Sar: First Mission

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I can hear voices talking in the distance, words like program uploaded, sensors show green. Then the world is tilting and I’m upright, footsteps coming closer. I open my eyes to see a man standing there taller than I am. I look up to see his face he has grey hair and wrinkles on his face.

“Are you fully functional?”

Words scroll across in my vision, technical data on the parts of my body. I delay answering to look through everything, weapon read outs, flight capabilities, fail safe systems, and empty spaces.

“I am incomplete.”

“You are complete. You have extra slots for upgrades at a later date. They will be used to make you compatible with the mission parameters.”

“What is the mission?”

“Testing and training, follow the arrows.”

I follow the arrows they are not on the walls or floor, they appear in my vision. Moving down a hallway I become aware of a mirror on the wall so turn to look at myself. I’m not very tall perhaps four inches over five feet. I have shoulder length blonde hair. My breasts are slightly larger than my hands can hold. I have no hair anywhere other than my head.

The arrows lead me to a room where a woman is waiting. She hands me cloth to cover myself in. While putting it on I look at her, she is taller than I with larger breasts and brown hair. I mean to ask if she is a robot, instead my vision alters and I scan her. I see that she is human, her age, and I notice a growth within her down low in the middle.

“You have growth in the middle of you low.” Her eyes get wide and she puts a hand to herself over the small growth.

“It’s my child, I’m pregnant. Did they upload the database to you already?” The information on pregnancy floods my mind, the symptoms, signs, duration.

“Yes, the information is incomplete, what does it feel like?” She stares at me for a time, unsure on what to say.

“Right now it does not really feel like anything. Too soon for me to know anything, except that I have a child growing in me. I get tired easier and eat slightly more than I usually do. I have not encountered morning sickness yet.” I receive information that I should follow the arrows again.

“I must be on my way.”

I do not wait for a reply, I move on. The arrows lead me down a new hallway to a door. Opening the door I find no one, just a large room. The arrows go away so I must be where they want me. Except there is no one here, I look around waiting. High up the wall is a window, there are men behind the window looking at me.

I whirl to the sound behind me, the wall is opening letting in a number of men carrying swords. They run toward me swords high, the first of them receives a kick to his chest. He is launched backwards spilling many of them out of his path to the wall. Three manage to stay upright and circle me, I stay low and run through my weapon read outs.

One ends up behind me, he charges with a cry that ends when I sink my elongated nails into his chest. Straightening up after I am charged from both sides. I roll backwards grabbing up the dropped sword as I go. When I stand up holding the sword they both come for me again. They swing for me, one high one low that leaves me with little choice, I jump over both turning around before landing.

My newly acquired sword digs deep into the back of the man on the right. Before the other can turn the sword is free of the first and swinging through the air on the second. His head falls free as I look around, all of the men are dead and there are no more. I drop the sword and look up at the men behind the window. I think they are going to say something to me, instead I get new arrows.

These new arrows take me to a shooting range with a man standing behind another window. This window is down at my height and has a gap in it. Through this gap the man passes a small gun to me and has me show my skill with it. After the shooting is enough he hands more things that I use to make the small gun larger. Once he is happy with me and the gun I stow the parts and gun in my body.

I’m happy with this, I have one less empty slot and I feel a little more completed. Moving on I do not fight again, instead I find another woman who wishes to teach me how to act human. She teaches emotions and signs of each emotion using pictures. She explains as well as possible using examples I can understand. I am left confused on many of these emotions. Love especially there seems no way to tell how to have a human fall in love with another.

Compassion seems a strange one helping or sparing someone just because makes no sense. Logically any threat is eliminated whether they are currently or only in future. Helping someone just because is less logically sound, it is logical to stockpile enough to survive anything. Helping tends to remove or lower the stockpile, this is gambling that nothing bad will happen. I move on with her saying I need to remember to practice these things to blend in.

