Sarah and Jules Pt. 02

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Cross country skiing. Part 2

Short recap.

Sarah and I met each other on the cross country ski trail in the Sierra Nevada.

After a little ski time outside, we adjourned inside, where we got intimate for about three hours and decided to maybe break up our evening by getting dinner.

We had just finished dinner and we’re returning back to her room, 204.

I paid our bill, lightly waved at the handsome gray haired couple a few tables away that passed us the note, and exited the restaurant and headed for the stairwell up to her room.

We hobbled up the first half of the stairs for seven or eight steps and then the short landing and then continue to the other seven or eight steps to the second floor, where we turn left down the hallway to room 204.

She had absolute glow about her. She just seems so happy and you could see the joy on her face and the look that she gave me was like the look of contentment.

“Jules, I’m so happy! Every nerve in my body tingles from you making love to me.”

I too was looking back at this gorgeous red haired one legged veteran, and I am wondering if I am starting to fall in love with her?

A relationship is usually based on friendship first and then sex, however we are starting off in reverse.

My hedonistic lifestyle might put a hindrance on a potential relationship with her, but I wanted to be straight upfront with her and that should we continue our adventure together, I still love the enjoyment of sharing intimacy with women, men, couples, in my newly discovered “alternate lifestyle.”

Sarah opened the door and she just wrapped her arms around me and kissed me a short kiss.

We sat on the edge of the bed, held hands, and she finally asked? “OK I can’t take it anymore, what was in the note that that couple passed you in the dining room?”

I said “Well…” I chuckled, “Depending on what your answer is, I think the next half of the evening is gonna be very very exciting!”

I asked her “Do you trust me, Sarah? The next part of the evening depends on you to absolute trust of me, even though we’ve only known each other for half a day?”

“Of course I trust you, Jules! I trust you with my life. In the short time we’ve known each other I would put my life in your hands!”

I basically started to explain to her about the couple being part of the “alternate lifestyle” and they both were bisexual, and that they expressed an interest in joining us for an intimate evening.

“The two people are Bob and Teresa, and they were in the room right next to us and heard our lovemaking that’s what prompted the invite.”

I also brought her special intimate fantasies, including being blindfolded and tied up, and being with a woman.

“Now, I never got around to telling you this because we just met on the ski trail, but I also have a room in this lodge. I’m down the hall in 211, and I have a suite with a large king-size bed and a sitting area with a small couch. I have my clothes and some personal stuff there, so here’s my idea.”

“Based on your trust in me, the idea is to fulfill your wish of having you spread out naked on the big king-size bed with your arms tied with some silk ties to the bedpost, and a sleep mask over your eyes.”

“I, Bob and Teresa, would be able to explore your body, and while you’re blindfolded, you would experience being with a woman for the first time, and have two men also kiss and suck various parts of your body”

” Again if you trust me…we will return to my room at 211 and I will prepare you to sacrifice your body to us for the evening, as we to enter the periphery of tantric love!”

” YES!!! ” Sarah said. ” I trust you completely! I want to do this! Let’s go to your room!”

I help Sarah with some of her things, and we walked down the hallway to # 211.

We went in the room and I turn on the room heater to warm it up. There was a essential oil diffuser and I selected lavender put it into the diffuser to give the room a nice scent. I peeled back the comforter and blanket, and left only the bottom sheet.

I turned on the Pandora radio app on my phone for some mellow Celtic music. Fiddles flute and such.

I opened up my little travel bag and took out a few special things. I brought condoms, lube, those special silk ties, and a dildo, and night sleep mask and set them on the nightstand next to the bed.

I texted Bob and Teresa to be ready in about 20 minutes to come on over to room 211, and we would continue with the evening.

Teresa was sitting patiently on the edge of the bed in wonder. I told her to take her clothes off and remove and lower her prosthetic to the floor and lie in the middle of the bed. I told her to spread her arms out and I took the silk ties wrap them around her wrist. I tied her left wrist to the left bedpost and I did the same to the right post.

She took a deep breath and giggled “Gee, looks like you’re crucifying me… Just kidding!” I’m Catholic!” ” Ha, so am I and we’ll have to talk about that later!”

The escort bursa heater was starting warming up the room, and the lavender was smelling great.

I got the sleep mask out and I put it over her head, covered her eyes, and I kissed her, told her to just relax, and listen to the music and just lose her senses.

