Reformation Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 Caged Mouse

*** Author’s Note ***

I sincerely apologize for the length of time it took to get this chapter out. As a reader as well as an author, I understand the frustration created by sporadic chapter updates. I have not abandoned this series and will try to be more consistent in getting these chapters out. My life has been busy as of late, that’s all.

Take care,



“Slow down!” Taryn chastised Owen in a motherly manner.

“Relax,” Owen replied with an unimpressed smirk.

“You’re going too fast on these windy roads!” Taryn urged again.

“Yes, Mother,” Owen replied in a droll tone with a smirk.

“There’s no need to swear!” Taryn replied in disgusted shock as she looked at Owen in disbelief.

Taryn huffed and turned away from Owen and looked out of the passenger window of the minivan as it sped down the windy country road. The trees that lined the road blended together and almost became one, but after a moment she could tell that the minivan had slowed down to a much safer speed. Still saying nothing she glanced over at Owen who wore a smirk on his face. Taryn could tell that he was watching her out of the corner of his eye. The pair shared a smile, yet no words were said, and the moment was over as quick as it began. Owen looked back to the road as Taryn looked out the side window again, and each were lost in their own thoughts.

It was Monday, the day after the confrontation with Harold at his church and the night had been a flurry of activity. A heated family discussion was had over who was going to go and see Rebecca. Everyone had a good reason as to why they should go and what had started this animated discussion was Owen’s declaration that he was going up to see Rebecca alone. Family togetherness and compassion for Rebecca and her plight overruled their desire to submit to Owen and obey his every command. Owen did not blow up and lay down the law but rather respected that the issue was important to the family. Instead the family discussed the issue at length but in the end, the only way to arrive at a compromise was for everyone to go.

So here they were, Monday afternoon driving into the country with everyone pilled into the Minivan. Taryn glanced over her shoulder and saw what she expected, Karen sitting in the middle of Veronica and Rosina. All three women were asleep and all three were snuggled together in an unmistakably intimate embrace. Rosina was rested up against the window of the minivan. Karen was slumped and leaning against Rosina with her head resting on the younger woman’s shoulder dangerously close to her nearest breast. Veronica was using Karen’s right breast as a pillow, her mouth was open slightly and the drool was already starting to wet her mother’s dress.

Taryn smiled a mischievous smile to herself as her playful side came out to play as she glanced over at her son, her Master, who was driving the minivan. Unbuckling her seatbelt she said nothing as she slid out of her seat and onto the space between the two front seats.

“Please, Master, my I worship you?” Taryn asked submissively, with a hint of lust flavouring her voice.

“Yes, Red you may,” Owen replied in a commanding tone of voice with a smirk on his face.

Owen reached down between his legs and eased the seat back, before he raised the steering wheel up. Taryn took advantage of the room he had made as she moved her head in to the area of Owen’s lap. As Taryn unfastened Owen’s belt-buckle, Owen set the cruse control before allowing Taryn to pull his pants and underwear down. Once his pants were down around his ankles, Owen spread his legs and settled back in the seat.

Taryn moaned in satisfaction as she reached up and grasped Owen’s thickening cock in her hands and marvelled at how much she still lusted after her son’s cock. It was long since such thoughts sparked even the slightest hint of guilt or doubt in her mind that she was doing what she was born to do. Taryn opened up her mouth and wrapped her lips around her son’s cock and felt and overwhelming sense of completion to be one with him. Taryn closed her eyes and proceeded to deep-throat her Master’s cock from memory. Owen sighed and let his head flop back and enjoyed the moment, as the woman who knew how to suck his cock the best was at that very moment doing her best work yet. Owen had to snap his head back up to keep his eyes on the road, as Taryn’s heavenly work still emanated glorious pleasure from his cock.

The jerking and slight weaving of the minivan brought Veronica out of her sleep, and wondering what was going on. Waking up with her cheek on her mother’s breast was always a welcome sight and she smiled to herself. Veronica lifted her head up and looked at the front of the minivan and saw Taryn kneeling beside Owen’s chair, and everything became apparent. Veronica chuckled to herself as she watched a mother give her son road-head.

