Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 05

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Shelly awoke to the smell and sounds of sizzling bacon. In her morning haze she rolled over and reached for daddy but he was gone. She reached down and touched herself, the slime of daddy’s cum still covering her labia. She smiled to herself. ‘Daddy’s cum. Hmmmmm. Daddy’s baby.’ Her mind raced with the thought that even now millions of daddy’s sperm were swimming in her womb, fighting for the chance to fertilize her egg. ‘Maybe it’s already happened. Maybe daddy’s baby is already growing inside me.’

She slid across the silk sheets and rolled out of bed. Her pussy ached from the previous night’s activities and a dried crust of cum, daddy’s cum, stuck to her inner thighs. She called out.


“Breakfast will be ready in a few, princess.”

She loved it when daddy called her princess.

“Ok daddy. I’m just going to hop in the shower. I’ll be right down.”

Shelly looked at daddy’s bathroom and turned away. She had thought about showering in daddy’s shower but her calendar was down the hall in her room. She made a beeline toward the door. On the way by, she turned the shower on in her bathroom to let the water warm.

She reached into her bedside table and pulled out her cellphone. A missed-call and two texts from Maddy beckoned her but she was here for one purpose. Shelly selected her period tracking app as she walked back to the bathroom.

Shelly looked on as the app revealed sad faces. “Damn it,” Shelly exclaimed. ‘Not for another two days,’ she thought to herself. The first day showing a heart with an exclamation point in the center wasn’t until Thursday. ‘Daddy won’t let me stay home that long,’ Shelly concluded as she put a toothbrush in her mouth.

Shelly was disappointed. No daddy baby this time. Then a sly smile came to her lips. ‘At least we can play some more today,’ her inner voice said.

Shelly stepped into the hot shower and lathered herself up using a loofah with her favorite showering gel. She paid special attention to her breasts then let her hand drift to southward. She lathered her thighs and the sticky evidence of her fun with daddy washed away. ‘There’s more where that came from,’ she told herself with a smile, ‘and it’s all mine. None for poor little mommy.’ Shelly’s lips formed a pout as she completed her thought.

Suds from the showering gel spread along her lady lips, and Shelly used her fingers to cleanse them as well. Then she used her fingers to stroke her clit. As the world around her washed away, Shelly’s breath became deeper as images of daddy fucking her from behind took center stage. As her climax approached, visions of daddy pounding her while she looked up into his eyes, begging him to cum in her sent her over the edge. Her fingers worked furiously and her knees wobbled as she gave in to her ecstasy.

Hot water poured over her as she recovered. Daddy’s voice beckoned her in the distance.

“Shelly, are you coming down baby girl? Breakfast is getting cold.”

“Yes daddy,” Shelly answered as she turned off the water and grabbed a towel. “Just getting out of the shower. Be right down.”

Baby girl. She smiled. That’s what she’d always been to daddy and now she was his lover as well.

Shelly went into her bedroom and put on little pink lace panties, and a short, pink, silk robe. She quickly brushed out her hair and added some pink lip gloss. A spritz of perfume and she was off.

Shelly entered the kitchen to find daddy sitting at the table. She walked over and placed her arms around him and gave him a soft wet kiss.

“Morning daddy.”

“Morning Shelly. I cleaned up the living room. I used the left over Proseco. It’s a little flat but it made some nice mimosas regardless,” Mike replied as her directed her to her chair.

“Thank you, daddy,” Shelly picked up her glass and had a sip.

“After breakfast, I need to shower. Then I’m going to drive you back to school.”

“Really???” Shelly looked at her father with a pout.

“Yes sweetie. As much as I love having you here and playing house, you have to get back to school. You’ve already missed yesterday and today will be a loss as well. We’ll have lot’s more fun, but it absolutely cannot interfere with your education. Besides, if you start skipping school to spend time with me, your mom will become suspicious.”

“I suppose so,” Shelly whined.

“And another thing. We have to get you on birth control.”

“I don’t want to take the pill dad. Maddy said that she got nauseous when she started the pill. I’ve never had sex with anyone else and only want to have sex with you.”

“Shelly, we can’t keep relying on your calendar. You’ll end up pregnant baby and then everything will change. No babies for you until you graduate and find a nice guy. I’ll need to start wearing condoms.”

“I’ve already found a nice guy,” Shelly replied as she got up and sat in daddy’s lap and kissed him.

“I love it when you cum in me, daddy. I don’t want you to wear condoms. I want to feel your cum squirting inside me. I saw an ad for tampons that have stuff that will kill sperm. I can use those.” Shelly could gaziantep minyon escort bayan feel daddy harden against her ass as she pleaded her case.

