Sally and Joe

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It was about 1980 and I was a 30 year old, single elementary school teacher. I wasn’t dating anyone exclusive at the time, but did have a mutual arrangement with several men in town for sexual release as needed. I am Sally, I am 5’8″, 150 pounds; I have firm, natural, heavy, full breasts with sensitive nipples. I sail during the summer and swim in the heated outdoor condo pool during the winter to keep in shape. I wear a nylon/Lycra suit because it is form fitting and slides through the water easier.

It is December, a few days before Christmas. Don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t get cold in Florida. For the past few days the high temperature has been in the 40’s and I have had to bundle up to walk over to the pool for my usual mile swim.

I pulled a chair over near the steps to hold my clothes while I swam my laps so they would be close when it was time to get out. The same young man who was here yesterday is in the pool slowly swimming back and forth. As I am doing my laps, I check him out underwater each time we pass. The pool is heated, but even at that, a man’s penis will contract in the cooler than body temperature water. Well, even contracted, he has a nice package hanging in his nylon Speedo.

At the quarter mile mark, I stop for one of my rest periods. The package stops beside me, only our heads above the water. “Hi, I’m Joe. Until I saw you yesterday I didn’t think any young people lived in Florida. I am here with my college swim team for the week and I am staying here, with my grandparents, rather than in the motel with the rest of the team. We practice for three hours each morning, but the afternoons have been so boring that I decided to take an extra distance swim to kill time.”

“I’m Sally, I teach school up the road and live here – over in that building.” As I pointed with my hand.

“I’ve got to keep gaziantep escort swimming, but maybe we can talk some more during my next rest period.” I pulled my goggles back in place and pushed off.

It is only fair, but I saw Joe checking me out underwater each time we passed, just like I was checking him out.

We chatted at each break and when I finished my mile I invited him to my condo for a cup of hot chocolate.

When we got to my condo and excused myself to get out of my wet suit. I slipped on a pair of panties and a loose T-shirt as I would do any other day and didn’t think anything of it. When I came back out, Joe was sitting at the table, facing the kitchen, in his team sweats. His wet suit and swim goggles were hanging on the doorknob of the front door.

I began hustling around the kitchen and reached up into the upper cupboard for mugs when I realized that I had just exposed my firm, panty clad butt to Joe. I continued as if nothing had happened, but I think I blushed. I know I got a sensation that radiated from my vagina to my head and that my nipples popped up like erasers.

Joe didn’t say anything, but I knew he was watching.

We talked at the table over several mugs of hot chocolate and when he thanked me and left, we had agreed to meet at the pool again tomorrow afternoon.

The next afternoon we held hands as we went to my condo for our hot chocolate. This time, however, when I reached up to get the mugs from the top shelf, Joe was there behind me with a hand on each breast and something hard poking me from behind. I turned around in his arms and kissed him. His hands slid to my butt cheeks and he pulled me close as we opened our mouths to each other and played tongue tag.

We never did get to the hot chocolate, things were already hot enough.

We moved over to the sofa and Joe slid my shirt over my head, kissed my breasts and began sucking on my hard nipples and crinkled areolas.

I slid his top off and admired his smooth abs, caressing him with my hands and fingers. My hand slid lower and inside his pants to his erect cock. He was leaking a drop of pre-cum and I spread it around the smooth, circumcised cap. Joe moaned and slid his sweat pants off.

I slid to my knees on the floor in front of him and began loving his cock with my mouth and tongue. He loved my breasts with his hands and fingers. Being 20 years old, I knew he would recover quickly so I did not hesitate to give him my full attention and within a few minutes he exploded in my mouth. Hot, thick and creamy.

After a few minutes, he pulled my panties off and began orally loving my vagina and giving extra attention to my clit while still holding a breast in each hand. He was good! I could feel an orgasm building and I knew I wanted him inside me.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom, I need to put in my diaphragm and it will be so much nicer in bed.”

When I joined Joe in bed, I held up my hand as he moved toward me and said, “If you cum, I want you inside me and not splashing around on my body or on the sheets.”

He smiled, took me in his arms and said, “No problem. My aim is true.”

I smiled as we kissed and we began exploring each other’s bodies. I was comfortable in my skin and even though Joe was 10 years younger, I was determined to be his best experience yet.

He rolled me on my back and I positioned a pillow under my butt to improve the angle of penetration. He positioned himself over me and slowly began running his cock back and forth through the folds of my vagina. He was lubricating his tip with my juices and just kept sliding, back and forth. He started teasing my clit, which had risen for the occasion, and just kept moving around the edges rather than penetrating me.

“Joe, I want you inside me! Fuck me NOW! Please.”

As he slid into me, I raised and opened my legs to give him full access. I guess I was ready because he slid into the hilt, fully inserted, with one motion. “OH, YES!”

I wrapped my legs around his waist and we began a slow dance of love. In and out; in and out. I was moaning he felt so good in there. He started moving faster and I thrust back – keeping pace with him.

Because of the angle, he was rubbing my G-spot with each stroke and it wasn’t long until I had my first orgasm. As I was shaking out of control, I said, “Don’t stop; please don’t stop. Fill me up!”

He was able to last about 5 minutes and I think I was in a constant state of orgasm the entire time. I know that I could feel his balls bouncing against my butt and I could hear the squish – squish as his piston plunged into my well lubricated love hole. He did warn me with an “I’m going to cum,” just before he exploded inside of me. I held him close as we both came down from our sexual high and we kissed. I think he liked my breasts, because in no time he was fondling them and playing with my rigid nipples and crinkled areolas as his cock slowly shrank inside my vagina.

“How many more days will you be here? Do you think we could pull off a sleep-over? What time do you leave for practice? How long until you can get hard again?”

Joe was in town for 5 more days and we took full advantage of our time together. I didn’t get my daily swim for the next 5 days, but we both got plenty of sexual exercise. As far as the over-night was concerned we had to wait until the one morning he had no team practice and it was necessary for him to wait until after grandma and grandpa were asleep before he came over, but they both went to bed early because of their age.

Joe was a sophomore. We still had 2 more Christmas breaks to look forward to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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