Sister in-law massage that led to much more

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True story. An erotic night with my sister in law Reena.

Hi my name is Manj, I am 21 years old and round 6 ft with a lean physic. I first met my sister in-law Reena around 8 years ago in India. She was engaged to my cousin lets call him “A”. Their marriage was arranged but not forced, however if you’re a girl in India you have to agree with your farther as it is the norm. After Reena and A were wed she came to live with his family in north London. At first I was not attracted to her as she was quite skinny. However as time went on she got more beautiful by the day. When this happened a few months ago I was totally surprised, I thought she was in love with my cousin A but I knew deep down he could not satisfy her needs, not to mention the fact he was 21 stones and ugly.
My tale begins on one hot august late afternoon. I went to see my cousin A for a quick summer beer but I was in for a lot more. When I knocked on the door Reena opened it. She looked quite pissed off, after inviting me in we sat down in the living room. I asked where A was,
she replied “he has gone to Bristol for the weekend to see other cousins, he has left 1 hour ago”
I asked “ where is the rest of the family” meaning A little sisters and his mum and dad as A and Reena still lived in with his parent which is a norm in Sikh families.
Reena informed me that they had gone to the beach for the day and won’t be back until late evening.
I asked her why she had not gone with them. Reena stated in a sad voice that A and her were ment to go to the movies and then onto a classy restaurant for dinner. Instead he had ditched her for a few nights in Bristol and had left her to clean the whole big house. I jokingly said that she had done a great job on the house as it was spot less, her appearance not so much. She did not have any makeup on and her hand and feet nails were not painted the usual colour of red.
I was excited that cousin A and his family were out and will not be back for at least 8 hours. I had always fantasised about making passionate love to Reena, seems like this was my one and only chance.
As we were sitting I comforted her with words as she felt unloved by A. around 20 minutes past and we were still chatting about A and how he thinks she is a slave for his family, I assured her that this was not the case and he loved her more than life itself, but this was me trying to get into her knickers. As we were chatting she tried to get a muscle knot out of her back. I asked her what was wrong and she replied “my back is killing me from cleaning the house”. This was it; I saw my chance and made my first move. I offered to massage her back so I can try to relieve her of pains. With no hesitation she said “why not”
As she turned away from me I saw her white silky smooth neck up close for the first time, my 7 inch dick started to grow slowly. As I touched her it sent shivers right to her pussy, I knew this as I heard a slow moan. I was massaging her back for around 10 minutes now, however she still was groaning and moaning. I thought to myself maybe I was actually relieving her of some pains. Feeling a little bolder I moved to her lower back. As I said before she looked very stressed out and looked run down. She was dressed in a brown salwar kameez, which is Anadolu Yakası Escort traditional 2 piece Indian garment worn by Indian women every day.
My cock was now at full strength and wanted to be released onto her. I plucked up the courage and lifted the kameez (top half of the garment) up and placed my hand onto her lower back, praying that she don’t turn around and smack me in the mouth. As I made my move she did nothing to resist so I took this as a green light. She moaned as I was massaging her naked back with my bare hands. As I moved my hands up and down her she was in absolute heaven, it’s like she has not had sex in months. It was now time to make my next move, however I did not want to rush things as we had most of the night ahead of us.
While massaging her back with my hands under her kameez I moved onto her shoulders. I could feel her bra as I approached her should from under her dress. I slowly lowered my hands and felt for the hooks on her bra, she did nothing to resist. I unhooked the bra and felt her size 42d tits spring free. She turned around and our eyes met after 15 minutes form my first approach. I thought she was going to KO me out for crossing the line. However she informed me that all of her body was aching form all of the domestic chores, she wanted to take me upstairs into her room and make me massage all of her body. Trying not to rush it was said I would gladly massage her but she had to take a quick shower so she would feel more relaxed. Reena happily accepted and said she was going up stair to the shower.
I informed her to take all of here essentials into the shower with her as I would be preparing the room for a full body massage and wanted it to be a surprise for when she came out. As she made her way into the shower I quickly got my car keys and made a trip down to the local supermarket for candles, massage oils, rose pettles and a bottle of champagne. As I returned I open the front door with a set of keys I had took and made my way up to her bedroom as I entered I saw a king size bed and a spotless room with a black lace thong on the bed. I knew she wanted to go all the way as she left this signal for me.
I started to set up the room by drawing the curtains and lighting all of the candles and placed them all round the room. I then put some nice soft music on and sprinkled the bed with rose pettles. I made my way down stair to get an ice bucket for the champagne and 2 glasses. As I was searching the kitchen for these items I heard Reena shout my name “Manj can you pass me my underwear, it’s on the bed”
I replied “give me a second, I’m just down stairs”.
She said she will grab it from her room and I was not to come upstairs as she will be naked. I said loudly “Reena don’t go in the room it’s a surprise” and hurried back up the stair to stop her. Thank god she had not left the bathroom, has I made my way upstairs I passed the bathroom where she was holding the door just enough open so I can see her face. She said “manj can you please pass me my underwear and my makeup bag, its in my draw”

“of course” I said. As I passed her these items she informed me that she will be 15 minutes until she is ready. In this time I went back downstairs to get the ice bucket and glasses and returned Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan back to the room closing the door behind me. 20 minutes has passed and I thought Reena had changed her mind about the full body massage, 10 seconds after I head the bathroom door open and footsteps walk towards her bedroom that I had prepared.

