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There is a special place in hell for people who want to fuck their friends, and I’m living in it. I sat in my usual pretense of comfortable silence like we always do when I come over to hang out. Lounging along one end of the couch with my legs stretched across his lap, he leaned forward to focus on his game from the middle seat. My own eyes should have been on my phone, or even on the tv displaying the game that he played, but my eyes kept drifting over to watch his face. His dark eyes shifted back and forth across the screen. My own gaze trailed down and lingered on his mouth for a moment before sweeping across his body, and stopping at his hands while they moved smoothly across the controller.

There it was again. I felt the shadow that continuously casts itself over me darkening my thoughts and mood once more. Maybe it wasn’t darkness looming over me, but darkness right in front of me. I stand on a solid ground of shared laughter, snide comments, and exchanges of trust and familiarity, yet a lingering feeling leads me to stand on a cliff’s edge. Staring down into a void that calls me to the precipice of the unknown, the risk entices and intrigues me. This lure of ambiguity would lead me to throw myself over completely. . .Would I regret it?

Would he?

How did I let myself get here? When did this feeling become so intense? Was I the only one feeling it? I force myself to shift away from the thoughts that I’ve broken free of a million times before, and tuck my phone away, stretching my legs across him a bit more. He adjusts for me so I can sink into the couch a bit more comfortably. I wasn’t comfortable. Just the simple exchange of body heat from my legs being on his, with his arms resting across them, was enough to start a war. A ruthless debate on whether or not it would be worth it to get up and straddle him.

I finally force myself to find some semblance of self-control and turn to watch him play.

Suddenly aware of the heavy silence around me, I realize I must’ve fallen asleep. My eyes are still closed, I become more aware of what’s happening around me. The tv is off. With how reluctant I am to open my eyes, I must have been asleep for a while or just fell asleep that hard. Where did Andrew go? The loss of the warmth I felt earlier tells me he’s no longer on the couch, but there’s a blanket on me. Did he go to bed?

I never stay the night. Should I get up and leave? Should I submit to the sleep I feel trying to pull me back in?

A shadow passes over me then, and I realize the room lights must still be on. A moment later I feel a hand, his hand, go underneath my legs and hook under my knees. The other one slips behind my shoulders, and suddenly I’m being lifted. I gasp. My body freezing, my eyes fly open.


“No,” I say sharply.

“Relax, Danielle, ” his fingers dig into me when I flinch, but what has me still is the way that sexy voice of his slides down my spine. The way he always says my full name instead of just calling me “Danni” like everyone else does, makes me want to clench my thighs together.

“I don’t want to drop you.” He warns as if he actually would. On accident? Never. On purpose? Probably.

“Why are you picking me up? Put me down!” I’m wiggling, bordering on flailing.

“I’m just taking you to bed. I got you. Me big strong man remember?” He chuckles but I think he’s mostly laughing at my panic than his own joke.

“No, no, I can walk.”

He sets me down easily, and I waiver a bit when I’m on my feet and realize I’m still a bit sleep delirious. I start looking for my stuff anyway.

“My room is that way.”

I turn to look at him, and his eyebrow is raised at me like there’s no other option here.

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I was going to grab my stuff and—”

“You’re not leaving now, it’s late.”

I can’t help my eyes narrowing. “I’ll be fine”

“I wasn’t asking, Danielle.”

The silence that passes between us is heavy. My eyes land on my bag, then move over to the door. When I look back at him I know he’s reading me like a book, and that pisses me off. His smile is widening.

“That would be pointless.”

He’s right. I should know better than to challenge someone who is practically a foot taller than me and works out as a hobby, but I launch for my bag anyway. The four steps it would take me to get there takes him two and with him having a much longer reach than me, he grabs my bag easily as I miss by an embarrassing amount. To my shock, he turns and throws my bag through the kitchen and down the hallway that leads to his bedroom, all my shit flying out and scattering across the kitchen.

My mouth falls open at him, and there’s a fire in his eyes when he turns to look at me.

“What the fuck!”

His eyes move over to the front door behind me. “If you can touch the doorknob, I’ll take you home.”

“I can drive myself.”

He shrugs and pushes his hair out of his face like he’s getting ready bursa eskort for me to take him up on his game.

