Remember When Ch. 07

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“As you all remember, the time this story takes place was a fun one and very different from our usual situation. We had a new arrival, the nearly one month old Leah, Mel was still on maternity leave, and Ashley was still teaching as her reason to stop wouldn’t arrive for another year.” Brandon said to the three ladies.

“And you my dear were working away and fighting with Jeff Yates.” Mel said.

“And quite enjoying being a daddy, too. Little Leah had you wrapped around her finger from the day she was born.” Katy said smiling.

“Yeah well, she wouldn’t be the only one, your Kara and my Anna did the same. Brandon loves his little girls and they love him.” Ashley said.

“Yes, not that I love the twins any less either, but that’s not what tonight’s story is about.” Brandon said before looking at Katy, “Is it my dear?”

“No, it not,” Katy said with a smile, “This is about how you fucked me silly and gave me my darling Kara.”

“Indeed. As I was saying, it was one cold February night with a big snow storm rolling in…”

Brandon raced home trying to get back before the weather hit. Even if not for the weather he had ample reasons for reaching home quickly. Three hot horny women were certainly enticement enough, but if that wasn’t enough his adorable newborn daughter Leah certainly was. His four favorite ladies in the world awaited him and he wasn’t going to spend a minute longer getting home than necessary.

Before he left Ashley had told him that she, Mel, and Katy had stocked up with enough supplies to ride out the expected storm. Brandon was then told to head for Mel and Katy’s because if the blizzard was going to be as bad as expected they all wanted to be together in one house. They chose Mel and Katy’s because Leah slept better there and they didn’t want to possibly be snowed in with an unhappy newborn.

Upon entering the house he was greeted by Katy and Ashley. Not seeing Mel he enquired where she was.

“Upstairs feeding Leah.” Katy said, “She just woke and was hungry.”

After a brief talk with Ashley and Katy, Brandon headed upstairs and found Mel sitting there breastfeeding Leah. That particular decision had shocked Brandon a little bit given Mel’s work plans. Then again it was so Mel to breastfeed her baby and have a career. Either to prove she could or just to push her femininity on people. Silently saying ‘Yeah I’m a working mom who breastfeeds, got a problem with it?’

Brandon gave Mel a kiss on the cheek and Leah a kiss on the forehead. The latter ignored him as she was a little busy.

“How was your day?” Mel asked when he sat down.

“Crazy as usual. Between the weather causing panic and Jeff Yates I had my hands full, but it’s the weekend at last. How were things here?”

“Good. Leah, Katy, and I had a fun morning, didn’t we Leah?” Mel said asking the last part to the newborn before shifting her to the other breast.

Brandon and Mel talked on while Leah finished feeding. Brandon could tell that although she was thrilled to be off for six weeks and spend time with Leah, she missed work too. She always took interest in the day to day working of Brandon’s job, probably more so than the other two. Not that Ashley and Katy weren’t supportive, but Mel just understood it better.

When Leah was finished Mel covered up and passed her to Brandon saying their daughter needed time with daddy. Brandon was grateful. Like Mel making the best of her maternity leave, he had to make the most of his ‘daddy time’ because he would get only a few years and that would need to last him until Leah and the baby Katy would have were old enough to learn the truth.

For most of the night Brandon held onto and played with Leah. Only letting her go for a few minutes at a time. Not that Katy and Mel minded, they got to spend all day with Leah and were really glad Brandon wanted to spend time with her.

“I can’t believe she’s nearly as month old.” Brandon said after Leah had been put to bed. They were all sitting in the living room talking. “I feel like we should get her something special.”

“Look at you,” Mel said smiling. “Spoiling her already, I tell you girls I said it the minute she was born and I’ll say it again, it’s amazing someone so big fits around such a small finger.” Mel said chuckling.

“Well I think it’s adorable,” Katy said. “Besides it’s hard to blame him, thanks to us he gets so little daddy time before he has to say goodbye for a long time.”

“Yes, but that was his choice.” Mel said firmly.

