Sea Sickness Ch. 03

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Alexis woke bleary eyed the next morning, feeling a lot more relaxed than she had the previous day. She lay in bed for a few minutes savoring the single sheet which had been draped over her body during the night. She remembered little after her brother giving her the injection. Ryan had been uncharacteristically concerned with her well being and she thought perhaps a sweeter side of his personality was showing through. She rolled over in the bed, surprised to see her mother there. Some part of her had hoped Ryan would be next to her. She had felt safer with him than with Simone. There was something too impersonal and measured in the way that Simone had treated her. Ryan had been focused solely on her well being. For a few more minutes she would lay there, allowing herself to wake fully. Once she was wide awake, she carefully tested her legs ability to support her before making her way out of the bedroom in search of her younger brother.

Ryan had left the cabin early in the morning when Simone had signaled him from the doorway. Obediently, he had abandoned the trap that his mother and sister had formed in the bed. His erection still swayed in the front of his shorts and his eyes were quite blood shot. Simone was clothed in a skimpy black bathing suit and she said naught a word as Ryan followed the shifting of her ass up to the deck of the boat. The sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon and sky was a hazy dark blue. Simone walked to the rear of the boat and turned once more to her little entranced prey. Ryan was hoping for some sort of repeat of the earlier encounter they had in Allyson’s presence. His hopes were answered by a simple action of Simone.

Her left hand slipped behind her back and tugged gently on a hidden string. The strapless top dropped without a sound to the floor. Ryan felt his heart beat begin to pick up as her hands returned once more to her sides. They did not stop there, and soon the two ties at her waist were undone, and the bikini bottoms joined their partner on the floor. Simone stood there momentarily, hands on her hips, allowing Ryan to examine the perfection of her nude frame. Ryan’s mouth was watering as he studied the erect nipples capping the small pert tits. Her pussy was perfectly shaven, not a hint of hair in sight. Her pussy lips were a softer pink then the tanned tone of her skin and the rising sun in the background detailed their small folds. Ryan stutter stepped towards her, his dick crying out for some satisfaction. But Simone simply vaulted into the air, her body turning in a perfectly performed aerobatic jump and she disappeared with a splash over the side of the yacht. Ryan ran to the edge, his hands already pulling down his shorts. He stumbled a bit as his last step attempted to push him over the boat and kick off the shorts. It halfway worked, but his water landing was a glorified belly flop.

For a moment Ryan would forget why he had jumped. A belly flop on the hard ocean water with a naked erection was not the most comfortable feeling and it took forefront standing in his mind. When he did manage to recollect himself, Simone was nowhere to be seen. The sudden press of her body into his back and the grip of her hands on his cock answered his questions. Ryan tried turning toward her, but only succeeded in managing to face the boat. Simone staid hidden behind him, her lips pressed into his back, kissing over his shoulder blades and spine. Her hands began to vigorously stroke his aching length and Ryan fought to keep his head above water. Eventually his swimming would prove inadequate and he was forced to grab onto a small shelf off the backside of the yacht. He clung to it, like a drowning sailor, while the young woman behind him jerked him off into the salty sea. The water was cool, but the alternating touch of her hot hands and the water only increased the intensity of his arousal. Ryan’s breathing was getting much deeper and he was thrusting his cock into her hands as he floated in the water. It did not take long for his seed to erupt into the water and a loud groan escaped from his mouth. In the post orgasmic state of being, Ryan admired the artistic beauty as his semen lingered in amoebic shapes in the water before it began to sink.

Finally Simone would shift around, her naked body slipping between the rear of the boat and Ryan. Her legs wrapped firmly around Ryan’s waist and she crushed her pussy into the softening piece of flesh extending from his body into the water. Simone pulled Ryan’s head down to her face and their lips met there in a passionate attack. Their tongues would roam over and under and in and out. Ryan was lost to an inexperienced passion and he had no strategy for his kiss. It was simple desire. Simone enjoyed the purity of the passion with which Ryan kissed and eagerly returned his touch. Her hips were grinding on Ryan’s cock, her own hot center reigniting the fire that had only moments before been quenched in him. Soon enough Ryan was erect again and he eagerly followed the natural Maltepe Escort path into her twat. Ryan couldn’t see deep enough to draw the distinction between their two bodies meeting.

