Sandra’s Irresistible Ass

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I thought I would try my hand at writing an exactly 750 word story because…why not.

Everyone in this story is 18 or over


What had started off as doggy style had turned to Sandra laying prone while Jason drilled down into her pussy. The room was filled with the clapping of his groin against her peachy ass and her uncontrolled groaning. Her husband wouldn’t be home for hours so she made no effort to contain her ecstasy.

Suddenly Jason’s pace picked up into rapid slapping and built to the climax of him releasing his cum deep into Sandra’s cunt. It felt like he pumped his jizz into her for a full minute before he groaned and relaxed on top of her.

They lay panting for a few seconds before Sandra moved to get up and go clean herself when Jason pushed her back down and slipped his cock free of her pussy. He was still rock hard and clearly wasn’t finished.

With one hand on Sandra’s back to keep her still, Jason used the other hand to align his engorged bellend to her little, puckered asshole – almost hidden between her glorious, Bayan Eskort globe-like ass cheeks. With careful, deliberate pressure Jason pushed the head of his cock against her tight opening until it began to slowly give way.

Sandra gasped then gave a long, deep groan as Jason impaled her ass. She lay motionless as he invaded her most private part and did her best to relax. Now she knew why he had spent so long licking and fingering both of her holes before they had started fucking. This was not the first time she had done anal, she had treated her husband to fucking her ass on certain, special occasions, but he didn’t compare to Jason in the slightest. She knew she should have put up more of a fight against Jason shoving his cock into her ass without permission but honestly it was driving her crazy and she knew deep down she had been waiting for it.

Jason used both hands to prop himself up either side of Sandra’s head to allow him to impale her asshole slowly, stopping occasionally to let catch her breath and try to adjust. He couldn’t believe he was Anadolu Yakası Escort really doing it. He had lusted over Sandra’s perfect, plump ass for as long as he could remember and now he was actually sinking his cock into her tight anal cavity. Jason was quietly prideful of his impressive prick but had never found a woman prepared to even consider taking it in their ass but thanks to a lot of foreplay, their combined juices, and a little bit of deviousness, he was actually getting to fuck his dream woman’s ass.

Suddenly, incredibly, Jason’s groin pressed into Sandra’s rear and he realised he had done it – he had bottomed out in her ass. It took some serious self control but he managed to hold himself in place for a minute to allow Sandra to adjust.

After some long, deep breaths she nodded her head in a silent cue for Jason to continue. With a wide grin he began to slowly slide in and out, working her ass open and preparing her for the ass fucking of a lifetime. Every time he shoved his cock fully back into her hole, Sandra whimpered Pendik Escort but still did not move to stop the man stretching her ass to breaking point.

With growing hunger and daring, Jason began to lengthen his strokes and pick up the pace. He was in absolute bliss feeling her anal muscles gripping and milking his length. Soon he was slamming into her hard and fast, almost as powerfully as he had ravaged her pussy mere minutes ago.

Sandra grabbed handfuls of the bed sheets and screamed into the mattress. The most intense orgasm racked her body as she took the pounding to her ass.

Without warning Jason released an almost animalistic growl and shoved his full, huge cock all the way into Sandra’s ruined ass and released his second load of the day deep inside her guts. He came even harder than before, harder than he ever had in fact, and collapsed onto his side next to the panting Sandra.

“Holy shit, Honey, what was that?!” Sandra gasped, turning her head to face her lover.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist your ass anymore,” Jason grinned, slowly getting his breath back.

Their after-sex serenity was shattered as a car door slammed shut in the driveway outside. In their passion they hadn’t even heard it approaching.

Jason’s eyes widened and all colour drained from his face.

“Shit, Dad’s home early!”

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