Some Tourist… Conclusion

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The rest of the event passed in something of a glorious haze. We sat around the stage that had been transformed into an elegant table, quickly set with linen, fine china, crystal, and silver. The two yummy women who had served the hors d’oeuvres (one of whom had served me so much more!) efficiently and expertly brought a wonderful meal to the women who were Linda’s friends, as well as to Linda and to me–I’d been asked to join them at the table. The burly woman at the door brought me my white jacket to cover my nakedness. I cannot speak for the others, but although we talked about ordinary things, although we were eating a lovely meal together, I could not forget the events that had transpired earlier.

Whenever the serving girl who had made such wonderful love with me came near, I would look at her mouth, her naked body, I would smell her and it brought back the incredibly passionate moment we had spent together performing for the others. She said nothing, but every now and then our eyes would meet and I would shake. After we had eaten, enjoyed desert and a small glass of sweet wine, and with much mutual affection, hugging, hand squeezing and soft, somewhat muted parting words, we gradually drifted off to our scattered rooms in the hotel. I realized that these women who shared such intimate friendship would not gather again for a while, and there was a measure of sadness in their parting.

Linda held my hand as we walked through the lobby to the elevator. It was very late. The lobby was empty. The poor boy who had been in the elevator with us earlier was working behind the desk. I smiled at him as we passed, and he turned crimson. By now the wet spot on his pants had dried, I imagined, but I guessed that the sight of me had raised another raging erection. I half wanted to stroll behind the desk and rub it, again, making him cum in his pants one more time, but I was tired and Linda, smiling at me–I think she knew what I was thinking–urged me into the elevator. Before the door closed, I allowed my jacket to fall open giving him one last glimpse of my body. Would he recognize me, I wondered, when school resumed in the fall?

In Linda’s room, we sat quietly together on the bed. Linda held me. Softly. Quietly. I was feeling warm and wonderful, and quite loved. I was also feeling a measure of affection that had grown enormously over the course of the day. It is hard to explain, perhaps even harder to describe my feelings. A few days before, I was a rather naive college kid. A sexually needy girl, almost embarrassed by her sexuality–feeling desire intensely, but barely able to speak about it, much less able to act on my deepest desires and fantasies. I felt no such constraints now, and I had Linda to thank for that. I had always known that others enjoyed looking at me. I dressed provocatively, and knew how it affected those who saw me. It always gave me a feeling of power and a very definite thrill., but it rarely went further than that.

Now, I had spent a day in sexual torment and delight, being wonderfully teased in preparation for sublime public release. I had paraded, nearly naked, around a room full of clothed, adoring women. I had made love with a woman whose name I didn’t even know, an exotic and beautiful girl, on a stage while others, smitten with our beauty and stimulated by the heat of our unbridled lovemaking, masturbated. I had given pleasure to another, had tasted a woman’s sex, and received pleasure in return, all in public, all without restraint, embarrassment or regret. And, I realized, the greatest part of my incredible pleasure was derived from the fact that I knew others were watching me. Linda had given me all of this. This self awareness. This opportunity for intense pleasure. Powerful as the orgasms had been, the pleasure of awakening was even more meaningful, deeper, and it rested as clearly in my soul as between my legs.

I wanted to thank her, and I told her so. I told her I would do anything to please her. Anything she asked. I told her I felt an enormous amount of affection and gratitude and I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she had given me. I asked her if she would let me do something for her. Anything.

“Anything?” she asked.

“Yes, anything.”

“Audrey, you have already given me more than you’ll ever know. All day while I was teasing you, did you think that was just for you? My own pleasure was intense, almost unbearably so. I was with a stunning young bursa escort bayan woman, touching her, tormenting her, my fingers were in your lovely cunt, my hands were touching your delightful young body. And more, for me, there was enormous pleasure in just watching you move. You see, Audrey, as much as I adore lovemaking, for me, the greatest pleasure has always been watching. Watching a beautiful young woman like you. Watching my hands cross her body, lingering on her breasts, her bottom, her shoulders. It is almost as if I prefer to watch myself make love to one such as you than to actually feel your touch or tongue on my own sensitive places. And even more than that, I adore watching lovely women make love. This, dear, is my own most intense form of pleasure. You say you would do anything to please me. Would you truly?”