Veronica might have felt a twinge of jealously if she hadn’t been Onwin snuggled up to her own mother, with whom she has had sex with countless times. Each time they had had sex was just as special to Veronica as it was the first time. Veronica rested her head back on Karen’s breast and eyed up the nipple with desire as temptation whispered to her to taste the nipple.

Veronica kissed the exposed top of her mother’s breast with all the love she possessed for her mother, lover and fellow-slave. With all the desire and lust she possessed Veronica’s lips never broke contact with Karen’s skin as daughter kissed her way towards her mother’s nipple. Karen started to stir and wake up and strangely found herself excited as pleasurable sensations drifted through her body.

Karen looked down and saw that her dress was pulled down exposing her breasts. Veronica was already latched on to her right nipple and was suckling it like she had done when she was a baby. Karen stared at her daughter and started to squirm in her seat as her lust and desire was instantly aflame. Karen looked at the image that a year ago would have scared her silly and almost pushed her into a mental breakdown the first time they actually had sex. Now she simply felt the love of family and spouse for this woman and indeed everyone in the minivan.

“Jeez, Dee-Dee, you could have any woman you want with the way you suck tits!” Karen said with pure lust as she looked into her daughter’s eyes who was looking back at her as she licked circles around her right nipple.

“Right now, the only woman I want is you,” Veronica replied with a slur as she continued to lightly kiss her mother’s breast.

“OOOOOHH! BELLA BOOBIES!” Rosina squealed in delight as she made her awaked state known by squirming around and latching onto Karen’s left nipple.

“Don’t you ever get tired of that joke, Cat!” Karen groaned in reply as she settled into an upright position as the two younger women continued to suck and play on her breasts.

“I’m as tired of that joke, as I am of your titties!” Rosina said, briefly pausing her in her oral pleasing of Karen’s breasts.

Karen, Rosina, and Veronica laughed as Rosina threw herself into the sucking and licking of Karen’s breasts, and Karen had to surrender to the pleasurable sensations that now overwhelmed her. Karen just laid there, put her hands out to her sides and grasped the top of the bench seat.

Veronica and Rosina looked at each other and winked as they both sucked on a nipple at the same time. Breaking contact with Karen’s skin at the same time both Veronica and Rosina were drawn to each other. The two younger women kissed each other with passion and love, a love that they shared for each other and everyone else in the family. When the kiss was over they winked at each other and resumed their pleasing of Karen. Rosina continued to suck, lick, tongue and caress Karen’s breasts while Veronica repositioned herself between her mother’s thighs, and licked her lips, before licking Karen’s nether-lips.

“Ooooooooh Fuck yeah! Eat me, baby, eat me, Dee-Dee!” Karen groaned out as she snapped her head to look down at Veronica as the younger woman pushed Karen’s legs further apart.

Veronica giggled to herself and she beamed with self-satisfaction and pride as she licked the length of her mother’s slit. Veronica always prided herself as a woman who was an expert at drawing every morsel of pleasure out of a woman’s body. Karen was a special case, however, being that she was her own mother, Veronica always took every instance to show her mother just how good sex between them was. A small part of her wanted to drive her mother to constantly lust after her, to make Karen a slave to the pleasures that only Veronica could give her. Veronica still wanted to wield some sort of power over her mother: the power of pleasure.

As Veronica suckled on Karen’s clit, as if it were a third nipple, Rosina was suckling on one of Karen’s real nipples. Rosina liked to watch the face of her lover for clues as to if she was doing things right or not. She liked to see, the effects of what she was doing, was she bringing them pleasure or not? Words of encouragement might sometimes lie, for the benefit of the one giving the pleasure, but the face, in the throws of passion couldn’t lie. Karen’s eyes were tightly closed and her face was awash with so much pleasure it was almost overwhelming, made evident by the way she squirmed and twitched.

In the time since she started living at Karen’s spa Rosina had grown attached to Karen, looking at her as an Aunt or surrogate mother. In the time since Karen had submitted to Owen and become her fellow-slave, Rosina had grown to love her as a lover and spouse. The lovemaking they had shared when it was just the two of them was slow, unhurried and on an even keel, as partners, as equals; a rare thing that they both treasured, yet never vocalized.