I cross my arms and plant my feet. As a thought crosses my mind, I can’t help but have my own arrogant smile.

“Go pick my shit up,” I demand.

We stare at each other, just standing there a couple of feet apart, neither of us moving.

I shrug then. “You’ll have to eventually.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you hate a mess. I can just go without most of that stuff, I’m just going to leave it there.”

“I can throw it away.”

My eyebrows raise, “Oh! Okay!” I stomp past him into the kitchen. Going straight to his silverware drawer, I pull out the separator with all the utensils in it, “You can throw these away too then,” and dump them in a loud scattered mess across the floor.

He’s not smiling now, and I’m laughing.


Now I’m really laughing, head thrown back and everything.

“So, throwing my bag across the room wasn’t childish?” I’m laughing again, and move to another drawer.

He’s behind me now, looming over me to hold the drawer closed so I can’t open it. I lean my head all the way back to look up at him. “What’s wrong?” I mock smiling, but my smile slowly fades when I realize he’s not looking me in the eyes, he’s looking at my mouth, and my neck. I can’t tell from the look on his face if he wants to kiss my neck or break it. I feel exposed all of a sudden, and I straighten as he backs away from me. I should let this drop between us… but I can’t.

“Pick all of this up, and I’ll pick your stuff up.” He offers. A truce?

“Mmmm,” I pretend to debate, “make me.”

Who took all the air out of the room? He is so still and quiet, and I can tell he’s really weighing the pros and cons. Disappointment falls on me when he turns away from me. For a moment I wonder if he’s going to go pick up my stuff, but he just starts heading down the hall to his room. Maybe it was my imagination, but he seemed to be stomping a little.

God help me, but I opened that drawer, started pulling spatulas and other cooking utensils, and started dropping them onto the floor. One by clattering one. It sure was quiet down that hallway. After about the 4th item, embarrassment started settling in. Was he really not going to come back out here? Embarrassment turned to annoyance.

“Pussy,” I blurted.

I couldn’t just let it go. I grabbed a big handful of whatever was left in the drawer and dropped it on top of the silverware.

I heard the footsteps coming then. I started laughing. It sounded antagonistic, but the sound of footsteps coming toward me made me nervous. I’ve never seen him mad before. I moved to a cupboard just in time for him to turn the corner and see me. He moved a lot faster than I thought he could for his size.

“Enough,” He put his hand over my wrist in a warning.

“What’s the matter? Not man enough to swallow your pride and go pick up my stuff? And not man enough to make me stop?” More than aware of how he kept trying to keep some distance between us, I back up into him then. A surprised grunt escapes him for a moment and we both freeze. I can feel him getting hard against me.

I moved my hips back and forth against him, teasing him. “Something you want to tell me?”

He tries to move away from me again, but I move with him.

“If you don’t stop, Danielle, I’m going to fuck you right here in this kitchen.”

My eyebrows raise, my lips parting slightly at the shock, but I have to wonder, can I push him over the edge with me?

I turn to face him, eyes narrowing, “You wouldn’t.”

My eyes go wide when his hand grips tightly around my throat, I can barely gasp as he leans over me, and pushes me up against the counter. The pressure of it bites into my back, but I can’t care when I watch a shadow cross his eyes right before I think he’s about to kiss me.

Quickly he turns me around, and buries his hand into the hair at the base of my skull, intertwining his fingers to secure his control over me. He forces me to bend over, pressing me down until my check is flush with the counter. My heart is pounding, and my breathing gets heavier as he presses himself against me. My god, he is so big, and I am so wet. He rubs his hard cock against me slowly. Back and forth, back and forth. Pushing his torso against my back, he leans over me, gripping my hair tighter to remind me of his control. His mouth presses against my ear and I make the mistake of trying to pull away. His other hand comes around to grip my throat and move my head to where he wants it.

“Is this what you wanted? To test me? If we’re going to cross the line then we’re going to cross it all the way.”

I manage to nod.

He releases the grip on my throat, and leans away from me a little before I feel his fingers hook into the waistband of my pants, he yanks so hard my body jolts and I can’t control my gasp when the material cracks at the seams with protest. My ass half-exposed makes him click his tongue in disapproval and bursa escort bayan he yanks again, this time exposing my thighs.

