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I was sitting at home waiting for Her to arrive. I was wearing exactly what She told me to wear – nothing. I had showered and shaved my pubic hair, avoided makeup and was kneeling on the floor wHere I was supposed to be by the time She reached the end of the hall.

I knew all the rules. I could look at Her until She said otherwise. I smiled up at Her. She was wearing a very practical business suit, dull blue with a white shirt, no hose. She walked right in front of me and stopped, letting the shopping bags hit the floor on either side of me. She reached down and unzipped Her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She reached out and put Her hands on my head, pushing my nose into Her mons. Her close cropped hair was scratchy on my nose and I could smell Her strong scent. She began to work Herself against my face and I could feel Her lips begin to moisten as they ran over the tip of my nose. I wanted to open my mouth, to suck those lips between mine, but I knew the rules.

“Open.” She finally said, and I opened my mouth.

She began to drag Her lips across mine, mixing my saliva with Her wetness. I was already beginning to shake.

“Tongue.” She commanded.

I slid my tongue between Her lips and just got a taste before She pulled my head back. A soft “Oh..” escaped my lips. She smiled briefly before dragging Her fingers down across my eyes, Her signal to keep my eyes shut. I wanted so badly to lean into Her, clutch Her thighs and hold Her. Instead I held my position, head tilted back, tongue out, palms sweating, nipples hard, dreaming of what might be ahead. She is always full of surprises, my favorite quality about Her.

I felt Her buttocks against my face and I pressed into Her, searching with my tongue. I felt Her thrust backward, bending to give me better access, and I lavished Her puckered anus with all I had. I heard Her moan softly and put a hand on the wall. I felt Her shirt slide off above me, felt Her kick off Her shoes while I knelt and continued my worship.

She stepped away, “Stay.” She said, a little more commanding tone beginning to show in Her voice as She was getting exited.

I heard the shopping bags rustling and my curiosity returned.

“I’m going to shower. When you hear the shower stop, you may open your eyes and get dressed. I’ve laid out what you shall wear for our date this evening on the bed.”

I waited impatiently. She seemed to be taking forever and I couldn’t stop myself. I opened my eyes to peek at what she’d brought. It was going to be a very exiting evening.

When She stepped out of the bathroom I was wearing the outfit She had laid out for me: Leather g-string with a strip of metal studs on the inside, right down the middle, skintight black dress, slightly see-through so that all could see what lay underneath, vinyl combat boots, and my long black hair pulled up and tied in place with a leather strap. She had already dried Her curly red hair and put on a little makeup.

“Open” She said. I held still while She applied a very dark red lipstick. The rest of me shivered a little.

“I know you probably cheated and looked before I got out of the shower.”, She said while applying the lipstick with a concentrating look on Her face. “We’ll take care of that punishment later… I promise.”

She knew She didn’t have to promise. Her word was law. She moved to the closet and pulled out a new dress, a short and sheer plain white dress that would mimic Her own creamy white skin. Out of the shopping bags She pulled matching lacy white panties and stockings, an outfit I’d never seen Her in. My fingers shook as I attempted to help Her zip up the dress. She looked divine. Her large breasts pressed against the sheer material of the dress. The high cut of the panties was plainly visible. She stepped into a pair of heels and picked up Her large black vinyl purse. She always had some favorite toys in that bag. She handed it to me and headed for the door.

“Come.” She orderd.

As we walked outside, I could feel the metal studs rubbing against my shaved pussy. One of them was placed in nearly perfectly over my clit. If I took long steps it dragged right down between the top of my lips and send shivers over my entire body. She got behind the driver’s seat, something escort bayan She never does when we go together. I handed Her the keys, beginning to wonder if maybe She had some role-playing swapping in mind and already dreaming of what I’d want from Her. It was odd not having to drive. Usually I’m the chauffeur.

We arrived at a restaurant I liked but that wasn’t Her favorite. Fantasies were flying through my head. We were seated at a table that wasn’t as private as I’d prefer and the place was crowded. She moved aside to allow me to pass, another curious hint at what I guessed was coming. She sat opposite me and picked up a menu, ignoring me totally. I already knew what I wanted but I pretended to look at the menu anyway while my mind raced. The waiter took our order, trying not to stare too obviously. I knew we were gorgeous and I couldn’t suppress a small smile. She ordered then stopped to allow me to order, something She hadn’t done since our first date. Usually She ordered for me. My voice cracked slightly as I told the waiter what I wanted. He left us and I looked up into Her eyes. I nearly jumped when I felt Her foot on my calf, just about the top of my boot. She simply smiled as Her stocking-covered toe slid up my leg. I was shaking hard.

