Sisterly Bonds Ch. 02

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Note: all characters are over 18

“gotta think, gotta think!” the nineteen year old thought urgently, glancing around the room, her sweat reflected in the glow of the lamp. “There’s gotta be something here I can do to fool that bondage crazed pervert!”

In her shifting around, she accidentally bumped into the parts of the chair. In the dim light, it took her a second to realize what it was.

“The chair!” her eyes widened. “I completely forgot about it! Hmm… maybe I could set it back up to make it look like I’m still in it. She’s not exactly the brightest when it comes to observation. Lucky for me she didn’t play all those detective games growing up like I did.”

She struggled with the legs of the chair, setting them up as quietly and as quickly as she could with her hands still held tightly behind her back. She, however, failed to notice that she’d accidentally caught the loop that dangled from her leg binding rope in the shaft of the legs. Taking the screws, she tossed them so they’d roll under her bed. She struggled with it, forcing it over where she could put the seat portion back down, setting it on and making sure it would be steady.

She slipped the back of the chair between her arms and put it back onto its place, tightening the knob screw just tight enough that gaziantep vip escort bayan it wouldn’t wobble uncontrollably.

“The lamp!” her next thought hit her. “I should hide that so she can’t see as well. Should be able to use my feet…”

She tried to move her feet to push the lamp, but, to her surprise and slight horror, her feet couldn’t move, secured to the chair once again.

“Damn it!” she thought, her breathing beginning to quicken. “I accidentally got my feet tied again! Well, I guess she’s less likely to notice now. Still, I gotta move the lamp!”

She moved as close as she could to the lamp, flipping it over so that it shone under the desk she was at, kicking it as hard as she was able to, moving it so it was stuck and shining behind rather than under. She moved the chair into the position she thought was where it was, making sure to remain absolutely still so that her sister didn’t suspect a thing.

Suddenly, the door opened and her older sister stepped in, holding something behind her back, though the darkness of the room made it impossible to see it anyway. She quickly turned on the lights, the room becoming filled with light, though, she turned them down with the knob switch for her own effect.

“I’ve gaziantep yabancı escort bayan returned, baby sister.” She smirked evilly in a seductive, sing-song voice.

“Mmmhrrmph! (I’m nineteen you pervert! And, you don’t tie up babies anyway, creep!)” the younger of the two shouted her muffled cries, glaring at her sister as hard as she could.

“It’s good you didn’t try to escape.” The older strode over, stroking her younger sister’s face in a possessive manner, letting the object slide to the ground, hidden behind her legs. “I would have had to punish you severely. You know how I hate it when my little toy escapes.”

“Hrrphhrph! (you pervert! You have issues!)” the gagged sister shouted once again, struggling as if for show.

“Oh, hush now.” The older ran her fingers through her hair, actually petting her.

“Mmrph! (stop touching me!)” the younger sister moved her head out of the way of her sister’s hand.

“You have such a nice body for this.” The older said, actively groping her sister’s breasts over her shirt. The younger blushed out of shock and embarrassment, her eyes widening as she began to understand just how into this her sister actually was. “It’s perfect. And, it’s natural gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan too.”

The gagged sister shuddered in her fear as she tried to move away from her sister’s grabbing, also being careful not to reveal that the chair wasn’t tightly put together.

“Even down here.” The older slipped a hand down her sister’s skirt and panties, two of her fingers entering her slit. The younger moaned in shock, her moving becoming more like thrashing. “ooh, you’re a little wet. Don’t worry, I can indulge your fantasies.”

“Mmhrphmph (g-get away, you pervert!)” she screamed into her gag, now knowing her sister had no restraint when it came to these sort of games.

“Now, be a good girl and wait here.” The older seductively smiled, placing the object on the desk. “I even got a tripod so the camera can sit here while I do stuff with you for these pictures. You’re going to be so much fun. Unfortunately, though, mom is here and wants me to get some laundry going. Sucks that she’s interrupting my fun before I turn twenty one, but oh well.”

The younger sister felt a little relief knowing that her sister would be gone from the room for a while.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head.” The older said, pinching her younger sister’s nipples quickly. “I’ll be back soon with an embarrassing and sexy outfit for you to spice up the photos for next time… or even for the party if I want you. If you’re very good, I’ll even bring some… ‘toys’ for you. Ta-ta, baby sis.”

With that she left the room, the younger sighing in relief that she was finally gone.

“I was right.” She thought. “That pervert was too dumb to notice my escape. Well, now I have to get out of here.”

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