Recent Update 01: Wendy’s Moved In

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All of our previous writings have been in the form of memoirs. In them, all of the events described took place decades ago, however, this account is a little more contemporary. I will provide a overview for anyone unfamiliar with our background, if you are familiar with our story, you can skip this section and scroll down until you see ‘END INTRO’.

My wife Audrey and I met at a nudist resort decades ago. We had sex together for the first time at that resort as part of what was also our mutual introduction to the partner swapping lifestyle. Whilst we enjoyed the experience, we both had partners at the time and we went our separate ways.

Through a series of seemingly random events, we ended up single and at the same party one day. One thing lead to another and several decades later we have two wonderful daughters and a grand-daughter. We are nudists and we raised our girls to be nudists too. This brings me to my sister.

My sister Wendy and I spent the majority of our childhood as I imagine most siblings did: alternating between being best friends and mortal enemies. Even though I caught her with chocolate all over her hands and face, to this day, she refuses to admit that she stole, and devoured, my secret stash of chocolates. I hope that the sneaky little bitch got a stomach ache, but I digress.

As we got older and matured, we weren’t super-close, but we got on well enough and enjoyed each other’s company. Having our parents both pass away relatively early by today’s standards also meant that we were the only close family that we had left. Our parents got to see my sister and I marry our respective spouses, but were gone before any grand children came along.

At least once a year or so, we would try to get our families together. She had moved away with her husband Richard so we needed to consider the logistics carefully. Flying time was about two hours, driving time was practically a whole day, pedal to the metal with a few ten minute stops for voiding ones bladder and changing drivers. Often, we would compromise and pick somewhere roughly equidistant between us and meet there.

Regardless of the arrangements, it was always my family that would end up wearing clothes. Our youngest daughter accepted this without too much fuss, but our oldest daughter was not so inclined. When we had returned to our accommodation for the evening, she would strip as fast as she could, almost defying us to tell her to put some clothes on. Clothed joint family activities were the norm until one year when my sister turned up at my front door stark naked.

Unbeknownst to my wife and I, Wendy and Richard had recently experienced some social nudity with some friends. As their level of comfort grew, this evolved to a far more intimate relationship with their friends culminating with my sister and her husband engaging in their first full partner swap with their friends.

With their new found love of naturism, my sister and her husband had decided that during their next visit to my house, they would join us in being naked instead of us covering up. This all went fairly well until my wife saw the size of my brother-in-law’s penis for the first time and decided that she simply had to try it out.

I was perfectly happy for my brother-in-law and my wife to have sex. As swingers, I have seen my wife have sex with other men many times. I was not, however, expecting the proposition that accompanied that. My sister, not wanting to be left out, wanted me to have sex with her. I was more than a little reluctant at first, but she talked me around and we eventually discovered that we were very compatible sexually.

From there on, whenever the four of us would get together, we would pair up. We knew that it was socially taboo, but we developed a wonderfully liberating sexual relationship with the enthusiastic encouragement of both of our spouses. Technically, she was still my sister and I was still her brother, but we treated our relationship as we would any other consensual sexual liaison.

This arrangement continued for a large number of years until my brother-in-law became unexpected sick and passed away. Without ever needing to discuss it, the sex stopped and we became ordinary siblings again. That is, until 2020.


As I am sure most of you are aware, 2020 has been a year plagued by social upheaval. Although Wendy still had friends in her area, the isolation imposed by the public health situation as well as the fact that her sons had moved away to pursue their careers had left Wendy quite alone. Skype helped, but was of only limited relief. Audrey and I decided that for her own well-being, Wendy should move in with us for the time being.

Wendy obtained all of the required paperwork from the relevant health authorities and then drove from her house to our house non-stop except for the occasional toilet break. For the first two weeks, she was quarantined in our ‘guest wing’. We ensured that she had all of the food and supplies that she needed, but now, we could talk with her face-to-face. We still kept our distance and wore masks as required when in closer proximity, gaziantep ofise gelen escort but once she had been cleared, she joined us in the main house.

It was not so much odd, but unusual to be naked with my sister again. Seeing her in clothes had sort of become normal again since Richard’s death. Wendy, as far as I could tell, was happy to have a bit of normalcy back in her life, even if that was living with her nudest brother and sister-in-law.