This was a game we had played many times, but usually it was me moving my foot up Her leg until She commanded me to stop. She would allow me to continue after a while and by the end of the meal She would be working Herself off on my foot while I squirmed on the other side of the table, trying to hold my foot wHere She wanted it. The look on Her face now made me want to be brave and ask Her to stop for a moment. My mouth opened, trembling. I opened my eyes, startled that I had allowed them to shut without Her command. She had a look on Her face like She was daring me to do something, a look She usually reserved for when She wanted me to break a rule so that She could punish me. Her toe was at my knee.

“Ss.. stop.” I said, quietly in case my guesses were all wrong.

I opened my eyes, not realizing I’d let them shut again. Her foot stopped between my knees. I slumped a little in the seat, letting the studs press between my lips. She had never even hinted at letting me take control. I was happy in my submission most of the time, but once in a while I had intense desires to take control just once.

“ok” I whispered, consciously allowing my eyes to shut.

Her foot began traveling up my thigh, pushing the long dress up. She was using the same slow, soft touch on me that I had used on Her dozens of times.

“Stop.” I said again, shocked at the slight commanding tone that had begun to creep into my voice.

I opened my eyes to see Her, lips slightly apart, eyes wide staring at me, Her nipples erect. I reached under the table and timidly pulled my dress higHer. I was tempted to grab Her foot and press hard against it but I still wasn’t sure She was letting me get away with this.

“Ok.” I said again.

Her foot moved up and brushed over the leather encasing my soaked crotch. I wanted to make Her stop again but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The ball of Her foot pressed against the top of the stud that rested over my clit. I was already close. My eyes flew open as She pulled Her foot away. She had the stern look on Her face, one She used just before punishment.

“Shhh.” was all She said.

I felt Her other foot creeping up my thigh, this one with the shoe still on. The spike heel slid up my shaking leg. It stopped as Her shoe got entangled in my dress. I knew to pull it out of Her way. Her spike continued up my leg to stop at the top of my thigh, dangerously close.

Our dinner arrived. She sat back, eating quietly and keeping Her shoe between my thighs. I was starved but She seemed to be taking Her time so I knew not to rush. She paid the check, dragged the heel down my thigh and rose to leave. I pulled my dress down and followed. She got into the passenger seat. She pulled the keys from the purse and handed them to me.

As I started the car, She reached over and pulled down the shoulder of my dress. I watched as She attached a nipple clamp to each nipple. A moan came from my lips and I gripped the steering wheel, trying to get used altıparmak escort bayan to the sensation. She pulled the shoulders back up on my dress and said “Drive.”

I follow Her directions and soon we’re at a secluded spot on the edge of a large park. “Out.” She said while digging in Her purse.

Standing beside the car, I waited patiently. She came around carrying a leather paddle she’d gotten from Her bag. I was ready to lift my dress for Her when She bent over the hood, pulling up Her dress and handing me the paddle. Then I noticed She was wearing my ringed leather collar. She bent Her head down in the same position She would always have me assume. Suddenly my dominant fantasies were filling my head again.

I stood beside Her and swung hard. The resounding whack made me squeeze my legs together. She spread Her legs wider and I heard Her sigh softly. I swung again. I really wanted to reach out and pull Her panties down but I wasn’t brave enough to do something I hadn’t been invited to do yet. I swung again and heard Her whimper. I thought about what She would normally be doing now – spanking me until I cried and then pushing my head down to pleasure Her. I swung again. She reached back and pulled Her panties down below Her buttocks. I wanted to scold Her like She would me, tell Her not to do anything without my command. Instead I stared down at Her reddened ass. I swung again. Her ass jumped. I put a hand against my crotch, pressing the leather and steel tighter against me.

She pulled Her panties all the way off. She turned and looked right at me as She balled them into Her mouth, pulled Her dress up and bent over again. I began to feel brave. I reached up and a hand on Her back, holding Her down on the hood, and swung hard with the paddle. I felt Her jump under my hand. I swung again. She pushed up under my weight but I pressed down hard and swung again. I was beginning to feel really powerful. She was whimpering. I didn’t stop until the first tear hit the hood of the car.

I watched Her pull the panties from Her mouth and stand. The look of control slowly returned to Her face.

“Open.” She ordered.

I opened my mouth to accept Her panties. She got back into the car. I returned to the driver’s seat.

“Home.” She ordered.

I could taste Her in my mouth, the smell of Her wetness and the satin panties rising to my nose. We arrived in the driveway and She pulled the panties from my mouth. She pulled the shoulders down on my dress to release the nipple clamps. I moaned loudly as the blood rushed back into my sore nipples. She pulled the shoulders back up and got out of the car. I followed Her and unlocked the door for Her. Inside, She stripped down to the stockings, heels, and collar. I stood by the door awaiting Her next order, confused by this game.

She went to the bar and fixed a drink. She brought it to me and knelt at my feet. I sipped the drink and considered my next move.

