Sarah’s Seduction Ch. 03

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Sarah finally finished putting away her clothes and cleaning her room in time to help me cook dinner that night. Afterward, as she cleaned up in the kitchen, I went out to mow the yard.

It had been really hot during the afternoon, so I had pushed that chore back, waiting for it to start cooling off a little. Little was the right word; even in the early evening hours, it was still really warm, and within minutes, sweat was pouring off of me. As I finished up in the backyard, the pool was looking more and more inviting.

And I’d have probably gone for a dip, too, if I hadn’t remembered that I probably needed to add chemicals to the water.

Sarah had the same idea about taking a plunge, and I caught her dipping her toe as I walked back through the gate from putting up the mower.

“Wanna go swimming with me, Daddy?” she said, swishing her foot from side to side, rippling the water. “You look like you could use some cooling off.”

“I’d love to, sweetie…” I replied.

Sarah’s face lit up and she grabbed at the hem of her tank top, baring her belly as she started to take it off.

“But I need to check it, and I probably need to add some chemicals. We can go swimming tomorrow.”

Sarah’s smile vanished and her shoulders sagged as she let go of her shirt.

“In the morning?”

“Probably,” I said, opening the cabinet sitting at the edge of the patio. “It depends on what I have to add to the pool.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“As for cooling off,” I said, “after I get done here, I’m going to go take a shower.”

“There’s a good movie coming on, Daddy. Do you want to watch it with me?”

“Save me a spot on the sofa, sweetie.”

Sarah smiled and bounded into the house.

The pool wasn’t as far out of balance as I thought it was, but it needed a light dose anyway. I added the chemicals and went inside to take my shower.

I noticed Sarah had already gotten comfortable on the sofa, with one leg tucked under her and her other foot planted on the edge of the cushion. The net effect was the cloth of her shorts stretched tight against her crotch, leaving little to the imagination.

I felt drained by the heat. I undressed slowly, crawled into the shower and stood under the water for a minute or two just letting it cascade over me before cleaning up.

A few minutes later, I stepped out of the shower, clean and refreshed. I was almost done drying off when Sarah leaned into the bathroom.

Her eyes widened as she stared at me. I had my towel in front of me, so she couldn’t see my partially erect penis, but that was about the only thing she couldn’t see.

“I thought you might like a glass of ice water, Daddy.”

“Thank you, sweetie.”

Sarah sat the glass of water on the bathroom counter and stood there, her eyes dancing up and down as she bit her lip.

“I’ve got a spot for you next to me on the sofa, Daddy.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”


Sarah disappeared through the doorway and I finished drying off. I hung up the towel, and standing there naked, took a drink of the water she’d brought me.

Before she’d moved in with me, I’d come out of the shower and wander around naked at will. I couldn’t do that anymore, could I?

Or, could I?

Sarah and I hadn’t really discussed boundaries yet. But did we really need to? True, she was about to start her senior year in high school, but she was eighteen. She was a young adult. That made all the difference. Didn’t it?

I walked out of my bathroom naked, my semi-erect cock swaying in front of me. Sarah and I would work out our boundaries one way or the other. How we would do that was something we’d have to figure out.

I grabbed a pair of shorts and began to pull them on, pausing for a moment. Should I put on boxers, too? I wanted to be comfortable. If I wore boxers with the shorts, then…

Oh, to heck with it. I wanted to be comfortable, so whether I wore boxers or not beneath these shorts, if Sarah teased my cock to hardness, it would be impossible to conceal it.

I pulled the shorts on and strolled to the living room, water glass almost empty.

The movie was just getting good, and within minutes of me sitting next to her, Sarah was snuggled next to me on the couch, her hand intertwined with mine and her head on my shoulder. Later, she pulled my arm around her and laid her arm on my leg as she nestled against me. By the time the movie was over, she was sitting in my lap, her head resting against mine. Even though we were father and daughter, for nearly a dozen years, we’d been little more than casual acquaintances, and it seemed we were now committed to making up for the closeness and intimacy we’d missed as she’d grown up.

As the credits started rolling, Sarah kissed me on the cheek and hugged me.

“I love you, Daddy.” Sarah’s hands found each other and locked behind my neck.

“I love you, too, sweetheart.” I hugged her and kissed her back, and then we sat there looking at each other. I raked my fingers through her Maltepe Escort hair like they were part of a huge comb; Sarah has always liked having her hair played with; she’ll sit for hours and let you brush it or comb it.