The overhead light in the room had a dimmer switch, so I turned the dimmer switch down so the light was romantically low. I texted Bob and Teresa that it’s time.

I took all my clothes off and stood naked in the room. I heard a tap on the door. Teresa and Bob came in the room with large towels wrapped around them and nothing else on.

Bob is attractive, fairly slender early 60s, 5’9″, short salt pepper beard and hair, and Teresa about 5′ 3″kind of a short grayish hair, bob haircut and was fairly fit with nice full breasts!

Teresa came up to me and give me a kiss on the lips, dropped her towel, and then Bob came up to me, dropped his towel. He also gave me peck on the lips.

I pulled them close and I whispered to them about Teresa’s amputated leg and her war injury so they would not be shocked or ask inappropriate questions during our intimacy. Im sure she will probably fill us in later, If she feels like sharing more.

I said quietly, “Teresa and Bob this is Sarah. Tonight Sarah has agreed to let us feast on her. Sarah, can you confirm that you are doing this of your own free will?”

Sarah replied…”Absolutely yes! Jules, I trust you implicitly, and I make you in charge of my body!”

“OK, These are my rules.

Number 1) for any penetration to Sarah or I by Bob, condoms and lube are mandatory.

Number 2) NO means NO. We will respect all boundaries in this room.

Number 3) I will choreograph this!

Questions? There were none.

I whispered to Teresa, “I want you to start French kissing her, touching her breasts, sucking on her nipples and then when ready, feed Sarah your tit and have Sarah suckle on you. I want you to really warm her up while Bob and I are on the other side of her. Remember, this is her first girl-girl! seduce her in to sapphic love!

Teresa went over and whispered hello and and introduced herself again.

She whispered” Sarah you are stunning, and I am going to make love to you…” and she began gently kissing her lips. Sarah engaged her tongue in her first girl kiss.

Sarah started moaning and her body was shivering and shaking and she realize, that without any vision, she cannot see what was going on, but she had to rely her senses of touch, taste, smell and hearing.

Bob and I were on her right side. I was sucking and playing on Sarah’s left nipple.

I popped off her nipple for a sec and I turned over to Bob and said, ” Your cock is about my size. I want you to get some lube out, put a condom on, and I want you to fuck me in the ass while im sucking Sarah’s tit and your wife is working on her from the other side!”

He was an experienced swinger and quickly took a condom, ripped it open, and then slid it on his cock. He got some lube on his middle finger and took a blob of it on the end of his finger, and slowly starting to push the lube into my ass.

We’re lying on our right side and he adjusted his cock position to line the sides of my asshole and slowly, gently, pushed it inch by inch till he was fully in me.! God, I almost came right there!

He held it in deep for 30 seconds, and then started slow, increased his pump,keeping a nice rhythm while nibbling on the back and side of my neck and tonguing my ear. His left arm was around my waist and held me tight, keeping his cock deep in me. It was hot man love!

Teresa kept alternating from Sarah’s mouth, to one breast and then to the other. She was like an octopus on her. Hands and lips sucking, kissing, touching, and then her right hand slid down to her flaming red pussy hair.

Her crotch was molten hot and soaking wet. Her wetness was soaking a huge spot on the bed sheet. Sarah was moaning like a little puppy, moaning and whimpering to the pleasure Teresa was giving her. It was a pleasure watching as Teresa slid her hand down and started to finger Sarah’s pussy, working up-and-down her wet slit, and then taking her middle finger into her pussy and started slamming her pussy rapid fire.

The girls had a tittie 69, as each latched on to the others tit, suckling, nibbling, as Teresa kept up her fingering.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap sound as Sarah squirmed and moaning and grunting and I knew she was gonna be cumming soon! She was close!

Teresa slid down to Sarah’s pussy, kissing a trail of wet kisses and nibbles from her tit all the way down toward her pussy over mid thorax down to her abdomen and then finally to the edge of her flaming red pussy hair.

Her pube hair was soaking wet, like someone had rubbed a light gel all over her crotch hair, and Teresa positioned herself between Sarah’s thighs, separating her giant red bush, and plunged her tongue in. Sarah squealed!

She bursa merkez eskort told Sarah to help spread her pussy lips with her fingers, so Teresa could tongue in deeper.

Sarah was almost hysterical with lust! Finally…

“Oh……… MY………. GOD! Keep sucking…oh god…. Oh god…oh god…….Oh my God…….IM CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMING! IM CUUUUUUMMMMMMMING!

