Realizing the Truth Ch. 04

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Well, everyone seemed to want to know what happened between the girls, so I decided I’d write one final chapter explaining what developed between them. This story doesn’t really include sex, but it’s the truth and how things could’ve gone. You’ll understand that when you read the note at the end. I hope this answers any questions I left hanging. Thank you for all of the feedback.


I highly recommend that you read the first three chapters before you read this, it’ll make more sense if you do. Enjoy. 🙂



As I stood in front of my closet, I realized just how long it’s been since I’d had a girlfriend. The last girl I was with was Erica. Thinking back that relationship didn’t go well. Apparently to her, I didn’t know what it meant to have a girlfriend. I mean, what had she really expected from me in the middle of the playoffs when I had to be on the court more than I was even sleeping. Girls had been around. It wasn’t like I asked for the attention. Come to think of it, Bianca had been one of those girls paying me more than the usual attention, I just figured she was proud I’d made it that far. Hmm … Now that I think about it, Bianca had been there for every major event in my life and I’d never thought much of it. Just as I was about to anaylze this further, my cell rang.

“Hello?” I picked up. It was Bianca. I smiled like an idiot. I missed her and it had only been like four hours since I’d seen her last.

“Sure. I’ll pick you up on my way to school.” I answered to her request to ride with me. “I’ll be there in like 15 minutes. I have to finish getting ready.” I continued. She informed me that she would be waiting for my arrival and ended the call.

I walked back in front of my closet and grabbed one of my Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Slipping into it, I grabbed a pair of my dark wash Levi’s. Finally stepping into a pair of Jordans that would make the outfit perfect.

Quickly combing my hair back, I grabbed my messenger bag, slipped my iPhone into the clip and then onto my waist, grabbed my car keys and dashed out the front door to go pick up my baby.

My baby? Hmm … I didn’t even realize I started thinking of Bianca that way. Sure, it was true, but the realization was, I had slipped into the role of girlfriend more easily than ever before.

Exactly 9 minutes later, I pulled up in front of her house. Just as I got out of the car, she opened the front door and came to meet me.

Walking around to the passenger side, I held my arms open for her. She sprang into my embrace and we stood there hugging and kissing for I don’t even know how long.

“Well, good morning, beautiful.” I said as I tucked a strand of her blonde hair back behind her ear.

“Good morning to you too, handsome. I love your cologne.” Bianca said as she hugged me tight again.

“Body wash, actually, but thanks. We should get going if you plan on eating before we get to school.” I said as I opened the door. Waiting until she released me and began to climb in before heading back to the driver’s side.

Once I got inside she asked, “Will you ever let me drive this car?”

I burst out laughing. Bianca and Valerie both knew how I felt about me car. I kept laughing and pulled off. I suppose that was a sufficent answer for her because she began to pout slightly. I reached over and linked our fingers. The connection seemed to perk her up because she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

We both seemed content with that as I ordered breakfast for the both of us at the Burger King down the street from McCallister High. We still had 20 minutes before first bell. Plenty of time to eat and enjoy each others company. Parking in the athlete parking lot, I grabbed the bags and Bianca grabbed the drinks. We found a private table on the quad and sat down. We were wrapping up breakfast when Bianca turned and looked at me.

Concerned with the look on her face I asked, “Um … Is something wrong, baby?”

She continued to just look and then said, “Are we going to be a couple on campus too or are you going to act like you usually do?”

“Is there something wrong with how I usually act?” Her question caught me completely off guard, but I didn’t really let it show.

“No. There was nothing wrong with the way you acted because you were single. Now, well, you aren’t and I don’t really think you should.” She said clearly considering her choice of words.

“Well, sweetie, I know that I’m not anymore and I have every intention of acting like I’m in a relationship with you. No matter where we are. Whomever doesn’t like it, bursa escort well, that will be their issue. It doesn’t affect us. I love you, Bianca Connor. That isn’t going to change because we’re on campus. You have to trust me or this isn’t going to work.” I said as serious as I could to try and convey my truest intentions.

She leaned into me and kissed me. I kissed her back with all the love I had in my heart for her.

We stayed that way until the first bell sounded. We were both in need of air so it was just in time. I grabbed all of our trash and dumped it into the nearest trash can. Walking back to her, she held my orange juice out. I took it, slide my bag over my shoulder and reached out to take her hand.

We walked hand in hand until we got to our lockers. Luckily they were right next to one another so we both grabbed our books for first period. Just as I closed my locker, Bianca said, “I want us to take pictures. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, baby. We can go after I get out of practice if you like.” I said as I took her books.

She blushed at the gesture and said that was perfect with her before kissing me. Everyone in the hallway seemed to stop. Even the teachers. They were trying to figure out when we had taken our lifelong friendship to the next level. Once the kiss was broken, Bianca wrapped her arms around me before realizing that we were being watched. Her blush deepened as she buried her face into my chest. I laughed and cleared my throat before saying as loudly as I could, “Yes. We are a couple. Newly, but nonetheless, a couple. I’d appreciate it if you all didn’t stare everytime we’re affectionate with each other.”