We did offer to allow Wendy to remain in the guest wing, but she was adamant that she wanted to move into the main house with us. Neither Hannah nor Romana had lived with us for years, so Wendy had the choice of either room so she pick Hannah’s as it was furnished with the bigger bed.

A few days after Wendy had transitioned to the main house, we were sitting around the pool in the sun, attired as comes naturally for us nudist types. Wendy had always been slightly more pale than either Audrey or I. She was even more pale than when we last saw her naked, so we made sure to keep reminding her to reapply her sunscreen.

Wendy had expelled us from our own kitchen and had brewed an absolute kick-arse pot of tea. She had acquired a packet of her favourite loose leaf blend prior to leaving home and fastidiously ensured that it steeped for the required duration before pouring cups for all of us.

“Do you know that I read your memoirs?” Wendy asked me.

“No, I didn’t. What did you think?” I responded trying to conceal any enthusiasm.

“It certainly filled in a lot of the blanks for me, it explained a lot. However, the final chapter was a little confronting to read.” Wendy said.

“It was a little confronting to write too.” I replied.

“I imagine it might have been.” Wendy said thoughtfully taking her first sip.

Both Audrey and I tried our tea and it was surprisingly good.

“Not only did you and I discover our taste for ‘forbidden fruit’, but you mentioned Richard’s passing without mentioning that week at the resort.” Wendy said.

“Wendy, that was just before Richard got sick. We thought that perhaps that was a step too far.” Audrey said coming to my defence.

“Oh poppycock!” Wendy said waving her hand as if to swat an unruly fly.

“What do you mean?” Audrey asked.

“In the time that I had left with him after that trip, Richard would often fondly recall that week.” Wendy told us.

“Really, I did not realise that.” I said genuinely.

“Listen,” Wendy started, “one day when Richard was in hospital, I walked into his room and he was sitting up in bed with his eyes closed, his head rocking from side to side.”

Continuing, “One of the nursing staff said that they were adjusting his pain meds and that he could be slightly incoherent until they dialled in on the right dose. To me, it looked like he was listening to music, but he did not have any headphones on and there was no music playing elsewhere. I walked over and touched his hand. He opened his eyes and smiled immediately.”

“So he knew it was you?” Audrey asked.

“Yes, he clearly knew who I was. Anyway, I asked him what he was listening to and he started to sing: ‘Turtle Beach, far away in time, Turtle Beach, far away in time’.”

“Isn’t it ‘Echo Beach’?” I asked.

“Yes it is, but he was singling ‘Turtle Beach’ instead. You remember the hike to Turtle Beach?” Wendy said.

“Of course.” I responded.

“Well luckily, none of the medical staff understood the exact context.” Wendy said.

We sipped at our tea in quiet contemplation for a short time before Wendy said, “Would you write a chapter on our hike to Turtle Beach Ben?”

“I suppose so, but I thought that the day in the private Villa would have been more memorable for him.” I replied.

“Perhaps you could write about both?” she helpfully suggested.

“Mmmm” I said taking another sip.

“Something else puzzles me about your memoirs.” Wendy said.

“What’s that?” Audrey asked.

“How did you select the pseudonyms? I mean, I know how you came up with ‘Ben’ and ‘Audrey’ and I can make a pretty good guess at where you got ‘Richard’ from.” Wendy said.

“So what’s missing?” Audrey asked.

“It’s ‘Wendy’. Where did you get the name ‘Wendy’ from? The only ‘Wendy’ that I can remember lived across the street a few houses along from the intersection. I think that we had some classes together too.” Wendy said sounding rather puzzled.

“Well. The relationship that I have with you is something that is not made public.” I said.

“Oh no! You and Wendy?” Wendy exclaimed.

I just smiled and said nothing savouring my tea.

“Oh fuck! Of course! Biology class all makes sense now! I thought that she had simply read ahead when we did the chapter on the male reproductive system.” Wendy said as the scenario took shape in her head.

“You randy little bugger! She got all of that knowledge first-hand from you, didn’t she?” Wendy asked.

I just quietly sipped my tea again and smile a devious smile. Wendy looked over to Audrey who gaziantep öğrenci escort avoided the topic and took another sip of her tea. Frustrated, Wendy saw that neither Audrey nor I were going to answer, so she too took another sip from her cup and dropped the subject.

“Since Richard died, I have been trying to find out what my new ‘normal’ looks like.” Wendy said looking at Audrey.

