Slumber Party Ch. 01

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“Great,” I thought out loud to myself. I was in my piece of shit car driving home from my buddy Josh’s house. I was supposed to be staying over for the night, hanging out, playing some video games, watching some movies, etc. That is, until Josh got sick and was in the bathroom for the better part of the last hour. He said I was more than welcome to stay, but he would understand if I took off as well. I chose the latter.

I wasn’t looking forward to being home tonight because I knew my sister Lizzy would have all her girlfriends over for her slumber party. Our parents were out of town and I had made an agreement Lizzy that I would stay away on Friday night and she would find a girlfriend’s house to stay at on Saturday. But I really didn’t want to get whatever the hell Josh had, so I figured I would just sneak into the house and go hide in my room for the night and watch a movie.

I guess I should tell you, my name is Ray, I’m 18 and yes I still live with my parents. My sister Lizzy is just a little over a year older than me and she still lives at home too while she goes to the community college. My sister and I are fairly close and we’ve always looked out for each other. We used to sit up and talk about our crushes at night growing up together and we had made a pact that neither one of us would date each other’s friends. To this day we had kept our promise and it has kept our relationship and our friends drama free. What I didn’t know was what was about to happen.

Now, my sister and I have never done anything with each other. Even when we were drunk together a few times. We had talked about girls and guys and having sex with them. Neither one of us were virgins. We grew up with parents who were focused on keep us on the straight and narrow. We’ve never been in trouble with the law, nor much at school. Yes, we’ve both tried pot a few times and we both liked to drink with our friends when we had the chance. But as far as her and I go, incest was the furthest thing from our minds.

Before I continue on with my story, let me tell you about Lizzy. She was a straight A student in High School and is now a straight A student at the community college. She chose to go to the community college for money reasons and she knew what she wanted in life. I was proud of her to say the least, though you’d never hear me admit it in front of her. Lizzy was 5’4″, around 120 pounds I guessed, and she had a C cup bra. I know only because I had to sit through that excruciating trip to the store once. She had long flowing brunette hair at the time and light hazel eyes. She truly had a smile that could light up a room.

Me, on the other hand. I was 6′, 175 pounds, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I played a little football and basketball in High School, but never really amounted to much in either sport. I was, however, good at school just like Lizzy and had no problem getting straight A’s.

Now, back to the night at hand. I had just pulled up to the curb in front of our house. My sister’s friends were using the driveway and I felt a little peeved that they were in my spot. But I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be there anyways. I locked my car doors, not that anyone would want to steal my junker anyways, and walked up to the front door. I tried the knob but it was locked so I fumbled in my pocket for my keys. I unlocked the door and tried to be as quiet as possible.

Just as I was shutting the door one of my sister’s friends came out of the closet bathroom in the front hallway in nothing but a tank top and her panties. She looked at me and giggled and then announced to the entire house that Lizzy’s little brother was there. There was some giggling that could be heard and the girl went back to join the others. I could hear my sister coming through the kitchen area.

“What the fuck, Ray?” she questioned. “You’re supposed to be at Josh’s house.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” I managed. I couldn’t help but look at my sister. She was obviously not wearing a bra and she too was in just a tank top and panties. “He got sick and I had to leave. I’m just going to watch a movie in my room and let you girls do your thing.”

“Fine,” she tried to say like she was mad but I could tell she really didn’t care and she turned back to go to her friends. I bolted the front door and headed up to the stairs to my room. I closed my door behind me, kicked off my shoes, grabbed the tv remote, and flipped on one of the HBO channels. I laid down on my bed and I must have fallen asleep for a short while because I was awoken by one of the girls yelling.

I looked over at my clock. It was a little past 9 PM. I wanted to make sure everything was alright, so I headed down to check on the girls and make sure they weren’t fighting.

“No fucking way! There’s no fucking way you fucked him! He’s so damn hot,” I could hear one of the girls saying. I rolled my eyes and started to head back up when I stumbled and fell on to the stairs like an idiot.

“Fuck,” I heard myself say and then Lizzy and her friends seks hikayeleri come piling out from around the corner. “Sorry,” I apologized.

“You spying on us?” Lizzy asked half serious, half playing.

“No,” I tried to stay confidently. I mean, I really wasn’t spying on them but it did look bad. “I heard someone yell and just wanted to make sure everyone was okay.”

