Secret Lovers

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You left me a note on the kitchen table that I saw when I walked in the house. It had said simply, “go to our room now.” You didn’t ask, you told me. That let me know the mood you were in. A dominant one. I love those moods of yours.

I walked down the hall and put my hand on the door nob not knowing what to expect but I was shivering with excitement. I walked into the room and looked around, it was pitch black except over by the window where you stood. I could see the soft moonlight spilling in the room and a dark silhouette which could only belong to you. My heart started beating a fast rhythm as you turned to look at me. I couldn’t see them but I knew your eyes were looking at me. I practically felt them as they burned a path over my body. I knew I was getting wet from having your eyes on me but I didn’t care. All I cared right now was that I was good enough for you. That’s all I wanted to be in this instant, I wasn’t me, I was yours for perusal.

You walked towards me, your graceful movements caught in the moonlight caused me to lose my breath. By the time you got to me I was struggling to hold my composure. All i wanted in that moment was to grab you and kiss you, but I knew better than to do that. “Breath” Your breath caressed my cheek as you whispered one word into my ear. I expelled a loud sigh and started to breath again although rather quickly.

“Strip” another word whispered into my ear that sent shivers racing down my spine at the thought of you seeing me naked, it was exciting and a little frightening. I stripped bursa otele gelen eskort quickly, taking off my shirt then jeans. I took off my white bra and white thong and stood before you. You were still fully dressed but that didn’t seem to bother you at all.

You took a step forward and I could feel your body against mine. I could feel your clothing rubbing against my sensitive skin as you moved your hands over my back. Suddenly you clawed your hands and ran them down my back leaving deep scratch marks. I moaned and pressed into your body resting my head on your shoulder and my hands on your waist. I was so turned on I could barely stand but you made me be strong. Things would go as you planned tonight, not as I planned.

You took mercy on me and let me lay on the bed on my stomach. As I lay down I felt the silk sheets under me and they rubbed against my already hard nipples making me moan again. I laid there on my stomach, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly I felt you above me, your bare bottom on my thighs and your breasts brushing my sensitive back making me feel pleasure and pain at the same time. I pushed my back up into your erect nipples wanting to feel more but you sat up and smacked me in my bottom. “I don’t recall telling you you could do that.” I laid back down flat trying not to move.

I felt you raise your butt off my thighs and you scoot back a few inches. I felt your hands on my hips as you raised them. I got on my knees but didn’t get on my hands. I knew this bursa eve gelen escort bayan would point my pussy up so you could see it better. I could practically see your smile and your chest rise suddenly as you gasped behind me. I knew you could see my pussy juice dripping just for you down my lips. You just sat and stared as the cool air ran across my pussy making me moan for more.

I felt your fingers brush over my lips and slip inside to run along the inside of my lips. I pushed back against your hands wanting to feel more but all I felt was a stinging slap to my bottom and I stopped all movement and let you explore. I felt you enter me quickly with three fingers filling me. I moaned loudly, I loved when you were rough with me. I felt you pump in and out of me as I struggled not to move.

“Rub your clit baby. Touch yourself for me. I want to see what you do when I’m not here to take you.” I reached back and rubbed my exposed clit. I still managed to keep my hips still but just barely. My orgasm was building and I prayed I could keep my hips still. I heard you moan and I could feel your eyes on my hand that worked my clit. I felt my body start to tingle and I went rigid as I came hard against your hand.

I lay panting with my hips in the air and your fingers still buried deep in my cunt. You drew your fingers out slowly so you didn’t hurt me and leaned over me to whisper, “roll over.”

I rolled over on my back, my breathing very shallow and my heart pumping. I hadn’t bayan eskort bursa cum like that in so long. My strength was waning, I could barely move. You smiled at me, only you could make me this week. I always had to be so strong, but you turned me to mush with just a touch.

You crawled up my body until your pussy hovered above my face. Finding some strength I grabbed hold of your hips and brought them down to my hungry mouth. You moaned as I covered your whole pussy with my mouth and sucked on your lips. I ran my tongue inside you feeling the wetness there and looked up your body into your half lidded eyes. You were so ready for me. You jumped slightly when my tongue ran over your clit but you settled back on my mouth.

I ran my tongue around your hole and speared it in. I felt you rock on my tongue as I pushed it deeper. I tongue fucked you as I felt your orgasm building quickly but I pulled out leaving you panting and moaning above me. I licked your lips letting you come down, staying away from your clit and your vagina until I knew that you wouldn’t cum.

As you settled back over me and your body relaxed I sucked your clit into my mouth making you moan. I ran my teeth over top of it so you could feel the smooth ridges run over your clit. I sucked your clit into my mouth once more and flicked my tongue over it. I could feel you shaking and you went rigid as an orgasm tore through your body. I could hear my name and sentiments of love on your lips as you came above me, your eyes locked on mine. I watched your face as you felt each emotion and sensation course through your body.

I kept sucking on your throbbing clit until you came again in my mouth. I licked up every drop of cum I could find on your pussy lips and then let you climb off of me. You laid down in the crook of my arms and fell sleep. With our arms and legs intertwined I watched you sleep until I too drifted off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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