“And I’m okay with it ladies; as long as I get to maximize my daddy time and spoiling now. Besides I luck out, I get to miss the teen years because by the time Leah learns the truth she should be nearly free of teenageness.”

“Oh no you don’t get to skip out of the teen years buddy that’s where we’ll be counting on your help most. Especially since she’s more likely to confide in you and Ashley than us because you’re the cool neighbors and not the boring parents.” Mel said.

“I know I know, just kidding, and Ashley and I will be glad to do it. Now back to my present what should it be?”

“I got an idea,” Katy said smiling. She got up and crossed over to him and sat on his lap. She then leaned in and whispered in his ear. “How about a baby sister or brother?”

Brandon looked at her and said, “Katy you’re not… I mean not yet right?”

“No,” she said quietly, “but it’s my fertile time stud and this weekend is a good a time as any to try.”

“Well,” Brandon said, “Why not?” Then to the other two he asked, “You two alright with that?”

“Well I can’t say I’m thrilled about giving up my husband for the weekend, but it’s for a good cause so sure.” Ashley said.

Brandon looked at Mel and she said, “What are you asking me for? You know if there are two people I spoil it’s Katy and Leah and this benefits both so knock my wife up good you stud you.”

Brandon turned to Katy and said, “It looks like you’re on my little nymph, you ready for me to get you pregnant?”

Katy nodded excitedly and said, “Oh yes I can’t wait to see my belly swell with our baby.”

“I hope this works,” Brandon said, “Unlike with Mel I did not exactly abstain.”

Katy glared at him and said, “True, but you have been keeping up with the three of us, which I might add included a very pregnant Mel who got quite horny near the end of her pregnancy. Besides you have all weekend and in my opinion you had Mel good and pregnant that first night, you’ll be fine baby. Now if you all will excuse me I’m headed upstairs to get ready to get pregnant. Work out amongst yourselves what the rest of kızlık bozma porno you will be doing, all I know is I want to be pregnant by the end of the weekend.”

Katy left and after a brief discussion the other three had a plan in mind and headed up to execute it.

Ashley and Brandon headed for the bedroom while Mel diverted to check on Leah one last time before her part in the plan. When Brandon and Ashley arrived in the master bedroom they found a naked Katy posed provocatively on the bed awaiting them. As agreed Ashley stripped off her clothes and began caressing and fondling the horny blonde. Meanwhile Brandon stripped off his clothes and watched his wife tease the prospective mom toward orgasm.

As Katy approached climax a few minutes later Brandon was joined by a naked Mel who sat on his lap and joined him in watching the show.

“Our wives seem to be enjoying each other wouldn’t you say?” Mel asked him.

“Yes, I would say so, how’s our little angel doing?” Brandon asked not taking his eye off the sexy blonde and brunette writhing together on the bed.

“Fast asleep, but it’s nearly feeding time.” Mel replied and Brandon knew how Mel knew, he looked down and sure enough saw he signs that Mel was starting to be rather full.

Brandon teased her by giving her nipples a squeeze and milk shot out making Mel moan.

“Don’t,” she said, “That feels good but you’re wasting your daughter’s snack.”

He apologized but it was nearly drowned out by Katy’s scream of delight.

“That’s our cue,” Mel said standing up and helping Brandon to his feet. As he rose Brandon quickly marveled at the red-head’s body. For a woman who had had a baby not that long ago Mel looked pretty good. She still had a bit of uncharacteristic fat around her mid section, butt, and thighs. However beside that, her obviously larger boobs, and a slight swell of her hips it was hard to tell. Honestly Mel looked as good if not better than most moms looked six months after having their baby. She definitely fell into the category of a very sexy MILF.

When Mel and Brandon reached the bed they took over for Ashley. This was the one part of the plan that was non-negotiable. Ever since Brandon had had Katy ‘help’ him get Mel pregnant both women had insisted the same for when it was Katy’s turn. So when Brandon had lined up with Katy’s wet pussy Mel straddled him and after he gripped her tight from behind she began guiding his thrusts in and out of the tiny blonde.

