Revelation 04 – Sunday

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Dear Readers,

It became evident that the naming convention I used for this series was faulty. I pulled all the chapters, made a slight change in the name, combined chapters so that each chapter covered one day and resubmitted the series. I’ve made some slight changes in the stories, mostly phraseology and grammar but the series has not been otherwise changed.

Please note that the underlying theme of this series is adult incest. While each chapter varies as to the category of sex scenes contained, this series will continue to be reflected in the INCEST category.

I hope this eases your reading, as it will my writing. I sincerely hope you enjoy my effort to express my own desires and fantasies.

I’m always open to criticisms and suggestions.



Previous chapters in order of publication:

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Revelation: 2 – Friday

Revelation: 3 – Saturday


Revelation: Day 4 – Sunday

I rolled over and looked at the clock – 9:30. I am not an early riser. During the week I have to get up at oh-dark:30, so on those days that I don’t have to get up early, I don’t. All in all, this morning I didn’t feel too bad considering that last night, after coming back to our bed Karen and I engaged in mutually satisfying marital relations and, fully sexually satiated, I finally fell asleep about 1:30 AM.

I was alone. At this time of day, Karen would have been up for hours most likely doing something ‘healthy’ like swimming, working out, or jogging. Now, while I am not a health nut I’m not exactly lazy either. I enjoy exercise but I have never enjoyed working out just for the sake of working out. Swimming is fun but like jogging, it can be very boring. I like some excitement with my exercise and so, I do things like play basketball 2 or 3 times a week after work depending on court availability and as much golf (and I walk, not ride, thank you!) as my wife will let me. During the summer months I’m on a company softball team and a local lacrosse team. Lacrosse, after golf, is my passion.

Even with all of this as I get older I find that I tend to put on weight more quickly every year, especially around my middle. To try and keep it under control I have started doing sit-ups and leg raises several times a week – boring! Over the course of this past week I haven’t done much of anything involving real exercise. I understand that sex can be considered a limited aerobic exercise, but it does very little to help control or reduce stomach fat or love handles which were starting to become a little more noticeable than I would have liked. So, I guess it’s time to get a little ‘exercise’ to keep me in fighting trim.

These past several days have also shown me that I have to seriously consider that I’m not 18 anymore. While wonderfully satisfying, this type of sexual activity is something you normally only find in videos or in sex stories, not in real life. I’m beginning to wonder how long I can keep this up. Note to self: research how much semen a man produces in a 24 hour period and how much is ejaculated each time he cums. I’ve read about ‘shooting blanks’? Is this possible and, if it is, it could be embarrassing.

Even after 8 hours of sleep I still felt like I could use another hour or so. If you ask Karen she will say it’s because I slept too much. Her idea of a good night’s sleep is 5-6 hours. She says that’s all you need. Wrong! I need 10-12!

After my shower I stood looking at myself critically in the mirror. Okay, there is visual evidence that I have to work on getting the belly a little flatter and reducing or removing those love handles. New resolution; today I start to work on getting back into shape. So, it’s down to the kitchen, a cup of coffee – but no bun – and then off to the gym.

Kitchen is empty, no one there. Coffee cup firmly in hand, I walked out on the deck. Also empty. Where was everybody? At this time of day I expected that all would be up and about. Well, since this might involve a lengthy search, I fortified myself by filling a 16-ounce mug with coffee and sneaking a half of a bun (okay, so I cheated, but just a little) and began the search to find the ladies. I shall call this, The Case of the Missing Hotties.

All right, I’ll drop the Sherlock Holmes routine. Since no one was on the deck or in the pool Kate and Josie were either still in bed enjoying each other’s company (possible but doubtful) or in Kate’s office working on the video (more likely). As for Karen, if she wasn’t in the pool, the next most logical place to look was the gym and that’s exactly where I found her. Stairmaster is her favorite machine and I truly appreciate all the time she spends on one. She has one of the nicest, tightest sets of buns I have ever seen, as most men who have seen her in a bikini will attest.

“Hey, oh, lazy one. Good afternoon. Sleep well?”

“Knock it off . Besides, it’s still morning. How long have you been up?

“About Onwin giriş 8-ish. Just about finished working out. Wanna join me? You can probably get in a good, oh….I don’t know….6 or 7 minutes or so.