“Uh huh,” I swear at least 3 of them said. There were 5 girls there altogether, including Lizzy. All of them in tank tops and panties. I couldn’t help it, I was almost instantly hard. I was glad I was still wearing my jeans and a long shirt so they couldn’t see me. Lizzy went on, “Suzy yelled because Laura told us that she fucked some hot guy we’ve all had a crush on for years. She still doesn’t believe her.”

“Because I still think he’s gay,” Suzy piped up. “We’ve all hit on him and he’s never asked any of us out.”

“It’s just because he was shy,” Laura helped her. She continued with a grin on her face, “at least until he got into my bedroom.”

All the girls giggled at this simultaneously.

“Ray, why don’t you come talk with us for a bit. I feel bad that Josh got sick and you’re up there all alone,” Lizzy offered. “We’ve got a few bottles of cheap wine too that Courtney’s older brother bought for us.”

“I don’t want to intrude on your party,” I said, but none of the girls would have it and they grabbed my arms and pulled me into the living room with them. I sat down on the couch next to Laura and all the girls went on about this guy Suzy fucked and I just kind of sat there listening. They went on for at least 30 minutes talking about the same guy when the topic turned more towards sex and sex games.

“You guys want to play a game?” Courtney asked.

“What do you have in mind? Lizzy responded.

“Well,” Laura chimed in, “we could play truth or dare or spin the bottle or something.”

“I can go upstairs if you girls want,” I said, feeling a bit weird with my sister there.

“No way Ray. You’re one of the girls now,” Lizzy said and all the girls giggled together. They had obviously started that wine a bit before I got there. None of them were drunk per se, but they were all in the giggly mood, that’s for sure.

“Okay,” I said not knowing what to really expect.

“Let’s play spin the bottle then,” Amy said. She had been the quietest one of them all since I had been down there. She seemed a bit shyer than the other girls.

They all agreed and volunteered me to go wash one of the emptied wine bottles out. I did as instructed and came back with a nice clean, dry wine bottle. The girls had managed to move the sofa and loveseat back and the coffee table was now out of the way. They had arranged a circle on the floor and I joined them.

“Okay, what exactly are the rules and who starts?” I asked.

“I’ll start,” Lizzy said first, “and the rules are simple. You spin the bottle when it’s your turn and whoever it points to, you have to kiss them on the lips.”

Easy enough I thought, not really thinking the whole thing through. Lizzy spun the bottle and it landed on Amy. They two girls leaned over the middle and gave each other a small kiss on the lips. It was a kiss similar to what a parent would give their small kids. Nothing spectacular.

“Booooo,” Laura said, “This is spin the bottle, not give your grandparents a kiss day.”

Lizzy and Amy looked at each other and giggled, but it was now Amy’s turn to spin. It landed on Suzy. Amy and Suzy gave each other a better kiss than Lizzy and Amy, but it was still a little PG 13.

Suzy then took her turn and it landed on Laura. Laura grabbed Suzy and pulled her in for a more rated R kiss. They kissed for maybe 4 or 5 seconds and Suzy came out giggling like a school girl.

“Well that was a little better,” Laura said, “but I think we can do better.”

Laura spun and it landed on Lizzy. Now, I knew my sister had had sex with boys and obviously kissed them before. But I wasn’t prepared for watching my sister kiss another girl. Laura and Lizzy met in the middle and sparks flew as soon as they did. Both of their tongues were out and they full on made out for a good 15 seconds. If I hadn’t been hard before then, I definitely was now. I could feel my dick begging for release.

When they were done, Lizzy sat back down, her face a little flush. She spun the bottle and kissed one of the other girls. Eventually one of them landed on me and it felt wonderful kissing them. We had only been playing for 10 minutes or so when it happened. Now, like I said, I never really thought the whole thing through and so it never occurred to me that Lizzy or I could land on each other. That’s when Lizzy spun and it landed on me.

We both looked at each other and then the other girls and we both just kind of sat there.

“Well? Laura asked.

“Well what? Lizzy said, “he’s my brother.”

“It’s just a game Lizzy, it’s not like you two are gonna fuck,” gaziantep şişman escort bayan Courtney said and the girls giggled.