He comes back close to me, and bites my shoulder so hard I cry out. He kisses me there gently then and soothes the pain by dragging his tongue along what must be the forming teeth marks. I can’t help but moan and take a sharp breath when he trails soft kisses up to my ear.

“If I reach between your legs right now. Will you be wet for me?”

I’m not sure I even really processed that he wanted an answer. I just moaned and tried to press against him more. I grit my teeth at the pain of him yanking my head up by my hair before slamming my face back down against the counter. “Will you?”

“Yes,” I manage to gasp.

“Good. I don’t have to be gentle then.”

The warning in his voice made me nervous. I was about to be punished.

With his leg, he pushes one of my legs out, spreading me. My heart is pounding, and my eyes dart around as if I’ll be able to see what he is about to do. I feel his hand slip between our bodies, thinking I’ll feel his fingers a moment later, but instead, I feel the thick tip of his cock slide against my absolutely soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my god,” I groan, and the way he grits out, “Fuck,” from between his teeth has me throbbing.

His hand leaves my hair and I hear a loud crack before I fully process the hand coming across my bare ass.

“Holy fuck,” My knees buckle from the sharp burning pain at the same moment he shoves himself so fully inside me, I’m completely pinned against the counter.

“Oh my fucking god,” I moan from the pain and pleasure of him stretching me.

My body rocks against the counter as he fucks me so relentlessly I’m whimpering. My nails scrape against the counter, and I grit my teeth as my cheek and tits grind against the countertop beneath both our body weight and the utter pounding I’m getting.

When his hand comes around my thigh to rub my clit in hard circles, I practically cry. It’s so good and so intense all I can do is clench my pussy harder around his thick cock and roll my eyes back.

“God damn, Danielle,”

Holy fucking shit, I’m going to come right here and now, chills run down my spine at hearing him say my name like that. Like there’s nowhere he’d rather be than inside me. Like he’s surprised it could feel this good to fuck me. Like he’s going to make sure he’s going to fill every inch of me. My breathing changes and I bite my lip as I concentrate on my building orgasm, following in my mind’s eye the devastatingly consistent circles he’s making on my clit.

Without warning, he pulls himself out of me and moves away from me with such a quickness that I think for a moment I might fall to the floor.

“No,” I protest before I can stop myself, disappointment practically consuming me, but he’s there behind me again, pinning me to the counter with a hard arm across my shoulders. With his other hand, he slides his fingers into me, coating them in my juices. Before I know it, I’m moaning and panting again as he twists them in and out. His fingers are so long and, my god, he knows what he’s doing with them. Curling and pressing against that sweet spot every time he slides back inside me. He surprises me for a moment when his fingers slide up to start rubbing my asshole. When I feel him shift, I follow his train of thought.

“Wait,” I start looking around for…for what? Lube? In the kitchen?? My heart is pounding and I’m panicking because there’s absolutely no way–my eyes finally land on a glass bottle on the counter. Triumph fills me and I reach for it, but I can’t quite get it. I feel Andrew’s body press against me a little harder as he grabs what I’m reaching for. There’s a pause, and I wonder for a moment if he’s going to deny me this. I won’t be able to take him like this—He lifts my shirt up my back, exposing my hot skin to some much-needed coolness. I yelp a little, and we both laugh as he pours the cold olive oil down my lower back. It slides down my back and into my crack. I can’t help but giggle a little until he starts rubbing it over my tight hole, and then I’m moaning again. I’m nervous though, and I feel myself break out into a little sweat.

Pressure releases off my shoulders when Andrew removes his arm from me and guides his cock against me. He continues to rub my ass while stroking himself slowly up and down my slit, teasing my clit with his head. I feel some pressure as his fingers push into my ass, and different kind of chills break out over me at the deep pleasure it brings me to be invaded there.

“Please,” I’m begging now, as he relentlessly teases me. His fingers continue to push into me, while he strokes and stretches me. I feel so empty without him inside me. I’m throbbing without him. “Oh my god, Fuck me!”

After a couple of tries of trying to shove himself into my ass, it’s clear he’s too big to take me there, so with a frustrated scoff, he leaves me again, but this time to turn me to face him. I lean görükle escort back against the counter, not able to do much else, and look up at him just before he gets down on his knees in front of me. He pulls my pants fully down to my ankles. Gripping one of my ankles, he coaxes me to lift my leg to step out. When my one leg is free, his hand slides up my leg to the back of my knee and guides my leg over his shoulder.

