Sadie and Lewis Saga – First Date

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Sadie had picked out her outfit pretty carefully, as it was a couple of months into seeing Lewis, she was rather hoping he’d take up her invite to a nightcap after dinner. In hindsight the dress she’d chosen wasn’t really suited to the rain that had put a damper on the walk home.

When they arrived at her door Sadie was shivering. Her jacket was far too small and the thin cotton of her flower print summer dress clung to her, the fabric accentuating her feminine curves, an almost perfect hourglass. He couldn’t help but stare a little. The folds of her dress emphasised the tiny nature of her waist, and perfect roundness of her derriere.

She turned to face him as she stood on the top step. “I was wondering, if maybe you’d like to come in and dry off? Maybe even share a scotch with me?” She searched his face, her eyes wide and hopeful. She looked cute. He took a step up to level with her. “Only if it’s no bother,” he replied, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.

His face lingered close to hers for a second. She could smell his aftershave, even over the musky dampness, it was intoxicating. Feeling the warmth of him close to her she wanted him. Nervously she turned to open the front door and led him into the hallway. She hit the lights, and went to remove her jacket.

She felt his hands on her shoulders, “Allow me,” he whispered in her ear. She could feel him close behind her as he slid the jacket gracefully down her delicate frame. She leant back into him, pulling his arms around her. He kissed her neck and it was electric. He let go slightly and turned her around to face him, she threw here arms around his neck and he held her tiny waist in his hands.

“Is it bad that I’ve been thinking about this since our last date?”, she whispered, leaning in to kiss him. She could feel his hands holding her, all secure and close to him. His shoulders felt so firm under her arms. He’d looked amazing in that shirt at dinner, his shoulders all broad and sloping. They kissed hungrily.

She ran her hands round his neck to the front of his shirt, her fingers danced tantalisingly over the buttons. She moved her mouth close to his ear, standing up on her tiptoes to do so, “Can I take this off? Please?” She murmured. He kissed her again, gently taking canlı bahis her hands in his. “Maybe we should take this to another room?” He asked.

They made their way up the stairs, their paces broken with fevered kisses. Up against the bedroom door she pulled him into her by his shirt. Her fingers searched for the buttons again. He steadied himself by placing one hand above her on the door, his other hand found its way to the small of her back, pulling her as close too him as he could, kissing her over and over. He moved his mouth across her face and back to her neck. She gasped a little, feeling her body flush as his mouth touched her. His shirt slowly came loose.

Once she’d undone it, she ran her hands under the material. Starting at his waist, she delicately caressed his frame, up his chest and over his shoulders. The kissing got heavier. He pulled her closer to him and away from the door. Her hands found their way to his face, his hands found her hips. His touch felt exquisite through the damp cotton. She reached for the door handle with one hand, fumbling around to find it. Kissing him hungrily.

The door opened and they almost fell through the threshold to her room. Lewis held Sadie close to him as she helped him out of his shirt. His bare chest, warm against her, the heat seemed to radiate through her. His hands found their way to the straps of her dress, easing them over her shoulders, the touch of his hands glancing down her arms made her shudder slightly. Underneath the dress, her skin was soft.

He relished in the sensation of it under his fingers. Tiny goosebumps had surfaced on that smooth marble like skin. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was. He eased the dress further down her body, running his hands over her bra, her waist, her ribs, her hips, till it was on the floor puddled at her feet. The graceful curves of her tiny frame in his hands felt amazing.

He pulled away from kissing her, looking down over her body, holding onto her waist. Her hands were on his face. He nuzzled his cheek against one of them. “You look incredible,” He sighed heavily. She stood there in front of him, a beautiful vision of lace and skin. Sadie had picked a matching set of leopard lingerie that had a dark lace trim. She wanted bahis siteleri to feel her sexiest self on the date. The bra framed her bust beautifully, accentuating her cleavage to full effect. The matching knickers, elegantly framed her derriere leaving just enough to the imagination. He pulled her in to kiss her again.

The kisses grew more and more fevered. His hands skimmed over all of her. He wrapped her up in his arms. She pulled him closer in to him, enjoying the sensation of his skin on her skin. She felt so warm and safe in those arms. Her whole body seemed to ache for him. She ran her hands down his chest and reached out for his belt buckle. Struggling with it slightly. He let go of her to help.

Between them the belt came undone, then the buttons on his jeans. The jeans slid down to her bedroom floor. Sadie and Lewis slowly made their way to the bed, neither one wanting to stop with the kissing. Each step painfully measured, completely lost in each other, until they hit the bed-frame.

Sadie led Lewis onto the bed, not once dropping the kissing, and pulled him onto the bed and onto her. Their hands were once again all over each other. Her hands graced over his strong frame, over his shoulders, again and again, down his back, across his jaw, anywhere she was able to touch. He buried his face in her neck, kissing down to her collar bone, kissing down from her collar bone to her bust. He moved one hand under her to her bra strap. He fumbled with its clip, all the while kissing across the top of her bra line. The other hand soon found its way up her thigh, round her ribs, to the bra clip. She could feel the weight of him on top of her, his stomach grazing her lap. She wanted him. She wanted him bad.

The bra came loose, Sadie felt it undo and arched her back to remove it. Lewis’ face was buried in her cleavage. She could feel the breathy kisses and the grainy stubble against her chest. She closed her eyes, taking in every sensation of his touch. He was beautiful, the definition in his shoulders was beautiful and she was relishing in his every touch. She felt his kisses searching across her chest, down the side of her ribs, till his stubble teased the lace at the top of her underwear.

She moaned slightly, her body rippling bahis şirketleri underneath him. His hands were still under her, supporting the arch of her back as she tensed and relaxed in the eb and flows of pleasure. He kissed along the lace trim of her underwear, from one-side to the other, teasing her with the possibility of more. The intensity with which she felt the pleasure of his touch was almost painful. Her breath seemed to escape her. Slowly, Lewis slid his hands down from the arch of her back, to her underwear, deftly sliding her knickers down. She was now fully naked, underneath him, in the bed, as he knelt between her knees.

Lewis drew back to take in the view. Sadie’s pale skin almost seemed to glow against the dark sheets. Watching her body ripple under his touch excited him greatly. He leant over her again and kissed down the lower part of her stomach. His hands slid back up the bed, under her petite frame and cupped her derriere. He kissed slowly across her pelvis, getting closer and closer to her cunt. He kissed slowly round her, up the inner most part of her thighs causing her to buck and shudder over and over. He could smell her excitement, it made him throb. He drew his mouth closer and closer to her cunt.

She was moaning slightly, her breathing getting more sporadic, her body shuddering over and over again. He went down on her, finally, using his tongue to excite her further. Sadie flushed over and over again with pleasure, her whole body reacting to the sensation of his tongue up against her. The inside of her ached for him to take her. “Fuck,” she stammered, as his tongue danced over her. She could feel the sensations building inside her. The pressure and pleasure building in her abdomen. Her breath shakily filling and leaving her lungs. Her body was bucking and buckling more and more sporadically as he went down on her.

Her whole body flushing with wave after wave of intense pleasure, in time to his tongue dancing up against her clitoris. “Fuck, I’m going to come.”, the words wrestled out of her. Her quivering breaths became audible moans, that grew louder as she climaxed.

Once done, Sadie’s hands searched for the edges of Lewis’s shoulders as she beckoned him up the bed. He wiped his face using the back of his hand, grinning at her. She pulled him into kiss him. She was blissed out and wanted nothing more than to be next to him, feeling as much of him next to her as she could. Lewis lay down next to her and embraced her.

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