It was starting to get late, and I knew both of us weren’t far from being ready to call it a day.

“What do you need to do to get ready for bed, Baby Girl?”

“Not much, Daddy. I finished putting my clothes up. I just want to take a bath first.”

“Okay, sweetie. Don’t make it an all night affair.”

“Daddy…” Sarah started to slide out of my lap and stopped as her feet hit the floor. “I’m not going to take all night. I’m not even going to mess with washing my hair tonight. I’ll do that tomorrow.”


“Daddy, after I get ready for bed, can I come sit with you for a while like I did last night?”

“Sure, sweetheart.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Sarah leaned back and kissed me, and I watched her cute little bottom wiggle as she walked down the hall to her bedroom. She might have been wearing shorts and a tank-top, but it did nothing to curb my imagination, now that I knew exactly what she looked like without any of it on.

I found another movie to watch and settled back with my laptop to check email. I’d been out of pocket most of the week. I wondered what I’d missed.

Maybe twenty minutes later, I got up to go to the kitchen to get something to drink as Sarah walked back into the living room, looking at once almost virginal, and yet, clearly not. Her simple white cotton nightgown wasn’t so simple. It had a low, scooped neckline, with buttons that ran down nearly to her waist, slits cut into the side that rose almost up to her hips, and it was thin enough so as to be nearly see-through. Of the five buttons, three of them were unfastened, doing nothing to lend even a small measure of modesty to the gown which dropped to the middle of her thighs, but otherwise did little to hide her body. As she walked over to me, the strap slid from her right shoulder, allowing the gown to slip almost enough to bare her breast.

“You want something to drink, sweetie?”

“Can I just share with you, Daddy?” Sarah slowly pulled the strap back onto her shoulder.

“You can.”

She followed me into the kitchen, hugging my arm as I refilled my glass.

“Are you ready for bed, sweetie?”

She nodded as she leaned against the counter.

“Yes, Daddy.” Sarah followed me back into the living room, sliding the strap back onto her shoulder again, and stopping next to my chair as I sat down and got comfortable.

“Are you?” I wasn’t fully paying attention to what I was doing as I sat my wine glass down; my other hand had a mind of its own, and my fingers touched the back of her leg, running up toward her hip, and as Sarah climbed into my lap, I felt nothing but bare skin beneath my touch.

“I am, Daddy. Brushed my teeth and everything.” Sarah kissed me, pressing her lips hard against mine and forcing her tongue into my mouth.

Minty fresh. I grabbed at her hip and felt my cock getting hard as she held herself against me.

Sarah pulled her lips from mine and smiled, tugging at the hem of her gown and settling herself in my lap. She held onto the slim bunch of cloth only long enough to drape it carefully in her lap and then she laid her head against mine and tucked her hand in between us.

I looked down at my hand, my fingers just beneath the edge of her nightgown, and Sarah’s eyes followed. She lifted the cloth, revealing her naked hip.

“No, I’m not wearing panties, Daddy.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

“I told you I never wear panties to bed. Don’t you remember?”

I nodded and drew in a deep breath. She’d told me that last night, hadn’t she?

“Sometimes I sleep in boxers and a tank top or a t-shirt, and when it gets colder, I might wear pajamas,” she said. “But I never wear panties to bed. I sleep better and I’m just more comfortable. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

What did she want me to say? What did she expect me to say?

“Yes, sweetie, you’re fine.” Ohmigod, you’re fine, sweet baby girl, mine. My hand swept down her thigh; her skin was so soft. My cock was so hard.

Sarah kissed me on the cheek, dropped her hand down between her legs, clenched her thighs together and rolled toward me. She closed her eyes, drew in a deep breath and held it. Then, she let it out, relaxed and reached for my hand, pulling it back up her thigh, pulling it back to her hip. She could feel my cock, couldn’t she? She could feel the hard rod of flesh trapped between us.

She laid her head back on my shoulder, and when she was sure I wasn’t going to pull my hand away from her, she pulled her hand away from mine.

“I still need some more closet space, Daddy. I don’t have enough room for all my clothes.”

“Remind me in the morning, sweetheart, and we’ll work something out.”


Sarah hugged me and kissed me on the cheek again.

“I love you, Baby Girl. I still don’t Anadolu Yakası Escort know what made you suddenly decide to come live with me, but I’m glad you did.”

“Mmmm. I love you, too, Daddy. I’m really glad I’m here with you.”