“Oh, yes, Linda, I mean it. I adore you. I am so grateful. Tell me . . .”

“The delightful young girl who was serving us, the one you selected to make love with, for all of us to see . . .”

“Yes . . .”

“I could tell she was quite taken with you. May I invite her into our room to make love to you again? Nothing would give me greater pleasure than watching the two of you make love again. Of all the women I have discovered over the years, the two of you seem to have the most power over my feelings, the greatest ability to send me to heights of desire and fulfillment. Seeing the two of you together is the most precious and exciting thing I can imagine.” I blushed. I couldn’t help it. The very thought of what we made Linda feel made me wet. And the thought of that girl, well, she was incredible. The first time I saw her I got excited.

When we walked into the room that evening and I saw her, naked except for the apron, the stockings and heels, I almost came from the mere sight of her. Linda’s words had made me eager for more. After a day of loving, of teases and soft touches, of nakedness and yearning, of wild lovemaking in public, I was still eager, more eager than ever. I could see the serving girl in my mind.. Her cute, short hair. Her lovely face. Her stunning body. Her long neck. Her smooth back and shoulders. Her small breasts that stood so proudly, the nipples pointing slightly upward. Her toned and tanned skin. Her long legs and small, round bottom. Her pouty mouth. Her swollen lower lip covered with shiny, bright red lipstick; the open mouth that had moaned so unashamedly when my tongue lashed out at her clit, that had so expertly sucked my own little button until I was writhing with pleasure. Her smooth, shaved cunt that felt so soft to my lips. Oh god, I was already a puddle just thinking about her!

I smiled at Linda. Perhaps a bit too eagerly I said, “Yes, Linda. Please call her room. Ask her to come. I would enjoy that so very much.”

“Why don’t you clean up, Audrey. It’s been a long evening. Take shower. I’ll speak with Amanda.”

I walked to the bathroom, dreamily, dropping my jacked, stepping out of my spikes, bouncing in stockinged feet, wearing only the black choker and the stockings. So that’s her name! “Amanda,” I whispered, as if praying, and I closed the bathroom door behind me.

After my shower, lost in foggy thoughts, I walked out of the bathroom, my wet hair clinging to my head, wet tendrils walking across my brow like secret words of pornographic calligraphy, my face lettered with runes of love, my body wrapped in a wrinkled damp towel. Linda was sitting in the wing chair. Amanda was already there. I could not believe what I saw. She was wearing no clothes; only shoes. Tall, shiny, red stilettos. Her mouth was still pouty, and painted as shiny and red as the shoes. Her nipples had been painted, subtly, with red rouge. It made her look unbelievably sexy. But my eyes were drawn to something I had never seen before. Around her hips she was wearing a leather harness. Attached to the harness was a large plastic penis that curved upward. It both frightened me and intrigued me. I remembered my promise to Linda–“Anything.”

Amanda smiled at me, a wicked smile. Then she spoke. Clearly. Decisively. “Drop the towel, Audrey.”

I looked at Linda, almost pleading. She gazed back with an expression that said, “Don’t be afraid.”