“That’s perfectly understandable. Loosing a life partner is a big upheaval and it will naturally take some time for you to adjust to it.” Audrey replied before sipping her tea and raising her eyebrows at the sudden change in subject.

“I’ve taken care of all of the administrative things like bank accounts, insurance, car registration, utility bills, etc. What I still find to be somewhat undefined are some of the relationships.” Wendy explained.

“What kind of relationships are you talking about?” Audrey inquired.

“I know that considering my age and gender, what I am about to say puts me way above one standard deviation from the mean, but I don’t want my ‘new normal’ to also include celibacy.” Wendy said.

“Well I’d be right beside you on the bell curve too I suspect. Listen Wendy, I think that if Richard could say anything to you right now, he would probably say that he just wants you to be happy. Do you agree?” Audrey stated.

“I suppose so, yes.” Wendy replied.

“If you don’t want celibacy to be part of your new normal, then it’s up to you to see that it isn’t.” Audrey said.

“Well as you probably remember, when Richard was alive, the four of us had an extremely intimate, if somewhat unconventional, relationship.” Wendy said.

“Yes, it was quite enjoyable. That last week together at the resort was very memorable.” Audrey agreed.

“I know that there are only three of us now, but I was wondering if the both of you would be, um, interested in perhaps exploring some, um, possibilities.” Wendy suggested shyly.

“What did you, um, have in mind?” Audrey asked.

“Well, I thought that maybe I could masturbate or something while I watched you and Ben have sex for starters.” Wendy proposed.

“We would certainly have no problem with that, but why not aim a little higher?” Audrey asked.

“Higher? In what way?” Wendy said looking confused.

“Did you enjoy having sex with your brother?” Audrey asked.

“Indeed I did, every time he entered me, the feeling was almost euphoric.” Wendy replied staring into her, teacup idly running her finger around the rim.

“So how about we change your plan, only slightly. How about you and Ben have sex and I will watch you guys?” Audrey proposed.

“Do you think that he would be willing?” Wendy asked seeming unsure.

“Why don’t we ask him? Ben, would you like to fuck your sister again?” Audrey asked turning to me.

“Oh, I don’t know.” I paused to take a thoughtful sip of my tea before finishing with, “If you think it would help, I suppose I could try.”

“You arsehole!” Audrey said.

“Me? No!” I replied in mock protest.

“You’ve been eager to get back at it with Wendy for years.” Audrey rebuked.

Somewhat relieved Wendy said, “Well, why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

“We thought about it.” Audrey said.

“But we weren’t sure if you were ready or not. You’ve been through a lot and we didn’t want to push things.” I added.

“Listen, I know that it used to be the four of us, and now it’s only the three of us, but we get along well enough that we’ll be able to find something that works for all of us.” Wendy said.

“So, with that taken care of, when would you like to start?” Audrey asked.

“Well, if it’s OK with you two, as soon as we finish our tea.” Wendy said with a big smile.

Hearing this, I stood up, downed the rest of my tea in one gulp and said, “Ahhhhh, delicious!” before placing my teacup next to the pot.

Seeing my reaction, Wendy too stood, downed her tea and said, “Superb! Anyone for up for a little consensual incest?” before placing her cup next to mine and taking one step towards me.

“You two are the worst fucking perverts I’ve ever met, I swear.”, Audrey said, “I’m going to finish my tea, but if you two want to get started, don’t let me stop you.”

“Would you like me to give you head dear brother?” Wendy asked enthusiastically.

“I thought that perhaps I could go down on you first dear sister.” I replied.

“Out here or in the bedroom?” Wendy asked.

“Ladies’ choice.” said with a bow.

“It’s more comfortable on the bed, let’s go in there.” Wendy said as she held her hand out to me.

I took her hand and guided her towards the house so that she was slightly in front of me. As she reached just the right spot, I let go and slapped her on the arse.

“Ooo!” Wendy said as she took a little jump forward.

“Fucking perverts!” I heard Audrey say from behind as Wendy and I entered the house.

Wendy and I made our way into the master bedroom and moved to opposite sides of the bed. As we coordinated our efforts to oğuzeli escort remove to top covers in unison, Wendy said, “I can’t wait to feel you inside me again.”

“I can’t wait be inside you again.” I said as we piled the covers neatly on the floor at the end of the bed.

“You realise that this will be my first time with anyone since Richard?” Wendy asked standing to look me in the face.

“I’m honoured that you chose me.” I replied stepping towards my sister.

