Siblings With Too Much Time

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These events are true. All subjects were 18 or older at the time these events happened.

Growing up, our parents worked hard. We were a lower to middle class family, and money was never easy to come by. Dad worked doing whatever he could, and mom worked a lot of overtime to bring in the extra money. That left my sister and I to take care of ourselves most of the time. Now I have to admit, I’ve always been interested in sex. For some reason, and not intentionally, I could always see my family members in sexual ways. My aunt used to sunbathe in the nude just outside. While I was always told to stay away, I usually got a few good looks in. She was a senior in high school at the time, and boy was she hot. But that’s another story.

In our spare time, we were usually outside. We were close, close enough that we’ve always told each other everything. One day, she caught me masturbating to a porn video I had. I was nervous at first, because who likes getting caught? I thought she was going to go nuts, gaziantep özbek escort bayan but she didn’t. See, we had always played like we were married people. This was before TV had multiple channels, so we made our own entertainment. Well this time, she wanted to watch me. Now I have seen my parents have sex before, and it always made me horny as hell. Watching my mom suck his cock, and then seeing his cock slide inside her as her breasts swung in the air. My dad had a big cock,how do I know? Because we used to skinny dip, and occasionally I would see him get out of the shower with a hard on and watch him wank it off. So I had no idea that my sister would want to see me do the same. So I did it, I sat there, with the excitement of being watched, by my sister. But I didn’t get to finish, because she stopped me in the middle.

She wanted to feel it, and so did I. She was a larger girl, so she never had many boyfriends or anything. So porno videolar we went to my parents room, and I pulled her underwear off. She didn’t have a lot of hair, but some. As I pulled her top off, her large breasts came down on top of me. I began to suck them, slowly at first, then pulling them together to suck at the same time. As she started to moan, I grabbed my throbbing cock and tried to put it in her pussy, just to find out, she had never had anything in there before. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I warned her that it might hurt a bit. So I rolled my foreskin above my head a little bit, and used it to get inside her. She was so tight, and so incredibly hot inside. She looked at me as if to say go for it, so I did. I pumped her for a few minutes, but pulled out, so I could taste her pussy. She was so sweet. Not the musky smell that some talk about, but sweet. I placed my tongue between her lips, and started working her clit, I moved down and stuck my gaziantep rus escort bayan tongue in her pussy hole. She was so wet. I licked her till she came, and cum she did.

I hurried and stuck my dick back inside her, and kept pushing. She was starting to tighten back up and told me to cum in her. I couldn’t hold back, and pumped my cock into her. It felt so good, she came with me again that time. I wanted to stay inside her, so i did. I pulled out to see my juice come out, but it was thick and white, and slowly oozed out of her hole. See it made me start to get hard again, and she was still aroused, so I asked her if she wanted to try some more, and she said oh yeah. So I laid down, and let her climb on top of me. She slid my cock back into her sloppy wet pussy, and rode me like a bull. She rocked back and forth, side to side, while I sucked her tits. She got faster and faster, till I couldn’t hold it, and shot my load in her again. She kept rocking and I felt her cunt squeeze my rod harder than before and she collapsed on top of me.

We couldn’t help but love it. Our parents never found out that we were fucking, or still are. We were young then for our first time, but everyday when we got home we would go to our parents bed and fuck. It’s an intimate bond, one that we still cherish. We experimented with so many ways, but that’s a story for next time…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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