Sinking into Bisexuality Ch. 01

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The work had been tough. A grueling ten hours of back breaking work. And this was just because a certain manager did not have the foresight to realize that re-laying a huge office with a new layout and new network cabling was no easy or quick task.

Problem upon problem had piled upon each other, culminating in my office mate’s defection at the last moment. Justin lived with his grandmother, and her sudden passing on that day had hit him hard. He had informed me that it would be difficult for him to attend work on the morrow.

I had gone down onto the production floor to see if somebody was willing to lay his hand to work. Neil had agreed readily. A new-ish technician in the repairs section, he was clean limbed with a flock of golden hair that made him difficult to distinguish from the girls when viewed from the back.

He was a willing worker, not only by following instructions carefully, but also in that he had some valid ideas of his own.

“Thanks for the overtime” he told me after we were done. “I really need the money at the moment.”

“No big deal” I answered, “it’s good to know we have good people who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty.”

He looked at himself. We both were absolutely filthy. Crawling across large cable trays which had lain undisturbed for years, certainly was no breeze.

“Got to sluice up a little. Can’t get into my car like this.” He grinned at me with a dirty face.

“Why don’t you shower upstairs? We have good facilities here. I think we still have tshirts that will fit you. And shorts, I’ll bet.”

“That’s cool. I’d love to if it’s okay by you.”

We trudged downstairs to the middle floor, where I picked the key for the showers and headed towards cleaning ourselves.

The bathrooms were empty at that time. Hardly surprising. Saturday at seven in the evening was hardly conductive to having workers around. I took off my clothes, putting them in a bin liner I planned to use as a plastic bag. I’d known this would have been dirty work, and had brought clothes with me.

I rummaged in one of the lockers and found towels and clothes for Neil. Stripping down, I decided to use the communal shower instead of the singles. He joined in and pretty soon we were scrubbing ourselves down.

My reverie was broken by his voice. “You have a nice penis.”

I was taken aback by his statement, and thinking I had heard incorrectly, asked him türkçe porno again if I had understood him.

“I said you have a nice penis.” he repeated.

“Damn. I heard you well then. Uh. I don’t know how to answer to that.” I looked at him, and he was nothing short of amazing. Medium height, not an ounce of fat on him, and a nicely sized sausage dangling between his legs. He was, like me, totally shaven. Being blonde, he had a thick pink dick with a light pink head.

“I know you did. I think it is lovely.”

I looked down at my dick, thinking it was nothing spectacular. Just about six inches when fully erect, it was sadly lacking when it was flaccid. Compared to him, I was a baby.

“Can I touch it?” he asked.

I think that at that moment my impulse was to run away as fast as I could, then thought, ‘why not’, it’s nothing I haven’t ever wanted to try. For the past few years I have always wondered what it would be like with a person of the same sex. Girls did not seem to have the same hangups as boys. Neil was a guy I thought I could trust with this. And if I didn’t like it, I could always stop.

I nodded lightly. He turned the shower head to the side, got on his knees and with his eyes level with my dick, reached out with his arms. I was not circumcised, and as he put his hands around my parts I felt something unusual. A certain tenderness. He rubbed my foreskin gently, then pulled it back and the head popped out.

I hissed with pleasure, and I saw him tentatively lick the head. Excitement flooded through me as his warm mouth enveloped my organ, which was growing to his ministrations. Oh god, I thought, this is amazing. He sucked me slowly but sensually, putting his arms around my thighs and using just his mouth on me. I had to hold out with my arms on the shower walls as I was giddy with excitement.

I breathed in deeply as he went straight down taking me to the hilt, felling my erection reach full stretch. I groaned as my head hit the back of his throat. A few more dips and I could feel myself getting closer to the edge. I could not believe I was enjoying being sucked by another guy.

I pulled Neil’s head back, his face coming into view, eyes closed and my dick popped out of his mouth.

“I was going to come…” I explained to him.

He smiled gently “We can’t have that happening so quickly” he replied as he stood up, his manhood half-erect. sikiş izle It was my turn to slowly examine his beautiful cock. His balls weighed heavily in my hand, and his cock was superbly formed. I examined every nook and cranny of his penis, before finally opening my mouth to take him in.

