Saving a Stranger has Rewards Ch. 02

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After we got home Lisa and I decided to go back up to the cabin the last week of August. We told Jessie and she said that she was off from college and that she was going to join us.

Lisa called Cathy and told her the news and Cathy said she and her son would be up there too.

We agreed to meet up there in two weeks.

Time moved slowly but the day finally arrived. The three of us packed up the car and off we went.

On the way up we had told Jessie how we saved Cathy. We also told Jessie that we were naked when we did.

We thought Jessie was going to say something about our nudity but she didn’t. She even said she might try it though to get an all over even tan.

We finally arrived and got everything in the cabin. We had brought enough food for the week, including plenty of wine.

I cooked dinner and were relaxing when the phone rang. It was Cathy. She said they would be up in the morning and would explain when we saw each other.

I told her it was no big deal that we were anxious to meet her son, even Jessie.

The three of us turned in early and tried to get a good night’s sleep.

The next morning Jessie was the first one up and she was already in the kitchen. Lisa and I were taken back when we saw Jessie in just a sheer beach coverup with only a tiny thong underneath.

Just so you know, Jessie is 5’6″, about 130, not fat but filled out in all the right places. She has nice legs, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, nice round ass and good sized perky tits.

We just said good morning and the three of us had breakfast.

After we ate, the phone rang and it was Cathy. We told her we would be heading to the lake soon and she said she and her son, Andy would meet us there.

After we cleaned up and got things in order, the three of us put on our bathing suits. Lisa put on a white, bikini that I thought was a bit skimpy but I wasn’t complaining. Her tits were prominent and I could see the outline of her pussy. I put on my usual pair of trunks. Jessie wore a piece of string with white eye patches covering her nipples, whch could be clearly seen and a white thong bottom that clearly showed that our daughter was completely smooth.

We took our towels and headed to the shoreline.

I put our stuff on our usual rock and placed the towels down. I wound up between Jessie and Lisa.

The sun was already getting hot and the water looked inviting.

After about thirty minutes, Cathy and her son Andy arrived.

Cathy had on a pale blue bikini and her son Andy had on a pair of white Speedos that did not hide anything.

We all introduced ourselves and Cathy and Andy laid down next to Jessie and Lisa and I laid next Bostancı Escort to Andy.

Soon, the sun took its toll and we all decided to jump in the lake to cool off.

Cathy told us in private that they didn’t make it up yesterday because Andy was very horny and he was fucking me all day and wanted to continue into the night, so that is why we didn’t make it here yesterday.

We laughed and I pointed out Jessie to her and said that Jessie has never dressed like that before and almost seemed like she was looking to get laid; almost advertising for it.

We all laughed and continued playing in the water. Then Lisa got daring and removed her top and Cathy followed.

When Jessie saw her mom and Cathy topless, she undid her top string and pulled it off. Then she reached under the water and soon we saw her thong. Jessie was now completely naked. She threw her thong to Andy.

I looked at Lisa and shrugged my shoulders. Lisa looked at me, reached down and then waved her bikini bottom. Then Cathy did the same. All three women were now naked.

I yelled out to Andy and asked if he wanted to join them. Before I finished the question, Andy waved his bathing suit and threw it to his mom. I was the last one to get naked.

Now, here we all were, naked together. I couldn’t even think of what was going to happen next.

The five of us relaxed in the lake for about an hour and then we started heading back to the shore.

I pointed Jessie out to Lisa and told her that it looked like she was used to being naked around others. Lisa agreed with me.

Then Andy got out of the water and as he approached us, we could see what Cathy was talking about. Andy’s cock must have been at least 9″ and it was still soft. Lisa said his cock must be at least 12″ hard and as thick as a coke can. I told Lisa I could understand Cathy wanting to get fucked by that all the time.

I could see Lisa’s eyes get bigger as she took in Andy’s cock and balls. I told her if she wanted to fuck him it would be ok since I fucked Cathy.

As we laid there, Cathy looked over at us and said, “You see what I mean. I have that every day.” Then we all laughed.

Then Lisa pulled me too her and whispered, “Should I put the move on Andy now?”

I looked back and said, “If I were you, I would go for it now. Maybe if Jessie sees you, then she will let me do her too. Isn’t that what this week was all about; you fucking Andy and me fucking Jessie?”

Lisa smiled and whispered to Cathy, “Cathy, is it ok with you if I try to get Andy to fuck me now?”

Cathy whispered back, “Lisa, I definitely want to see my Andy fucking you and maybe later on, we can all watch as he Kadıköy Escort fucks Jessie. Go for it girl.”

Lisa told me to go get something cold to drink for all of us. I left but watched from behind a tree.