I heard a knock at the bedroom door. Reena said if everything as ready and if she could enter, I replied yes and braced myself for her grand entrance. She slowly opened the door and standing before my eyes was the most sexiest women I had ever seen, my cock became erected in milliseconds.
She stood there is a open black silk nightgown that dropped to her knees, under the gown was beautiful black lace bra and black lace thong, my jaw dropped. Her hair was perfectly straighten and was wearing a minimal amount of makeup with bright red lipstick. As I examined her full body from head to toe I saw that she was wearing black 3 inch high stilettos that was exposing her beautiful toes and hand nails which was coved in red nail polish that matched her suckable lips. I commented on her appearance and told her that she locked absolutely beautiful.
She took a few steps in and closed the door behind her, she thanked me for setting the room up for a full body massage but she knew it will end in a different manor. I offered her a glass of ice cold champagne. As I poured in two glasses for us she sat down on the bed dressed as she came in. I handed her a glass and we both touched glasses. As she was slowly sipping hers I downed mine in as fast as I could so I could get to work on her. As she sat down with her back to me I took in the scent of a perfume that I had give to her as a teenager when she first came into the country. I slowly started performing a back massage and neck massage but now i was back on the outside of her gown, i had to work my way back in so i started to run my fingers all over her back which made her wet, she kept on repeating slowly “right there, don’t stop”. I slowing placed my palm onto the back of her head and slowly pushed it down to expose her neck. As i started to work on her neck i felt her relax and so i slowly pulled that sexy smooth silk gown back half way. I could now see the back of the lace bra. I desperately wanted to rip it off but somehow i controlled my urge.
I asked her to take off the gown and lie flat on the bed with her belly facing down, she paused for 10 seconds and then did this, i think she wanted to tease me a little. As the gown dropped to the floor i saw her ass it looked so soft with both cheeks perfectly aligned for the black lace thong. As she turned around i saw her nipples poking through the black lace bra, they looked rock hard.
As she laid down i started to massage her firm buttocks with baby oil. As i worked all over her bottom i tried not to touch her holes as i wanted her fully aroused before i got there. I moved onto her top half whilst she was still in the bra, it was getting in the way so i kindly asked

“Reena can you remove your bra, it’s getting in the way, that’s if you want to”
She replied “why don’t you remove it for me” i gradually unhooked the clips and removed it from her arms one at a time, during the removal i Escort Anadolu Yakası saw her perfect tits with rock hard pink nipples. I slowly continued the massage on her back when i heard her say, “you’re ignoring my feets”. So i got off of the bed and walked to the other end as i did this she turned around said it was unfair that she was almost naked and i still had all of my clothes on. Before i got to work on her feet i pulled my t-shirt off over my head revealing my fully shaved chest, biceps and six pack. She was amazed as she compared my body to my cousin A. I took off my slippers and shorts revealing my rock hard erection in my underpants to her, she giggled as i did this. We were near both naked when i took of her shoes, i poured a little oil over them and massaged as well as slowly blowing air in between her toes. Her feet were so hot, i just had to suck them. So i did, by now she was fully aroused and told me to take of her thong and lick her pussy. As she turned around to lie on her back fully exposing her boobs to me. i got on top of her and placed a long passionate wet kiss in her mouth. I still had my underpants on and was placed directly on top of her pussy still covered by the black thong, i felt so much heat from it and she felt my erection. I started to kiss her neck and then worked my was down onto her nipples, sucking each one she screamed “manj i want you inside of me now”
I replied “not just yet”. I worked my way down her belly caressing it as i got near her thong i gave myself the challenge to remove it with my teeth. As i tried this i was also licking all of the surrounding areas which was driving her crazy. I finally got them off half way and saw a soaking wet clean shaven pink pussy that smelt of strawberries. I had to eat it and started by licking the outer walls of her clitoris, after 5 minutes she had cum and drank her juices. She kept saying “fuck me”, however i made her wait
“now my turn” i said whistling lying on the other side of the bed. She now returned the favour by slowly biting my rock hard nipples and kissed all over my chest. As she pulled down my pants my erection sprung free, the look in her eyes was thankful. She started to play with my cock by rolling the skin back and forward. Now i was begging her to go down on me. She pulled the skin right back and placed her whole mouth over it and then started thrusting up and down whilst tingling my balls, as she done this for three minutes i was ready to bust and came in her mouth. Gauges of spunk flew into her mouth and she groaned and then swallowed it down in one shot
“That was the best blowjob i have ever had” i oozed
“Glad you enjoyed it”
I poured us another glass of champagne and then kissed her passionately.

“i want you now to fuck my pussy” she said
My erection soon rose up and i lied her down on her back and slammed right into her making her scream. We fucked missionary for 15 minutes and then she said fuck me doggy style. “Great i can finally spank that ass” i said to her as she positioned herself for my entrance. During doggy i made her cum within 10 minutes whilst spanking that ass it sent shivers to her hips.

“I can feel I’m about to bust” i said to her

“cum in my pussy i beg of you”

As i reached a second climax i shot my warm load right into her

“that feels nice” she said

After 10 minutes of us finishing i cuddled up to her and said “thanks for a letting me make love to you”

She replied “my door is open any time you like….”

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