He and Simone rested their forehead against each other as he began to thrust into her pussy. The amazing contrast of the heat of her channel and the cold grip of the water on his balls was intense. Simone was so tight and the exquisite clenching of her vagina over his length drove him to faster strokes. His motions were full bodied thrusts as he combined a pull up motion in his arms with the drive of his hips. The resulting fucking motion was intense. Simone found herself carried on his cock like a leaf on a wave. Her fingers dug into the back of his neck as with each backward pull, seawater washed over her pussy’s exposed lips. In and out their rhythm flowed. Ryan’s breathing quickened as he sought to control his urge to release inside her. His dick was throbbing and his balls would sway into her thighs and crotch as he drove his full length into her. Simone’s thighs allowed her to plunge back down upon him and she could sense the growing heat emanating from his cock. The wide head of his youthful dick stretched her refreshingly and her eyes were soon closed shut as she sought to control her own orgasm. The longer she delayed it the more intense it would be.

Ryan would come first, his juices flooding from his dick into the grip of her pussy. Ryan would thrash almost uncontrollably as he sought to keep his rhythm in his thrust. He wanted his small partner to come too. Simone signaled that she had reached her peak when the shots of liquid heat poured into her. Her moan was long and high and her head slammed back into the shelf behind her. Her hips squirmed on the pulsing rod buried in her pink cunt and she reveled in the receding shocks of her orgasm. Together they would rest entwined against the backside of the boat for a few more moments before they broke apart. They would swim for a while longer, playfully frolicking amidst the waves and growing sunlight.

Ryan was unsure of the connection that he and Simone had. With her there was always the question of whether or not she was just doing something Allyson had commanded or if she was actually into him. If Ryan was confused, Alexis was even more so.

She had found her brother by the sound of a loud splash coming from the rear deck of the boat. She had been about to call out for him, as she stepped into the cool breeze brushing across the ocean, when she spotted his bathing suit. And a tiny pair of black bikini bottoms. He was skinny dipping in the ocean with someone! Alexis stifled a giggle and crept closer to the edge of the boat, wanting to know who it was. Her mind told her that it was Simone, but there was a small chance that it could be Allyson. She had almost made it to the edge of the yacht when she heard the slap of skin on fiberglass and a long low groan. Her eyes confirmed what her mind concluded, when she crept to the edge of a ladder which allowed passengers to access the raft. Down and to her right, almost hidden by a shelf was Ryan, his hands clinging to the edge of the shelf. At first, Alexis was confused by what she saw, as there didn’t appear to be anyone with him.

Then a small darker patch of tan skin appeared above the shelf, wrapped around his stomach and down below the waterline. Based on Ryan’s moans and the gentle rhythmic sloshing of the water, Alexis was able to deduce that the mystery woman was giving him a hand job. Alexis was curious about who it was and was still kind of bemused by her brother’s reactions. He was panting heavily and his face was red, despite the cool water he was halfway covered in. It did not take long for him to orgasm and Alexis once again fought a giggle as his body visibly shuddered as he came. A few seconds later, the dark wet hair of Simone slipped in front of him and her arms wrapped Ryan up.

The sudden answering of the identity of the mystery woman drew an interesting reaction from Alexis. Inside of her stomach the sickening twist of jealousy burned. Alexis was surprised by it and its intensity, but resisted the urge to quickly leave. Simone and Ryan were obviously working on consummating the earlier manual encounter. Simone’s naked shoulders and back bobbed up and down in the tight space between the shelf and Ryan’s body. Ryan’s biceps and shoulders would tense as he thrust upwards and then relax as he slipped back.

Alexis, with her body pressed heavily into the sanded wood of the deck, encountered a second interesting emotional response at this new sight that quickly formed a strange conglomerate with the growing jealousy inside of her. The new emotion was arousal. It had come as a sudden spasm in the depths of her pussy’s passageway and grown to a dull throbbing heat in the pit of her stomach. But watching her younger brother thrusting deep into the canal of the “first mate” drove Alexis up the wall. Alexis had been masturbating since Ümraniye Escort she was younger but had never felt even the faintest desire to watch another couple, especially Ryan. But here, lying in her bathing suit, beneath a morning sky, Alexis was incredibly turned on. She tried fighting the urge to answer nature’s demand, but the constant thrusting of Ryan’s muscular torso and the small growls and grunts the couple emitted proved overwhelming.

