Sis in Law’s Wet Party Bus Pt. 01

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“About time you joined us.” Chris said as he popped the door open of the Party Bus he’d hired for his wife’s birthday.

“If I could have gotten out of work any sooner believe me I would have.” Darting up into the bus because of the light rain falling outside.

The Birthday Girl was right there dancing as I came in. She wasn’t alone but she certainly stood out in the skimpiest dress I’d ever seen her in. All my thoughts stopping at seeing her long legs coming out from under the black dress, which was pulled up to give her more dancing freedom. Jane was a jogger so needless to say they were quite the sight. I’d known her for five years now. Knew her breasts were no more than handfuls but tonight they looked great! Push up bra was pushing the puppies up. Low neckline was putting the soft creamy white flesh on display. The combination of the two was amazing. She twisted as I came in dropping it low as she danced, giving me a view of her panty clad butt, a premo tight runners butt. As if I needed another reason to be staring!

“Happy Birthday!” I called, feeling like I’d been standing there dumbstruck too long not to say something.

“Sam!” Jane ran over, ignoring the present I was holding out to hug me. “I’m so glad you made it!”

“Well, thanks. Of course I’d make it.” Patting her back while holding a bemused smile on my face, trying not to enjoy the feel of the tight body against me. After a LONG few moments she finally dropped away, grabbing the present I’d offered earlier. “Oooh! My favorite.”

“They are all her favorite tonight.” Chris said from behind me.

“This one is really REALLY my favorite. You remembered.” She took the bottle of semi-expensive wine from me staring at me like I’d done something nobody else had.

“Hah, yeah, I mostly remembered because it’s my favorite wine too.” Feeling a little awkward with the intensity of those blue eyes on me.

Chris patted my back, sort of pushing me towards my own wife. As I went I wondered if he was jealous. My own wife Lucy was deep in conversation with Tommy whose wife Dana was up dancing with Jane, they were Chris and Jane’s friends. I almost missed Dana with the sight of Jane dancing so sexily. In a tight skimpy red dress she was not to be missed. Stealing a quick glimpse of the skinny blonde who seemed to have as much of the little she had to offer on display. Long coltish legs, flat chest, and itty midsection. Sexy though, or at least nice enough to look at.

Besides Tommy and Dana there was only one other couple in the bus. Tonya and Gary, Tonya was the birthday girl Jane and my wife Lucy’s other sister. The eldest of the former Adkins sisters. While they all sort of looked alike, in the face at least, Tonya was different in that she was the prudish and stubborn one. Who was actually drinking tonight instead of just trying to hold the scorn off her face at the rest of us imbibing. It was rare and she almost never drank more than one or two. Gary, her husband, was par for the course by being drunk already.

I can’t say there wasn’t a stab of jealousy at my wife and Tommy talking. She wasn’t sitting super close or doing anything really to stir it up, it was more about him. Lucy was, in my opinion, the Goldilocks of the three sisters. Blonde, busty, and beautiful. Tommy, handsome still even if he was far from the popular jock he used, had made it clear he was very interested in my wife. Mostly in his crude manner, because of her tits. Despite being too much most of the time, he was still likable. Charming, which is were my jealousy came from.

During the short ride to the nearest bar I got to try and play catch up with a few shots and most of a şanlıurfa escort bayan beer that everyone (sans Tonya) insisted on. At the bar I discovered that Chris and Jane were buying drinks. As long as it was what Jane was drinking. So I got a shot of her favorite tequila, then a fruity mix drink that caught Jane’s eyes. We stayed long enough for the gals to dance to a couple songs, then we were back on the bus again.

It was then that things got weird.

“Ugh! Stupid thing!” Jane said plopping down into a seat after dancing to half a song, cycling through her phone to try and pick a better one. Very out of the blue she stated, “I’m horny.”

“She’s been like this since her third shot.” My wife whispered into my ear, pushing her large breasts against me as she did so. A clear indicator that she was horny too, I got an idea of how drunk she was when she giggled, leaning close to whisper “I’m horny too.”

“You’re always horny though,” My wife pouted at that for a second like it might contain an insult, couldn’t find one so smiled and nodded.

“With a husband like you, do you blame me?” Her hand falling into my lap, dangerously near rubbing at my dick.