There was no way I could fit him in my mouth, so I sucked slowly on his head and gently added length into me. It was strange for me to do this. I was known as a bit of a womanizer, so doing this with a man was something new and unexpected. He sighed in pleasure as he gently pushed into my mouth. I was loving it.

After a couple of minutes I could hear his breath quicken and I knew he would probably be blowing at any minute. I looked up into his eyes and nodded. He smiled gratefully, pushed slowly and as his circumcised head met the back of my throat, pulsed into my mouth. I thought I would be repulsed, but in truth, I did not even taste his semen as it went straight down. Finally he came down from his high, and pulled me up.

“Thank you. That was so trusting of you.” he said.

“I don’t know what came over me.” I told him.

“Nothing came over you,” he replied. “This doesn’t mean we’re gay. We’re just using our bodies for satisfaction. Who said we boys can’t have fun too?”

In reality, I could find no fault with his reasoning. Meanwhile, my dick was still fully erect, and as he looked at it, picked up his shower gel, turned away from me, and pointed at his ass.

WTF? He wanted me to fuck him? Neil looked back and smiled. I shrugged, took the shower gel from his hands, and smeared some on my penis. I looked down on his ass. Truthfully, I could not tell from the back that he was a man.

I squirted some on my palm, and gingerly reached out to his backside, smearing some on his asshole as he held his cheeks open. It was no different from having anal sex with a woman.

I lined up my cock to his hole and pushed slowly. The gel made sure that there was no resistance and my tool was swallowed without a hitch. We both groaned and as he pushed back, I thrusted, going in to the limit with very little difficulty.

I moaned as I felt my dick in his tight ass, pumping in and out, aided by the shower gel. His hand went around his penis, and he started masturbating that beautiful tool.

Within a minute I was panting with desire, eyes closed and getting dangerously porno 64 close to climaxing. I could hear Neil’s ragged breathing, feeling every movement he made and I could tell he was close to erupting.

“I’m coming,” I whispered. “Can’t hold it.”

“Let it go…” he replied.

I grabbed him by his thighs and pulled him to me, my dick plumbing his depths and shooting deep inside him. Neil came too, and he buckled as his sperm splattered against the white shower tiles before being swept away by the flow, slipping down with the water draining out of the ceramic tray.

I was breathing heavily, but still my dick was hard and entrenched in him. It was one of the hardest and most pleasurable orgasms I had ever experienced. Naturally, I was bothered that it had come at the hands, or rather, inside the ass, of a man.

I was sure that the guilt would come to pass as well, and if I was to be honest, looking forward to a repeat performance.

Finally my dick started wilting and I pulled out, spilling my seed out of his backside. I sighed with pleasure, and Neil turned, a big smile on his face.

“Wow. That was awesome.” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, I didn’t ever realize I would ever pass through this experience.” I replied.

“Nothing to be ashamed of. And who’s to know anyway?” he asked.

I wasn’t about to tell anyone, although in truth, it wasn’t something that bothered me either. No scandals were in the offing as I was quite single. No girlfriends either. Just a pet cat at home.

We showered again, this time in a leisurely fashion, and as we finished, he asked me whether I wanted to meet up at his home for dinner.

“Just me and my sister. No-one else. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. You could sleep overnight if you want to as well.”

“Sure. I’ll just pop your address in my GPS and we’ll be done. Meet in an hour?” I asked.

“Yeah. No sweat” was his answer. “Don’t bother dressing up. It’s very casual at our home. Just pizza and a bottle of wine.”

“Listen Neil. I, uh, I enjoyed this little interlude. I’m still a bit doubtful whether I want to do this again. Probably will, but let me get the guilt out of my system. Please. Can you keep this a secret?”

“Oh, you’ll come back for more. I’m sure. You’re like me. You just enjoy sex wherever it comes from. So. I’ll let you in on a secret. I have sex with my sister. And we love it.”

And with that, he waved goodbye and got in his car, leaving me, quite possibly, even more perplexed. I’d always thought that the blonde on his arms at parties was his girl or his wife. It was certainly going to be an interesting evening…

I think I will leave that for part two of the story…

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