God, I hate bright, chipper people in the morning. Not only that, now she is wound up on a workout high and I’m gonna have to put up with a bunch of shit. I replied, “Think I’ll hit the pool. Want to swim some laps?” Hoping she would be so tired from working out that if she took my challenge (to her this would be a challenge) I might just win this time.

“No, thanks Babe, Mom and Josie are working on editing the video from last night. Remember, the girls are coming over tomorrow to see the vids and photos. I told her I would develop the stills. She and your mom could probably use your help though. Go and see them in the office, they’ll be working on the videos. I’ll finish up here and meet you there.”

I gave her a kiss, patted her ass and gave that a kiss too, told her I loved her and went up to Kate’s office.

Kate and Mom were sitting in front of two computers. I assumed they were working on the video. “Good morning ladies, how is it going? Karen tells me you might be able to use my help. What can I do?”

“Start out by coming over here and giving your mom a kiss.” I walked over and Mom stood up and came into my arms and gave me a very, very nice, long, wet, sloppy, tonguey kiss while pressing herself against me in a way that had George interested, very interested. I didn’t want to let her go but she finally broke the kiss and stepped back smiling. She looked down and patted George on the head and softly petted him a few times, looked up at me and said, “Why don’t we make it a point to ‘get together’ sometime today?”

“Stop it! Stop it right now or we will never get the damn videos done. Besides, it’s my turn to say good morning to Ken.” Kate stepped in between Mom and I and she also kissed me in a manner that was at least the equal of Mom’s kiss. George was on the hunt! He wanted fresh meat.

When Kate broke the kiss she stepped back looked me in the eyes and said, “If we didn’t have so much to do right now, your mother and I would do things to you that you have only dreamed of. But, this is business and I don’t want to find myself not having the vids ready on time. There is quite a bit of editing that we have yet to do so we will have to put any ‘party’ time off till later. Laughing, she too patted George and said, “Now, tell George to go back to sleep and come over here and help us.”

Right, like I was totally capable of instantly forgetting that I was horny and there were two naked ladies standing directly in front of me. No problem, simply a matter of mind over hardon.

“Sit down here and we will feed to this computer what we have already done. Overall, we are about 1/3 completed. Most of the video that the girls want to show their husbands is completed and we will probably be done with it in another hour. What I want you to do is just sit back and watch what we have completed of the first video to see if it flows well and that there are no major glitches or bad splices or segues. Try to view it as if you were one of the husbands, okay?”

“Right. Let me see what you have.” I sat down in the chair, leaned back and watched as the video played out. Kate and Josie had done a masterful job. Seeing the girls go through their stripping scene was hot, but watching them during the masturbation session was fantastic. True, I had watched all of this as seen by the security cameras but seeing what Kate had shot made it 20 times hotter and sexier. The quality was outstanding and the close-ups were especially hot. Unconsciously I found myself playing with myself while I watched.

“Uh, Ladies, that is one hot video. I can see nothing wrong with it at all. I loved it. It rivals any of the commercial videos that I have ever seen. If this doesn’t stimulate their husbands, they should be shot.”

“Thanks, sweetie. And stop playing with yourself; we don’t want you all worn out just from watching the videos. We want you to be nice and fresh and rested later on.”

“Yes, Mom, of course Mom.”

“Don’t you get smart with me, young man.”

“Uh, ladies, I have to tell you that I have a 2:06 tee time this afternoon so I’ll be leaving about 1:30 but I’ll be back about 8:00. I hope that doesn’t put any crimps in your plans for today.”

“Well, this is a fine state of affairs. Here he is already tired of us. Can you imagine anyone putting golf before three of the hottest, sexiest ladies imaginable? Josie, talk to your son!”

“Kenny, you can’t be serious. You would rather play golf than play with us? Oh, son, I thought I raised you better than this.” Mom put on her ‘That’s okay, I don’t mind’ guilt trip look.

“Better than what, asked Karen as she came through the door?

“Ken has just informed us that he is deserting us. He is going to play golf this afternoon leaving us to fend for ourselves. Talk to your husband will you?”

“Shit, let him go. If he doesn’t get to play golf at least once a week he just sits around and sulks anyway and that is not a pretty picture, believe me! Besides, I’ll bet that if we put on our Wicked Weasels and went to Curley’s beach we could find some substitutes. Let him go play golf, I feel like some strange stuff.”

