Resistance is Futile

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This is my first published story. I’ve often wondered if I could write but never raised the gumption to try. I started out thinking this would be a quick, gratuitous story but the characters evolved beyond my wildest imagination. This may get out of control. I’m keen to hear what people think.


I have been with my wife Adele, for about four years. We were high school sweethearts but for one reason or another drifted apart before we became serious. Many years and a couple of failed marriages later, we found each other again and this time settled into a committed, loving relationship. Adele is an amazing woman, displaying talent as an artist, musician, housewife and mother. And lover. Her skill in the bedroom has certainly never left me disappointed and she seems to be perpetually horny. I only have to kiss her hard and she moans, often grabbing my hand to thrust it down into her panties, where she is already slick with lust. I have never known a woman with a wetter pussy. Definitely not complaining though!

My two daughters, Meaghan and Sophie, have grown up and flown the coop, as have Adele’s two eldest, Amelie and Bethany. Her youngest, Emily, still lives at home. Adele and I plan to marry but my work commitments keep me away for much of the time and we’ve decided to wait until we can be together full-time before we tie the knot. I have a house but Amelie and her husband Sean are living in it. I stay at Adele’s place whenever I come home.

Emily’s father left when she was barely walking, and has never bothered to show much affection to her. As a result, she hasn’t really had a father figure and grew up shy and uncertain of herself around boys. Aware of this, I’ve taken pains to show Emily plenty of affection, taking interest in her schooling, sporting and social life. As we’ve gotten to know each other more intimately during the past years, we’ve bonded as closely as any father and daughter. Emily cries when I have to go away for work and I must admit it’s as big a wrench leaving her, as it is her beautiful mother. She has lately started calling me dad, or daddy if she wants something. She knows I can’t resist her when she calls me daddy.

Where Adele is slim and petit, topping the scale at five feet three, Emily has grown into a vision of tall athleticism. At eighteen years she’s a keen netball player and at nearly six feet, tops the team, making her the natural choice for Goal Defence or Goal Shooter. Her waist-length auburn tresses cascade down over her shoulders, perfectly framing her gorgeous heart-shaped face. Emily’s legs seem to rise from her slender ankles forever. Muscular calves and strong thighs culminate in a firm but round butt. She has alabaster skin and unlike many teens obsessed with tanning, takes care to stay out of the sun so she doesn’t burn and freckle. Even as her father figure, I’m not able to overlook her sheer feminine allure. During the past year, I’d found myself wondering more than once just how those firm, high c-cups would feel in my palms…

We’re a very cuddly family, prone to spontaneous hugs and kisses. Even at eighteen, Emily often comes into our bedroom of a morning and clambers in between us for a few minutes before starting the day. Adele and I sleep naked but Emily is usually wearing a nightie, pyjamas or track pants and tee shirt. She doesn’t get into bed but nestles on top of the bedclothes in the valley between Adele and me.

Adele has raised her girls to be very open about sexuality and their bodies, so I’m accustomed to hearing discussions about the care and maintenance of vaginas, choosing bra sizes, shaving and waxing of pubic hair and so on. I knew Emily was on the pill because of one of these conversations in the recent past. Lately I’ve been keeping a keen ear tuned when the subject matter turns to Emily’s body because she’s just so damned sexy. Initially I’d struggled with my conscience over what I perceived as immoral thoughts regarding this gorgeous young lady, but I had finally reconciled myself to the fact that if they never left my head there would be no harm done. She was past the age of consent and I knew I would never act on them so I figured a little fantasising couldn’t hurt, right? On several occasions I’d come across her worn panties while sorting through washing and had put them to my face, inhaling her aroma before running my tongue down the crotch, tasting her tangy goodness. “You sick fuck,” I internalised, but again, justified it to myself as not hurting anyone.

A couple of months ago the subject of penises had come up at school; their function, anatomy and care and maintenance. Emily asked Adele one night when we were all sitting down watching a movie after dinner what they were like. She said she’d read about them in sex-ed at school but that the curriculum was very clinical and not very descriptive. Adele ran her through the basic anatomy lesson and then surprised me by saying, “Steve, show her yours.” We all knew she was joking, but I nearly choked and Emily grimaced in mock disgust and cried, “Eeeew! No!” But I thought I glimpsed an undercurrent hack forum of something more, as well. Was that curiosity? My cock thumped to life as I pictured myself walking over to Emily and pulling my trousers down, waving my semi tumescent manhood in her face as she sat on the couch.