We continued to sit together as the movie began to get good and interesting. Sarah shifted in my arms, pulling her arm from around my neck as she snuggled against me, angling her body a little more to the TV, and dropping one foot to the floor. Her other leg remained strewn across my lap, and as she shifted, basically spreading her legs, rubbing her ass hard against my cock, she did nothing to make sure her gown kept her covered, and my fingers slid along her skin, passing within mere inches of her bare pussy.

The strap on her left shoulder fell from its perch, and I looked down past her shoulder, down the flat of the top of her chest at the curve of her breast.

The arm I’d had around her shoulder earlier dropped to her waist, and as I leaned to kiss her, I brought it up, laying my hand atop the thin cloth, my fingers pressing into her to pull her a little closer to me. I could feel the softness of her flesh, of her breast, beneath the cloth, beneath my fingertips.

Surely she realized her gown was practically open and baring her chest. Only a couple of buttons remained fastened, doing little to preserve her modesty.

As though she were reading my mind, Sarah laid her arm on mine, her fingers dancing along the gauze like cloth. The fingertips of one hand toyed with the top button, alternately pulling at the cloth holding it secure and darting into the gap of cloth, allowing her to touch herself; her other hand pulled at the cloth, lifting it, pulling it up, pulling it from beneath my hand.

I felt Sarah’s breathing deepen as she shifted in my lap, and after watching her fingers fidget for what was only a couple of minutes, she unfastened the button, widening the open gap in her nightgown.

Both of my hands now rested on her bare skin, and Sarah dropped one hand on top of mine, and… was she pushing my hand down? Down between her legs?

The downward pressure stopped as she pulled her hand from mine. Was she merely hinting at what she wanted me to do?

I brushed my fingers lower on the flat of her bare skin and Sarah sighed. My fingers moved lower and I felt the narrowing of the flesh leading to her pussy.

“Mmmm.” Sarah laid her head back against my shoulder.

I kissed her naked shoulder and looked down at her all but naked breasts as my fingers brushed against the skin just above her clit. Sarah tilted her head away from me, offering me her neck. My lips trailed across her skin, matching the caresses of my fingers, making her purr.

The movie came to an end and Sarah began turning back toward me. As she did, the other strap fell from her shoulder and the front of her gown sagged; Sarah’s breasts appeared, her nipples half exposed.

Sarah looked down and giggled. She shifted in my lap again and the gown fell further; her nipple stood out on the top of her breast, only partially erect, looking very kissable and suckable.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” I said, pulling at the cloth of her gown. “Between your gown being unbuttoned and you twisting around in my lap…” My thumb hooked into her strap and I quickly realized I was in fact doing nothing to cover Sarah back up.

Sarah’s fingers touched the side of my face as I untangled myself from the strap.

“It’s okay, Daddy.” Sarah looked at my hand and then at me. “It’s not like you didn’t see me naked earlier today.” She slowly slid her arm around my neck as she reached for a strap with the other hand and pulled it up. Her gown only partly cooperated; it hung open, leaving one beautiful breast uncovered.

Sarah sat there, one hand at the back of my neck, the other gently pushing my hand back down between her thighs as my eyes took her in. I let her push my hand down to where it had been moments earlier; Sarah pushed her legs farther apart as my fingers brushed against the crease of skin where legs met pelvis. I brushed ever so lightly across her clit, moving to make contact with the swollen, wet folds of her labia. Sarah laid her hand against my chest as she sighed, laying her head aside mine as I slid a finger into the wetness of her pussy lips.

I pulled my head back just a bit and kissed her on the forehead, my lips lingering against her skin. Sarah breathed hard against my neck and tilted her head up as I lowered mine. We stared at each other for a moment, hearts pounding and breaths heavy.

I was still rock hard; my balls were beginning to hurt. I could lift her up and pull my shorts down, freeing my cock. Then, it wouldn’t take much effort at all to maneuver her and… what was I thinking?

I kissed Sarah.

I meant for it to be a quick kiss that would linger for only a moment before I hugged her tight, but her fingers at the back of my head urged me against her as she opened her mouth; I ran my tongue across my İstanbul Escort baby girl’s lips and then I stuck my tongue into her mouth, finding her tongue. Sarah gasped and her fingers clutched at me.

“Mmmm… Daddy…” Sarah’s eyes were wide with surprise, her mouth open and smiling as the breathed hard. “Kiss me like that again.”