Alexis kept her body low to the deck and raised her hips slightly to allow her hand to slip into her bathing suit. There was no time for foreplay now and her pussy required none. Two deliciously eager fingers slipped through the trimmed thatch of hair that marked the entrance to her virgin twat and then plunged in. Alexis squirmed, her crotch hovering over the deck, as her fingers rhythmically matched the fucking going on in the water. Alexis’ practiced self exploration emphasized an in and out stroke the brushed over her clit before slamming back into her tight channel. Alexis always enjoyed the gooey sensation that smeared out over her pussy lips and into her hair as her fingers pumped in and out. There were so many sensory experiences for her young body to have and Alexis savored each of them.

At first Alexis masturbated just to the erotic imagery before her. Her mind and body were solely focused on the scene unfolding before her. But within minutes of her pussy accepting her fingers, her mind had radically shifted gears. It replaced Simone with herself and soon Alexis was delving into the taboo realm of incest as she imagined the length of Ryan’s cock stroking in and out of her twat just as it was doing to Simone. She imagined the feeling of his hips between her thighs as she raised and lowered her body on his member, its head almost slipping free each time. Alexis felt the familiar sensation of release wash over her as she past the turn back point.

Panic would ensue just as her thighs clamped down on her fingers and she sought to control her muscle movement. Ryan and Simone had obviously each reached their peaks and their bodies broke apart in the water beneath her. Alexis rolled away from the opening of the ladder and tried to control her body’s urgent spasms. Sudden rushes of fear and concern and guilt would break into the powerful orgasm’s control over her body. Her hand nearly ejected from her swimming suit and quickly wiped the liquid evidence of her enjoyment of her brother’s sex onto the deck. It took every single thought in her body to keep from running into the cabin at a full sprint. She took a few seconds to crawl into the shadow of the walkway and then gave into the need to run.

In seconds, Alexis was back in the bedroom, panting heavily against the door. Her mother was still asleep and facing the opposite wall. Alexis stripped quickly and climbed into the shower, thoroughly scrubbing herself with soap and chastising herself for both peeping on her brother and for enjoying it in the way she had. As the shower steam filled the room, Alexis forgot her indiscretions and managed to explain away her behavior. By the time she had exited the shower, she had nearly forgotten about the arousal her brother’s fucking had brought her.

Sandra would wake sometime during Alexis’ shower and slip from the room after changing back into her bathing suit. As she stepped into the hallway she nearly ran into Ryan, who had obviously just gone for a dip, his hair soaking wet and his body speckled with droplets of salt water. If she had been fully awake, Ryan’s mother may have noticed the fact that his shorts were entirely dry. But fortunately for him, she was not.

“Wait a few minutes to go in. Your sister is showering. I think she has been at it for a while so I don’t think she will have much longer.” Ryan simply nodded his agreement. Sandra was still remembering Allyson’s relaying of Ryan’s opinion of her and it nearly brought a tear to her eye. Unexpectedly she pulled him in close and wrapped him in as big a bear hug as possible. Ryan almost laughed at his mother’s sudden embrace- she was obviously trying to wrap him up, but now he was much bigger than he used to be and her head only came to his shoulder. So that is where it landed. Ryan returned the hug, holding his sentimental mother around the shoulders. His hands lazily drifted up and down her spine as his mind wandered. Sandra was comforted by the warmth and gentility of his hug, but was a bit surprised when it suddenly broke away.

Puzzled, she stared at him, before giving him a small thanks and then turning down the hallway. It was then that she noticed the tenting in his shorts. Sandra had to scurry away, a knowing grin on her face. She had forgotten that Ryan had grown into a man and obviously he did not want her to be reminded in that particular way.

Ryan waited in the hall for a few more minutes before stepping into the room. Alexis was out of the shower and wrapped in a towel. He gave her a small smile of greeting İstanbul Escort and collapsed face down onto the bed.

“Tired,” Alexis asked, knowing full well why he would be.