“Oh fuck,” I moan, just from seeing him there. Just from him looking into my eyes with such smugness, I know I’m about to be in for it.

There was no way I could possibly prepare for the absolute tongue down that he gave me when he dove face-first into my pussy. The only thing I could do was hold on to anything near me, and try to keep myself up. I gripped the side of the counter like it was keeping me alive, and my other hand slid into his hair, gripping and pulling him against me as he licked, sucked, and nibbled.

The way he moaned against me when his tongue dipped inside to taste me had me grinding against his mouth for more. His fingers pushing and curving inside me while he sucked on my clit made me throw my head back.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Andrew.” I was seconds away from sobbing as my orgasm quickly started to climb again. “Please.” I begged, and wouldn’t stop begging until he let me cum this time.

“Please, please, please. I’m so close.”

He continued to pump his fingers in and out of me but pulled away to bite my thigh. I groaned as the sharp pain dissipated into pleasure, and felt my request be denied.


I groaned again, but this time it turned into a whine. “Pleeeeease,”

“Tell me you’re sorry for making this mess.”

He gave me one long lick, from my ass to my clit, and then refused to come any closer to me, even as I desperately tried to bring his mouth closer by pulling his hair.

“Fuck. I’m sorry!”

Andrew rewarded my apology by covering me with his mouth and went back to sucking me so good, I rolled my hips to match his rhythm. I squeeze around his fingers, and he pauses with his tongue still against me, letting me rub my slit against his tongue and lips. When he focuses on my clit again, he makes wet smacking noises like he’s kissing me, and it drives me crazy to feel and hear how wet I am while he fucks me with his mouth.

“Oh my god yes. Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to come. Please!”

“You want to come for me, baby?”

“Oh fuck,”

When the orgasm hit me, I screamed. My fingernails dug into whatever they could, my thighs squeezing around his head as I rode his face through my release. His hands gripped my hips, forcing me to keep my pace of riding his face while I cum and he slurps me up. Each stroke of his tongue sends intense waves of pleasure that continue the pulsations. With my heart still pounding, and my breath coming out in quick succession, he slowly lowers my leg from his shoulder and then pushes me onto my knees.

I was feeling a little light-headed still, but I managed to look up at him right before he slid his hands around my jaw and kissed me deeply, his tongue sliding against mine with the taste of myself still on him. Everything about that kiss was sweet. A small pang of…something… mixed with fear resonated within me at that…there was a new feeling.

When we pulled away, I reached forward, in favor of ignoring that, and gripped his cock. He looked down between us, then back at me before his thumb began tracing my lips, following my train of thought.

He stepped closer to me, and I began stroking him with one hand. With the other hand, I reached between my legs and coated my hand with my slick orgasm to assist with stroking him. I brought my mouth to his head and licked, swirling my tongue around it and dipping it against the hole to taste his precum. Making a tight fist, I moved to line my hand up with his tip, and forced him into my tight slick fingers. Before he could push out the other side of my hand, I lined my other hand up for him to slide into. He groaned as he watched me lean forward so I could take him into my mouth next. The closer my hands slid to his base, the farther I pushed him into my mouth, my tongue sliding back and forth on the underside of his cock.

I released my lower fingers, flattening them out as they hit his base and pelvic bone so I could push him farther into my mouth, then stroked them back up and squeezed as I moved my mouth back to the tip. I found my rhythm then. Using both my hands and my mouth to make sure he was completely coated, squeezed, and sucked. He sighed when I found my pace, but a sigh wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to hear him moan. I wanted him to curse. I wanted him to say my name.

On the down stroke, I slid my mouth all the way down him, extending my tongue out allowing him to slide into my throat. I gagged, my whole body jerking when my nose hit his pelvic bone and my chin hit his balls. He moaned then, hand wrapping around the back of my neck. Tears pricked my eyes, and I took a breath through my nose before doing it again. When I felt him grip my hair and pull me against him, I moaned as he slid into my throat the third time. I gagged again, pulling away to breathe. Comfortable with that pace, I looked up at him and he cursed before his other hand reached under to wrap under my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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