“Ok sweetie. You can look into them but I want to know they’re effective.”

“Ok daddy,” Shelly said as she got up from his lap and began clearing the dishes. “After I finish the dishes, I’ll put the old sheets back on your bed.”

“Good girl. Don’t know how I would have explained that to your mom.” Mike kissed Shelly on the forehead and headed up to his room to shower.

Shelly finished loading the dishwasher and headed up to daddy’s room. As she approached, the noises of daddy in the shower sent a thrill straight to her core. She stripped off her robe and panties and headed into the bathroom. Opening the shower door, she saw daddy, his hair covered in shampoo, running over his closed eyes as he rinsed off. Shelly slipped in and closed the door behind her.

“Shelly?” Mike asked through his still closed eyes.

“Hi daddy,” Shelly said as she grabbed his cock and began stroking him.

Before he could protest, Shelly was on her knees taking him into her mouth. Water spilled over the both of them as Shelly worked his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Jesus Shelly!” Mike exclaimed. “Fuck, that’s good.”

Shelly placed her hands behind her back and looked up into daddy’s eyes as her head bobbed along his shaft.

Mike looked down into the wanting gaze of his little girl. He reached behind and grabbed her hair up into a pony tail and pistoned her throat with his cock. Shelly did her best to relax and swallow him all and when daddy held her lips pressed to his root, it took all of her will to keep from gagging. She reached beneath his cock and massaged his ball sack as he continued to stuff her hole with his man meat.

Mike removed his cock from his daughters mouth and bent down and kissed her.

“Fuck me daddy.”

It took no more than those three words to set Mike into motion. He pulled Shelly up and spun her to face the shower wall. Mike grabbed her tit with one hand and her pussy with the other, shoving her up against the wall pinching her nipple while stroking her clit.

Mike hissed into his daughter’s ear. “Is this what you want little girl? You want daddy’s cock in that cum hungry cunt?”

“Yes daddy. FUCK ME,” Shelly pleaded.

Mike reached down and grabbed her leg, raising it over his hip. He reached down with his cock and brought it to his daughter’s entrance and pushed. Shelly’s labia kissed daddy’s cock as it splayed her open and took her. Shelly’s vault was his.

Mike set up a fast, steady rhythm as he fucked his daughter from behind. Her tits flattened against the shower wall as daddy pounded her. Each stroke brought her closer and closer to the edge. She felt as if he would cleave her in two as his cockhead eagerly searched for the entrance to her womb.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!”

Shelly annunciated each stroke as daddy continued to plow his daughter’s womanhood.

Suddenly Shelly’s breathing hitched and her muscles began to spasm as her climax overtook her. Her body instinctively pushed back against daddy causing him to penetrate her until he was hilted. He could feel her pussy grab him and coat him in her juices.

Mike could contain himself no longer. His balls tightened in release and he held his baby girl tightly as his cock erupted into her. Rope after rope of sperm-laden semen spat against her cervix. Shelly was barely aware yet she took notice of the warmth pervading her belly. Once again, daddy had inseminated her and this time he was the aggressor. She smiled. He wanted her, and Shelly knew that she had claimed daddy as hers.

As she came down from her orgasm, Shelly’s legs buckled and daddy held her close, his manhood still buried deep in her twat, to help her maintain her balance. Shelly looked back and daddy tenderly kissed her, holding her, cuddling her, stroking his cock gently in and out of her until he became limp and fell from her.

Shelly turned in daddy’s embrace and kneeled before him, taking his spent member into her mouth to cleanse him. Shelly sucked as she licked his cockhead and Mike’s pelvis lurched as he released one final bolus of seed onto his loving daughter’s tongue. Shelly took a moment to savor its taste then withdrew him and used her lips and tongue up and down the sides of his shaft, all the while looking up at daddy with loving eyes.

Shelly stood, facing daddy now, and kissed him wetly. Mike thrilled at tasting himself in his daughter’s kiss as warm water bathed them in unison. Shelly concluded their kiss and nuzzled daddy’s ear.

“I love the feeling of your cum inside me daddy. It makes me feel so warm inside.”

Mike kissed Shelly’s forehead then reached back and turned off the water. He opened the shower door and retrieved a towel for his little girl. Shelly took the towel and stepped out and retreated into the main bathroom to dry herself.

Mike retrieved his own towel.

‘Fuck!’ he thought to himself. Mike nizip escort bayan knew that every time he screwed his daughter, he was only getting in deeper and deeper. He just couldn’t resist her.