“It’s part of why I married you so I’m not complaining.” Pushing the bottle of fruity booze that was all that was left in the cooler out of the way of her lovely mouth so I could kiss her. My heart jumping as her small hand took hold of my penis through my pants, rubbing needfully at it. I didn’t break the kiss instantly but I did when she tried to get her hand around it. “You’re being bad.”

“I want it now because I know we won’t be able to when we get home.” I.E. because by the time we got home one or both of us would just pass out, she’d for sure have a hangover till sometime tomorrow afternoon when we’d have our kids back.

“You should have done me earlier, when I asked.” Jane was saying from the other side of the bus, like her sister rubbing at a crotch. Unlike her sister it was her own crotch she was rubbing at, legs splayed so that the black lacy front of the undergarment was visible. I could see hairless labia through it, outlined perfectly because she was pushing the material in as she rubbed herself. “It’s my birthday!”

“The kids were home!” He protested, trying in vain to pull her dress down to cover what she was doing.

“Oh my god!” Dana said at seeing her friend simulating masturbating, or actually doing it.

“What! Oh fuck yes!” Tommy clapped, uncaring. Worse because Dana was a petite woman; small breasts, little hips, tiny butt, but long this legs and Tommy never failed to point out larger breasted women, IE my wife. Shapelier women, IE Jane. Most times right to his wife. Dana batted at his arm but he ignored her, leaning forward for a better view as he raised his glass. “Do what you have too Jane, don’t mind us.”

Jane closed her legs around her hand at all the attention, blinking at everyone. I thought for sure one of her sisters would step up to talk some sense into their her, but they didn’t. Tonya stared out the window stubbornly like nothing was happening. Lucy was aware of her sister but seemed more intent on me. Chris hissed when Jane opened her legs back up again, but nobody said anything. They didn’t actually say anything to talk sense into her.

“It’s my birthday.” Like that explained everything as she took hold of her husband’s head, forcing it between her legs.

Chris went! The fucker went! He did it while looking at us like this was totally out of his control but he didn’t even try and fight it. When he was about horizontal he dropped to the floor. Jane, gaziantep sarışın escort bayan with a yip of excitement that was so much like her sister’s wiggled out of her panties. Cursing Chris covered her bare pussy with his face as she held her panties up to prove to everyone they were off. A second later she was purring out her pleasure, Chris was eating her out right there in front of us!

“Oh my god!” Dana repeated, turning away but just as quickly looking back.

Tommy was shifting left and right, trying to get a better view but Chris wasn’t eating his wife out porn movie style. He was eating her out to get her off, fully in there. Tonya refused to do anything but stare out the window, that and she was taking pulls of her rum and coke fairly consistently as she ignored what the middle former Adkins sister was doing. Gary was staring, his jaw open. Nobody said anything! Nobody stopped them!

Lucy’s hand went back to my crotch, since all the attention was on her sister and brother in law. I was unsurprisingly turned on by what was going on. Lucy didn’t seem jealous that part of that was her sister. Seeing the other woman’s hairless pussy for the brief instant, knowing what was going on. It wasn’t being faked, Jane was moaning while thrusting her cunt up at her husband’s mouth. Her pretty face telegraphing exactly how good the tongue sliding inside her was making her feel.

“Please Sam!” For a moment I thought she climbed onto my lap to block my view of the other woman, who was rubbing her breasts through the dress now. Seeming seconds away from pulling it down, exposing them. She didn’t though, staying off to one side so my view (as it was) was not obstructed. Mounting just one leg she rubbed her pussy into my knee, using her upper arms to make a tantalizing show of her big tits. “Just… take the edge off.”

“Shit, what…” I wondered if they had been slipped something at one of the earlier bars.

There was a few glances our way but mostly the show was still Jane. Especially with a cry of triumph as she pulled her dress down, releasing one of her breasts. They were smaller than I thought but still glorious. Light pink areola at the center of which was a fat red nipple that she took hold of. Tugging and twisting in exactly the same way Lucy did her own when she got turned on enough to play with her own tits.

I slipped my hand into the front of my wife’s pants. Despite being the little sister she was not as small as Jane. My wife was curvy, which I certainly loved but gave her some self esteem issues. I was surprised that her chosen outfit had been a tight blouse over top a tight pair of leggings, or whatever the “dressy” version of them was called. Whatever it was it was black, skin tight, and showed off the ampleness of her beautiful ass. It also stretched to allow me very easy access to her very wet pussy.