Gentlemen, if you have ever seen a truly lovely woman with a nice build in a Wicked Weasel bathing suit you will know what effect that can have on a normal, healthy male. It is god awful sexy! In essence, these suits are not much more than two band-aids and a cork. Here I am, sitting with three naked women and I’m getting horny thinking about them wearing a bikini, what’s wrong with this picture?

“Come on, knock it off. I’m not deserting anyone. I think that you three are the hottest, loveliest, sexiest women I have ever known. I love every inch of you and I have wet dreams about you every night. I live only for your smile, the touch of your hand, my tongue in your pussy. Forgive me ladies, please,” and I bowed my head and tried to look ashamed.

“Well, you do grovel so nicely. But actually, I kinda like the idea of going to Curley’s and getting out a little. After all we have been cooped up in this house for days with a sex maniac and I, for one, need a break.”

Mom and Kate broke into laughter and all I could do was look at Karen with what, probably, was a look of amazement. Leave it to my wife to be able to completely twist the facts and make them sound believable.

“Ken, would you be upset if we went to Curley’s wearing our Wicked Weasels, asked Mom?

“Not really, but are you sure you want to be seen there in those suits by people you know? Remember many of our old neighbors hang out there on the weekends. What would Mrs. Ritter or Mrs. Cahgen say and what will happen to your conservative reputation in the old neighborhood? However, if your intent is to pick up some young stuff, that would be the place to go. Hell, most of the high school crowd hangs out there. You might be able to snag a junior or, if you are really lucky, even a senior, who knows?

Kate bundled up some paper and threw it at me. Karen walked over and smacked me on the back of the head and Mom, she just sat and looked at me with her mouth open in disbelief at what I said.

“Okay, touché. We’ve had our laugh break. Go play golf and we will go to Curley’s but not in the Wicked Weasels. First though, we have to get these video’s done and as many of the pics as we can so that tomorrow we only have to do touch ups. Back to work boys and girls.” Kate can be a slave driver when she focuses on one task.

Actually, I was thinking it would be fun to go to Carter’s, a private nude beach we occasionally visit. But Carter’s it’s a two-hour trip each way, a full day trip and not just a little jaunt down the road. Maybe we can schedule a trip sometime after Aunt Jill leaves. Or…..maybe while she’s here? Hummm, I wonder how Aunt Jill would react to going to a nude beach? Anyway, if I know Karen, she will satisfy her exhibitionism by going to Curley’s and laying out on her stomach with her top unfastened and ‘inadvertently’ raising up every now and then to reach for something and watching to see how many men notice her.

I suddenly realized that I was hungry. I hadn’t had any breakfast. Okay, okay, the half bun doesn’t count, alright? So, while Mom and Kate worked on the last part of the stripping tape and Karen worked on selecting pics from the caps off the high-speed camera, I slipped up to the kitchen to get some coffee and buns for the ladies.

When I returned I set the coffee and buns on the desk. The ladies were so intent on their work that it wasn’t until Kate took off her glasses and looked up, stimulated by the smell of the coffee that anyone realized I was back. “Coffee break!” Kate got up and came over to the desk and poured herself a cup. “We’ve finished the first vid. Take a look and let us know what you think.” I sat back down and watched the remaining part of the first video while the girls stood around the desk drinking coffee and eating.

It was as good, if not better, than anything I had seen previously. Kate’s shots missed nothing. I admit that of the three girls, I was especially interested in Chris but the portion of the vid with Teresa showing both the butt plug and the dildo was as sexually stimulating as anything I had seen. I wondered how it would feel to fuck Teresa’s ass. The clarity and detail of the video were breathtaking. Kate had done herself proud, very proud.

Without my noticing Karen had walked up behind my chair while I was watching the video. When she put her hand on my shoulder I almost jumped out of the chair. Leaning down she put her mouth next to my ear and said, “Good, huh?” All I could do was nod my head. With her chin resting on my shoulder watching the video she reached down and took a soft grip on my cock and started to masturbate me. She leaned in again and ran her tongue along my ear and whispered, “I’ll bet you would like to cum while you watch them cum, wouldn’t you?” Again, all I could do was nod my head. As the video continued Karen continued to masturbate me. I was about as sexually excited as I could get and damned close to cummin.

