Sex with a Stranger

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Jessie stepped in front of the mirror and gave herself one last look. Her short brown hair was pulled back with a headband, accentuating her large oval brown eyes. He short skirt was loose over her hips, and her blouse showed just a bit of cleavage from her 34C chest. She picked a piece of lint from her sleeve and turned to make sure she was good from the back. “Looking pretty nice,” she said quietly to herself.

Just then she heard a knock on her door, and even though she was expecting Josh, she jumped, startled. She was perhaps a little more nervous than she admitted to herself.

“Come in!”

The door opened, and her boyfriend Josh stepped in and closed the door behind him. Josh was 6 feet tall, slim, with reddish-blond hair that was long enough to fall in front of his hazel eyes. They had been dating just over a year, and things felt like they were turning more serious.

Josh walked over to Jessie, and grabbed her up in a big hug, kissed her solidly on the mouth, and whispered in her ear, “you look great hon.”

Jessie leaned into his strong frame, enjoying the comfort of his embrace. She pulled back, looking up at him. “Happy birthday sweetie. Ready for your present?”

“Hell yeah!” he answered enthusiastically. “Well,” he said more softly, “only if you’re sure.” She could tell by the excitement in his voice, he really wanted to do it.

“I’m sure,” Jessie said, although inside, she wasn’t convinced she could go through with their plans. “Before we lock things down, and make any commitments, now is the time to experiment, right?” She wasn’t sure if she said that for him, or to talk herself into it.

“You are the best,” Josh said before leaning in and pressing his warm lips to hers. She felt a thrill of pleasure run through her, like she always did at his touch, and she opened her mouth and his tongue entered her mouth. He pulled her tightly against him, and she could feel his excitement building, as his hardening cock pressed against her stomach.

He pulled back smiling. “I guess I better save it for now, or we won’t get out of here tonight.” He let out a deep calming breath. “Ready?”

“Let’s go,” Jessie heard herself say, feeling like someone else was talking for her.

As they walked out of her building, Josh held her hand firmly in his, and it warmed Jessie inside, knowing they would be doing this together. An hour drive later, they arrived at a large house, miles from the last house they had passed. They walked up the long sidewalk, and flutters of nerves came alive in Jessie’s stomach, but bursa escort bayanlar she realized it was also the thrill of what they were about to do.

Josh knocked on the large front door, and a short man in a suit opened the door. Josh leaned forward and whispered to him, apparently the code they needed to get in.

“Welcome,” he said, opening the door all the way to admit them. Jessie could hear a murmur of voices down the long hallway, and they headed that way, still holding hands. At the end of the hallway, they entered a large open living room. There appeared to be about thirty women and men scattered around the space, sitting on the furniture, standing and talking, or over a bar area on the far side of the room. Jessie wasn’t sure what she expected, but this seemed so normal, like any kind of party.

“Wait here,” Josh said. “I’ll grab us some drinks to start things going.” He walked away, and over to the bar. He started talking to the man behind the bar like he knew him. Jessie hadn’t been sure how he had found out about this place or how to get in, but maybe it was through him. Jessie saw a beautiful petite blond slip next to him, and she leaned over to whisper in his ear. As she saw Josh smile and laugh, Jessie frowned, a ghost of jealousy stabbing through her, even though she knew what they were here for.

“She’s pretty,” a deep seductive voice whispered in Jessie’s ear, and she felt a slight shudder run through her. “But she’s got nothing on you,” and then she felt lips on her ear and a tongue flick out to the lobe. A hand reached down and grabbed her hand, and she was being pulled over to the side of the room further away from the bar. Jessie was looking behind her at Josh, with the blond woman, and he apparently didn’t notice her moving. It wasn’t until they went around a corner down another hallway away from the crowd that she turned forward, and saw it was a tall brunette woman leading her.

She had a moment of surprise, but also felt a stab of pleasure run through her and down to her pussy, realizing it had been a strange woman licking her ear. Jessie knew they had come to this swingers club to maybe try something new before they decided whether or not to commit to each other, but never thought they would be separated. Or that she would necessarily be with a woman. She hadn’t really thought of any details at all. In her confusion at this moment, as an unknown woman led her somewhere in a strange house away from her boyfriend, she felt something shift inside her, and she decided bayan sarisin escort bursa to go with whatever happened.