Karen was much older than Rosina and that might put her in a position of power. Yet Rosina had been involved with Owen longer than Karen and therefore had a leg up with her “seniority” in the family. They both were submissive woman, so neither of them wanted to take control or dominate sex. Taryn and Veronica had a Dominant streak, and had a natural pull to take charge of sex, in the absence of a higher-ranking Dominant. While Karen and Rosina liked submitting during sex and never resented Taryn or Veronica for their Dominant side, the embrace of a true equal lover was a refreshing change and a made their love for each other that much stronger.

When Rosina felt a hand gently stroking her hair, she knew whose hand it was, and what the gesture signalled. Rosina looked up into Karen’s eyes and found the older woman looking back at her, just as she had expected. Their connection and love was wordlessly expressed in the loving gaze that Karen gave Rosina at that moment, and it was reflected back to Karen in Rosina’s eyes. With a loving smile, Karen guided Rosina’s head closer to hers, Rosina licked her lips and did not resist. Their eyes never wavered from staring deep into each other’s eyes as they drew closer for the much anticipated kiss.

Sparks flew as their lips first touched and their passions exploded as they kissed with and urgent need to taste each other. Karen threw her hands around Rosina and pulled her young lover into a tight embrace, as Rosina clutched Karen just as tightly. Hands roamed over each other as their bodies were pressed tightly together, trying to meld them into one entity of love and pleasure, lips never breaking contact.

Veronica didn’t mind or wasn’t jealous of the passionate embrace that Karen and Rosina shared but she did mind Rosina’s hip bumping her head while she tried to continue to eat Karen’s pussy. Deciding to make her presence known, Veronica reached between Rosina’s wet thighs and started to play with Rosina’s pussy. Rosina’s only response was to moan her approval into Karen’s mouth as those two women continued to passionately kiss.

The heat increased as Karen reached down to the bottom hem of Rosina’s dress and pulled up. In one swift and well-practiced motion, Rosina was nude, still kissing Karen and her dress was carelessly discarded somewhere in the minivan. The touch of hot, nude female flesh pressed up against each other was an exquisite feeling that both Karen and Rosina enjoyed for a moment before Karen grasped Rosina’s torso and lifted. Knowing what her lover wanted, Rosina scooted up so that her breasts were eyelevel with Karen. Karen moaned in desire as she stared at the breasts displayed before her with pure lust.

“Hello my beauties, mommy’s missed you!” Karen said in a low, barely audible, husky tone of voice before she attacked Rosina’s breasts with passion, intensity and hunger.

For a moment three sets of lips spoke their love and desire without words as the three women made love to each other. Veronica ate her mother’s pussy and was happy to do it, drawn there by her lust for the woman and the sweet taste of victory, encapsulated in her mother’s pussy juice. Karen made love to Rosina’s breasts with the hungry passion, true desire and fixation she had for the younger woman’s body and the kinship they shared. Rosina could only stand there, waver, squeak, moan and groan her desire. As two women made love to her at the same time, Karen sucked on her breasts while Veronica finger-fucked her pussy.

Somewhere, lost in all this passion was the fact that Owen had indeed cum not once but twice. Two times Taryn happily suckled the nectar of life from Owen’s cock, pausing for a moment between the two blowjobs she had given him. Taryn had developed a habit to swallow some of Owen’s cum almost daily and her hunger for his cum had grown to the point of addition. Taryn didn’t merely want Owen’s cum, she needed it! She needed it so badly that if she went more than three days without it she started to suffer withdrawal.

Owen looked down at Taryn who was licking his cock clean after the second time he had cum and his cock was too sensitive for touch right now. With a pat on her head, Owen signalled for Taryn to stop sucking his cock. Taryn simply rested her head on his lap and looked up at him with eyes of love and devotion, content to be in his presence. They shared a look that expressed their genuine love and were happy in the knowledge that their bond was the deepest because they were the first. They were the first of the family to hook up, Taryn saw herself as a pioneer of sorts as she had the vision and courage to explore this relationship, and was proud of all the good that had resulted. She loved her fellow-slaves as the lovers, spouses and family members that they were, but her love and devotion to Owen was borderline worship.

Drawing Owen and Taryn out of their private moment was two women screaming though orgasm, clutching each other for deal life. Karen almost suffocated in the breasts she desired most as Veronica mercilessly continued to eat Karen’s pussy from one orgasm to another. Rosina bumped her head on the roof a few times as she thrashed about on the captive hand that still somehow thrust repeated into her pussy, driving her mad with passion and desire.

