Right is Relative

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Disclaimer: All characters and events in my stories are purely fictional and all characters are of legal age of consent. Any resemblance to real persons or events is entirely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This is just a really short and kind of silly one for the impregnation fetishists out there. You know who you are 😉


As I laid in my bed, staring up at my ceiling, I wondered how on Earth I got here.

I mean, I understood the steps. A journey is always a series of events, of steps, or choices, that leads you from one moment, one place, one life, to the next. It was hard for me, though, to understand what sequence of things could have lead me so far from where I had started.

You see, I was horny. Incredibly horny. And of course, being the sort of Catholic I had become, I wasn’t allowed to spill my seed outside of a woman.

That might sound ridiculous to you, which is actually just what I was thinking. I was born and raised as a… whatever you want to call nothing. It’s probably an atheist or an agnostic or something, but I never even gave it enough thought to really figure that part out. Labels were never a big thing to me, and neither was religion or spirituality or whatever you want to call that stuff.

But, as life tends to do, I had been thrown a curveball. The girl I liked, Grace, was Catholic. In fact, I wagered to guess that she was some particularly strict and cult-like type of Catholic, because the rules that she explained to me seemed way stranger than the stuff I’d heard from people before her. They went to church, they didn’t eat meat some of the time, they had to atone for their sins, and so on and so forth. Of course, she didn’t tell me about the whole ejaculation ban until after I’d invested a bunch of time and effort into the relationship. And, as you probably guessed, she wouldn’t date someone who wasn’t the same religion as her.

So there I laid, staring off into the distance, sporting a huge boner that would find no peace. It would, like those that came before it, simply give up and fade away. And being a man, and a particularly sexual one at that, I couldn’t help but touch it a little as I laid there. I stroked it gently, admiring my neglected penis, thinking about it and what it was going through.

I didn’t take enough time to appreciate things when I had the chance. Take my dick, for example. It wasn’t a magical unicorn horn or anything, but I really hadn’t given it the admiration that it deserved. It was definitely above average in size, both longer and thicker than what the average was by a pretty decent margin. I was sure, because I had looked it up more than once. For the next week, it was going to get exactly zero love.

Actually, that was another weird thing about Grace’s brand of Catholicism. Especially after she told me she’d never swallow, I had totally expected her to tell me that there would be no sex until marriage. But no, apparently that wasn’t a thing for them. Weird, right? I could never understand religious people in the first place, though, so I guess it shouldn’t have shocked me that much.

Oh, and Grace was worth it. I mean, she had an incredible body, and the sex was amazing. Her tits were about as perky as I could imagine real tits being, though not huge. Then again, judging by her mom’s DDs that were almost gravity-defying, Pendik Escort I had something to look forward to after we had kids. Her family also had good genes in general. You know, good looks, thin but not skinny bodies, nice skin. Again, judging by her mom, she was going to look smoking hot when she was older.

Okay, I probably shouldn’t have thought about her mom. But honestly, Jana was gorgeous. The same brown eyes and straight brown hair as her daughter, but with the wider hips and much larger breasts that came with age and children. She had a slightly rounder face than her daughter, which I found cute.

I felt my cock stiffening more as I thought about her.

Fuck. I really wished I could just jerk off already.

Then again, in less than a week I’d be back to having sex with Grace again. As per her religious moral, she couldn’t let me cum anywhere else, so it was a solid one-hundred-percent creampies from day one. That was definitely something I’d never experienced before.

Unfortunately, she was getting into the fertile part of her cycle, so there was no sex until it was safe again. We’d agreed not to have a baby yet, and since she gave me no other options about where to cum, it meant we couldn’t have sex at all.

Was I disappointed? Of course. But like I said, I was invested. Giving up now just wasn’t worth it. Besides, we were going to spend that entire weekend with her parents — so it’s not like most girls would have been sleeping with me anyway.


Saturday morning, I hurriedly rushed back upstairs and plopped myself on the bed Grace and I were sleeping in for the weekend. My cheeks were bright red, and my dick was absolutely stiff as a board.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

You see, Grace’s family usually got up super early and did things. She’d left me a note that she’d gone out with her dad, and that she’d be back in a few hours. Her mom’s car was also gone when I went downstairs, which didn’t surprise me either. After all, they always did a ton of stuff on the weekends.

What did surprise me is what happened when I went downstairs to shower.

I’d gone down in just my pj pants, carrying a towel, and gone right into the downstairs bathroom. I don’t know why the light and the fan being on didn’t faze me, but I guess it was because they often left the fan on to clear out the steam after a shower and I figured the light was just an accident.

I closed the door behind me, locked it, and went to hop into the shower. I can remember slipping my pants down and hanging up my towel, and then flinging open the shower curtain. Not for a second did I expect Jana to be standing there.

I guess in hindsight she was just finished her shower and had left the door unlocked. It took me a moment just to realize what was happening, as both of our faces flushed with blood. Of course, blood also rapidly pumped other places as well.

We both just stared at each other, our eyes roaming up and down each other’s bodies. I remember thinking that her tits were even bigger and perkier than I thought they were from seeing her in a bikini, and that her nipples were pretty big. Of course, I also found out where Grace got the idea of waxing her pussy save for a little landing strip.

Fuck, she was hot.

Obviously, Kurtköy Escort the moment didn’t last long. As she covered herself and her blank expression turned to fear and shock, I spun around and rushed upstairs, still naked. I couldn’t even pull myself together enough to grab my towel.

