real father? Dad or Bill?”

I felt my mother’s arms tighten on me as her body got ridged. There was a good long silence… I was about to announce me as the winner of the contest when she finally said. “I don’t know son. I am sorry, but I just don’t know.”

That explained a lot, my dad and I had never been close. Yet Uncle Bill and I were extremely close. He was my role model, my hero… “Well that explains a lot doesn’t it.”

“Truth or dare?” my mother asks out of nowhere.

“Dare.” I say

“Don’t hate me.” She said.

“That’s impossible mom, I could never hate my mother. Even if she is a bit of a sl…”

“Slut…” she finished for me.

I chuckled a little and said “Yea, I guess you could say that.”

She giggled.


“yes son.”

“I have a problem.”

“What is it?”

I pressed my crotch into her leg, rubbing my painful erection on it…

“Do you concede the game?” She asked.

“No? oh yea… Truth or dare mom?”


“I got up and looked at my mom. “Fuck me till I cum mom.”

She opened her legs wide with a big smile.

I pulled my pants down, placing my cock into her pussy lips, as I pressed it felt like her pussy vacuumed my cock into her, she was so wet.

I thrusted into her over and over again, her pussy feeling like heaven as I kept filling her with my need. It didn’t take long before I began to shake and tremble as my release was about to happen…

My mothers’ moans where driving me over the edge as I was just about to pull out of her and explode, but suddenly I heard her scream. “TRUTH OR DARE????”

“DARE.” I moan back almost as loudly…

“IMPREGNATE ME!!” Mom screamed out at the same time; I was just about to pull my dick out of her pussy to shoot my load all over her belly and chest. After her order I stopped my withdrawal and then I felt my nuts explode deep inside my mother’s pussy with a force I have never felt before…

My mom screamed yet another orgasm just as I exploded deep inside her again before collapsing on top of my mother.


I placed our daughter in her crib in the next room, she is three months old and as beautiful as our mother, My wife. Well unofficially anyway, yet she wears my ring with pride.

I got my last dare in while she was in labor, I dared her to give me a blow job and she sucked my dick right through two contractions before I came; it was a phenomenal feeling as she sucked and tried not to bite my cock as the pain hit her…

We moved to another state and are now living a good life, I am in collage, doing really well, mom works as an RN. So, we do ok.

I lay down next to my wife and kiss her passionately. “Truth or dare?” she asked.

“Dare.” I challenge.

“Impregnate me again.”

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