Rita and Billy

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Female Ejaculation

— as told to LucOuarm by Rita.

I was fed up with this shit. Once again George rolled over and turned his back to me. “Not tonight, babe,” he mumbled, “I had a rough day at the plant; I need to get some sleep.” Soon he was deep in slumber. I was wide awake.

I lay there, my frustration making me angry; just about every night it was pretty much the same story. I decided, while lying, frustrated, next to my husband, that I had to end these long spells of going without sexual relief. I needed to find a substitute for my husband’s constant lack of interest in me. What made me more pissed was my knowledge that he was conserving his energy not just for work, but for his frequent bowling sessions with his pals. It was not fair; I was thirty-eight, not fifty-eight. I needed sex!

The next day, after George had departed for work, I was making breakfast for my son. When Billy walked in and sat down, I looked at him and found myself evaluating his body. With only a tee shirt and some shorts, his lithe, muscled form was handsome, and frankly very attractive to me.

“Here’s your breakfast, Billy,” I said, and he smiled at me as he looked at the waffles and sausages I slid in front of him. I secretly watched him while he ate, sneaking looks while sitting with a cup of tea and pretending to read the paper. Billy was so busy savoring his food that he never noticed me examining him. I daydreamed about his naked body rubbing against my own and felt my pussy becoming lubricated with my incestuous anticipation of an illicit coupling.

Billy put down his knife and fork on his empty plate and rose from the table. “Thanks, mom, that was really good.”

“Was that enough, dear?” I asked.

“I couldn’t eat another bite, mom. I need to tell you that I won’t be home for supper tonight because I was asked to work late.”

“If you want, Billy,” I said, “I could save a plate for you. I was going to make a pot roast, your favorite.”

“Damn, mom, I almost want to skip work now, but I promised my boss that I would stay later. Why don’t you save a plate for me, and I won’t stop on the way home for supper.”

I agreed. As he prepared for his departure to his summer job, I began once more to enjoy my erotic vision of my son’s body. What was I thinking? How could I look at my eighteen year old son and think about having sex with him? It must be my deprivation that was making me excited by him? On the other hand, his dumbo, blondy girl friend had recently ditched him for a lifeguard at the town pool. My son must be feeling a bit horny too.

Arriving home from work early, I took a hot, relaxing bath after I had started the dinner in the kitchen. I lay immersed in the warm, fragrant water and thought about Billy again. I found that I was touching myself, fingering my nipples and pussy. Already stirred up, I concentrated more on giving myself some comfort, fixing my son’s manly body in my vision, until I made myself come. In my mind it was my son’s fingers, not mine, that were bringing me the relief I needed. I rose from the tub and toweled myself off.

Looking in the mirror, I saw a nice, mature body of an attractive woman, a female with needs. Sure, my boobs sagged a little now, but they had a good size and firmness. I was carrying a few extra pounds, but in my mind, they made me more feminine. I was no string bean, but a sexy, curvaceous lady.

I pushed my lewd thoughts away when I realized that I had to get back to the kitchen and check up on the meal. For all my trouble, George rushed in, gulped down a big helping, and ran out for another big night of bowling. “Don’t wait up for me,” he advised. “This is the special tournament, and it will run late.” I made up a nice plate for Billy as I cleaned up. He could stick it into the microwave and enjoy himself later.

Afterwards I went to look in Billy’s room to see if any of his clothes needed to be washed. As I gathered up a few items, I smelled his aroma on them and felt a thrill pass through my body. I found a magazine under his pillow when I straightened his bed. I knew my son had a little collection of girly magazine, but I was surprised to find that this one featured incestuous sex by mothers and sons. I could not help myself; I read through it, losing all sense of time until I heard the door downstairs. My son had arrived home.

As I walked into the kitchen, I looked at Billy’s youthful, muscular form as he busied himself in heating his dinner. He looked at me and smiled. “Thanks, mom, for saving me so much dinner. I’m really hungry!”

“Do you want a beer, dear?”

“Yeah, mom.” I opened two cans and poured them out. I sat at the table and watched him finish heating his meal. He sat down, drank some of his beer, and then focused on his food and the paper. He consumed his meal slowly, smiling at me now and then as every morsel disappear into his mouth. Finishing, Billy pushed the chair back and slouched, causing his shorts to pull tight against his crotch as he continued paging İstanbul Escort through the paper.