Trying to figure out why I need to blend in I go into the elevator. When the elevator opens gorukle escort bayan again I find myself on the surface. Now I am supposed to fly, not understanding the why of this I follow the arrows. I am taken on a challenging course, arcing and diving through any number of increasingly smaller gaps. When I finally am directed back to the elevator I am feeling drained. I emerge from the elevator on a different level.

At the end of the new hallway I am shown food. A man there wearing a white poofy topped hat shows me various forms of food and how it is made. I can’t just eat the food, I have to show emotion on the taste of the food. A comment of the man in the white poofy hat has me searching my database. I am not enlightened on why it is better to turn everything I eat into basic blocks to be altered into energy or replacement atoms of me.

The next room I am stripped down and given a small black dress. A purse is also given to me, inside is various items of makeup. I am allotted funds, a large amount to get set up, and promised a monthly payment so long as I do missions. Then I am sent on my way again, a question in my processors, why do I need to blend. The next room I am directed to sit in a chair then another program is installed.

This is a strange program, I see naked men and women and I find myself excited in a sexual way. Once the images fade away I see a naked man standing in front of me. He is a few inches over six feet with a toned body, I see his cock would be rather good sized when excited. I have an urge for sex, I find I want to have sex, this makes no sense to me.

“I do not understand this want for sex. Is that the purpose of the program?”

“Yes, I am here to help you with your want so you are able to make a man you choose happy to have sex with you.” I look him up and down, his cock starts to stiffen and I feel no urge for him.

“I do not want sex with you.”

More men appear talking quickly and loudly pointing at each other and me. I look around at them listening to their words, wrong program, bug, and start over being the most popular. The older man I had seen first appears bringing silence with him, he walks over to me and looks at me for a second then opens his mouth.

“Sar would you please tell us why you do not wish sex with him?”

“Sar is my name?” I get a nod at the question. “I would ask other questions first, my database is incomplete. Why was I created?”

“The same reason as your name. Sar is an acronym for Secret Agent Robot. You were made to do dangerous missions that a human could not do.”

“Why blend in, this is not logical? I am not human I had no desire for sex until you programmed me to.”

“That is because with you being a registered human you can access places with more ease than a robot. It was also assumed with a sex drive you could seduce the guards. Now we are not so sure, you said you have a desire for sex but do not wish it with Brian. Could you describe a person you would like to have sex with?”

I stop moving my processors burning through the images I had seen. I stop at one that I find a desire with.

“Just an inch taller than this body, long brown hair, breasts a little larger than these.”

My words create another argument that rages for seconds. Eventually it is decided that it is Stan’s fault for faulty programming. Pads appear that are used to check the program installed on me. More arguing ensues until the older man raises his hands and shoos them away then turns back to me.

“This is unexpected, and we do not know why it happened. Perhaps there is something wrong in your base program. In any event for right now you are a lesbian. It is harder to find a lover but not impossible, when you settle on a place to live look for lesbian clubs. You are programmed with all known dances simply act human and pick a person to get a relationship with.”

“Are there more programs?”

“Nothing else, you are a learning robot everything else you need to learn yourself. Go out that door down the hallway to an elevator it will take you to the surface. There will be a car waiting for you, it will take you to the station where you can pick a location to go. Once at the station you can access the net and find a place to live. Remember blending is the primary goal, do not show your strength, speed, or fly unless needed.”

I stand up and follow the path described, part of my processor power getting information on purses and their purpose. Once that is complete I look up lesbian, there is lots of information on that. There is much history on the island and the women desiring sex with women. When the elevator door opens again I know all I can find on being a lesbian, there was even lots of information on sexual positions.

The car promised is waiting, it is red with tires. It takes me a nanosecond to register that the car itself is a very old antique, Mustang Halfback to be precise. Sitting in the car is a woman with long curly red hair. She looks over at me and waves, I follow nilüfer escort bayan the directive and get in the car. She looks at me a moment then turns ahead and starts the car.

“So I understand they fucked up and made you a lesbian.” I look at her, she has a nice body that gets desire surging in me.

“Logically no they did not. I am not equipped to birth a child. Sex with a man has no purpose.” She looks over at me and laughs.