I leaned into her and pressed my lips against Sarah’s, running my fingers up into her hair and holding her to me as I held my fingers gingerly against her swollen cunt. Sarah’s mouth separated from mine as she gasped for breath and clung to me. I took a deep breath, inhaling Sarah’s scent.

Fresh. Clean. Soapy. Aroused.

My hands were touching nothing but her naked flesh, and the desire to actually touch her was causing my cock to positively throb. I had no doubt that my cock was beginning to ooze pre-cum, just as her pussy was wet enough to slide into. Neither of us would go to sleep easily. We both needed relief.

“It’s time for you to go to bed, Baby Girl.”

“But, Daddy…”

Sarah’s hand dropped down between her legs, covering mine, her fingers pressing against me, urging me to touch her deeper. I slid my middle finger into her pussy and Sarah gasped.

“Ohhh, Daddy! That feels sooo good!”

“You like having Daddy’s finger inside you, Baby Girl?”

Sarah nodded, her mouth wide open as she gasped for breath.

“Make me cum, Daddy. Please make me cum.”

With my palm pressed against her and my finger buried inside her, I kissed Sarah on the cheek and rubbed the bare skin of her upper back as I placed my lips against her ear.

“Go get in bed, sweetie.” I slowly pulled my finger from Sarah’s sodden cunt. I didn’t really want to, but I knew that not only did we both need relief; neither of us was anywhere near comfortable at the moment.

Sarah’s eyes fluttered open at the cessation of sensation. Her eyes, wide and desperate for pleasure, searched mine as I pulled my hand from between her legs. I looked down; my finger was soaked with her pussy juice.

Her gaze followed mine and Sarah grabbed my hand, pulling it to her face. Looking at me, she licked at my middle finger, tasting herself. I knew better than to think this was the first time Sarah had ever tasted her own sweetness; she was doing it for my benefit.

“Do you taste sweet, Baby Girl?”

Sarah smiled and nodded as she pushed her hand toward me. I licked at the wetness coating my finger; my little girl did indeed taste sweet; I’d have to sample at the source later.

“Come on, sweetie. It’s getting late. It’s been a long day and we both need to go to bed.”

I leaned forward, and with disbelief on her face, Sarah slid out of my lap, landing one foot on the floor and managing to stand up, the strap sliding once more from her shoulder. Her nightgown was clearly committed to falling off of her.

I slid forward to the front of the sofa as Sarah found her footing, and she turned to face me, her legs brushing against mine as she put her hands on my shoulders.

“Daddy, why won’t you make me cum?”

I was so close to the edge of the couch and she had turned almost immediately in front of me; my hands had nowhere to go but her thighs, and I suddenly found myself, well, not face to face, so much, with Sarah. With the straps of her nightgown down from her shoulders, her gown remained fallen from its rightful perch on her body, and likewise, her breasts remained bare. Her young, succulent globes rose and fell with each breath she took, and we were close enough that I could still clearly smell her clean freshness.

“I know you enjoyed it earlier today, Daddy,” she said. “When you made me cum, I mean.”

My eyes danced from one erect nipple to the other, taking in the subtle ridges in her delicious, young flesh.

“And I’m pretty sure you liked it when you came, too.”

I did indeed, Baby Girl. I did indeed. You’ve felt my cock pressing up against you, haven’t you?

“You know how wet I am, Daddy.”

Sarah pulled a hand from my shoulder and grabbed at the front of her nightgown, pulling it up, gathering the cloth into her hand until she held it pooled beneath her breasts. She stood there essentially naked in front of me, belly, breasts and pussy bare.

The tip of her tongue slid out of her mouth and she bit her lip.

“Don’t you want to make me cum again, Daddy?”

I looked down, my eyes taking her in. I could feel myself weakening. I was able to resist all but my little girl. My gaze wandered up her thighs, pausing at the red, swollen, wet lips of her tight, young cunt before continuing upward. As my eyes rose on level with her breasts, she leaned closer.

“Please, Daddy?”

I looked up into her eyes. Sarah fairly hovered over me, tiny white teeth brushing against her pouting lower lip as she blinked her soft, warm, brown eyes.

The last of my resolve crumbled and I leaned forward and kissed her belly. Sarah’s other hand moved from my shoulder to the back of my head as I lifted my lips from her warm skin.

I tilted my head up and kissed her breast, moving my lips quickly to her nipple, feeling the bud flex and spring forward between my lips against my tongue. I swirled my tongue against her tender flesh as I opened my mouth and sucked her in between my lips.

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