My eyes focused on the bunched up shorts. I could see the size of his cock outlined against the tight fabric. I was sure Billy was fully absorbed in the newspaper, so I stared at his bulging groin. I began moving about the kitchen, cleaning up, but really looking him over from different angles and making myself crave him once again, filling my mind with incestuous thoughts. I had to have him, but could I tempt him? Was my son really interested in a forbidden sexual relationship, and how would he react if I teased him?

“It’s so warm tonight!” I remarked as I opened some buttons on my blouse. I continued to appear busy, but out of the corner of my eye I could see that Billy eyes were on me more and on the paper less. I pretended to take no notice of his interest. “How about another beer, Billy?” I offered and took two more brews from the fridge without waiting for his answer. I leaned over now, filling his glass, knowing that he could see my cleavage and see I was wearing no bra.

Soon he was only pretending to read the paper, and I turned away to do something at the sink, but really to pop open another button with my back to him. My son would have something nice to see as soon as a turned to him. I moved back to the table and lifted my glass to my lips. Looking over the rim, I saw that his eyes were fixed on the gap in my blouse. I flexed my shoulders, as if stretching, pushing my boobs against the fabric of the blouse, my hard nipples trying to push through the fabric. Turning him on was exciting me too.

The paper lay on the table in my son’s limp hands, no longer wanted. I had seen the swell in his pants increase remarkably in size as I sat down. I knew Billy could not get up now without my seeing his growing erection. I smiled at him as I saw his face, flushed and sweaty now. The kitchen was actually cool, but the action was becoming hot, red hot.

“Drink your beer, dear; it will help cool you off, honey.”

“Uh… yeah, mom.” He sought out the glass and lifted it to his lips. He took a couple of gulps. “You know, mom, you are really a beautiful lady.”

“You think so, dear.” I couldn’t resist. “What do you think is my best feature?” I inquired. That would get his mind working.

“Uh… uh… you have such a pretty face,” he mumbled, but his eyes were on my boobs.” Billy made one last attempt to save himself. He glanced over his shoulder at the clock and then said, “I… uh… I need to go and call up Jack about… uhhh…” His eyes were now glued to my chest. When he had turned away, I had undone one more button on my blouse. Only one more held it closed. My son no longer pretended he was looking at the paper. He was looking only at me.

“Oh, Billy,” I whispered in mock disappointment, “I was hoping that you would sit with me and keep me company for a while. Your father won’t be home until very late, and I have been so lonely lately.” I lifted both hands to touch my hair and watched my son’s eyes widen as he enjoyed the movement of my breasts under my blouse. It was time to close in on him. I rose and glided over to his chair, allowing my hips to rotate sensuously. I leaned over and kissed the top of his head, giving him a nice close look at my luscious tits, even brushing them against them. I knew that I had many things in my favor, including his interest in incest, the attraction of my lush body, and his youthful hormonal surges.

“God, mom, I feel kind of funny,” he moaned. “Maybe I should go lie down for a while. Maybe I spent too much time in the sun today.”

“Finish your beer, dear. It will help you cool down a little.” And maybe help you lose some inhibitions. “Maybe you are dehydrated.”

Billy gulped down the remainder of his beer. I refilled his glass from my own can; he did not realize he had already finished his own. I was ready and did not need it, but maybe he did. He gulped down the beer.

“Do you feel a little cooler now, son?”

“No, mom, I feel warm still.”

“Why don’t you sit still for a few minutes? You will cool down then.” I got up and fanned him with the newspaper. I also undid the last button of my blouse. My tits swung free from that last restraint, and his hand slipped down automatically to touch his swollen cock, now pressing so hard against his shorts that I could see its shape. I fanned him, pretending he was not trying to see more of my barely concealed breasts.

He was sitting on the chair with his hard cock straining against his shorts. I needed to have that hard cock inside my cunt. Young guys were so horny and energetic. My son might even be more than I could handle.

“Mom, what are you doing to me?” he groaned in anguish. “I need to…”

“Need to what, dear?” I asked.

“I need some relief, mom. You’ve got me so excited that I need to… you know… release some tension.” He hung his head in shame.

“That’s OK, dear. Anadolu Yakası Escort I know that boys masturbate; you don’t need to feel ashamed about it.” I put my arm around his shoulders and added, “In fact, everyone masturbates to relieve herself and enjoy the sensation.”