As Mike walked by Shelly, she kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, daddy,” Shelly said with a cheery smile.

Mike said nothing in return and simply walked by. As Mike got dressed he said, “Let’s get this bed made and get you back to school.”

“Ok, if I have to,” Shelly replied with a pout.

They worked together in silence to strip the bed and re-make it with the previous set of sheets from before their hedonistic Monday.

“Get dressed honey and grab your stuff. I’ll be in the car.” Mike said.

Shelly did as she was told.

Mike was quiet on the drive back to the university. Half-way there Shelly prodded for an answer.

“Daddy, did I do something wrong?”

“We’re both doing something wrong. What we’re doing is dangerous and it’s all my fault,” was Mike’s reply.

“Listen Shelly, I love you, as much as any parent could love a child, but I’ve crossed a line. All I can think about is you. When your away, I’m depressed and empty. When you’re with me I can’t keep my hands off you. The more we play around like this, the greater chance we get caught. Incest is illegal in this state. I could lose my business and go to jail. You could end up pregnant. Both our lives could be ruined, not to mention your poor mother. Imagine her embarrassment? She would never speak to either of us ever again. Shelly, I love you, but this has to stop baby.”

“But daddy, I love you… I’m in love with you. I want to be with you all the time. Fuck mommy!”

Mike looked over in surprise at his daughter’s outburst.

Shelly began to cry.

“All she cares about is work. She’s never been there for me. It was always you. You that came to my soccer practices, you that cheered at my games, you that took me to dance recitals, you that came to parent/student nights. And, let’s not forget you. She treats you like shit. She’s gone all the time leaving you lonely and alone and then expects you to perform, on her schedule. What? You think I don’t hear you guys at night. ‘Harder Mike, fuck me harder!'”

“The other night she complained that you don’t cum for her anymore. I heard her. ‘I got mine Mike.’ Of course, she got hers. That’s all mom’s interested in… mom. You don’t cum for her because you cum for me, because you want me, because you love me. I’m the one that keeps you from being lonely, and you’re the one that I love.”

“Sweetie, give your mom some credit. Without her salary, we couldn’t afford to send you to a nice school. We couldn’t afford a nice house or this nice car. The money we get from the store is unreliable and certainly wouldn’t pay the bills. I love you, but I love your mom as well and even if she is away a lot, and I have to be lonely, you have to understand that because her hard work helps keep this family running.”

“Fine daddy. Just know that I’m the one that’s here for you. When she can’t keep you happy, I will.”

The rest of the drive was spent in silence but Shelly’s tears continued to flow. When Mike pulled up to her dorm Shelly immediately sprung from the car.

“Shelly!” Mike’s attempt to talk to her went un-answered.

Shelly opened the back door and retrieved her suitcase, slammed the door shut, and headed down the sidewalk.

Mike squealed the tires as he drove off in frustration.


Shelly hadn’t talked to daddy for two weeks. He would text, leave apologetic voice mails, try to get her to Skype, but she ignored his messages. Shelly got her period.


“Still not talking to daddy, huh?” asked Maddy.

“God Maddy! What am I doing? You’re out there every night, you slut,” Shelly smiled at her friend, “partying hard, fucking your father on the weekends, having a great time, and look at me. Dad’s still in love with mom and I can’t get beyond that.”

“You’ve got to stop thinking like you do. You’ve got to get your ‘slut’ on. You don’t have to be in love with every guy you fuck. Enjoy yourself. Explore your *Joie de vivre*.”

Shelly had to think back to third year French to remember the ‘Joy of life’ reference.

“That’s just it! I don’t want to fuck anybody else. I want Mike!”

Maddy had never heard Shelly refer to her father by his given name before.

“Yes, I understand that, but it doesn’t look like your mom’s going anywhere anytime soon. Besides, your dad’s right. If he gets caught with you, if your mom or anybody else finds out and exposes him, he’ll be arrested. They may not throw him in jail for incest but by the time the press and lawyers take their pound of flesh, there won’t be anything left for you to fuck. So, you can’t have him all the time. Have him when you can. And, be discreet about it. Tell him, that’s what you want. Tell him that can be enough. Can it be?”

“I guess, but there goes daddy’s baby.”

“Not necessarily, although it might take you to get your ‘slut’ on, as I suggested.”

Shelly nurdağı escort bayan looked at Maddy quizzically.

“I’ve actually had daddy agree to give me his baby.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“No, really. But, not right away. That’s why I’m fucking around a lot. Well, that and I’m enjoying being fucked by different cocks.”