Everyone seemed shocked by my confession and then jumped into gear as the second bell rang. Bianca and I didn’t have first period together today, but they were across the wall from each other. So we walked and stood in the middle of the hallway and kissed again quickly. I kissed her forehead and told her I’d meet her right here after class. She nodded and we went our sperate ways.

The rest of the day went like that and was mostly uneventful, that is until lunch came around and I knew we’d have to tell Vale about our relationship. I wasn’t sure how she’d take it, but I was pleasently surprised by her reaction.

Laughing she said, “Well! It’s about damn time! I thought we’d gradutate and the two of you wouldn’t see was right in front of you. Or I should say you S.J.! Bianca’s been doing everything but throwing herself at you since sophomore year!”

Bianca blushed at having that particular detail shared with me. I thought it was extremely cute and told her as much before I kissed her. Valerie began to cheer as if we’d just told her we got tickets to see Hot Chelle Rae.

The rest of the day the weeks after passed with relatively no real change.


Prom Night:

Prom rolled around and I was so excited. Valerie, Bianca, Martha and I were all sharing the limo my parents insisted on getting for us. So all the girls showed up to my house and we decided we’d get ready together. I was the only one not wearing a dress and I couldn’t be more thankful after watching the prep they went through. I had remarkable clear skin so I wasn’t fussing over make up and my hair had grown longer so I just let it flow down to my shoulders. The others, however, spent half the day at the hair salon getting their hair done, manicures and pedicures.

I laughed when they appeared again hours later all dolled up outside of their prom dresses and I’d already gotten completely dressed. I tapped my watch and they seemed to rush to the elevator to get ready. Bianca infromed me that I was to stay downstairs even though I’d help pick out the dress. I didn’t get it, but settled in the game room and played Need for Speed Underground on the Xbox 360.

Half an hour later, the limo pulled up in front of the house and I called up and told the girls. The three of them stepped off the elevator looking completely gorgeous. Valerie dressed in a white gown that accented all of her features perfectly. Martha standing next her in an amethyst dress that wasn’t as long as Vale’s or Bianca’s, but looked perfect for her. Bianca was dressed in a teal dress that matched my vest and tie and made her baby blue’s pop.

My mom came over and nudged my chin closed as I just gawked at how incredible they all looked, before she handed me the corsages for each of the girls. Valerie and Martha helped each other into theirs and I put Bianca’s on her wrist. My mom handed her the flower that matched her corsage and she pinned it to my jacket.

“You bursa escort bayan all look so amazing. Stand together for the group shots and then you can break off into your pairs so that we can all get pictures of you all.” My dad said as grabbed the camera.

We all stood together in various pairs as each of our parents had their chance to get all the pictures inside before we moved outside and began to walk towards the limo. Finally at the car, each of us walked to our parents. Hugging and kissing them before we were off. We’d gotten a hotel room for the weekend and my car was already there. They knew we wouldn’t be around until Sunday night at the latest. My dad as usually going over the cautions with me, as I was the oldest it was my responsibity to look after the girls at all cost. He gave me more money on top of what he’d given me while I playing the video game and said the final goodbye.

Once we were all inside, the limo took off to the banquet hall. We were all so excited and more than ready for this weekend as we stepped out of the limo. Valerie was kind of reserved around Martha at first, but eventually shook off any worries she had and started having a good time.

We were all on the dance floor dancing to a Wisin y Yandel song when all hell seemed to break loose near the photo area. Bianca and I walked towards the commotion to see that it was Quel freaking out. The photographer had set up monitors so that the pictures of the couples he’d alredy taken could stream by. At that moment, the set of pictures Bianca and I had taken were streaming by. We both clearly understood why she was so angry. Just as I was wrapping my arms around her to tell her everything would be fine, Quel turned and her gaze zeroed in on us.

I wrapped my arms more securely around her waist and Quel stalked towards us. Looking from Bianca to me, her mouth hung open. Then her gaze locked in on me and she said, “You?!?! She backed out on me to go to prom with you?! Are you kidding me?!”

It was clear her last question was directed at Bianca who had turned at wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Look, I’m sure you aren’t happy about how things played out, but Bianca is my girlfriend now and it was only right that I be the one to take her to prom.” I said keeping my voice calm and rubbing Bianca’s back.

“Girl .. Girlfriend?! What the hell are you talking about? Since when?” Quel said still rather loudly.

“How about we go get a soda and talk about this calmly. No need to make a scene about it.” I said and released Bianca so that we were just holding hands. Quel nodded and I motioned for Valerie to take Bianca outside. I walked out of the ballroom behind Quel.

“You wanna explain to me exactly why you stole my prom date?” Quel asked as soon as we got our sodas.

“I didn’t steal her. I asked her to prom after you made your request to take her. Well, that isn’t really right. I never really asked her. I put it on a pizza and she read it after I took her home on Friday. I didn’t even know she’d read it until Sunday night when she agreed to go with me. It was then that we became a couple and I found out that she’d already cancelled on you.”