And there I laid, completely stunned. My mind couldn’t let go of that image, and my hand wouldn’t stop touching my dick. I couldn’t take it. She was way too fucking hot not to masturbate to after I’d seen her full frontal.

I closed my eyes, remembering what she looked like and imagining her straddling me as my hand started to stroke up and down my cock.

Knock knock!

I opened my eyes, looking down past myself at the door.

“David?” Jana’s voice asked.

“Hello?” I called back, wondering why she had come up. She probably wanted to assure me that she wasn’t going to freak out and call me a pervert.

Instead of answering, I saw the door slowly open.

Fuck. I forgot there wasn’t a lock on the door.

I fumbled with the blankets I was laying on, but to no avail. Jana walked in, and I was still completely naked.

To my surprise, so was she. She was hugging her breasts and covering her nipples with one arm, and covering her pussy with the other hand. Still, it hardly seemed appropriate. Seeing so much of her skin was an incredible turn on.

“Don’t come in” I said, covering my erection as best I could with my hands.

By the time I said it, she was already moving up beside the bed.

“I must have forgot to lock the door” she said with a laugh.

“I’m sorry I didn’t knock” I apologized. “Your car was gone, so I didn’t expect you to be home.”

She shrugged.

“Marc’s getting it fixed, so I’m stuck at home right now.”

“Oh…” I said. That explained it.

She looked up and down my body.

“Seeing me naked must have really turned you on” she said.

I didn’t know what to say.

“If I didn’t come in, were you going to masturbate to me?”

Again, I had no idea how to answer that. Clearly, I couldn’t be honest.

“Well?” she demanded. “Were you or not?”

I hesitantly nodded. Honesty was probably not the best policy here, but she didn’t seem to be giving me any choice.

“Yeah” I admitted. I was pretty sure this was bad.

“You don’t care at all that it’s an affront to God?”

I avoided eye contact.

“It’s really hard” I admitted, the double-meaning accidental.

She looked at me sternly.

“God lead us to that shower, and we’ve both hurt him but committing adultery. We have to trust him now.”

I was confused.

“Adultery is having sex outside of marriage” I asserted.

She shook her head, her expression serious.

“Adultery is coveting. We aren’t resisting our sin if we’re only hesitating because we’re afraid of being rejected. If we aren’t resisting our sins for God, then we’ve already sinned.”

That made absolutely no sense. At all. Not one bit.

I watched her hands let go of her body, and move over to mine. Her left hand stroked up my arms and caressed my chest, while her right slid under my own and took hold of my penis. I tried to hold eye contact, but my eyes couldn’t help by take a nice close look at her breasts and pussy.

“God Maltepe Escort brought us here so I could save you from temptation” she cooed.

I was so confused, but the feeling of her stroking my erection was too much. I couldn’t tell her to stop. I wanted to cum so badly.

I watched her climb up onto the bed, her huge tits swaying up above me as she straddled my hips.

“God knew that you were going to give in to your sin and spill your seed on the ground. He brought you to me, so you could find release without betraying him.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was ninety-nine percent sure she was suggesting that the two of us fucking and me cumming inside of her was more moral than me jerking off. Did she actually think she was making sense?

“What about the adultery? Isn’t that a sin too?” I kind of kicking myself for asking. At this point, a woman I had wanted for ages was positioning the crux of her legs over my dick, about an inch from fucking me, and I was trying to convince her it was wrong.

“Of course it was, but even after wanting you inside me, I still love God. He knows that this is important for you, to find your way. It’s about so much more than one act.”

She rubbed the head of my dick up and down between her lips, getting it nice and wet. Then, she pushed back and down, forcing herself onto it.

Fuck. She felt absolutely amazing.

“Jaaaannnnaaa…” I moaned, feeling myself slide up into her. She was so warm and wet, yet nice and tight around me.

I could tell be the look on her face that she was enjoying it too.

“You’re so thick…” she whispered.

This was it. I was fucking her. I had to make the most of it.

I reached up and grabbed her tit, bringing it to my mouth and sucking on her big nipple. It was so hot. I felt her rocking back and forth, riding my dick sensually. It was throbbing with pleasure, my senses overwhelmed by what was actually happening.

“You can spill it now” she moaned. “I can feel him smiling down on us. He wants us to make this child in his name.”

My mind bounced around, processing her words.

She wanted me to cum inside her.

I hadn’t cum in days, so there would be a lot.

Wait, make a child?

Is it safe?

Girls sync up when they’re around each other a lot.

Grace is at her most fertile.

She’s around her mom all the time.

Her mom is probably at her most fertile too.

I’m not wearing a condom.

Realizing what was actually going on was too much. I reached around her, grabbing her ass and pushing her down against my pelvis. I could swear the head of my cock pushed against something semi-hard inside her as the tingling in it finally spread out from it and exploded through my body.

“Nnnnnggg!” I moaned, my mind washed white by the intensity of my orgasm.

I felt my dick twitching, felt my cum spurting up through my dick. It was right up inside of her. Every jet of cum that sprayed into her sent a shockwave of pleasure through me, and Jana gave a satisfied moan as she felt me cumming inside her. After a moment she collapsed forward and onto me, panting and snuggling into my shoulder.

A few minutes passed like that, my cock still twitching inside her every few seconds, until it was finally done. I could feel it softening, a little bit of my cum already leaking out of her.

“It feels incredible to honour God, doesn’t it?” she asked.

I laid there, realizing that I had probably just impregnated my own mother-in-law.

“Yeah” I said.

I’ll never understand religion.

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