Secret Lover Ch. 02

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Having Fun

Wouldn’t you know it, after Kelly and my sexual tryst, my former brother-in-law’s computer went down. Despite the break up, Bob called me and asked me to come and fix it. I agreed and said I would be right over. My sister-in-law wasn’t there so I was glad and Bob let me in. They have a wonderful house, big with four bedrooms and a huge living room and family room. In the back of the house they have an enclosed patio and pool. Off the patio, my brother-in-law built an office where he keeps his computer. I small talked with Bob in the kitchen and he said everything was going great at work and with the family. He said my sister-in-law Debbie didn’t want to see me, still bitter about her sister’s break up and that I was to call Bob at work when I was done so he could give Debbie, the all clear sign. I didn’t ask about Kelly not wanting to appear to eager to know her whereabouts. Bob led me to the office and said he was going to go into work and reminded me to call him there.

I started working on the computer, which because of Bob’s job as an architect was so much better than anything I had ever built. Problems were many as his whole hard drive was riddle with the latest viruses that most protection software is 6-9 months behind in being able to fix. I worked diligently but couldn’t help but think about my sex-starved niece.

I got a chubby as I thought about how much she loved to suck dick. The vision of her writhing on my bed sheets as I fingered her pussy was etched upon my mind. I hadn’t talked to her since but knew she’d be calling soon. I busied myself with the computer and tried to avoid thinking about her. It wasn’t easy as Bob had about ten to twelve pictures of her in the office on the walls and his desk. There were pictures of my sister-in-law Debbie too and I couldn’t help but think how she’d blow her top if she knew Kelly had hungrily swallowed a few of my loads.

Computer programming and repair is a funny business. There is a lot of down time. You put a piece of software in motion and find yourself twiddling your thumbs until it works its magic. So now there I was over my ex in-laws waiting for a program I had made to do a complete diagnostic and repair on Bob’s computer and decided to go inside the house and get a drink. Bob had said there were sodas and fruit drinks in the refrigerator so I headed for something to wet my whistle. I was just about to open the door to the refrigerator when I heard the front door open. My first thought was sure dread as I figured Debbie had come home early forgetting I was at the house. My thoughts shifted to Bob, figuring he had forgotten some papers for work. Imagine my surprise when Kelly came traipsing in a sweaty workout outfit. She had on a pair of white tennis shoes, spandex sweat pants and a spandex halter with no bra. Her hair was in a ponytail and she obviously was home from a workout at the gym. Her eyes looked almost ready to bulge out of her head when they locked on mine. I had to be the last person she figured she’d see in her family’s kitchen.

“Oh my god,” Kelly screamed. She looked at me for an explanation, but before I could say anything, she mouthed “Dad’s computer.” She looked at me again and seemed to come to the sudden realization we were home alone and playfully turned to run. She didn’t get far. Off the kitchen is the family room and that is where I caught up to her. My cock was rock hard and my thoughts were wickedly sinful. I grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her back to me. My arms wrapped around her and I picked her up in the air. She fought against me but I was much too strong. I spun her around so she faced me and kissed her hard on the lips. She returned my kiss and stuck her tongue down my throat.

I reached down in front of her and pulled down her halter. Her perky young tits sprung out and her nipples were hard. Using my left arm to hold her, I took my right hand and pinched her left nipple hard. She groaned and then cooed. Not wanting the other nipple to feel left out, I pinched the other one. They were engorged and I felt them on my chest as I held her to me. Her arms wrapped around me and she hugged me to her.

I broke our kiss and smiled at her. She tried to kiss me again but I picked her up and carried her to the couch and tossed her on it. She was giggling and was excited to see what I was going to do next. I felt a charge of electricity go through me as I looked down at her. Her halter hung below her chest as she laid long ways on the family couch. I quickly undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. My cock stuck out of my boxers and Kelly saw it and smiled. I reached inside my boxers and pulled it out with my right hand. Moving to the couch and in front of Kelly’s face, I pushed it at her lips. She didn’t hesitate and opened her mouth and engulfed me. She wasn’t able to deep throat me yet, but that didn’t mean she didn’t try. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it on my cock. She gagged a little İstanbul Escort but didn’t stop.

