Something Amazing

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“Dude did you see Tina Harrison in those shorts now that’s an ass,” Tyler said.

Usually when the guys started talking about girls I try to tune them out. I already have a girlfriend and she was the only one I imagined myself with. Not some slutty girl who’s faker than her butt. The boys’ lockeroom was hot and steamy. I didn’t want to rush Tyler but I really needed a ride.

Josh laughed obnoxiously at something Tyler said. I just didn’t understand why everyone thought he was so damn funny. Like shit he’s no Bernie Mac. Tyler is an asshole, but we are best friends. But nowadays it’s getting harder to excuse his behavior.

“Can we go now,” I said irritated.

“Damn don’t twist your panties too much,” Tyler sneered playfully.” They make you cranky.”

Everyone laughed, glad that their not on the receiving end for a change. Tyler was a bully and everyone knew it, but no one dared called him one.

Dressed we both walked out and into the school hallway, mostly everyone was gone. Except for students with after school activities. We’re outside and the sun is out for a change. Tyler stops to talk to every freaking one who calls his name. I’m so tired and angry.

I didn’t want to be late for my tutor. I was failing English in a big way and my teacher Mr. Moore told me that he could find someone to help me. At first I didn’t want to do it, none of my friends had after school help and they would without a doubt tease me.

But ümraniye escort after the third D in a row I was desperate. And I really wanted to graduate this year. And that was when I met Shane. Tyler finally hauled ass and we both drove toward my house. Shane was probably waiting for me and I felt guilty. He gave up his time to help me, and I didn’t want him to think I was ungrateful.

We pulled up my driveway and I could see Shane sitting on my porch. I peaked at Tyler who had a look of disgust on his face. I walked up to Shane who was writing in his journal.

The loud roar of Tyler’s truck startled Shane. Tyler peeled off and I just stood there like a creeper. I never admitted this to anyone, but I think I am in love with Shane. I’m not gay but I couldn’t explain that even though I have a girlfriend Shane ran through my mind more than she did.

Heather and I were fifteen when we started dating. Being with her was so easy and natural. But I never felt this intense passion for her. Seeing her laugh at my stupid jokes didn’t make me shiver with delight. Fuck seeing her wink didn’t set my cock on fire with want or lust.

Shane did all those things. I’m eighteen now and everything I thought I knew about us was completely warped by Shane. He made me see more, and the most scary part about this was he had no idea. I felt like I known him forever and not for three months.

“Sorry I’m late,” I said.

“It’s pendik escort fine I just got here,” he said.

I unlocked the door and we set up where we usually studied in my bedroom. Shane sat on the bed and I set at the desk. He was right behind me barely a foot away. His scent made my cock twitch.

“Okay let’s start,” he said.

I listened at first but slowly I began to just stare at him. His soft full lips, his dark blue eyes. His slender frame bended over my broad shoulder. His messy dark hair was shoulder Length and wavy.

I knew he was gay because he came out last year. He is so brave and adorable. I wish I had even a little bit of his courage. I scratched my head trying to force myself to pay attention. My tousled blond hair was moist, he smiled when he noticed me messing with my hair.

And just like that I knew that I had to tell him. I wanted to kiss him, badly. Nights I wondered what he would taste like, would he feel soft or smooth. Fuck just say something. No kiss him, do it now.

“Ash are you okay?” He asked me.

“Um no Um yes,” I stuttered.

“Is this about your friends giving you crap for hanging out with the homo?” He said sadly.

“No,” I said. Come on your losing him.

I grabbed his face and I kissed him. It was awkward at first because he was behind me but I turned and I kissed him. His skin was warm, I darted out my tongue and I tasted him. Peppermint.

His mouth bostancı escort was motionless at first and then two seconds later he was kissing me back.

He climbed on to my lap and I kissed his neck and his collarbone. He moaned and I rubbed circles into his back. He pulled away and he looked at me questioningly. But any doubt he had I washed away when I held him lovingly. I whispered sweet endearments into his ear. He unzipped my jeans and my heart stopped. He wrapped his small hand around my bulge. I was so hard that my boxer briefs felt like a prison, confined. I leaned back and I groaned when his skillful hand worked me. He fisted my cock and his hand went up to the tip and down to the base.

I mashed my face into his hair as I cried with pleasure, precum leaked out making it easier for him. I was wet and panting, he just looked into my eyes and I was gone. He massaged my balls and I knew I was coming. We kissed and I came so hard and fast. Semen hit my chin and shirt, he had a smirk on his face and I wondered what his lips around my cock would feel like.

“Should I?” I said worrying how I was going to reciprocate.

“Tomorrow,” he said while seductively stroking my soften cock. “I want this inside me.”

My mouth dropped at the mention of sex with a man. And shockingly it turned me on just talking about it. He left and I quickly cleaned myself up. Tomorrow. The word was simple but it meant so much. My smile was huge throughout dinner, mom asked me why I seemed so happy today.

I smiled and I coyly shrugged. “Just excited about tomorrow I guess.”

“Really what’s happening tomorrow?” Mom said curiously.

“I can’t say, but I feel like it’s going to be amazing.

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