She took a step towards me and kissed me on the lips saying, “I can not think of anyone more appropriate.”

We embraced and kissed tenderly for some time before Wendy pushed back and said, “Didn’t you mention going down on me a while ago?”

“Indeed I did!” I replied pointing towards the bed.

Wendy took her place on the bed, legs raised, ready for me to commence.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at female genitalia. Male genitalia is on display 24/7, what you see is what you get. Female genitalia on the other hand, are removed from display, full of mystery and hidden passages. A thick covering of hair conceals the exquisite labyrinth that lays beyond leading to not only pleasure, but also new life itself.

As I crouched at the end of the bed with my sister’s pussy on full display before me to behold, covered in a patchwork of salt and pepper coloured pubic hair. I marvelled at its beauty and allowed myself to become intoxicated by its unique aroma. My experience heightened by the knowledge that to the majority of society, what we were doing was taboo, abhorrent, worthy of shunning. To us, it was once a perfectly natural and precious part of who we were, a part that we hoped to regain.

“Having second thoughts?” Wendy asked bringing me back to reality.

“What? Oh no. No no, sorry, I was just enjoying the view. It’s been so long since we’ve done this. I was just savouring the moment.” I replied.

“Perving at your sister’s pussy again are you?” Wendy asked.

“You know me so well.” I replied.

“We’re in no rush, enjoy the view for as long as you like.” Wendy said spreading her legs slightly wider and wiggling herself closer to me.

“Promise me one thing will you?” Wendy continued.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Once you’re nice and hard, you’ll let me play with you for a while before we finally fuck.” Wendy said.

“It’s a deal.” I said as I lowered myself towards her.

I kissed my sister gently on her clitoris and she sighed a sigh of contentment as I started tease her with my tongue and lips.

“Did I miss anything?” Audrey asked as she entered the bedroom.

“Not much, we were just getting started.” Wendy responded.

“Mind if I watch?” Audrey asked as she took up a position cross-legged on the bed level with Wendy’s torso.

“Please do. I’d love to have an audience.” Wendy replied.

As I started to get into the swing of things, Wendy was showing all of the key signs of enjoying herself. It had been many years since I had eaten her out and she was moaning and groaning and playing with her nipples just like she used to.

“Do you like it when your brother eats you out Wendy?” Audrey asked.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” was all that Wendy could moan as I sucked on her clitoris.

I was finger-fucking her as well and I could tell that she was close to coming so I picked up the pace a little.

“You’re about to come, aren’t you?” Audrey said, but Wendy did not respond as Audrey moved along the bed until she was beside me.

“Come on Ben, make your sister come for me.” Audrey said encouragingly.

At that moment, Wendy took in two sharp breaths and relaxed her whole body saying simply, “Oh fuck.”

“Well done honey!” Audrey said, “One order of sibling orgasm has been served.”

I pulled away from Wendy’s heaving body as she laid there obviously enjoying her post-orgasmic high.

“Would you like me to do you next?” I asked my wife.

“Thanks for offering honey, but I want to see that hard dick of yours in your sister’s mouth. Once she catches her breath, that is.” Audrey responded.

“We could do both.” I suggested.

“Not this time, I want to watch you two get reacquainted.” she replied.

“Did someone mention fellatio?” Wendy asked as she rolled over and got up off the bed.

“I want to watch you suck his dick.” Audrey announced without fanfare.

“I think that can be arranged.” Wendy said as she moved in front of me.

Wendy wrapped her lips around my semi-hard penis and began to suck ferociously. I was fully hard in no time and with Audrey’s encouragement, Wendy had me almost coming before I knew it. Luckily, Wendy stopped just a few seconds before the point of no return and I watched my penis, covered in my sister’s saliva, bob up and down slightly trying to regain its composure.

“That was close.” Audrey said.

“I wanted to get him almost all of the way there, but not quite.” Wendy responded.

“Well, mission accomplished.” I said, “A few seconds more and I’d have shot my load in your mouth.”

“No time for chit chat.” Wendy said as she positioned herself on the bed, “I want your come in my pussy!”

Positioning myself on top of my sister, I penetrated her quickly and started thrusting like there was no tomorrow. Audrey was to my side and had reached behind me and taken hold of my scrotum. I wasn’t counting, but I probably got in about twelve, perhaps fourteen, thrusts before I let loose and inseminated my sister with all that I had.

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