“Just keep your mouth open.” I told her and sawed my cock in and out of her mouth. My hands cupped her head and held it in front of my groin. She looked up at me with her pretty eyes and submitted to my oral assault.

Her braces glistened with saliva and turned me on. Her mouth was wet and she drooled on my cock. I reached over and cupped her left breast. It was perky and round and felt heavy in my hand. Her nipples were hard and her left one rubbed against my palm.

Not wanting to cum just yet, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and bent down and kissed her hard on the lips. She looked at me and smiled and I reached over with my right hand and grabbed her by the hair. I pulled her up so she was on her knees ad moved around to the back of the couch. She knew what I was up to and laid her head on the back of the couch. I swung myself off the couch and came around to the back of it. My cock was sticking out and hard. It glistened with my niece’s saliva and begged for her mouth.

“Suck it,” I told her and stuck it back in her face. She opened her mouth and tried to engulf me. Her eagerness made her gag on me about half way down and she pulled up abruptly.

“Yeah,ha,” I said as my lust overtook me. It had been almost a week since Kelly had come home with me. And although it seemed like a dream, the thought of her in my bed, swallowing my cum, cumming like a banshee, and telling me how much she had dreamed about me, had occupied my every waking moment and good share of my sleeping moments, too. The sight of her on her knees with her head and chin resting on the back of her couch, trying to suck my cock brought out the animal in me.

I reached down with both hands and took both sides of her face in my hands. My cock hung out and poked at her face and she opened her mouth and tried to catch it. Playfully, I swung my hips and my cock and it slapped Kelly in the left cheek and slipped through her mouth and swung away and then back into her right cheek. The little minx thought it was funny and so did I. She giggled her little laugh and I did it again. The feeling was awesome but the sight of her trying to catch my swinging cock in her open mouth made my cock twitch and lurch upward.

Bringing up her hands, Kelly caught my cock and put it in her mouth and as she sucked she stroked it. I stopped her and told her to put her hands down. She did so immediately all the while not taking her mouth off my cock. With her hands pulled back, I stuck on an idea and put it in action.

“Put your hands behind your back,” I told her and she did, looking up at me. Her hands now crossed her back and she locked fingers to keep them there. Looking down on her, I pulled my hips back and then rocked them forward, pulling my cock almost out of her mouth and then sinking it in about an inch from the base. Her mouth bulged and her lips curled around my shaft. Her eyes watered and a vein bulged in her forehead.

‘That’s it, let me fuck your mouth,” I said as I began to rock my hips back and forth. Releasing my hands from the sides of her face, I put my right hand on top her head and grabbed her bangs and held them and a fist full of hair so I could see her eyes. Kelly rested there with her mouth open and drooled on my cock as it pistoned in and out of her mouth. Her eyes watery and doe-like stared up at me. She seemed limitless in her submission to my oral needs.

‘God, I love your mouth,” I told her as I pushed my cock against her cheek and it bulged out. To think just a week or so earlier she was just my innocent young niece who I hadn’t seen in a while because I had divorced her aunt and now I was doing my darnedest to throat fuck her on the back her parents’ couch.

I reached down with my left hand and slid two fingers in Kelly’s mouth beside my cock. She gagged a little and her eyes searched out an explanation. Once they were wet enough, I pulled them from her and leaned forward over her. She knew what was coming and arched her ass in the air. Her hands along her back grabbed my forearm as I wormed my hand into the back of her spandex workout pants. They were tight and accented her lovely ass. The fabric stretched and I got a waft of her lovely pussy. I could tell she was wet already and it turned me on.

Beneath me, Kelly gagged and choked and I smiled, realizing that I had accidentally leaned my hips too far forward. She was undeterred though has she wiggled her mouth of my cock and caught her breath and went back to mouthing my cock.

Sliding my hand down across Kelly’s backside felt heavenly. I took and squeezed each ass cheek and admired how her little ass was from playing soccer and working out. Her hips were small and barely wider then one of my thighs. Slipping my hand between her ass cheeks I felt her dampness and her warmth. She had on a pair of thong underwear and Anadolu Yakası Escort it couldn’t hold all her juices. When my fingertips touched her pussy lips, Kelly groaned hard on my cock. The little nympho got off on sucking cock like few women I had ever known.