I dropped the towel. I felt terribly vulnerable. I had not had time to put anything on. I was barefoot, naked, feeling much like a vulnerable child. Amanda walked toward me, much taller than I bursa anal yapan escort was in her obscenely tilted red spikes. I watched her walk and again was smitten by her stunning beauty. She held me, and began kissing me. The plastic penis slid across my belly, poking me as she pulled me against her. She kissed the wet hair on my face. Her breasts rubbed against me. Her red nipples were hard. I felt her hands holding my shoulders, then my back. Her hips were rolling slightly, and the stiff penis was rubbing against me. The feeling of that giant thing rubbing against my tummy was incredibly stimulating. I took one of her breasts into my mouth, kissed it. Sucked it. Gently bit the hard nipple and ran my tongue across it. Her hands cupped my ass, pulling me against her, harder. The hard penis slid across my tummy. There would be no small talk. No fumbling introductions.

I glanced over at Linda. Her hand was now between her legs, beneath her skirt.

Amanda urged me toward the bed. I sat. She kneeled on the floor between my legs, and parting my thighs with her hands, began to kiss me there. I felt strange. It was like a hall of infinite mirrors. I watched Amanda doing this to me–a gorgeous woman with a large plastic penis. I saw Linda watching us. I saw Amanda looking at me as if the sight of me drove her mad with wanting. And soon the seeing became wanting of my own, and the passion welled up, even greater, in me. Rapidly. Uncontrollably. As her tongue teased my cunt and the sensations grew almost unbearably, almost to the point where I knew I would lose control and cum, I found myself both moaning and begging, whimpering, asking Amanda for more.

“What do you want, you little whore?” she asked me in a brusque, almost punishing voice.

“I want you to . . .” I whispered between moans.

“To what?”

“To, to fuck me,” I finally managed to say, hesitantly.

“Louder, Audrey. To what?”

I asked her again, my voice breaking, pleading, between moans as she continued to tease my cunt with her tongue, “I, I want you to, to fuck me with that big penis. Please. Fuck me!”

She stood. The penis was in my face.

“Eat it!”

Without another word, I took it into my mouth. I sucked it as I had so many high school boys, but it was so much bigger. I steadied it with my hands, feeling its girth, its weight. My jaw was stretched, and as she pumped it into my mouth it made me gag. She pulled it from my mouth and rubbed it, covered with my saliva, over my breasts. Linda watched, masturbating furiously.

Amanda was a woman, like me. I knew she was a woman. Her smell was a woman’s smell. Her skin was a woman’s skin. Her touch was woman’s touch. I had tasted her breasts, her sex. But there was the penis, and in its huge presence, my cunt was aching to be filled, all I wanted was that penis inside me. I cupped the plastic balls, rubbed Amanda’s ass, and begged her, again.

“Fuck me! Please, Amanda, fuck me!”

Amanda turned me on the bed so my face was toward Linda. She kneeled behind me, rubbing the penis across my ass, her hand sliding across my wet, slippery cunt. I was gone. Lost in the feelings, lost in the knowledge that Linda was watching. Lost in Amanda’s great beauty. Lost in my terrible passion and need. Amanda held my hanging breasts and then gently pulled on them.

Linda was staring at me. Her wild eyes moved across my body as her hands moved across her cunt and thighs. She was very excited, and it made me even more excited to see her, watching, masturbating. Amanda pressed the penis into me, slowly. I’d never been stretched so wide, but it did not hurt. It filled me so fully, it was wonderful. I could feel Amanda’s breasts rubbing across my back as she pressed deeper into me. I could feel her hand moving on her own cunt beneath the penis, rubbing herself as she fucked me. She began to pump faster.

“Touch yourself!” She barked at me, and I did. As she fucked me, harder and harder, her breasts rubbing my back, her thighs smacking my ass, my cunt stretched wide by that huge penis, I put a hand on my slippery cunt and began to rub my clit. I could feel the fat shaft sliding into me, out of me, into me again; could feel my stretched lips being tugged back and forth by that wonderful big thing inside me. I looked over my shoulder and grinned a wicked grin at Amanda who was now wild with her passion. She leaned bursa rus escort forward to kiss me as she fucked me. We were rubbing our cunts as she fucked me, as I leaned back into her pressing penis, and our tongues grabbed at each others’. After wonderful wet, moaning kisses I turned away from Amanda to stare at Linda. Her skirt was lifted up to her waist and she had both hands between her legs. She had risen up off the chair and put a finger into her ass. She was frigging her bottom with one hand, rubbing her cunt with the other. Her mouth was open. Her eyes were wild.