“Do you do it too?” he asked in a low, unsteady voice.

“Of course I do. In fact, I did it already once today,” I replied in a casual tone. Then I added with a sad voice, “Your father doesn’t seem to care about me any more. He has forgotten that I have needs too.”

“You did!” he replied, surprised.

“Yes, I did, dear,” I replied with a big grin. “And I bet that you and Becky did it to each other when you were dating.” He nodded his head, but his own expression became sad, as he remembered his former girl. I knew that I had my son’s attention and had opened the door wide to our potential mutual interest. I kneaded his shoulders. “Would you like to have a little fun with your mom and do some naughty things with her?”

“Oh, yes,” he answered. “I have dreamed of doing things with you.” He quickly realized what he had admitted and flushed again.

“That’s OK, dear. We just won’t tell anyone about this. Let me help you pull that shirt off.” When he lifted his arms, I tugged the shirt off over his head and dropped it on the floor. “Let’s go up to my bedroom and make ourselves more comfortable,” I urged. I shucked off my blouse while he watched my boobs gain their freedom; then I turned and walked upstairs, wiggling my ass and leading the way. Arriving in my room, I slid my shorts down, showing Billy that I had not bothered with panties either.

Standing in front of my son allowing him to see me completely naked, I invited him to remove his own shorts. Billy’s eyes were locked on my mound with its thick curls of dark pubic fur. He pulled his shorts and underpants off in one urgent gesture, and his cock sprang free. I admired its goodly size. He leaned over to free his feet and peeked at my pussy. He would be seeing as much as he wanted very soon.

“Do you like what you see, dear?” I whispered and pulled him down next to me on my bed. His cock was completely firm and erect. I moved next to him and said, “Billy, I want help you, and you can help me too. Then we can have some more fun with each other and play a lot of games.

“What are you going to do, mom?” he asked.

“I want to jerk you off, and you can lie back and enjoy it.” I gently grasped his erection and stroked it softly with my fingers.

“That feels so good, mom” Billy sighed. “It always feels much nicer when someone else does it to me.” He fell backwards on the bed, spreading his legs farther apart. I began to fondle his balls while pumping his hard cock. I knew that we would be lovers, and decided to make sure that we would.

“Have you ever had someone do this, honey?” I asked him. I leaned over him and took the end of his cock into my mouth and rubbed it with my tongue.

“Oh god,” he moaned, “Oh, Mom!” He lifted his head to watch me begin to give him a nice blowjob, I took the entire head into my mouth, sucking and licking with lewd, slurping sounds. “Mom, I have heard of being sucked… but I never…” my son groaned.

Billy was in my power. I lifted my head and let his prick slip from my mouth. “Have you ever eaten pussy, dear?” I asked as I let my fingers slide up and down his saliva-coated dick.

“No, mom,” he moaned.

“Maybe you would like to try it, dear. You can lick my cunt while I suck your cock. We can love one another.” I stood up and lay down opposite him. As I resumed kissing and licking his hard dick, I eased my hips closer to his face and spread open my legs, welcoming him to my deprived cunt. Soon I felt the first tentative touches of his lips. It did not take my son very long to get into this new game and soon his face was buried in my pussy as his tongue attempted to find the depths of my slippery vagina. My own lips were wrapped firmly around his stiff cock as I moved it in and out of my mouth.

I could feel myself becoming enormously excited by our incestuous oral lovemaking. A surge of pleasure erupted inside me, and I sucked and stroked my son’s dick all the harder. As the deep wave of my own orgasm warmed me, my son’s cock erupted in my mouth and gave me a copious load of his warm cum.

We lay next to each other. I felt completely refreshed by what I had done and was almost entirely free from guilt. I was not, however, satiated and wanted to complete the sexual bond between Billy and myself.

Sitting up, I cupped my boobs and fingered my nipples to hardness, making them elongate. “Do you like mommy’s titties, dear?”

“Oh, yes, mom; your tits are amazing!”

“Would you like to suck and kiss them, dear?” I lowered myself next to him on the bed so that my breasts were near his handsome face.

“Mom, I’ve dreamed of this so many times,” he whispered. I thought, I already know that and Kartal Escort pushed my boobs closer to him. His lips closed around one perky nipple, and he sucked it vigorously. I felt great. I knew that this foreplay would stir him up again and make him release another immense ejaculation, this time, deep in my belly. After that Billy would be bound to me, no matter what.