Knowing the effect my touch was having on her, I abused my advantage. “You want me to finger your pussy?” I asked her as my fingers spread her cheeks.

She stopped sucking my cock long enough to utter an anguished, “Yes” before returning to my cock.

“Then suck my cock harder,” I ordered her. She was throating my cock great but tried to impress me more by trying to deep throat me. Her head slipped down as far as she could and then using her hand she reached around and grabbed me by an ass cheek and pulled me deeper into her mouth.

“That’s it, if you suck me just right, I’ll play with your pussy,” I told her and rubbed my palm across her lips. Her hips responded immediately to my touch and she rocked and wiggled against my hand.

Taking both hands, I placed them down the back of her spandex pants and gripped her ass cheeks firmly. I spread them and with my index fingers rubbed her moistened lips. Kelly choked and coughed as my cock pushed further down her throat. When she could take no more, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it with her right hand.

“Oh yes, that feels so good,” she moaned and stroked my cock harder.

Wanting a better view and more control, I pulled up and came around to the front of the couch. Kelly released my cock begrudgingly and turned to see what I was up to. I stood her up abruptly and starting taking off her pants. She giggled and standing tall beside me, helped me by stepping out of her pants and thong.

Seeing this nearly naked fuck doll beside me made my cock twitch and my mind reel. I didn’t know how I got so lucky but I wasn’t going waste too much time thinking about. I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth and she instantly frenched me back. Kelly brought her hand over to stroke my cock as her other wrapped around my back. She leaned into me and moaned in my mouth.

Reaching down, I took her right leg and lifted it so her foot rested on the couch. Kelly stopped kissing me long enough to see what I was up to. Taking her hand off my cock, I forced her to put it behind her back. Once there I pinned it with my right arm and held her close to me. Leaning, she teetered into me even more and I braced her.

I took my left hand and turned Kelly’s face back to me and kissed her long and hard. My left hand feel to her neck and grabbed her throat and held her firmly. Her mouth sought mine and her tongue chased mine around my mouth. I lowered my hand and took her left breast in it. I gently caressed it, then squeezed it and pulled hard on her nipple. She winced and groaned but never broke our kiss. Lowering my left hand again, I slid it between her spread legs and cupped her moist vagina. Her hips lowered to my touch and I knew she was burning for more.

“Spread your legs,” I ordered, knowing they were spread but wanting her to submit all the way to my lust. She did and it made her even wobblier and her body rested almost completely on my hand and fingers.

“Yeah, that’s it, let me finger fuck your little cunt,” I said after breaking our kiss. I looked down between us and her blonde pussy hair rubbed on my wrist as my hand cupped her mound and engorged lips. Moving my hand back and forth, Kelly groaned and tried to free her hand from my grasp.

“Come on, spread your legs wider,” I told her and watched as she lifted her leg off the ground and pushed it behind us. My hand split her lips and my index and middle finger came in contact with her wet opening. Even that seemed too much for Kelly as she groaned and whined.

Teasingly, I took my fingers away from her pussy before plunging them into her hole. This made Kelly jump up but just as quickly sink into my hand as she sought to capture my fingers and hold my hand to her.

“Oh god, don’t stop,” Kelly moaned and her hips involuntarily rocked forward and back on my hand. I stopped any movement of my hand and just slid my fingers in and out of her snatch. This was what Kelly wanted and her hips began to rock as she tried to get herself off on my hand.

“Oh god, oh god,” she cried as she rocked herself to orgasm after orgasm. Wanting to maximize her pleasure and the hold I had on her, I sped up my fingers and brought my other hand down behind her back to play with her ass. With her right arm free, she swung it around and hung onto my neck.

‘Yeah come on, get yourself off,” I urged her as my right hand split her cheeks and my middle finger massaged her asshole and the small area between her pussy and anus. This caused her to convulse a little harder and her asshole closed and pushed out and closed and pushed out repeatedly. Her breathing was labored and she seemed Üsküdar Escort to be trying to control herself and her orgasms but she couldn’t.