It was an interesting experience to say the least as they both had their own ways of fucking the blonde. While they were similar they were also rather different. Eventually Mel and Brandon found a rhythm that worked for both and it was clearly evident that Katy was in heaven.

Together Brandon and his sexy helper fucked Katy to numerous orgasms. Which of course was another problem spot as Mel had never had too deal with the feeling of a tight pussy clenching around her shaft, Brandon had however and was expertly able to avoid cumming but had to slow Mel’s pace a bit to accommodate this. Eventually though Katy’s orgasms took their toll and Brandon felt he had to cum soon. He gave Mel the signal that he was close.

To which he red-head responded by crying out, “It’s coming baby are you ready, are you ready to be a mommy?”

“Oh, yeah köylü porno baby, give it to me, give me your cum, make me a mommmmmy!” Katy screamed out in delight. Unable to hold back any longer he came hard into the blonde’s fertile pussy. This caused both Mel and Katy to explode as well. As the pleasure overtook them they all collapsed and lay together.

When the pleasure had worn down both Katy and Mel kissed him.

“Thanks for our baby.” They said in unison before snuggling against him. Not long after the sounds of a baby crying came over the baby monitor on the bedside table and Mel reluctantly rose.

“Duty calls, and about time too,” Mel said, “I was getting really full.” She put on a robe and left saying, “Have fun you two. See you tomorrow.” Ashley too bade them goodnight and followed Mel.

Katy raised her hips with a pillow and grinned at Brandon. “So do you think Leah knows she’s about to get a baby sister or brother?”

“Katy, you know that we can’t be sure of that after one time…”

“I know,” She said then her mischievous smile returned, “Guess we’ll have to try again, and again, and again…” Brandon felt himself go hard at the thought as he rolled over back on top of the blonde.

“Oh we will my dear don’t you worry about that my little nymph when I’m done your little belly is going to be plenty swollen with my baby. How does that sound?”

“Execellent” She moaned as he pushed into her, “And I must say I like this side of you. I daresay our stud has a thing for pregnant girls.”

“Maybe I do.”

“Good because I know another very pretty girl who wants to be nice and pregnant like me soon. Then you’ll have two of us swollen with your babies to keep satisfied how does that sound?”

“Like a lot of fun, I can’t wait.” Brandon said pumping into the blonde harder, “But before we worry about Ashley let’s get you pregnant babe.” Brandon said.

“Mmmm” Katy moaned in reply, “I like that idea. Fill me with your cum again baby.”

“…And as you all know that’s exactly what we did.”

“Yes, and I remember that time after when it was my turn and Katy had the first signs of her baby bump.” Ashley said.

“Yes,” Katy added, “and I was right about his little fetish, my god was Brandon horny that whole year between Mel starting the year off pregnant, her milk filled tits, and our pregnancy it was easy to get relief when he was around.”

“Not to mention he had plenty of willing outlets.” Mel said.

“Hey you guys are lucky I didn’t react the other way.” Brandon said, “Although how any man could is a mystery, especially you three you have had to be the hottest moms to be in the Chicagoland area and are still the some of the hottest milfs in the area too.”

“Even though were grandmas now.” Ashley said, “And don’t think we didn’t know how lucky we were, especially me. Let’s just say if I hadn’t seen you with Katy and Mel first I might have been scared off by the horror stories from other teachers. I’ve known some colleagues who practically had to beg their husbands for it near the end. In some cases I pondered letting them use Brandon, but decided against it figuring it might throw things off balance. Besides helping someone cheat, even for the right reasons, is immoral.”

They all pondered this for a second before Brandon asked, “So ladies what next?”

“Oh I think that obvious,” Ashley said. “Remember that friend Katy was telling you about in her story I think I want to hear about how she got pregnant.”

“Of course, “Brandon said with a smile, “I love that story as much as this one and since none of us is tired I say we tell that tonight.”

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