“Yeah, didn’t sleep well last night. You and mom are bed hogs.”

Alexis chuckled a little bit, having stubbed a few toes while kicking or moving in her sleep. She decided that she should take her first injection and ointment treatment of the day and asked Ryan to do so. He obligingly abandoned his post on the bed and accepted the needle and tube of ointment from her. Alexis replaced him on the comforter and buried her face in the pillow, wondering if he found her as pretty as he did Simone. She pondered the significance of the thought process for a second but the first touch of his hands to her feet dispelled any moral evaluation. Ryan’s hands smoothly slid up her feet and over her ankles before running down again, ensuring that her feet and ankles were fully covered in the medicating ointment. Once the lower half of her legs were finished, he moved farther up. Alexis was sure from the nervous and jerky movement of his hands on her thighs that he was not entirely comfortable with the action. It was a stark contrast from the smoothness of his motions below the knees. He even had been better when she had been wearing her swimming suit, but apparently the danger of the open ended towel got to him.

Alexis’ analysis of Ryan was accurate, although she may not have totally touched on why. Ryan had a very clear view of his sister’s pussy and he was having a hard time looking at anything else. His hands just moved haltingly while his eyes drank up the sight of her pussy lips. He could see that there was some hair leading right to her lips and she was wondering how far the little trail wandered. He wanted to fish his hands beneath her towel and touch it, but he was sure his sister’s wrath would be swift. One more application of the ointment on her thighs and Ryan had enough.

“Sis, it’s time for the injection,” he choked out.

Alexis was now wanting to conquer the spell that Simone had on her younger brother and put to test her own beauty. As nonchalantly as she could, she reached around behind her and pulled the towel free, revealing her naked back and backside to her brother’s eyes. The sharp intake of breath that noisily escaped Ryan told her everything she needed to know. Alexis felt proud and commanding as Ryan did not move for several seconds. She was happy to be able to compete with the young thin beauty he had fucked only an hour earlier. She felt Ryan’s open palm press into her backside, framing the tip of the needle as it pressed into her soft tissue. Alexis was pretty certain that he wasn’t just keeping her from moving with that hand, and just as the needle broke the skin, she was certain she felt a small flex of his fingers as he groped her ass. In seconds the injection was all over, and Ryan’s hand slowly withdrew from its resting place on the perfection of her ass cheek. Alexis grabbed the edge of the towel and pulled it back into place, a huge smile hidden in the pillow.

Ryan was nearing a heart attack. First his sister’s pussy, then she had flashed him with her ass and allowed him to touch it naked. He. Touched. His. Sister’s. Naked. Ass! Ryan was ecstatic and wanted to jump on the bed repeatedly like a little boy. But as Alexis stirred, he panicked and ran and jumped in the shower, swimming trunks pulled tightly across his butt by the massive erection he had.

Alexis burst into a signature fit of giggles as the water started. She had seen her brother run to the shower and she was sure from the lack of steam that it was not hot water running. She had Simone and Ryan beat. While Ryan showered, Alexis pulled her swimming suit on beneath the towel and then slipped from the room. The low throbbing hum of the yacht’s powerful diesel engines filled the hallway and she went in search of her mother.

She found the rest of their party on the deck, seated at the small round table that occupied a corner of the boat. Simone was wearing the same skimpy bathing suit she had abandoned on deck that morning and Allyson was wearing a small set of shorts, which stopped just below her crotch, with a small bikini top that covered her nipples and little else. Her mother was also in a bikini, although it was more conservative than the others. Alexis took a chair beside them.

Everyone greeted her with a good morning and Allyson filled her in on the day’s planned activity. The yacht would be docking in a small island that was populated by the Spanish during the colonial period. Not much development had taken place then, so it was still fairly primitive and relied on basic farming and tourism to exist. There was some sort of festival relating to the planting season that would be celebrated while they were there. Alexis was happy to have the chance to get off the boat again and hoped that nothing would go wrong this time around. The plan was for a whole day in the town. Simone would serve as a guide for Ryan and Alexis while Allyson and Sandra would go see the more grown up interests. Alexis was not entirely pleased that she would spend the day with Simone and Ryan alone. Ryan, on the other hand, was quite excited.

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