Teresa commanded the moment, taking charge and controlling the seduction. Loud audible sucking and slurping of Sarah’s womanhood was heard. Her scent filled the room. Sarah’s hips vibrated and spasm on her orgasm.

Simultaneously I started moaning ” God Bob, fuck my ass deep…. Yes….. yes….yes…….!

Bob yelled out, ” Man I’m cummming….. I’m cumming! “

Bob blew his load in the condom! I felt his heart beat throbbing though his cock in my ass! He jack rabbited in my ass, cumming along with Sarah.

I was jacking off my cock, Bob fully in, and I started cumming huge spurts on to the Sarah’s hip!

Sarah flooded Teresa’s mouth with woman juice. Teresa tried to suck it all, but some of the molten salty juice dribbled onto the wet spot on the sheet continuing to make the wet spot larger. It was pouring out of her pussy, flooding Teresa’s mouth and the sheet.

We three were moaning and screaming and cumming!

After cumming down, suddenly Sarah vocalized “Oh my god……Oh my God……..oh my God…..” she was crying for joy at her orgasm.

We all caught our breath.

” OK Jules you said no means no! I’ve had enough…enough! I can’t take not seeing my lovers. I want to be untied…. I want to hold, and touch my lovers… I want to see my lovers. My emotions are all over the place! I’m going mad!”

I nodded to Bob to untie one of her wrists, and I untied her other wrist and I lifted her up off the pillow in to a sitting position and I held her…. gently kissing her lips, and then I took off the mask.

She opened her eyes looked at me hug me and kiss me and I said to her “Honey, this is Teresa and Bob”

She whimpered, tears of joy continuing to roll down her cheek and she turned to Teresa, hugging her. She kissed her face and her lips and said ” My God, you’re beautiful. Thank you for sharing that experience with me. Thank you for making love to me. I have never experienced anything like that!”

“I always wondered and dreamt about what it would be like to be with a woman, and now you have validated how beautiful it could be, and Bob, Hi too, I did not want to ignore you.”

Bob cracked a smile and she leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips, and hugging him.

Our nakedness was completely natural and no one was self-conscious in the dim light of the room. It was about 85° with the heater on and the lavender scent dissipated, but our essence of sex and sweat took its place!

Sarah said “Teresa, now it’s my turn. IM IN CHARGE! “

We all giggled.

“I want you to lay down here and I wanna taste you and I want to please you, like you did for me. Please lay down and help me please you!”

Teresa laid in the middle of the bed, and Sarah got on her hands and knees and scooted up. Teresa spread her legs and Sarah went down and opened the glistening wet shaved pussy lips.

Remembering how Teresa licked and sucked, Sarah commence to replicate her oral talents. She slid her two hands under Teresa’s ass cheeks, and Teresa put her hands down to her pussy lips and help to spread her lips for Sarah. She held her tight and immersed her mouth and tongue and lips deep into Teresa’s pussy, licking up and down and sucking in the feminine juices of her lover.

Bob went to Teresa’s side and start playing with her tits and sucking on her nipples, and I went down to Sarah’s pussy and slid between her legs on my back, and lined up my face underneath her pussy, and started to lick her and pull her pussy down to my mouth. All four of us were feasting on each other’s juices.

Sucking, licking, slurping, dripping into my mouth. She taste so so good all the different flavors and Sarah started moaning.

She started licking Teresa’s pussy harder, faster getting more insatiably, with aggressive up-and-down tongue movement in her pussy finding the clit and gently sucking it.

Teresa yelled out “Oh my God Sarah you’re doing great! Yes….YES!!!

Both girls screamed, “Oh God I’m cumming… I’m cumming… Yes… Yes…. I’m cumming ” as Bob sucking her nipples and I was draining Sarah’s pussy. They were spasming, their pussies, shaking, vibrating! It was pure orgasmic bliss!

After a couple seconds Sarah crawled away from my mouth, crawled up on top of her new female lover, and kissed her, tears pouring on Teresa’s face and Teresa started tearing up as well because she gave Sarah her first girl-girl experience.

Bob stuck his head in there to get some tongue from Teresa and Sarah, while I was down Sarah’s low end kissing Sarah’s behind, licking her ass crack, fingering her pussy bursa sınırsız escort digging for as much juice as possible and licking my fingers, and kissing, biting, and nibbling her stump.