The woman stopped at the end of the hallway, opened a door, and stepped in, letting go of Jessie’s hand. Jessie looked at her with a craving she had never felt before. She was at least 3 inches taller, slim in tight black pants, with small perky breasts under a sheer pink shell top, large nipples hard against the flimsy fabric. She was the sexiest woman Jessie had ever seen.

She looked back at Jessie with a seductive smile, waiting for her to make up her mind.

Jessie took a deep breath and entered the room, while the woman shut the door behind her. She came up behind Jessie and reached around her to cup her breasts, while leaning down to kiss her neck, and playfully nip at the skin. “I love your tits, a nice big handful, so much bigger than mine.”

Jessie closed her eyes, sighed in pleasure, and unconsciously leaned back into her body, enjoying the feel of the woman’s hands caressing and kneading her fleshy breasts, turned on by the compliment. The woman unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it up and out of her skirt, and moved back away from Jessie far enough to pull it off her, threw it to the side, and unhooked Jessie’s bra, and the bra joined her blouse on the floor. Her hands returned to Jessie’s now bare breasts, whispering fingers over the flesh and pinching her nipples to hard peaks.

Jessie’s head fell back against the woman’s shoulder, and a soft moan escaped her lips, as goosebumps appeared all over her body. Her eyes flew open in surprise when she heard the woman whisper in her ear, “I have to taste you.” She moved around to the front of Jessie, and again took her by the hand, and this time led her to the large bed against the wall. In front of the bed she quickly pulled Jessie’s skirt down, leaving her only in her pink lace panties, with an obvious wet patch showing in the front. She gently pushed her down to sit on the edge of the bed, and then back to lay down.

Jessie felt the woman take off her shoes, and her fingertips began running lazily up and down Jessie’s thighs, trailing lines of sensation. She couldn’t believe what was happening, or how excited she was. But it felt like her entire body was covered with little pinpricks, and the wetness was growing between her legs. She didn’t want it to stop, she needed more.

The woman’s lips grazed her pussy through the fabric of her wet panties, tongue pushing against the cloth. Then in one quick movement, bayan esmer escort bursa she pulled them off and threw them to the side, mouth moving back to her now bare pussy. She licked up and down her juicy cunt, sticking her tongue inside her before moving up to suck hard on her swelling clit.

Jessie’s hips thrust up instinctively, body on fire, passion overwhelming her. She reached up to her own breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples in need. She looked down to watch the brown-haired woman eating her pussy and she almost felt like she was having an out-of-body experience. Was this really happening?? The woman looked up, face wet from Jessie’s pussy juices, and they locked eyes for a moment. She smiled and then turned her attention back to Jessie’s cunt.

She took two fingers and slid them inside Jessie’s slick tight hole, and moved her mouth back to her clit, sucking hard like it was a piece of candy to be savored. Her fingers worked in and out, twisting side to side. Jessie was completely lost in the desire assaulting her body, her hips thrusting up and down, needing relief as the pleasure built to an almost painful level.

But the woman wasn’t going to let her go easy. Just when Jessie’s body was about to go over the edge, the woman pulled back to gently kiss her wet thighs, fingers still inside her, but unmoving, causing Jessie to whimper in confusion.

“Do you want to come,” she said, voice husky.

“Yes, please,” Jessie moaned, not in control anymore, just a bundle of raw nerves and need. “Please, I need it. Finish it.”

“Since you asked so nice,” the woman said, and dove back in between her thighs, three fingers deep now, thrusting in and out and in circles. Swollen clit fully in her mouth, sucking, licking, until Jessie’s body went taut, and she cried out in ecstasy. Juices coated the woman’s face as Jessie squirted in her climax.

Jessie came so hard, she saw dots in front of her eyes, wave after wave rolling over her, until finally her hips dropped back to the bed, and her breath slowed, eyes closed in satisfaction and exhaustion.

When she felt the woman lay on the bed next to her, she opened her eyes to look at her in wonder. She leaned over and kissed Jessie, and she could taste her own juices on her lips, as she slipped her tongue in her pliant mouth.

“That was nice,” she said, laying on her side looking intently at Jessie. “It was your first time with a woman, wasn’t it?”

Jessie couldn’t even form words yet, just nodded, eyes wide.

“Well, the man you came in with hasn’t come looking for you yet, so he must be otherwise… occupied. I think we have some time for some more firsts for you.” She reached up to wipe some of the liquid from her face and sucked it off her fingers. “I’m not done with you yet,” she growled, and something in her tone caused Jessie to shiver. What else did she have in mind??

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