Later that night, as Adele’s lips slid slowly up and down my engorged cock, my thoughts returned to that scene in my mind, and it was Emily’s mouth into which I erupted, pumping my hot gouts of semen into her greedily slurping lips as I moaned in bliss. When I lay, spent, my heart pounding, Adele slid up to kiss me, tasting faintly of my orgasm. “Well that was quick,” she said, lips quirking. “Anyone would think you were horny for some reason.”

Several days passed, and all three of us were watching television after dinner on a Friday night. Adele was nestled into the crook of my arm and Emily was laying in her accustomed spot along the other leg of the large L-shaped couch. During an ad-break, Emily got up from the couch and with the boundless energy of the young, ran out to the kitchen to get a drink. I took no notice but Adele laughed and said, “Why aren’t you wearing a bra?” Emily came back in with her drink, grinning, and replied, “How did you know?”

“When you have to grab your breasts as you run it’s a dead giveaway.”

Emily laughed again and came over to straddle Adele’s legs, facing her mum. Sitting on Adele’s knees, she started talking about her big sister, Amelie’s dog. “You should have seen Gaijin today. He was wearing that new collar I got him and… Will you stop staring at my breasts?”

“They’re bouncing around in front of my nose, Emily,” Adele laughed. “They’re impossible not to look at.”

I too had been surreptitiously eying off Emily’s chest as it bobbed and swayed around, inches from my face, wondering just what kind of nipples topped those fabulous chest puppies. She harrumphed and threw herself back over on to her previous spot, eyes twinkling as her gaze met mine.


I wasn’t sure whether she was referring to me or her mother.


The following morning, Emily came into our room as usual but because of the warming weather, was dressed only in a large tank top which fell loosely down to the tops of her thighs. As she wriggled into her customary position I strained for a glimpse of her breasts through its arm holes. Although I gained several gratifying views of the sloping tops, I was disappointed to miss out on her nipples. A few minutes later, as she climbed over her mother to get out, I was treated to a heavenly view of her gorgeous arse. She was wearing tiny, silky black French knickers which had ridden right up her buttocks and clung tightly to her mound, which undulated delightfully as her thighs moved back and forth. My erection roared into being started clamouring for attention. I glanced guiltily over at Adele to see if I’d been caught out, but she seemed blithely unaware of the situation and was adjusting her pillow. As the bedroom door slid closed behind Emily, I was already reaching for Adele…


Later that morning I was sitting on the couch enjoying my second coffee for the day. Adele had gone off to see a friend for lunch and some retail therapy and wouldn’t be home for several hours. Emily swept into the room and bee-lined straight over to where I was sitting. She was in tight jeans and was again wearing a loose fitting tee. Watching her cross the room from the corner of my eye, I decided that she was again sans-bra. This time it was my legs she straddled, my knees that felt the weight of that tight little arse, my face directly in front of those swaying, bobbing delights. And my penis woke, stretching languidly in the cage of my boxers.

“Steve, are you still going to take me for a driving lesson this weekend?” She batted her lashes engagingly at me. Emily was still on her L plates and needed to rack up the requisite hours in her log book prior to gaining her P plates. It was a struggle for her as Adele was a nervous driving instructor and wasn’t at all keen. Emily took advantage of the times I was home to cram as much driving in as she could.

“Ooh I don’t know about that,” I teased. “Mum reckons you’re a bit crazy behind the wheel.”

“Noooo!” She pouted. “Come on daddy. You know you want to.” She bounced as she said this and so help me God, wild horses couldn’t have torn my gaze from her jiggling tits.

“Now you’re staring at my boobs,” she pretended outrage, her sweet little cupids bow mouth compressed into a thin line.

“Well, Em, like mum said, it’s pretty hard not to when you put them right in front of me. And, well, I am a man, after all, and only human.”

Her eyes crinkled.

“Oooh, you dirty old man,” she crooned. She straightened up, arms crossed over her head, thrusting her chest out so that her top pulled tight across her chest. Her nipples had hardened, making little pea-sized bumps in the thin material. “Do you like them?”

I was speechless.

“I, er, well, er…” I stammered, my cock escalating to Red Alert. “Jesus, Emily.”

She lowered her arms and wriggled her hips from side to side, setting her breasts swaying inside the cotton.