Taryn watched Karen and Rosina orgasm, and the way they moved created the illusion that they were indeed one entity of love and pleasure, sharing the same orgasm. Bodies can only take so much pleasure, however, before they lifelessly give out. Once it was over Karen and Rosina slumped together as they breathed heavy, trying to recover.

Veronica paused in her licking Karen’s pussy clean when she felt the sensation of being watched. Veronica turned and looked over her shoulder as she withdrew her slick hand from between Rosina’s legs. Veronica smiled a seductive smile at Taryn as she brought her hand slick with Taryn’s own daughter’s juices and started to lick them clean with long, slow sensuous licks. After two licks extended the hand to Taryn, offering the mother a taste her own daughter’s juices.

The effect on Taryn was evident as her face filled with lust, yet knowing her place she looked up at Owen who continued to drive the minivan, now completely nude from the waist down. Owen glanced in the rear view mirror and then over at Taryn’s imploring look as he chuckled.

“Sure Red, go play,” Owen said with a light-hearted laugh.

“Thank you, Master!” Taryn said with an expression and tone which beamed with gratitude.

Taryn didn’t need to be told twice and in a flash she had closed the distance between herself and the slick hand. Taryn licked Veronica’s hand clean and Veronica also started to lick that same hand clean of Rosina’s juices. Once the hand was clean, Veronica lowered it and the two women stared at each other, just inches apart. Taryn reached up, grasped Veronica’s head firmly and directed the woman’s head so she could lick Karen’s pussy juices now smeared all over the young woman’s cheeks. When Veronica’s face was clean, Taryn pulled Veronica in for a passionate kiss which drew Veronica’s passion and sexual tension built up over the past while out.

Karen and Rosina cuddled and held each other, lovingly enjoying the bliss of afterglow from the explosive orgasms that they had just shared. Both Karen and Rosina genuinely wanted Veronica to experience some pleasure, because of their love for her and because of the pleasure she had given them.

Taryn lifted her dress up and off of her body and three women’s eyes were fixed on their Mistress’s body, trying to get a peek of her now nude treasures. Veronica moaned in lustful hunger as she paused, drew back to drink in the delightful sight of Taryn’s body.

“Oh, Mistress, may I PLEASE worship your tits!” Veronica said in a submissive, reverent, yet lustful tone of voice, speaking directly to Taryn’s breasts as she strained not to lean forward without permission.

“Give us some space, into the back with the two of you!” Taryn commanded as she glanced up to Karen and Rosina.

“Yes, Mistress!” Karen and Rosina replied in unison, trying hard not to sound too excited at the prospect of some private time together.

Without another word, Karen and Rosina climbed over the bench seat and into the back bench seat of the minivan. Once there they laid down beside one another, with Karen against the back of the seat and Rosina pressed up against her. They looked at each other with all the love they felt for each other and their world shrunk down to the two of them in that back seat. Rosina leaned in and Karen met her half way for the beginning of the soft, slow and romantic kiss, the first of many they shared that day.

As soon as Karen and Rosina had vacated the bench seat, Taryn moved up to sit on it and looked down at Veronica with a self-satisfied smile. Taryn could see the desperate desire on the face of the young woman, who dutifully restrained herself from touching Taryn’s body without permission.

Taryn felt a connection and kinship with Veronica that she didn’t share with anyone else in the family. They both were Slaves of Owen, but they also had a Dominant side, something that she didn’t share with Karen and Rosina. Taryn looked on Veronica as a daughter of sorts, a younger image of herself and it was this that was the foundation of their special bond. Taryn wanted to nurture and develop Veronica’s Dominant side and had given her some pointers and training as they practiced on Karen and Rosina.

The added kick, what Taryn had not admitted to anyone, especially to Veronica was the fact that in this case, she was dominating a Dominant woman. That made anytime she spent with Veronica that much more exciting and hot. Just knowing that this woman kneeling before her, eagerly desiring to serve and please her in anyway Taryn wanted was enough to make her pussy wet. Taryn looked down at Veronica and said nothing to Veronica for an excruciatingly long few seconds.

“Do you now?” Taryn replied with a cocky grin on her face as she looked down at Veronica who remained kneeling in the proper submissive position, looking down.

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