“Yes! Babe yes! I need this so much!” Somewhere between whisper and conversational voice.

Everyone but the fellatio engaged couple turned our way to see what was going on. Lucy saw them. She fucking saw them and she still reached inside her blouse, scooping out her massive pair of tits. Gary huffed out a near laugh at the sight of them, since he’d been with Tonya forever it was no doubt his secret brother-in-law fantasy come true. Tommy grabbed his wife, pointing as if she wasn’t already looking at the giant breasts that even science could never give her anything close too. Tonya shook her head, but she did not look back out her window as she drained her entire cup.

I sucked one of the nipples since it was clearly what she wanted, şehitkamil escort bayan it was so weird seeing everyone see me in this act. Judging by Jane’s moaning there wasn’t too much longer till she popped, so I went for it. Adding a second finger along with the first I got it nice and coated before slipping it up inside my wife. Deep as they would go. Curling them up on that special spot that really got her going, before drawing it out. Too much of that might have her squirting, I didn’t want her embarrassed by having wet pants all night. Her clit wasn’t hard to find, it was fat and needy, sitting at the top of her hairless plump mound.

Switching from one nipple to the other was awkward because Lucy was holding onto the back of the chair. Looking under her arm went right at Tonya. The older sister was personality wise unattractive to me. Physically though she was a very nice forty something to look at. The only brunette of the siblings she had big brown eyes that locked with mine. The usual annoyed expression was gone, leaving behind an almost anxious vulnerability that peeled away all my general dislike of her in a second. It helped that she was clearly horny as hell too but lacked the courage to do anything about it. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I had years of seeing it in her sister, saw it plainly on her now.

“Yes, yes, yes, do it Chris! Ooh make me happy!” Pulling her husband up from between her legs she yanked out her other perky breast, feeding it to him. He sucked it while wagging his fingers over her clit, giving everyone a much better view of the action. “Yes, almost… almost… Chris, keep… almost…”

If she was anything like her sister that almost could mean seconds or minutes. My own wife was closer, I could tell by the way that she was hunching up. How her mouth was a small O, lips shining pink. My fingers sliding around her gash made noises too loud for her clothes and moans to muffle. Like her sister she started to nod, gripping the backrest of the chair tighter.

“Yes Sam! Nnnmmmmmmmm YES!” her orgasm came with an arching of her back that made sure anybody who couldn’t see her mega tits did. Dana, right there leaned over to look fondly at my fingers playing rapidly over my wife’s clitoris. “Sam! Fuck yes my Sam, my lovely Sam!”

I pulled my hand away a second before she snapped forward, wrapping her amazing soft body around me. I held her ass while I watched her sister grab her own legs, nearly doing the splits. Chris pulled away, focusing on just finger banging his wife. All the while Jane cried out with her frantic need, nodding the closer she got.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Her entire body spasmed right before she went stiff, Chris yanking his hand away so that the blast of she-cum came out uninhibited. He knew what he was doing as the others gasped, Jane screamed her bliss, his ministering urging out more. Five seconds on her clit, two dips up inside her, then out again for another spray of clear fluid. “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes!”

“Crap yours does that too?” Gary asked, pulling his legs up so not a drop of it would hit him.

“Yeah,” Dazed, as his wife clasped her hands over his, the pretty thing settling down in a happy heap.

“Wait, you squirt?” Tommy asked Tonya who turned away with a rampant blush.

“Yeah, like oh so much.” Gary shuddered, not seeing how much his revulsion hurt his wife.

“You never squirt for me.” Tommy accused his wife.

“Guess you don’t do it right.” Dana shot back as she did not do often enough for how much shit Tommy said all the time.

About that same time we pulled into the next bar. Jane must have felt it, popping up from her stupor with a cheer. My wife lifted her head at that, saw where we were and cheered as well. The two siblings fixed their clothes without much thought, and lead the way in. I sat there blinking, one by one the others left. I’m pretty sure Dana glanced down at my pants which were still bulged. I was just about standing up when my wife came back in for me, grabbing my arm to pull me inside.

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