“Say you’ll take me for a drive and I’ll stop.”

Stopping was the very last thing on earth I wanted her to do at that moment in time. My cock was thundering in my pants. If Emily looked down, she’d see exactly what she was doing to me. I resisted the temptation to look down myself, knowing that Emily’s eyes would follow mine down. It felt like I had the Great Pyramid of Giza in my lap.

“Puhleeease!” Now she was bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling and punching against her top.

“Ok, ok. I’ll take you for a drive.”

“YE-EEW!” she shrieked. She hugged my head and thrust it into her cleavage, wrapping her arms around it like a long lost teddy bear. “Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou-thankyou.”

To this day I could not honestly tell you how I refrained from motorboating her right then and there. I felt a little lightheaded from the amount of blood that must have migrated south from my brain to fuel the lust-crazed monster in my pants. Emily’s breasts were warm. And firm. Oh. So. Firm.

As she sat back again her nipples seemed to have hardened further, sticking out like little cherries, although it was hard to be sure as the material was loose against them now.

“You never answered my question,” she smiled.

“What question?” I was befuddled.

“Do you like them?”

“Honey, I’m your dad. I love all of you.” I prevaricated.

“Not my real dad. Answer me as a man,” she insisted.

I could see there was no escape. “Emily, from what I can see, your tits are A-number-one perfect. Delightful! But I have to say that I’m so conflicted about looking at them because I do really think of you as my daughter.”

“Correct answer!” she smiled down at me, then swayed forward and kissed me on the mouth. Firmly, but not sensually. She leaned back and as she stood, grasped the hem of her top and pulled it up under her chin. My eyes followed her hands as they revealed her navel, set into a firmly toned stomach, with just a hint of feminine abs. Narrow waist widening up to her ribcage, breathtaking. And up.

Emily’s breasts were as milky white as the rest of her, if not more so. They sat high, with beautiful curves rounding the bottoms. There was a little brown mole underneath the right one. More than a handful, but only just. Her areole, no larger than my thumb tip, were well defined, crinkled and tight, the colour of a pink rose set in the winter garden of her snowy mounds. Her little nipples jutted toward the ceiling like pencil erasers. Astonishing in their naive, innocent beauty.

I don’t know how long we were frozen in that tableau. It is, and will be indelibly branded into my brain until the day I die. It seemed like hours but must surely have been only a few seconds. Somehow I dragged my gaze up to Emily’s eyes, which burned with some inner passion.

“Your mouth’s open,” she giggled, and dropping her hem again, turned and sauntered toward the passage door leading to her room, her heart shaped derriere oscillating smoothly with each step. “Tomorrow after lunch sounds like a plan, ok?”

I lurched to my feet and stood, bewildered. My crotch throbbed maniacally and at last I staggered towards the other end of the house and the bedroom I share with Adele. Walking through to the en-suite bathroom I freed my engorged manhood from my trousers and looked down at it. Five strokes later I was blasting cum into the shower stall, shuddering and moaning as the image of Emily’s breasts floated in space before me.


The next day was Sunday, and the last I’d be spending home for several weeks. I resolved to put all lecherous thoughts of Emily out of my head and spend the day as normally as possible with my gorgeous ladies. Some hope.

As usual, Emily flounced into our bedroom at around eight o’clock and burrowed in between her mother and me. She was again wearing the tank top from the day before and unable to resist, I vied for a peek at what I now knew to be the sweetest pair of breasts I had ever seen. Emily chattered away about the day ahead. I rolled on to my side, resting my head on my hand so I could see her and Adele properly. As I did so the coverlet pulled against Emily, unsettling her. She shifted slightly to adjust and as she did so her top pulled across, exposing one gorgeous, perky breast to my gaze through the large arm hole of the top. I looked up quickly to see if she or Adele had noticed, but they were clearly oblivious and so I returned my hungry eyes to the luscious morsel before me. It was no more than a foot from my face and could see the individual pores of her porcelain skin. I could also see the texture of her tiny nipple, so soft and round now – no sign of the crinkling that had been evident the day before, the centre barely raised. I could practically hear my cock growing.

“Oh, and Steve’s going to take me for a drive today, aren’t you!” I heard, and looked up into Emily’s liquid green gaze. She looked down and noticed her exposed breast, then back at me, making no effort to cover herself. I nearly drowned in the pools of her eyes.