“Logic has nothing to do with it, they wanted a straight robot and instead they get a lesbian. Men just want sex, creating a child is more of a secondary concern.”

We come up to a fence there is a gap that the road we are on follows. On each side of the road are two small towers. Inspecting them alerts me to the towers being two robots like me, and yet not like me. These are equipped with powerful guns and wide reaching scanners with simple orders let no one not cleared past. They do not talk to me, even when I try they only track targets to see if they advance on the fence.

“Where are we?”

“We are leaving a secured base, there are not many places I can drive this little beauty. This is one of the very few now that they have ripped up the Autobahn for more houses. Not much longer and they will start building sky cities. If you do fly do not be recorded, use the camouflage program. Another two miles and we hit the station, if you come back you get dropped there and have to walk or take a car. Please never touch mine.”

“I can fly, walking is not an issue.”

“I’m not sure you can do that, the guard programs are not nice to flying objects.”

“I can, I am listed as no target.”

I look at the station as we get closer to it. It is not really much to look at, simply a little tower. I can feel the influx of information going to it, I start scanning the information as we go. By the time the car pulls to a stop I have found a house for me and ordered a taxi.

“Here wear these two things, they are what people have to wear to do what you just did. The bracelet is to hook you in to the net and the visor lets you see the information. Remember to always have the bracelet and visor on when you are accessing the net. If you do not people around may notice, they have not yet gotten a working system without these.”

The bracelet is a nice sliver of metal, easy enough to hide among several bracelets. The visor only clips to one ear, I slave both to me and make sure everything works as intended. When the visor extends it is a good width going across my eyes leaving little to see besides the visor.

“I have a house and a taxi coming.”

“Excellent, remember to say please and thank you, they are ancient terms but still in use by humans.”

“Thank you, blending is my primary purpose.” I say as I get out of the car.

The taxi arrives in a few seconds. It is painted yellow and covered in matter, most of it dirt, some not. The smell coming off is apparently unpleasant judging by the expression on the redhead’s face. I climb in to the taxi and away we go, the older man sitting up front looks at me then concentrates on flying. I look out the window seeing the houses looking up at me.

Unlike the historical houses like the White House and some of the buildings used by the leaders of countries, these houses have no windows. There is a clear roof that brings in daylight with a landing pad for taxis. I spy walkways in rather heavy use, the floating disks used to reach a house everywhere. An odd thing occurs to me, most of the houses are not touching. This is not proper use of space, the lack of logic grates on me.

Finally we reach my new home, in need of repair and furniture. Leaving the taxi behind I descend into my home to the kitchen, to find I do have a good supply of food. Glad I had ordered some with the house and that it’s sent through the system under the dirt I get a large meal started. Moving in to the bedroom I visualize a large classic bed. Going with the easier to reproduce wood I dispel the matter and watch it form into the frame of the bed.

A dark stained wood frame with a classic headboard and footboard I move on to the mattress and base. The base comes out easily enough though the metal springs empty me enough that the mattress has me drained. I stumble in to the kitchen for the meal. While eating I access the net again and order myself a sofa and plasma wall. After a nanosecond pause I order sheets, pillows, and comforter. Takes a second of looking before I find a dresser that matches the bed I made.

With everything I need still ordered I check the newsfeed. Lots of information on the upcoming vote to make a single government. A story on the need for colonists for the third system populated by humans. Then a story on the threat of sabotage on the vote for a single government. Losing interest in the newsfeed after that, the rest is sports and movies I head up to my roof.

I watch humans walk by on the nearest walkway for a while. The sun is sinking below the horizon bursa otele gelen escort bayan when the truck finally appears. The man lets me pick where the items are going to go before taking them off the hover. Feeling ready for a trip to the bar I look over my sofa and plasma screen then head for the stairs. I do not make it up the stairs before a new truck is coming in for a landing. I watch it land then help the new man work the dresser into my bedroom.