“It’s fine,” I said. We were both nervous but got to our knees and closed our eyes as our lips met in the middle. The girls exploded with laughter but it seemed a bit further away than it had been. I could feel Lizzy’s tongue press against my lips and I let her in. Our tongues danced briefly. Our kiss didn’t last nearly as long as most of the others, but fuck if I wasn’t more turned on than watching the girls kiss each other. I tried to tell myself it was my sister, but my raging hard-on spoke for both of us.

Once the girls calmed down the game continued for another 10 minutes or so. It was the only time the bottle landed on me or Lizzy when it was one of our turn. Even after 10 minutes though, my hard-on was not going away. I just thanked God for my shirt.

It was only 10 o’clock and the night was only just beginning. The next game we played changed all of our lives forever. While the kissing was fun, it was getting old and frankly everyone was horny as fuck though none would admit it. That’s when Laura came up with the next game.

“How about we change the game a little,” Laura said.

“How so?” one of the girls asked.

“Well, you know truth or dare?” Laura asked and everyone nodded. “How about spin the bottle, but instead of kissing the person, you have to perform a dare instead?”

“Who does the dare?” I asked, “the spinner or the target?”

“How about the spinner gives the dare and the target has to complete it?” Laura finished.

“Sounds fun,” Amy said.

“Not to sound like a prude,” Courtney interrupted, “but what if it’s a dare we don’t want to do? What are the consequences?”

“We won’t force anyone to do something they don’t want to do,” Lizzy said. “And if it gets out of hand we’ll stop and find something else to do. Agreed?”

All the girls nodded and so did I.

We refilled our drinks and the girls used the bathroom before we got started. I didn’t hardly move because I still had a serious hard-on. After a few glasses of the cheap wine and kissing Lizzy, I couldn’t stop staring at all the girls in their skimpy little panties. It never occurred to me that none of them, including Lizzy, had tried to put their pajama bottoms on or cover themselves in anyway. I had also caught myself trying to see their tits down the tank tops several times. I had to literally force myself to stop before I was caught red handed and embarrassed myself.

A few minutes later the girls were ready to start the game. Amy had been the last “target” and so she got to spin first. She spun and the bottle pointed to Laura who just grinned.

Amy grinned, “I dare you to show everyone those awesome tits of yours.” Without hesitating Laura lifted up her tank top and showed everyone her beautiful C cup tits. She took them in both hands and jiggled them for us and then she looked directly at me and smiled.

Fuck me. This hard-on was never going to go away I thought, but it was so worth it. Laura was next and she spun and it landed right back at Amy.

“Amy, I dare you to take your tank top off for the rest of this game,” Laura grinned and Amy obliged. She grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it off exposing her B sized breasts. They were nice and perky and her nipples were rock hard.

“Guys, you’re making Ray blush,” Lizzy inserted.

“Isn’t that the point of the game? To make people blush?” Laura said.

“I, uh, don’t mind,” I stammered out and once again all the girls giggled.

“Of course you don’t,” Lizzy said smiling at me. “Your turn again Amy.”

Amy spun and it landed on Lizzy. “I dare you to come over here and lick my nipples,” Amy got out almost laughing too hard before finishing her sentence.

Lizzy got on her knees and crawled over by Amy and sucked each tit into her mouth one at a time before returning to her seat. Amy’s eyes were closed and she was leaned back on her hands before she realized we were all staring at her.

“I said lick, not suck,” and we all busted up laughing.

“Sorry, I’m not good at directions,” Lizzy said.

It was Lizzy’s turn and she spun and it landed on Courtney. “Courtney, I dare you to show us all your pussy,” it sounded like Lizzy was testing her to see how far she would go.

Courtney hesitated a moment but then said, “fuck it” and stood up and swiftly took down her panties. She was hairless, shaved like almost all girls our age. Laura grabbed her leg and tried to spread them a little, but Courtney was a little more reluctant then. Though, she sat back down without putting her panties back on. She spun and it landed on me.

“Ooooh,” the girls said in unison.

“Make it something good,” my sister chipped in.

“Thanks,” I said sarcastically at her.

“I want to see.. I mean, I dare you to show us your cock,” Courtney was completely gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan into this now.

“But Lizzy is here,” I cried.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen on other boys,” Lizzy said.