I continued to stare at her, my own mouth open wide as well. Deep, guttural moans were escaping my lips. The waves built stronger and stronger. I could feel my stomach heaving, as the penis pushed faster and faster into me. When I came, I watched Linda cum with me, heaving, her ass rising and falling on her finger, her chest heaving. Amanda was squeezing and pulling my breasts. She came, too, placing her full weight across my back, her breasts flattened against me. I fell on the bed beneath her weight, gasping, shuddering, still cumming. The penis, slippery and wet, rested in the crack of my ass. Amanda’s hand was still moving against her cunt, underneath the harness, but it was moving much more slowly. Beneath her, I was sweaty. Sprawled. I felt like a total slut. And I loved it.

Amanda rose from the bed. Without a word, she put a robe over her shoulders, walked over to kiss me on the back, sprawled as I was on the bed, and left.

I wanted more. Ohhhhhh, god, I wanted more!

Linda walked toward me. “You did this for me, Audrey, right?”

Still gasping, I answered her. “Yes, Linda, for you,” but it was a lie and I knew it. I realized that it was as much for me. As much as Linda liked to watch, I liked to be watched. And I understood I would be wanting to be watched from now on.

“You want more, don’t you, Audrey?”

“Yes, Linda, I do. I’m aching for more . . .”

“Masturbate for me. Imagine what you will, dear, but cum for me, one more time before our time together is over.”

She sat again in the chair. I stood in front of her. I imagined nothing. I remembered everything. Staring into her eyes, I began to touch myself. As I rubbed my cunt, ran my hands across my body, as I turned and moved for her, I remembered the first time I waited on her, how I’d tingled when she grasped my hand. I remembered her looking at me. Remembered the day I wore no panties to work, praying she’d show up again. I replayed the entire glorious week of going home after work to masturbate, hoping, imagining she was making love to me. I rubbed myself remembering, and I came again, shrieking, because her eyes were on me.

I went to bed, naked, with Linda. I was exhausted, and it only took me few minutes to fall deeply asleep. I remember Linda kissing me softly as I was between wakefulness and sleep, and even remember the last thing she had said to me before I dozed off.

“I’ll never forget you . . .”

In the morning, I awakened with first light. The drapes were open and the sun filtered through the scrim that covered the window. Linda was gone. On the night table the diamond studded choker rested on a piece of perfumed stationery.

My Dearest Audrey,

I will never forget you. Your beauty. You passion. Your innocence. Your honesty.

This thing my friends and I do, we do for girls like you as well as for ourselves. You have given us tremendous pleasure, more than you can know. And we hope we have given you something as well, something none of us had until we were much older. We hope we have given you knowledge of yourself; and more, freedom from the inhibitions that might have kept you from being yourself.

The choker is yours. Do not, in foolish sentimentality, keep it. Your memories are precious; this thing is not. I have arranged for the jeweler in the shop downstairs to buy it from you. The proceeds should easily pay for your education with enough left over, perhaps, for a bit of travel.

Before you leave the room, before you sell it, stand naked once more, before the mirror with the choker around your lovely neck. Look at yourself. Imagine I am looking at you. Perhaps you will not forget me, either. That is my fondest wish.


I dressed and left the room after doing as Linda had asked. Even now, months later, I sometimes stand naked before the mirror and masturbate, pretending that Linda is watching me. Often, when I make love, I imagine she is watching. And in my sleep, sometimes a dream comes. Linda is in the wing chair, again. Amanda is making love to me. I awaken with my hand between my slippery legs, a smile on my face, and her name on my lips. I begin my day whispering, “Linda . . .”

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