“Do the other one now, honey,” I murmured as I ran my hands across his naked body, massaging the hard muscles and running my fingers over his nipples, making them swell into hardness. His lips moved to my other breast, and he sucked the entire areole into his mouth.

“I want you to fuck me, baby; I want to give you the special kind of love that a mother can give, and I know that you want to shove your big, hard dick deep into me.” I caught his hand and pushed it down to my dripping cunt. He knew what to do and probed me with his fingers as I rubbed my boobs on him. I could feel his throbbing erection slide up along my legs; I wrapped my hand around it. It was hot and sticky, and it throbbed in my palm. His fingers were in my vagina.

“Mom, what do you want me to do?” Billy asked.

“Just follow my lead, dear, and I will show you how to enjoy this special love with me.” I lay back on the bed and spread my legs. “Get between my legs, baby,” I urged him. As he moved into position, I could see him looking at my cunt as I splayed it open for him. “Put you penis right between my cunt lips, dear. Your Mom wants you now.” I reached down and helped to guide my son’s cock between my wet pussy lips.

“Rub your cock head along my wet slit and make it wet and slippery so that you can slide that big dick right into me.” As he pressed his dick into the slit between my labia, I moaned and rose against him, eagerly needing to feel my pussy filled by his huge erection. The tip entered my vagina; I pulled him deeper with my legs wrapped about his thighs. He moaned as he slid deep into me. “That’s right, honey,” I whispered softly. “Now you can fuck your mom. Slide that big dick in and out of my pussy.” After months of deprivation, a virile man was finally fucking me. I locked onto Billy’s cock with my vaginal muscles.

“Your pussy feels so good, mom; it’s so slippery and snug. This is really great!” my son gasped. Soon he began to piston his cock in and out with my legs urging him to drive deep into me. My hands ran across his back as I spurred him onward with my heels digging into his thighs. Thank goodness I had just sucked him off, or he would have shot his load already, I needed to relax more and enjoy this fucking. I slowed our pace even though I felt my climax begin. Our incestuous coupling had stimulated me so much!

“Slower, dear, and deeper,” I whispered with my slick, wet cunt wrapped around his thick penis. The feeling building up inside me was incredible, and I knew that my own climax would overwhelm me this time. My son’s youthful cock, so quickly rejuvenated, penetrated me in our illicit joining and excited me enormously. No wonder, I realized, incest is so common; it is so stimulating!

“Oh, mom,” my son groaned, enjoying his forbidden ride. With each stroke he attempted to bury his full length inside me. He was giving me an excellent fucking, and obviously having a great time doing it. As I pushed harder and harder, meeting his incestuous thrusting, I began to gasp for breath. Billy was panting too. Then it happened.

“Oh god, baby, ohhhhh my god!” I groaned as a wave surged over me.

My son grunted seconds later, “Oh shit! This is so good, mom!”

“Billy!” I cried out in passion. “Oh, my sweet lover.”

“Aaahhghh!” he grunted softly as he thrust deep into me, attempting to pump his semen deep into my belly. Another wave flowed over my hot body.

Soon, still fully linked together, we relaxed and began kissing deeply. I moaned with pleasure and heard a responding moan from my son. Slowly our hot bodies cooled. Abandoning any thoughts of guilt and shame, I caressed my son and reassured him that this was a special comfort we were giving each other. The sex had been the best ever, and my pussy was still warm and tingly. I knew that this would not be the end of our lascivious relationship.

“We can’t fall asleep, dear,” I said into my son’s ear, and I gave his penis, still sticky from our fucking, a little squeeze.

“Mom, I want to stay like this forever.”

We finally got off the bed; I sensed how large a load of cum my son had squirted into me because I felt it begin to ooze out. I quickly pulled Billy with me into the shower. “That was a good fucking, dear. You’re so good, baby!” I said in hopes of encouraging future sessions, but I found out soon enough that Billy needed no further inducement.

“Mom, that was great. I never felt anything so good before.” Billy said with a big smile. “I want to do that again, and soon.”

Oh, yes, dear!” I answered, now relieved, and watched his smile grow bigger. “You need to remember that this is our special love.” He nodded his agreement. While we showered together, Billy and I began playing with each other again. He was enthusiastic about our new relationship. I knew how horny a teenage boy could be, and he would love to stick his hard prick into me again.

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