Robinson Family Ch. 03

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Alex loved the beautiful sight before his eyes. His twin sister was naked, kneeling on the bed with her head down and her lovely butt sticking up in the air. He could barely contain his joy when his father asked him to approach the bed so that he could learn more about his sister’s body. It was awesome enough that he was seeing his sister naked, but now he was ecstatic that he was actually going to get to touch her intimately. Melissa didn’t give any indication of it, but she too was excited about her brother seeing her like this. Alex sat down on the bed right behind Melissa’s protruding butt. He looked at this father anxiously for further instructions. Mr. Robinson caressed his daughter’s reddened buttocks with his hand.

“OK son, look at how I am rubbing your sister’s butt. I am sure she will enjoy it more when you do it. The breasts and reproductive organs are not the only parts of a woman’s body that are susceptible to pleasure. Many men find an attractive looking butt to be very appealing on a woman, and many women enjoy a man’s attention to her butt. I just finished spanking your sister. Of course, rubbing after a spanking is appreciated because it helps with the pain, but I’m certain that most of your sister’s enjoyment is due to an entirely different cause. The Bible makes it clear that women are submissive creatures. Melissa had to expose herself and submit to chastisement, the biblical way, from a man in an authority position over her. This submission to punishment is likely to have a profound impact on her sexuality. Her hormones are in overdrive right now. She is in a vulnerable position right now, and as such, her body is crying out for a man to comfort her and assert his ownership over her. Your touch on her butt will be very welcome. Go ahead. Before you are allowed to pleasure her nipples and reproductive parts, you are going to learn how to take care of this pleasure zone. I cleaned her up for you. Rub her any way you want. Just don’t stick İstanbul Escort anything in her anus yet. I will step aside now. Get to work.”

Mr. Robinson stepped away from the bed. Alex nervously cupped his hands around Melissa’s buttocks. She flinched with pleasure at his touch. Alex squeezed gently. Then he squeezed harder. He wasn’t sure if she liked it gentle or hard. He mixed up his movements. Alex turned his wrists around and used his fingertips to graze over the seam where the lower part of Melissa’s butt connected to her legs. She seemed especially sensitive there. Alex thought she liked what he was doing, but he couldn’t be sure. It suddenly occurred to Alex that he should be talking to his sister.

“Melissa, you have a very nice butt. It’s beautiful back here.”

Melissa didn’t think she could blush any more than she already was, but somehow Alex’s compliment did just that for her. It took away much of her anxiety to know that Alex could appreciate every part of her.

“Thanks Alex. I’m really glad you like it.”

“Yeah, I do. Does what I’m doing make you feel good? I want you to enjoy this.”

“Yes, I’m enjoying this very much. You are doing great.”

Alex continued to massage his sister’s butt in silence, but was soon overcome with an unexpected surge of affection.

“I love you, Melissa.”

Alex was temporarily taken aback by his sudden exclamation, but Melissa responded perfectly.

“I love you too, Alex. I’m glad we are learning about this together.”

Alex was glad too. He decided to make the most of this time.

“Alright Melissa, don’t be shocked. I’m going to make this good for you.”

Alex leaned in closer and planted a kiss on Melissa’s left buttock, then her right one. He knew she would enjoy that. He used his hands to gently squeeze the lower part of her butt while he planted kisses all over. Without thinking, he began to pry apart her buttocks. Some of his kisses Bayan Escort began to drift towards the previously untouched area between her buttocks. Alex stuck his right index finger between her buttocks and lightly stroked Melissa’s anus with his fingertip. He didn’t insert his finger. He just rubbed her sphincter. Melissa’s breathing indicated that she was ecstatic at this sensation. Alex decided to take this one step further to show Melissa how much he loved her. Alex pressed his face against Melissa’s spread apart buttocks. He stuck out his tongue and lightly touched her anus with it. He began to use the tip of his tongue to lightly flick her sphincter.

“Oh Alex! Thank you so much! I love you! Dad, you can spank me as much as you want if it means that Alex can do this to me. Just kidding. I don’t actually want you to spank me.”

Encouraged my Melissa’s outburst, Alex continued to lick her anus. It was really clean back there, so Alex didn’t mind. He was just glad that Melissa was enjoying it. After a few minutes of this, Mrs. Robinson decided to stop him.

“OK Alex, that’s enough of that for now. I’m really impressed that you took it that far. You certainly are a fast learner. Now it’s her turn to make you happy. I want you to lie flat on your back, but before you do that, I want you to put your father’s belt on. I know you’re naked, but just put it on like you are wearing pants. I want you to lift your penis up so that it rests on your belly, then I want you to place the belt over your penis to hold it in place. I want to make sure that Melissa doesn’t accidentally touch your penis. She will later, but we aren’t there yet. Melissa, you are going to massage your brother’s testicles. Those are his balls. They are extremely sensitive to pain, so be very gentle with them. Don’t squeeze the actual testicles inside his sack. You can cup your hand underneath his sack and rub your fingers on his sack above his testicles if you want. His Eskort balls aren’t nearly as susceptible to pleasure as his penis is, but you can still please him this way. I want you to learn how to handle his balls properly, since this is a skill that is very easy to neglect.”

Alex secured his penis in place and lied down on his back. Melissa knelt beside the bed. She cupped her right hand underneath Alex’s sack. She gently played with it, being careful not to squeeze his balls.

“This feels good, Melissa. Keep it up.”

“Ha. Keep this up after the way you tickled my anus with your tongue? This is boring. I want to make it fun for you too.”

Melissa leaned closer and ran her tongue across Alex’s sack. She then puckered her lips and lightly kissed his balls. She lifted his sack and licked the underside of it. She gently nibbled on the lower-center part of his sack with her lips. Alex could feel her head so close to his restrained penis. He longed desperately for her to touch him there, but he knew it would come eventually. He was enjoying the way Melissa was expertly using her mouth on his balls. She was a fast learner too. Mr. Robinson tapped her on the shoulder.

“OK Melissa, that’s good. Both of you stand up now. You two certainly have no problems using your mouths on each other. That’s good. The mouth can cause great pleasure. We are going to start venturing into orgasm territory soon. Before we do that, you two need to learn to use your mouths in a way that we should have taught you before I spanked Melissa. I want you two to kiss each other. Stand apart and lean in. I don’t want your bodies pressing against each other. That is another thing that will have to come later. Just peck each other’s lips lightly, then move on from there.”

Alex and Melissa looked into each other’s eyes. Melissa planted a soft kiss on Alex’s lips. Alex kissed her back. Melissa opened her mouth slightly and closed her lips around Alex’s bottom lip, then she slid her lips off. She opened her mouth again, and Alex locked his mouth around hers. He inserted his tongue in her mouth quickly found her tongue.

“That’s good you two” said Mr. Robinson.

“Now, let’s move on to the fun stuff.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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