Ruby introduction to something big

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i have had my share of experiences of guys with massive dicks fucking my gf’s. of course it was easier to talk my younger gf’s into do things such as that, but it is much harder now at days to find a girl that would allow a guy that she does not know to fuck her with his massive dick.

i remember a girl i dated when i was a junior in high school and she was a 8th grader. we had been dating since the middle of summer and been having sex every single day it seemed. she had been with a few guys her age. she was about 5’3″ black curly hair and a little on heavy side. i told her that i wanted her to fuck my friend, but she said no. i would always bring it up and especially when i was fucking her. i would ask her if she would like a huge dick in her or if she knew what it felt like to be stuffed by a big dick. eventually she started responding to my questioning, such as asking “how do you know he is big” or “how big is big”. one night after we had fucked, i told her that my friend was here and he wanted to fuck her. she told me no, and i started getting mad at her. i told her that she didnt love me and just started saying stupid things to her. she finally got so upset and told me to tell him to come in so she could get it done and over with. i call my friend in and as he was taking his clothes off i watched her face. her eyes got big when she saw his 9 inch dick. i sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her as my friend got on top of her. as i kissed her, she let out a loud moan and pushed me to the side and placed her hands on my friends waist. the look on rubys face was priceless. she was making some painful face expressions and some very load sounds. she said out loud how “he’s too big” “it hurts” “dont go too deep”. my friend was just smiling and looked at me and told me how tight she felt. he Anadolu Yakası Escort asked “are you sure you have been fucking her” and giggled.

a short time had pass when ruby made a loud moan and came. that was the first time that ruby had ever cum, that i know of. right when ruby came my friend came too. he stayed in her pussy for a little bit and then pulled out and told ruby that she really felt great and that he would love to feel her again. ruby just smiled and looked down on his dick and my friend got dressed and left the room. ruby just laid on the bed with her legs still apart and shaking. i told her what was wrong and she said that she did not know that she just couldnt control herself. i had never seen ruby’s legs shake the way they were, neither did she. i asked her how she liked her orgasm and she just had this big smile on her face and said that it was great. i asked her how she felt about fucking my friend now, and she said that she would whenever i wanted her too.

i got hard and got undressed and climbed on top of her. as i was fucking her, i asked her to tell me what she thought of when he placed his huge dick in her and what her thoughts were when he was fucking her. she said that she didnt think that a guys dick could get that big. she said that she had never seen a dick like his and that it hurt the minute he placed his dickhead in her pussy. she went on to say that she was not aware of the feelings like the ones she had when he was deep in her pussy. she said that his dick was up in her and that it was hitting or pushing something deep in her, it hurt at first but after a bit it did not hurt as much. as i was fucking her, i noticed that i could not feel her pussy walls like i had before my friend fucked her. i asked her if she could feel me and she said no that Bostancı Escort her pussy felt numb. it didnt take long for me to cum hard into her pussy.

after a while ruby would fuck my friends dick whenever i asked her to or sometimes she would tell me that she felt like having his 9inch dick in her. i remember when my gf would wrap her hand around his dick her fingers were about 1″ or more from touching one another (but then again she did have small hands). she loved his dick, not at first but she eventually did. my friend would fuck my gf whenever we would hang out together. i loved how her orgasms wher so intense. i always did enjoy fucking her after her pussy was loosen up by his dick.

i have enjoyed the feeling of a loose pussy after being fucked by a big dick. towards the end of the year her pussy had gotten looser to the point that i could not feel her pussy as much. ruby and i always fucked. there were times when she didnt feel like fucking and i would get on top of her, whether she was faced down or laying up watching tv and i would get on top of her and fuck her. she would just act as if nothing was going on, she would sometimes tell me if i was close to finishing or just tell me to hurry up. the thought of her just laying there like nothing was happening turned me on so much that it never took long for me to cum in her. she would just lay there with cum coming out of her pussy, which i would clean up for her while she watched tv.

i remember when we were fucking and the phone rang. she picked up the phone and started talking to her friend while i was fucking her. i could hear her friend asking her if she could talk and my gf said yes. her friend asked her what she was doing and she said that i was fucking her. her friends laughed bc she did not believe her. i thought it was funny Erenköy Escort so i told her friend hi. her friend just laughed. her friend asked my gf, how can you talk while he is doing it to you, doesnt it hurt or something? my gf said no. her friend said, hes a junior, it does hurt? my gf told her that i was small like a baby. her friend just laughed and said no way. i came shortly after that remark. my gf told her that i was done, that i had finished cumming. they just laughed together.

i thought about what had just happened and found out that i enjoyed having her tell me how small i was and the thought of how my dick did not faze her at all. i spoke to her about it later and she said that it was no problem for her to tell me how small i was during sex and talk dirty to me tell me things like that especially when she was on the phone with her friends. our sex became more exciting after that. during sex she would tell me “fuck me with that little dick, i can not feel your little thing in me, your so small, you have a baby dick, try to make me feel that little thing.” we would get in to some positions that i could not fuck her bc i was too small to reach. she would tell me “can your little thing reach”. i would put her in another position at times when i knew that my dick could not reach her pussy and she wouldsay “your dick is too small to reach in this position” ” i wish you had a big fuck me with” ” try getting your little pinky to reach, your baby dick can not reach this position” i would cum so hard when she spoke to me in this way. i would fuck her with her friends on the phone . they would laugh and ask with her if i was really that small. she would tell them that i was tinny and how she could not feel my little baby dick most of the time when i was in her. her friends would laugh.

since then, i do love when a girl talks down about my size during sex. it is such a turn on for me. most girls have not been willing to do it, but i have found a few girls that have done that for me in the pass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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