“Are you sure this is okay?” I asked. She nodded a little more eagerly than I had expected. I hesitated, but then stood up and unbuttoned my pants and pulled both my pants and boxers down together. I thought they would laugh because I was fully erect, but instead Laura just clapped and Courtney and Lizzy couldn’t take their eyes off of me. I noticed Courtney’s hand drift down to her crotch unconsciously.

I sat back down embarrassed even though I shouldn’t have been.

“You have a really nice cock,” Amy said.

“Thanks,” I said embarrassed. I could feel my cheeks turning bright red. I took the bottle and spun it. It landed on Laura and I wanted to do something even more embarrassing to them to get the attention off of me.

“Laura, I dare you to masturbate in front of all of us for 1 minute,” and unexpected Laura clapped.

“Now this is what I call a game,” she said and stripped her panties off. She spread her legs and I could easily see her beautiful, hairless pussy. She put her fingers in her mouth and then went to town on her clit with the same fingers. We all watched and I caught Courtney again touching herself as she watched her friend masturbate. My dick was leaking pre-cum and I tried to wipe it off without being noticed.

Laura inserted a few fingers into her pussy and finger fucked herself for the rest of the minute. She didn’t get off, but I nearly came without even touching myself.

“Oh God I needed that,” Laura said and we laughed.

Laura spun and it landed on Suzy. I looked at Suzy and she was wearing a not too dark, but not too light color green panties. I could see the wet spot on her crotch. She was obviously as turned on as the rest of us.

“I dare you to come and suck on my fingers,” Laura said and Suzy instantly turned bright red. Laura added, “while completely naked.”

Suzy instantly took her shirt off and then wiggled out of her wet panties. She got on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass right in Lizzy’s face and crawled over to Laura and sucked her fingers into her mouth. Laura moaned and then Courtney moaned too. We all looked at her and she was furiously playing with her clit, her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

Suzy used her tongue to clean off her friends fingers and then returned to her seat. Laura nudged Courtney who came out of her masturbating trance and was completely embarrassed.

“Courtney you dyke!” Laura yelled and again, everyone laughed.

It was Suzy’s turn to spin and it landed on Lizzy. Suzy got this evil grin in her eyes and looked over at me. At that moment, I knew she was going to do something that I would probably regret one day.

“Lizzy, I dare you to get completely naked, crawl over to Ray, and give him a blowjob for 30 seconds.”

“What the fuck Suzy!” Lizzy exclaimed. “Too far.”

But Lizzy wasn’t really all that upset. I had seen my sister pissed before and this was far from it. It seemed to me that she was just trying to front so she didn’t have to embarrass herself in front of her friends by giving her brother a blowjob in front of them.

“You agreed to the rules Lizzy,” Laura said.

“Yeah,” Amy agreed.

I was speechless and horny and I wanted it to happen so bad but I didn’t want to say anything so I just kept my mouth shut.

Lizzy looked at me, “Fine. But this never happened and none of you can speak of it outside of this group,” she made everyone swear and then took off her clothes. Now, I had seen my sister naked a few times by accident, but it was never more than a glimpse. When she let her tits free from that shirt and then proceeded to pull down her panties I swear that I had never been so hard in my entire life. She was stunning and if she hadn’t been my sister I would have done anything to have her. I guess I was about to get my wish.

Lizzy did the same thing as Suzy and got on her hands and knees and crawled over. She looked me in the eyes and pleaded for the go ahead. I nodded and she lowered her mouth on to my dick. The girls went wild.

“Oh my God you two incest whores!” Laura said. But that didn’t deter Lizzy from finishing her dare. I thought of everything but this moment so as not to explode into her mouth right then and there. When you’re trying not to come, 30 seconds seems like an eternity.

Lizzy pulled off and sucked her lips together and sat back down. While all the girls were laughing and still cheering Lizzy on for doing it she didn’t take her eyes off me once. She grabbed the bottle and spun and as fate would have it, it landed on me.

Lizzy didn’t hesitate, “I dare you to take your shirt off and come and fuck me until you cum.”

The girls jaws dropped. Courtney, Laura, and Suzy were all masturbating. Amy sat there not knowing what to think. As soon as I pulled my shirt off, that was the end of our game for the moment because it turned into a fuck fest for the next hour. Within seconds the rest of the girls had whatever clothes they had left on off and I was crawling on top of my own sister and inserting my cock into her super wet, super tight pussy. I came inside of her within seconds but continued to fuck her until she screamed in ecstasy.

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