When the tape ended, I closed my eyes and leaned back and let Karen play with me. I was concentrating on Karen’s hand on my cock and anticipating how good it was going to feel to cum. Suddenly, I felt more hands on my shoulders and arms. I opened my eyes Mom was sitting on the desk and watching Karen masturbate me and Kate was standing on my right.

Mom said, “Well, I think we have a good vid here, what do you say Kenny, good?” Again, all I could do was nod, I wanted to cum and all my attention was on Karen’s hand on my cock.

Kate reached down, took me by the hand and urged me to get out of the chair. “Come with me.” I went obligingly. Holding my hand she lead me over to one of the easy chairs and had me sit down. “You obviously can’t play golf with that hardon.” Ladies come sit with me on the couch.” They all moved over and took their seats with Kate in the middle.

“I think that all of us would like a little relief. So, why don’t we all just relax and have a good cum. We don’t have a lot of time to play our normal games so why don’t we just sit back and watch each other cum?” With that Kate spread her legs and reaching down spread her pussy lips and wetting one finger slowly inserted the finger into her pussy. Smiling at me she slowly finger fucked herself while rubbing her clit. She looked over at Mom and smiled and Mom returned her smile, looked at me and spread her legs and also began to play with herself. Karen did the same.

“Well, go ahead. We want to see you cum too. Show us how you jack off when you think about all this pussy that you can have whenever you want. Think about how warm and soft our pussies feel when you fuck them. Think about how we taste. Show us how much cum you want to shoot into us. Cum for us Kenny, let us see how horny we make you.”

Needing no further encouragement from Kate, or Mom or Karen I settled back in the chair, spread my legs and began to stroke myself. I was already so stimulated that I knew that it was only going to take a few strokes before I came so I tried to hold back until the ladies were ready to cum. I wanted all of us to get off together. Then I had an idea. I sat there for a few minutes hardly moving my hand on my cock until they had really gotten into masturbating. Then I got up from my chair and walked back to the desk and picked up the video camera, turned around and returned to my seat. Mom immediately knew what I was going to do. She spread her legs wider and nudged Kate. Kate also recognized my intent, smiled at me and looked over at Karen who was already looking at me and smiling. I pointed the camera at the three of them and began recording. Needing only one hand to hold the camera, I returned to stroking my cock.

It was only a minute or two later that I heard Kate say, “Oh, girls, I’m just about ready to cum, let’s all cum together. Ken, stand up. I want to see you cum.” I looked up from behind the camera. Mom had her eyes closed and was trying to cum. Karen just scooted down further on the couch and put one finger in her ass while she stroked her clit. All of them were very close and so was I. Going to a wide-angle shot, I stood up and walked closer to the coffee table facing the ladies. My hand was flying up and down my cock and I could feel the beginning of my climax. I stood directly in front of Kate and while she looked at me pointed my cock in her direction and paused until I heard Mom moan. I couldn’t hold off any longer so I let go and began to shoot.

The first two shots hit Kate directly on her tits. The next two or three hit Karen and the last several hit Mom. All of them told me that once they felt my cum land on them they also started cummin. Mom came and Kate came and Karen was not far behind. Shot after shot flew out of my cock and landed on the three hottest women in my world. The feeling of release was staggering. I almost dropped the camera but somehow I kept it focused on them. Karen reached down and taking her finger, lifted the cum off her tits and brought the cum loaded finger to her mouth and sucked the finger clean. She leaned over and began licking my cum off her mother’s tits. Kate put her hand on the back of Karen’s head and urged her mouth down to her nipples. Mom reached over and with one hand began to massage my cum into Kat’s other tit while also using her finger to scoop up the cum I had shot on her and bringing it to her mouth and sucking it off. I just stood there watching while slowly milking the last of my cum out of my cock.

After cleaning her mother’s tits of my cum, she got up and came around the table, knelt down and, with her mouth, began to clean my cock of any remaining cum. The sensation was so intense my knees started to buckle and I had to remove my cock from her mouth. Karen then stood up and took the camera out of my hands, put it on the table and then plastered herself against me and kissed me. Lately, she seemed to delight in kissing me with my cum in her mouth and lately, I started to really enjoy it.

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