“I, ahh, yeah, that’s right,” I managed to get out, colouring at have been caught out.

“Better you than me,” Adele laughed.

“Hey, I’m not that bad,” Emily laughed too, setting the little nipple quivering. I couldn’t tear my eyes off it. It was slowly contracting, perhaps as a result of Emily’s awareness of my gaze. The areola darkened as it shrunk down again to the diameter of my thumb, its little nubbin growing steadily toward me. As it reached what I considered to be full extension I could see that the very tip had gone white, perhaps as the blood was forced away from the tissue by its very contraction. I was mesmerised by its heart-aching beauty. My penis was also aching, stiff and throbbing against the bedclothes.

“You’re such a good daddy to me,” she gushed and rolled over to give me a one armed hug. As she did so I clearly felt her nipple drag down my chest, coming to rest close to mine. Her left arm was trapped between us and the back of her hand was forced against my rampant member. This time her kiss wasn’t quite as chaste. I felt her little tongue flicker across my lips and just caught myself before I opened my mouth in return.

“Anyway, I’m off for a shower. Too nice a day to laze about in bed.”

I watched carefully as she extricated herself from me and got up on to all fours. Sure enough, I could see straight down her top and watched as both breasts hung straight down, swaying with her movements. As she spun around to her right to climb across Adele my engorged cock, which was now running the entire ship, directed my gaze to Emily’s backside, in the hopes of a replay of the previous day’s view.

Emily’s choice of knickers that day was a tiny white thong and as she swung about I knew this was no accident, that I was being invited to watch as she stretched like a cat across her mother’s body, arse presented to me, knees apart. The thin strip of the thong bisected the tiny pink rosebud of her anus before disappearing completely between the soft naked lips of her vagina. I could see a hint of deeper pink where her inner labia were briefly revealed before the material of the thong widened and emerged from between her lips. If Emily had any pubic hair at all, it could only be the tiniest of landing strips on her Mons Pubis. I could see between her thighs to her dangling nipples which seemed to mock me now, saying: “You thought you were horny before, eh?”

She rocked backwards and I was treated to the sight of her lips parting a little further with a tiny “plick” sound, revealing her pink, glistening interior. Somehow I resisted thrusting my tongue, my finger, my cock, my face… Fuck, anything into that beckoning eighteen year old wetness. I fancied I could smell her, a faint musky aroma but that could have been wishful thinking.

And then it was gone. With an energetic spring, Emily vaulted her legs to the right, all the way to the floor at the foot of the bed. “Don’t forget our drive this afternoon, daddy,” she called as she ran lightly from the room.

She had barely cleared the door when I grabbed Adele, dragging her to the centre of the bed. I flung back the covers and growled as quietly as I could, “I want to fuck you so bad I can taste it.”

“Come on then, lover. Shove that hard cock into my tight little pussy.”

I moved over her, between her legs. True to form, Adele’s pussy was dripping wet. I grabbed her legs behind the knees, lifting then pushing them up to expose her to my painfully tight erection. Normally I’m a gentle starter, building up the pace and force of our lovemaking depending on the mood. Not today! With one thrust I entered Adele all the way, grinding our pubic bones together hard. Adele’s liquid heat engulfed me and I lost all sense of self as I pounded into her again and again.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes, yes, yes,” Adele moaned, so loud I thought that Emily must hear from the other end of the house. “Fuck me, oh fuck me, oh fuck me,” she panted. When the mood moves her she likes it rough, so I grabbed a handful of her long, thick, blonde hair and pulled. Hard. “Oh Fuck Jesus Fuck Fuck Fuck I’m gunna cum.”

“Yeah you fucking dirty bitch. You cum hard on my cock,” I told her, releasing her hair and grabbing her around the throat. I squeezed just hard enough to make it hard for her to breath, knowing that she likes this too. God knows why. I’ve tried it and didn’t like it one bit. By now I was riding the wave myself, punctuating my words with thrusts deep into Adele’s spasming cunt. “You! Cum! On! My! Cock!”

And with that we both let go. A white tide engulfed me, blocking out everything except that moment, my entire nervous system focussed down to the sensation of pouring my soul deep into my beautiful Adele’s pussy. Somewhere in the distance I could here Adele wailing and feel her bucking and writhing beneath me. I collapsed on top of her, twitching and moaning in ecstasy. We kissed passionately, enjoying the post coital fugue as we came back to ourselves.

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