Seduced By My Daughter Ch. 02

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I awoke in bed alone. Naked, but alone. Still wondering about last night, Did it really happen? Or did I dream that my 18 year old daughter had seduced me? Wracked with guilt, I sat up trying to decide if it was fantasy or reality. It was so vivid! Was I really some kind of perverted monster? Something out of ‘Deliverance’? Had I really screwed my own daughter? Had I really enjoyed it? Did I really cum inside her? Or had I ‘only’ dreamed about it?

Before I could come to any conclusions on my own, the bedroom door opened up and in walked my daughter, wearing only a pair of green see through panties. Last night she had worn pink satin. Today’s were lacy green, which showed her auburn trimmed pussy to perfection.

“Mornin’ daddy!” she said happily. “Did you sleep well?” She crawled up the bed, straddling my sheet covered outstretched legs.

“Yes, princess. I did” I replied, aware of my growing manhood mere inches from here lace covered pussy.

Giving me an admonishing look she said, “Remember Daddy? Call me ‘baby girl’ when we’re in bed”

She stretched, thrusting her small round breasts near my mouth. I thought briefly ‘I shouldn’t do this! It’s wrong! This is my daughter!’ But the nipples were too inviting! I leaned forward, opening my lips, capturing the stiffening nub in my mouth.

“Oh yes, daddy!” she hissed, “Suck my little titties! Just like you did last night” She scooted up the bed a little more, her panty clad crotch rubbing against the tent in the sheets.

Back and forth, I went, kissing and sucking the dark pink puffy nipples, until they stood prominently, jutting out from the small mounds of flesh on her chest.

Trina does not look her age, especially naked. She looks years younger. Still prone to a little baby fat, her curves are gentle, her breasts small but proud, her pussyhair sparse. Her mother, on the other hand, was taller, thinner, a lot less rubenesque in stature. The only thing they have in common was their deep auburn curls.

In spite of how wrong it was, my lips wrapped around her distended nipple. In spite of how obvious Anadolu Yakası Escort it was that she was enjoying my attentions, purring like a little kitty, I was able to pull away long enough to begin to protest. ” Trina. This is wrong! What we did last night was wrong! You’re my daughter, for God’s sake!”

Taking my head in her hands and guiding it back to her glistening nipple, she replied, “I don’t think so, daddy! Anything that feels this good can’t be wrong! Your cock didn’t think it was wrong last night….and it doesn’t think so now either”

Looking down, between nipple kisses, I saw my manhood, no longer hidden by the sheet, nestled lengthwise between the lips of her panty clad pussy, her hips rolling gently, riding the length of my shaft. It felt sooo good! I couldn’t stop! She knew it, I knew it. A triumphant, devilish smile spread across her face. My head in her warm hands, she leaned down and kissed me, her tongue snaking into my mouth, searching for mine.

As her tongue swirled in my mouth and her cunt ground on my rampant prick, any thought of trying to stop her totally vanished. I sucked on her tongue as moaned into her mouth, my hips rocking to meet her rolling hips.

Pulling her tongue from my face, she asked, “Does daddy want to cum?”

Attaching myself to her pouting nipples, I moaned, “Mmm! Hmmm!” My hands cupping her ass, my fingers kneading the soft globes.

I felt her hand slip downward to her panties, pulling them aside. My cock now sat between her bare cunt lips, my helmet peeking out just below her already moist clit.

“Does that feel good daddy?” she asked as she rolled her hips back and forth, smearing her musky essence along the shaft. Again, I moaned my assent, my mouth full of her distended nipple. I began to rock my hips back and forth, feeling her dampness from my cock head to my balls.

She deftly flipped the gauzy material over the head of my dick. With each thrust, her pussy lips straddled my cock, the sensitive underside rubbed against her clit before stretching the green lace fabric.

“Make Bostancı Escort me cum, daddy! Make your baby girl cum all over your cock”

I kept thrusting, watching as my cock all but disappeared, only to re-emerge, glistening with her warm juices. “Yes daddy! I’m so close! So fucking close! Don’t stop! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Yessss!” she cried as I watched her face flush, and her cunt poured her warm essence all over my prick. “Cum in my panties, daddy!” she whispered between purrs. “Fill them with your sperm. Wash my dirty little cunt with your warm cream.”

Needing no further encouragement, I began thrusting harder and faster until I finally reached the moment of no return. Grunting with effort, my cock exploded, smearing gob after gob of semen all over her moist lips before oozing through the lace that covered her womanhood. “Did that feel good, daddy?” she whispered, already knowing the answer.

When she knew I was done, she pulled the cum soaked material off my deflating member, pushed my head from her breast, and added in mock disapproval, “Now look at the mess you made daddy! You need to clean it up!”

Standing on the bed, she deftly peeled the cum soaked cloth from her pussy and stuffed the soiled material in my mouth. “You’re such a bad boy! Wash my panties daddy! Wash my dirty panties!” she demanded. “And when your done with that! You need to wash my cunt too!”

I stared at her bare cunt, smeared with my sperm as I sucked the salty liquid from her panties. As I pulled the wet material from my mouth, she pushed me down onto the bed, turned, and straddled my face with her cum smeared pussy. She lowered her hips slowly, bringing her cunt closer and closer to my waiting lips. “Eat me daddy! Eat your baby girls cunt! Clean me up!”

she cooed as she felt my tongue come in contact with the soft lips of her young cunt.

With long doggy kisses, I wiped up the remnants of my orgasm, sucking dollops of sperm from her sparse bush. I moaned as I tasted myself, thrusting my cum coated tongue deep into the warm folds of her womanhood.

“Yes, Erenköy Escort daddy! Yes!” she moaned just before wrapping her lips around the still leaking head of my prick.

After several minutes of sixty-nining, my cock returned to full hardness, sawing in and out of her sweet mouth. I had also been busy, rubbing my chin against her clit while my tongue was busy thrusting in and out of her moist cunt. I could feel my prick bump the back of her throat, and could hear her moan with each swipe of my tongue.

She pulled off my spit soaked member and demanded that I fuck her, hard and fast.

Impaling herself on me, she rose and fell on my cock, grinding her clit against me, as she approached another orgasm. She wasn’t alone! I could feel my own building rapidly as she grabbed my hands, bringing them to her chest, closing my fingers on her pointed breasts. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck your baby girl!” she panted as her cunt began clutched at my cock. Her eyes shut, her mouth open in a silent scream, she orgasmed again.

Slumping over as her orgasm subsided, she whispered, “Fill my nasty cunt with your cum, daddy! Make me your cum whore!”

Alarmingly close to cumming, I grabbed her ass cheeks and thrust upward.

I grunted with the exertion as my cock spewed its warm white contents deep in Trina’s cunt.

We both lay there, my cock shriveling, letting my sperm drool out of her, bathing my balls with my essence. “You can’t be my cum whore, baby girl!”

I said, gently, stroking her hair.

“Why not, daddy?” she replied as she rolled off me and crawled down toward my limp dick. “I love eating your cum.”

“Whores do it for money, baby. You do it because you love it.”

“Then I guess that makes me a cum slut, then.” she answered before licking up the cream from my cock, balls and belly. When she was done, she crawled back up and kissed me, thrusting her sperm coated tongue deep into my mouth.

“Daddy?” she asked, “You like fucking young girls, don’t you?”

“I like fucking you, baby girl.” I answered.

“If you had the chance to take a cherry, would you do it?”

Not sure where this conversation was going, I answered carefully. “Only if it was OK with you, baby girl.! Why do you ask.?”

Smiling coyly, she said, “No particular reason, daddy! Just curious!”

Why didn’t I believe her?

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