As I was leaving, I heard Lisa call Andy over as she asked him to put some sunscreen on her. He came over and knelt besides her. I could see his cock touching her. He rubbed the lotion all over her back and down the back of her legs. Then she turned over and asked him to rub the lotion all over her front.

It was obvious that Andy wasn’t shy and made sure he got the lotion all over her, including her tits, nipples and pussy.

I could see his cock getting hard. As he was finishing rubbing the stuff on Lisa, she lifted her head up and took his still growing cock and slipped it into her mouth. I could see Jessie watching closely.

As Andy’s cock swelled, Lisa kept sucking it harder and harder. It didn’t take long before Andy said he was going to cum.

I watched as Andy pulled out his cock, jerked it a couple of times and sprayed my wife with streams of cum. It looked like he would never stop cumming. Then Lisa just fell on her back, covered in cum.

I finally got back to them with some cold drinks and saw Lisa covered in cum. I asked what happened and Cathy just said that Andy put some sunscreen all over Lisa and did a good job.

Jessie yelled out to her mom that she was a slut, but she said it smiling. Lisa just smiled and said that she was jealous and laughed.

We all rested and cooled off when Jessie asked me to rub some lotion on her. I knew this was my chance.

I went over to her and put some lotion on my hands and rubbed some on her back. She kept telling me to get all of her. I could feel everyone’s eyes watching me, especially Lisa’s.

As I rubbed the lotion on her ass, she spread her legs. I managed to get some lotion on her pussy and I could feel her wet slit.

She then rolled over and told me to do the rest of her. I made sure I got every inch of her nakedness.

As I went further south on her, her legs spread wider and I was now rubbing the lotion on her smooth pussy. I made sure my finger accidentally slipped in her slit. She jumped a little but said nothing.

I continued putting the lotion on and this time, I slipped my fingers in her as far as they would go.

Jessie reached down and grabbed my hard cock and started jerking it off. Then she slid down and placed my cock in her mouth.

I looked over at Lisa who was smiling.

The next thing I knew, Jessie had placed my cock at her slit and told me to push my cock in.

I started inserting my cock slowly as I felt my daughter’s Göztepe Escort cunt stretching. It didn’t take long before my balls were hitting her. I started fucking Jessie and she was fucking me back.

I told her I was going to cum and she said I could cum in her since she was on the pill. I fucked her faster and faster then shot my cum deep into my daughter’s cunt. Even with my cock still in her, my cum was oozing out of her cunt.

Eventually we all went back to our cabin to freshen up and have dinner.

Lisa invited Cathy and Andy to stay over and they quickly agreed.

After dinner we all went out to our deck and relaxed in the nude and drank wine.

Before the evening ended, we tried to figure out the sleeping arrangements.

Jessie said she wanted to stay with Andy. That left me with Cathy and Lisa, which was ok to start. We decided to change arrangements later on.

Jessie took Andy to her bedroom. We could see Andy’s cock already hard. As soon as Jessie and Andy reached the bed, we watched as Jessie took Andy’s cock in her mouth. While she was sucking his cock, she started playing with his balls.

Then, in an instant, Lisa joined Jessie in sucking Andy’s cock and balls. Then it happened.

Lisa kissed Jessie and I could see Jessie returning her kiss.

Soon, Andy was a spectator as my wife and daughter were in an embrace and kissing. We could see them feeling each other up. Their tits pressed against each other.

I couldn’t take it any longer and went over to them. I stood in front of them with my hard cock in their faces and they both started playing with my cock.

It didn’t take long before I shot my cum all over Lisa’s and Jessie’s face and tits.

Over on the other bed, there was Andy with his big cock sliding it in and out of his mother’s cunt.

We all rested then Andy and I got the three women on all fours on my bed.

By then our cocks were nice and hard again and we got behind the women. Then I started fucking Cathy, then pulled out and started fucking Lisa then went over to fuck Jessie. Andy followed me.

It was fun fucking all of them, one after another. Finally, Andy and I were ready to cum. We had the women get on their backs and we shot our streams of cum all over them.

We made the three women go to sleep with our cum all over them.

The rest of the week was the same. We all shared each other and Jessie embraced our new relationship.

When we got home, Jessie became an integral part of Lisa’s and my lovemaking.

Many a night I watched my daughter and wife making love to each other. Lisa always encouraged Jessie to let me fuck her.

The three of us had the best of everything. Cathy and Andy visited us often and when they stayed over, it was always unbridled sex.

I even made home movies of all of us and we all enjoyed how much of a slut Lisa and Jessie have become and I am happy that they are.

Chapter 3?

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