After a few exquisite minutes of watching Kelly try to regain her composure and get control of her breathing, I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and held her. Her legs were trembling I think if I let go of her she’d surely fall to the floor if not back on the couch. Her chest heaved and her face was red. She didn’t open her eyes until she was able to slow her breathing and her right hand fell from my shoulder to her bosom.

I didn’t say a word but instead chose to watch her as she hung to me. She alternated biting her lip to sighing and then finally began having a giggling fit.

“Wow,” she moaned and looked at me. Her cute little face was flushed and she looked totally beside herself.

Laughing, I told her it was my turn and reached up with my left cum soaked hand and stuck it in her mouth. Kelly licked my fingers eagerly, lapping up her own juices. I kissed her on the cheek as I watched her clean my hand off obediently. My right hand massaged her little teacup ass and my cock rubbed against her hip.

Taking my hand out of her mouth I reached up over her head and grabbed her ponytail. Pushing down firmly, I bent Kelly over at the waist and she lowered her face to my cock. She didn’t need to be told and she took my cock in her mouth. With ponytail in hand, I helped her bob her head up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her warm mouth. My right hand rubbed her tight ass cheeks and I bent over to look at her delicious backside.

Below me, Kelly turned her head sideways to look back at me and see what I was up to. I smiled at her and licked my middle finger, making sure to get it really wet. She moaned with my cock in her mouth and her hands came up and she grabbed my thighs.

I dropped my right hand back to her backside and slid my hand down her crack. She moaned below me and her ass wiggled. She seemed to try and drop her body down so I brought my left hand over to hold her up at the waist. Using my moist middle finger I drew slow wide then tighter circles on her little sphincter. Kelly rocked her body to my touch and her legs buckled. A little moan came from deep in her and I felt it vibrate on my cock.

“I love your tight little ass,” I told her and slowly increased the pressure of my massage. She loved to have her ass massaged and seemed pretty fond of me playing with her tight little asshole, too. I didn’t have any lube so I wanted to be careful not to let her get to dry. Spitting on my hand, I got all my fingers wet and slapped it on her asshole. This made her jump and wiggle under my hand.

“Yeah, move that ass,” I told her and she moaned. Her mouth on my cock was awesome but seemed even better as I played with her ass. Kelly seemed to try to match the pleasure she was feeling by sucking harder and taking more of me in her mouth.

Wiggling my middle finger on Kelly’s asshole made it open slightly then close and I could tell her sphincter muscles were welcoming my assault. Kelly’s ass pushed back towards my fingers and she moaned around my cock as I played with her anus. She wanted me to finger her hole and was trying to back up on it.

Her mouth was closing tightly around my cock in anticipation of my finger and I was ready to explode. Her moaning was driving me crazy with lust and the thought that my little cum swallowing niece might be a perfect little ass freak too was too much for me to handle. Grabbing her ponytail in my left hand again, I pushed her head down hard on my cock as I exploded into her tight, warm mouth. She swallowed as best and quickly as she could, her mouth and throat muscles coaxing my cum from my cock. I felt ready to fall on top of her but steadied myself by spreading my legs and sticking my middle finger up her little, inviting asshole.

Below me, Kelly wiggled, gagged, shook, rocked and choked. When she could take no more, she opened her mouth and groaned. Easing my finger from my ass, I pushed her aside and fell on my back on the couch. Kelly stood up and wiped her face and laughed. She looked quite content that she had been able to knock me over, spent on the couch.

Stepping over to the couch, she put a knee on the cushion beside me then brought the other up next to it. She looked me long in the eyes and we smiled at each other, then she let out her little girlish giggle. What happened next blew my mind. She was giggling and she was forced to cover her mouth as she tried to hold back a cum burp. It caught her by surprise and she burped hard twice. The burps made her just heave and she now had a case of the hiccups. Seeing that I knew what just happened made Kelly giggle and laugh even harder.

Bending forward, Kelly kissed me on the cheek and then dropped to her elbows and kissed the head of my spent cock. In a flash, she picked up her clothes, threw mine at me, sashayed away from me, threw a kiss over her shoulder and disappeared down the hallway to her room.

All I could do was watch her go and shake my head. I wondered what adventure might lie down the road for the two of us and savored the thoughts of this little moment.

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