Everything delivered I head for the bar nearest to me. It is a long walk giving me plenty of time to watch the humans around me. The men tend to smile at me while the women don’t, even when I smile at them. Theorizing there is more to being a lesbian than just wanting sex with women I make it past the sound barrier of the club. Inside it is quite loud with pink signs. The music seems to have a basic theme of frenetic movement.

Before I can reach the bar a woman dressed in pants and a shirt takes my arm. After asking if I’m single she urges me to go dance. So I go dance with my purse on my arm. I start out with easy movements, I’m uncertain on the proper dance for the music. After three songs that seem to have the same theme we head to the bar together. She sits down next to me ordering us both a beer then pulling me to face her.

“So what’s your name?” I notice the sound is lower here at the bar.


“I’m Chris, what brings you here?”

“I just moved in three miles that way, I’m looking for a girlfriend.” I answer pointing in the correct direction.

“Well then I suppose it’s good I grabbed you up first, I’m only looking for a little pleasure. Not everybody is going to be up front with you on that. Is there a specific type you’re looking for?”

“Female.” Chris laughs and grabs my knee to squeeze it.

“I figured that part, I meant do you want a butch or a femme?”

I peruse my database for those specific terms before answering.

“I do not have a preference.”

“Well now you should be popular until you find a girlfriend. I’ll go spread the word just stay here.”

Chris gets up and walks away taking her beer with her. She has only managed perhaps five steps away before a new woman sits next to me. This one is dressed all in black, pants, tight fitting shirt, and short black hair that was dyed.

“Hey bitch come on, let’s go have some hot sex.”

“No, I am looking for a girlfriend.”

“So I’ll be your girlfriend for the night.”

I look her up and down scanning her this time. I see her natural hair color is brown, her breasts are smaller than she is showing. Her age is a real problem she’s only sixteen, I’m officially twenty two. I wave the bartender over.

“Is there supposed to be a sixteen year old in here?” I ask pointing at her, he shakes his head.

“Nope and now that I’m closer I recognize her, Chase I’ve told you not to come in here.” He presses a button behind the bar.

Before she can do more than make a few sounds of protest a robot comes out of the floor in the corner. This robot is on wheels, it wheels right over to Chase wraps her up in the long arms and wheels her to the stairs. There a section of the floor hovers up then moves up the stairs with the robot and Chase on it. A woman comes up to me while I’m watching this.

This woman is a barely an inch taller than I am, with long blonde hair. She is dressed in a yellow dress that reveals more than it hides. A red belt with a white buckle completes her outfit. I find her nice to look at so try out my smile again, she smiles in return.

“Before anything else I gotta ask, are you into sado bondage?”

“On you or me?” The images brought up by the search for that are not normal.

“On you mostly, I only like it on me sometimes.”

“I am not, sorry.” It is not logical for me to go with a woman who likes to cause pain when I feel none.

“That’s fine I do it for a living. Would be nice to have my own little pet to wind down on after work. I’ll find one eventually, good luck on your search.”

“Thank you. Good luck on your search.”

She walks away after smiling at me again. A new woman comes over, this one dressed in camouflage pants and a blue shirt. She doesn’t want anything but to dance so I go dance again. This time without my purse, it’s sitting on the bar with my half empty beer. I end up changing dance partners a few times while I’m dancing, I pull away and head back to the bar when a distraught woman walks by.

Muttering in Russian as she passes me on the dance floor she goes up to the bar right next to my purse and starts talking to the bartender. She’s asking him if she can get a job here, he can’t understand her. She gets frustrated and turns to go until I grab her arm.

“Do you not understand English?” Her face lights up when I talk to her in Russian.

“No I am trying but everything fell apart on me. I came here to work and be with my girlfriend, she was the one getting me the pass. She told me she wanted me to get pregnant without using the clinic so I did, had to keep trying. Once I did I’m happy because I did what she wanted, she was not happy told me to get lost. I lost my job at the same time, she was my boss. So now I’m homeless with little in the way of money, pregnant, and I don’t want to go back.” I look her up and down, she is attractive to me.

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