I decided to give Her one chance to confirm what She wanted. I went to the bedroom and retrieved leather wrist cuffs from the drawer of toys. I strode back into the hall and handed them to Her. She put them on with Her eyes downcast.

That was enough for me. I wriggled out of the leather g-string. I pulled the dress over my head and looked down at Her beautiful face. I reached down and cuffed Her wrists to the collar at Her neck. I helped Her stand and led the way back to the bedroom. I wanted to make the night last but I was so hot I knew I couldn’t accomplish everything I desired without some relief first.

“Boots.”, I said, trying to sound confident.

She knelt and untied my boots, allowing me to step out of them. I sat back on the bed and relaxed for a moment before motioning Her over. She crawled over and fell flat, unbalanced without the use of Her arms. I pulled Her head between my thighs and began to push myself against Her waiting mouth.

I was soaked from the evening’s buildup. Soon I was shaking all over and my hands were clutching the pillows. Closer and closer… She stopped. A loud moan escaped my lips and my eyes flew to Her. She was kneeling upright, my juices covering Her smile. She sat up, staring into my eyes the whole time.

“Unlock nilüfer eskort me.” She commanded.

I sat stunned for a moment. Close, so close…

“Unlock me!” She yelled.

I considered pushing Her down and sitting on Her face the way She had on only our second date. My hands shook as they reached up, seemingly of their own accord, and unlocked Her wrists from the collar. She reached over the edge of the bed and retrieved the paddle I had tossed there. I rolled over for Her. The blows came quick and light, the kind that slowly build up the burning feelings all the way down into my core. She straddled my back and continued working on my ass. I could feel Her coarse pubic hair, sopping wet, pushing down between my shoulders. I couldn’t stop shaking. I was just about to cum just from the sheer teasing She had given me. The paddle stopped falling and She gave me a moment to contain myself before issuing another hard blow. I yelped with that one. Her other hand slid across my sore buttocks, not soothing, just pushing me closer to the edge. I wanted that hand inside me so badly. The oil slipped down between my buttocks all the way over my swollen lips. My ass was shaking. My hands clutched at the bed. I lifted my hips in hopes that Her hand would find it’s way down to my pussy. She got off me and went to the toy drawer. I couldn’t resist a look over my shoulder to see what She had brought back. She smiled as She oiled up a butt plug and slid it inside me in one smooth motion. I was breathless for several seconds before I gasped.

I felt so good in Her control. I kept my eyes closed this time as She came back from the toy drawer again. I was close to begging, to breaking my silence without permission. She was tying something around my waist. I looked down as She drew the straps between my legs of Her strap on vibrator. I was confused until She got on Her hands and knees in front of me, presenting me with a rear view of Her soaking wet lips, already spread wide.

I finally figured out Her game. She had me so worked up She was going to get the fucking of a lifetime.

I was breathing hard as I put the head of the vibrator against Her entry. The straps of the vibrator were split, running on either side of throbbing pussy. Tempted as I was to press my clit against my mistress, rub Her ass or thigh or maybe even Her face to get myself off, I knew the opportunity She was offering me might never come again.

I pushed the shaft into Her. She groaned and pressed back against me. I put my hands on Her hips to keep rhythm with Her and began to pick up the pace. Soon I was going fast and hard, slamming into Her with each thrust. Her buttocks slapping into my hips were almost enough to get me off but I kept getting distracted with trying to keep the pace. I was not very practiced at this. She lay down on Her shoulders and I felt Her hand slipping between my legs as I thrust forward. I lost the rhythm for a moment and backed off, trembling.

“Turn it on.” She said, Her voice actually cracking.

I reached down with a shaking hand and twisted the shaft of the vibrator. The buzzing seemed to run through my entire body and I fell forward against Her, pushing the base of the vibrator against my mound. I held still there for a moment, enjoying the sensation I got pushing against Her. I heard Her moan, but barely registered it as I was in my own world. I pulled back and slammed into her. Again I could her Her gasp as if from far away. I didn’t let up, I pounded against Her, my hands gripping her hips. Her ass bounced with every push. And with every push the straps between my legs pinched my lips together. Between that and the vibrations I was over the edge. I looked down at the base of the fake cock, stretching Her wide and began to spasm. I had lost control completely so She pushed back against me, trying to get Herself off. I shivered one last time then fell back on my heels.

She turned around and pushed me onto my back. She straddled me and took the entire length of the vibrator into Herself. I reached up and tugged on Her nipples as She started pushing up and down hard. I still didn’t have enough control to push back. I just lay there having orgasm after orgasm as Her full weight pounded the base of the vibrator against me. Soon She was yelling “Oh my God!” with each stroke and came with me.

She took a few more strokes but slowly settled down against me, shivering. When we both could breath again She whispered in my ear, “Did you enjoy your little power trip, my dear?”

“Yes, mistress. Thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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