It was beautiful!

Post orgasm, everybody caught their breath, finished up kissing and sucking and crying and hugging and giggling and laughing, and Bob said “Hey, we’ve been loving for about four hours and I’m getting hungry and thirsty. I’ve got some stuff in our room. I’ll be right back!

He grabs the room key from his pants, open the door, quickly looked down the hall. Seeing no one, he ran naked down the hall, opened

06 and went into his room, and a few minutes later he ran back naked with cold water, some crackers, and a bunch of bran muffins to give us a little bit of sustenance since the lodge kitchen was closed. That would have to hold us until morning breakfast.

While Bob’s doing the food, I check my phone for the weather report. It was gonna snow 3 to 5 feet through the afternoon all night and into Sunday.

I told Teresa and Sarah that I don’t think we’re going anywhere for a couple days because this place is gonna be buried. Nobody’s gonna be able to get in or out. I felt like channeling the Jack Nicholson movie ” The Shining” Here’s Johnny!

I called the front desk to ask them if any people had left before the storm or during storm? They said a lot of people heeded the weather warning and left, and the only two people left besides the four of us are two young men, and a few of the employees who live in the building. I’m praying to God that one of them is a prep cook and cook that can cook our breakfast in the morning because I don’t think anybody’s gonna be able to get in or out for a couple of days until a big snowblower comes in and blows everything open.

Sarah and Teresa were kind of snuggling, kissing and giggling, whispering to each other quietly. I had a feeling there was ” Another storm on the horizon coming!”

Bob came back through the unlocked door, broke open the cold water 6 pack and the muffins and the cheese and crackers.

He and I sat on the loveseat rubbing knees and thighs and smirked while the two girls were feeding each other on the bed. Everybody got a little nutrition before the next round. The girls sheepishly giggled and looked at each other and then looked at us and we sensed them planning some sort of conspiracy.

We swilled down the cold water, finished our snacks, and threw the trash in the trashcan.

Sarah assertively took charge “OK you two come over here sit on the bed. This is what I want. As I mentioned before one of my fantasies was experiencing my first anal. While watching dirty movies in the little cubicles at the adult book store, I also witnessed DP, double penetration. I was totally fascinated with that. “

“This is my fantasy. “

“We’re gonna need a lot of lube for me and Jules’ cock. Jules, you spoon next to me…behind me on my right side. Lube your cock, and I want you to line it up to my ass and very slowly gently start pushing your cock in my ass. Everybody else standby. When I get comfortable, I will tell you what to do next!”

I looked at Bob and smirked “What Mama wants… Mama gets!”

I gently, slowly started to push my cock in her ass. It was actually surprisingly pliable for her first time.

“Oh………God…….. yes………I’m good….. more….. yes….. more….deeper….. all the way…..”

She sucked in her breath trying to relax, breathing deep, as my cock invaded her ass centimeter by centimeters.

” I’m in all the way”, I said.

Teresa was very gently kissing and sucking on her tongue and very lightly kissing her nipples.

Bob was standing at the edge of the bed stroking his cock waiting for instructions.

Sarah looked at Bob and said “OK next part of the instructions. I want you to put a condom on your cock and liberally apply the lube all over your condomed cock.”

Bob immediately complied and prepared by tearing open a condom package sliding a condom on quickly and getting the lube out and jacking off on his condom to caulk a liberal coating of lube.

I was now slowly fucking my loves ass. Very slowly in and out to the brink of exiting her ass, then all the way deep as far as I could go, slowly in… out… in…. out…. Then I started picking up a little bit of speed. Sarah whimpered.

” Yes Jules. My God…. I never thought I had nerve endings down there that felt like that! Don’t stop”

After a few minutes of slowly fucking her ass, Sarah exclaimed “OK Jules I want you to roll me over on top of you, keeping your cock in my ass. DON’T LET IT POP OUT…and Bob, I want you to come over the top of me and I want you to slide your cock in my pussy. I want both of you to DP me NOW!

Bob swung his right leg over and immediately inserted his cock into her pussy, her pussy being molten hot between her juices and the lube on his condom and cock!

Teresa inserted her tongue in Sarah’s mouth when she wasn’t commanding orders, and playing gently with her nipples, which by now we’re very very tender from all the sucking and fucking.

Sarah was now in absolute delirium of passion. She was moaning and screaming and constantly mouthing “Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh my God… Keep going… Don’t stop…”

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