“Why Bianca? You could’ve taken literally any girl at McCallister, but you take the girl I was actually into you. Like on more of a level than anyone else.”

“I’m sorry, Quel. I seriously didn’t know you felt that way about her. I mean, B’s one of the only lesbians at McCallister you haven’t been with, how was I to know.”

“I haven’t been with you.”

I laughed softly and shook my head, “Not for your lack of trying, sweetheart. I’m just not into you like that. I’ve had my fair share of women, sure, but I never expected to find a woman who I could love so effortlessly. I mean, she’s been my best friend forever, I never knew my feelings toward her had changed until we talked about it on Friday and after that went, I didn’t think I’d ever talk to her again, but you know she’s persistent and well, we talked again and we came together.”

“You better be good to her, S.J. You know that you can be a heartbreaker. You keep her whole.”

“I promise I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

With that we stood and hugged each other. At that exact moment, Bianca appeared and said, “I see white flags have been waved. Is it safe to approach?”

I looked at Quel and she nodded. Bianca came and wrapped her arms around my waist. Quel looked at us together for a minute and said, “Hell, you two do look good together.” With that she walked away and back into the ballroom. Bianca and I kissed and enjoyed that bursa merkez escort moment. Everything was alright and we were together and happy.

The moment was short lived as we heard what can only be described as cannons going off. I told her to wait there. I ran outside in time to see a car speed off. Looking down, I recognized the bodies laying on the ground. I ran over to them.

Both Martha and Valerie lay on the ground. Blood pooling around their bodies and soaking into their gowns.

I pulled out my phone and called the police. An ambulance showed up within 10 minutes, but I knew from the amount of blood surrounding them, that neither would be making it back to there families.

The ambulance took them to Mt. Christopher’s Hospital. Grabbing Bianca and explaining what happened, we found out limo and raced to the hospital. I called both girls parents and explained what I could before urging them to get to the hospital.

Two hours later, two men in blood stained scrubs walked towards the now group of us, consisting of Vale’s parents, Martha’s mother, both my parents and Bianca’s and of course Bianca and I.

“Are you the Montegomery and Bird families?” One of the men said.

“Yes.” We all seemed to say.

“I’m very sorry to inform you that both of your daughters were pronounced dead minutes ago. Their injuries were too severe. We couldn’t get the blood stopped in time. They .. They’d both lost too much for us to do anything.” The same doctor said.

“I’m very sorry. You can see your daughters if you like.” The other man spoke for the first time.

We all walked behind them as they lead us to through the ER. The two men seperated and so did our group. Half of us went to see Martha, the other to see Valerie. The sound of painful wailing could be heard all through the corridor.

I couldn’t believe that such a tragedy had happened. I was supposed to watch over them. This was supposed to be one of the greatest night of our lives. How could this have turned out so wrong. I felt so numb.

We all left the hospital hollow that night. Each of us had lost someone truly important to us and I didn’t know how to handle such a loss.

The next few weeks following passed for a daze for me. The police had recovered the car that I described to them that I’d seen driving off after I heard the shots. It belonged to the same men who had attacked Valerie at the mall just weeks before. They had only intended to scare her, but once Valerie told them she remember everything and she was going to go to the police, they couldn’t let her live. They didn’t want to kill Martha, but she’d seen their faces and they couldn’t risk it.

The police told me that each man had plead guilty when they realized all the evidence against them and they were going to spend the rest of their lives in jail. That was supposed to be a comfort to me, I know, but it wasn’t.

After the shooting, nothing seemed to matter as much. I’d lost someone I considered a sister and someone else I was beginning to see would become a true friend. Their funerals were held at the same time and it didn’t seem fair to me that I was alive and the two of them had lost their lives before it had really began.

Weeks went by and Bianca tried to make our relationship work, but I just pushed her away until finally she was gone. She grieved and then moved on with her life. She went to Julliard that fall and became one of the most famous ballerina’s in New York. Her and Quel finally got together. They married in August of 2006. In 2009, I got a letter telling me that she and Quel were expecting a son in early March. I never replied.

After graduation, I went off to Harvard and then Harvard Law School. I became one of Boston’s most fearsome prosecutors. I’ve been single ever since Bianca and outside of a few one night stands, I keep to myself. I never did get over my guilt over what happened to the two women, and it haunts me to this day. I guess it goes to show you that life truly is precious. Protect those whom you’ve promised to protect and enjoy the time you have with them.


Author’s Note:

Well, there you have it. I should clarify a few things. My name truly is S.J., it stands for Samantha James, in case you were wondering and I really did lose one of my best friend’s. Her name was Carly. The other young woman who was killed was named Ashley. They were killed just as I wrote her, on prom night, for the same reasons in the story. Bianca was my ex-fiance, Jackie. In reality we lasted a few years before she left me for someone else. I am currently a college student, but not at Harvard, although I did get accepted, but have no desire to become a lawyer and I am engaged again. Jackie is at Julliard along with her new girlfriend. I hope you all enjoy the final chapter. As always, feel free to leave comments and send me feedback. Good reading to all of you.


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