Shelly moved closer to her friend.

“So, daddy says he can’t wait to get me pregnant. He wants to fuck me while I’m growing my baby brother. And, he wants to suck my tits when I’m giving milk. The thing is, nobody, especially mom, can ever suspect it’s his. So, I’m getting a ‘reputation.'” Maddy giggled. “Besides, I need to finish college before I have the baby so we’re going to wait until my senior year. I’ll get knocked up. Mom will assume I’ve been sleeping around… because I have,” Maddy giggled, “and I get to have daddy’s baby.”

“Oh, my God! That’s insane,” Shelly high-fived Maddy, “You are absolutely diabolical. Props.”

“I figure I’ll graduate. Mom, and dad, of course, will feel obligated to help me get my own place and raise their grandchild, and daddy will be able to come over and fuck me regularly. Hell, he’ll probably give me another baby.”

Shelly could not believe her ears.

“Shit. What about me?”

“Maybe we both get preggers together and live together raising our kids. Our dads would know so if one wanted to spend the night, or play while the other one of us is around, no big deal. We might even swap once in a while or maybe your dad could get me pregnant and my dad could do you. We’d be step-sisters!”

“Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I just need to keep working on daddy and in the mean-time, get my ‘slut’ on.”

“That’s my girl,” Maddy replied, “There’s a frat mixer on this weekend. Daddy’s going to a golf tournament somewhere so I was going to skip going home this weekend. You haven’t been home in two weeks. Make it three. Make Mike simmer for a while longer.”

Shelly agreed she would stay and then began to plan her next seduction. She’d start texting with daddy over the coming week and get his juices going. By the time she’d next be home, daddy wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her.


“Mike, what’s going on with Shelly? She hasn’t been home in weeks. Not even a phone call.”

“Aaaaa… She texted me. She missed two days of classes when she was sick and that put her behind. She said mid-terms are coming up and she thought she needed to study a little more.”

“While I hope so. I’m not sure that her sharing a room with Maddy is the best idea.”

“Really? They’ve been friends since grade school.”

“Yeah, but I hear things.”

“What things.”

“From what I hear, Maddy’s a little bit of a slut. One of the girls at the nail salon says she’s keeping the frat houses busy. If that’s true, before you know it she’ll be knocked up and out of school. I just hope she’s not taking Shelly along with her.”

Knowing what Mike did about Maddy and her father made Mike cringe.

“Shelly tells me Maddy’s a good student. I’m sure she’s just having a little fun.”

“Well we’d do our daughter well to encourage her to come home more often.”

“I suppose you’re right,” was all the Mike could conclude.



Mike’s phone lit up. He grabbed it off his desk and swiped.

‘I’m sorry daddy.’

Mike texted back, ‘I’m sorry too baby. Mom says you should come home this weekend.’

‘Can’t this w/e. Got something to do. Next w/e.’

‘Is this something with Maddy? Mom’s worried that she will corrupt you. LOL’

‘We’re going to a party at one of the more up-scale frat houses.’

Mike got a cramp in the pit of his stomach. As much as he wanted his daughter, maybe it was better for her to start seeing college guys. Maybe this was for the best. He reluctantly replied.

‘Well, have fun kitten, and be safe. You know what I mean.’

Shelly was disappointed at his reaction. She expected him to plead with her not to go, to come home for the weekend. ‘He’s just trying to push me away,’ she thought to herself, ‘Well two can play at that game.’

‘I will daddy. I promise. Got to go. Kisses.’

‘Love you baby.’ There was no response.

‘Damn,’ Mike thought to himself as he put down the phone. Yes, he was worried about Shelly being taken advantage by boys. They were boys for Christ’s sake. They wouldn’t know how to treat her. They’d only be interested in one thing, fucking his Shelly, not to mention the alcohol and drugs that would be at this party. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Mike got up from his desk and left his office for the sales floor to busy himself and try to put this out of his mind.


Saturday night came and Maddy helped Shelly get ready.

“God, you look hot!”

Maddy looked over Shelly’s shoulder into the mirror containing both their reflections. “No, we’re hot!”

Maddy went to her bedside table and retrieved several foil packets.

“Here, stick a few of these in your purse.”

“You don’t let them fuck you bareback?”

“Nope. That’s reserved for my daddy,” Maddy replied, “Who knows where their peckers have been. A word of advice; some of these guys will break the condom, put a tear in the end, slip it off while you’re not looking, anything they can do to cum in you. You keep the condom, you put it on, you put his dick inside you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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