Randi Comes Home Ch. 01

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Brotherly Love

Horny and half-naked, Randi Druitt stood in the open door and studied her kid brother. Some kid. Jim was stretched out on his bed, reading a paperback. He might be 18, but with his long, muscular build, dark hair, eyes the same color blue as their late father’s, and a smile that could get him laid in a nunnery, he looked all man. In the past, it’d made her proud to have such a hunk for a brother. But that was before she’d come back to Jackson Junction. Now, looking at Jim laying on his back with nothing on but his boxers made her feel horny as hell.

Thanks to the crappy, late winter weather, business at the small country store her family owned had been slow. Most of the time there’d been nothing to do but stare out at the weather and think about sex. That’s one reason she was horny now, but not the only one.

She’d come back home to run the store so her mother could move in with Aunt Clara to take care of her and the kids. The Christmas car wreck that almost killed Clara had left her needing months of rehab. And while Uncle Norwood tried to help, he was working double-shifts to help pay the medical bills.

When Clara lived with Randi’s family, she’d been more like a fun-loving big sister and confidant than an aunt. It’d been Clara who taught her how to dance, and about boys, and how to kiss. And that’d led to the night Clara showed her how one woman could make another happy. They’d done it often after that.

Clara said it was almost a good as doing it with a guy and you didn’t have to worry about taking the pill. That must have been a problem for Clara. She’d only been dating Norwood a couple months when she turned up pregnant. Now she was trapped in a mill town marriage with three kids, no future and, thanks to some drunk, almost dead. Long before the wreck Randi had vowed that would never happen to her.

But Clara would always be special to Randi. So when her mother suggested skipping a semester to run the store, she’d managed to smile and nod even though she’d been groaning inside. It meant giving up the wild parties and wilder sex life she loved so much, for quiet, rustic, boring Jackson Junction. Her hometown might be a great place to grow up or grow old. But it was hell on earth if you were out of high school and single.

With so many fun guys at college, she hadn’t dated a local guy since breaking up with Craig Dickerson. That’d been three years ago this coming July, and she still missed him. But even if he’d gotten over catching her in bed with another guy, no one knew where he was.

The few single men her age around town were either losers or creeps or both. That most especially included her first boyfriend and lover, Dwayne Self. He kept hitting on her but she’d never be that desperate.

Still, it all boiled down to her not getting laid since coming back home. Abstinence was not in her make-up. So if she didn’t get some action soon, real soon, she might become the first person on record to die of horniness.

That’s why she was now eyeing Jim with more than sisterly affection. She’d decided something had to be done. After all, she was on her last vibrator and her fingers were almost worn out.

Tonight seemed like a perfect opportunity. Jim was a senior in high school and busy damn near every night. But thanks to the winter storm warnings, all school events were cancelled and their mother had decided to spend the weekend at Aunt Clara’s. Their stepfather, a long-distance truck driver, was somewhere out on the west coast. That meant she and Jim would be home alone that evening, and probably the rest of the weekend.

Of course if she wanted to seduce Jim, she had to get his attention. And so far that was proving to be a lot harder than she’d expected. At first she’d tried stepping into his room wearing her short, terrycloth bathrobe. The excuse was to let him know she was about to take a shower. He’d looked over, said okay, and gone back to his book.

The next time she was wearing bikini panties, a longish t-shirt and had her hair wrapped in a towel. She stopped and leaned in the door to ask if he wanted anything from the kitchen. All that got her was a quick glance and a no thanks.

Back in her room, Randi plopped down on the bed to dry her hair, consider the problem, and work through her frustration. Since moving home, she’d noticed a change in Jim’s manner. He tried to hide it, but she recognized the signs. Her kid brother had the hots for her. But if she was right, why was he trying to ignore her?

Maybe the idea of incest turned him off, or maybe she’d been wrong about Jim wanting her. After all, she probably wasn’t his type. He’d dated Shirley Matson for ages. Friends called her slender and elegant. Other’s said she was skinny and prissy. But everyone agreed she was beautiful. Randi knew none of those terms applied to her.

In fact, Randi wasn’t a true beauty, but men seldom noticed. She was a flirtatious party-girl with striking gaziantep vip escort green eyes, a mischievous smile, a figure that was more than adequate, and nice long legs. But what she saw in her mirror was a big butt, small boobs, a face no more than average, and heavy thighs.

Still, if she was right about Jim being interested in her, then tonight’s failures had nothing to do with her looks. The problem must be some hang-up about coming on to his sister. The incest taboo didn’t faze her. After all, she’d made love to her own Aunt. But Jim was something of a straight arrow.

Still, he was also healthy, horny, and had been checking her out. That meant the odds were in her favor. The big problem was getting his undivided attention. Once that was accomplished, making him see her not just as his sister but as an available and very willing female should be a snap.

After two failed tries, however, it was obvious more direct action would be needed to get his mind off that damn English assignment and onto her. For just a second, she considered pretending to see a Peeping Tom. She’d scream, run into his room buck naked, and jump into bed with him. But knowing Jim, he’d jump right out, grab a pistol and, storm or no storm, go looking around outside. Besides, there was one other plan she wanted to try first. But if it didn’t work—who knew?

So now she was standing in her brother’s bedroom doorway, freshly showered with her strawberry-blonde hair dried and brushed out. Other than a touch of make-up around the eyes and a dab of perfume, all she had on was the long t-shirt she’d worn earlier. It featured a big, toothy grin and the words, “Candy’s dandy, but sex don’t cause cavities.” She’d swiped it off a pre-dental student she once slept with.

With her arms demurely at her sides, the t-shirt’s hem barely covered her patch of reddish pubs. But since nothing else had worked, that position was about to change. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the room and strode over to the side of his bed.

“Jim, I need your opinion on something.”

He looked away from, “Great Expectations,” then did a quick double take. His eyes trailed up her thighs to the impossibly short hem of the t-shirt and then on up to her face. When their eyes met, he gave her that soul-destroying smile. “If you want my opinion on you outfit, I think it’s great. But the skirt may be a little short for Jackson Junction.”

It was a nice line. Randi relaxed a little and grinned. “Why, I do thank you. But what I really wanted to know was what you thought about my hair. I’ve been letting it grow. Do you think it looks better down, like I’ve got it now?” She shook her head, sending her shoulder-length hair swirling.

“Or do you like it better up, like this?” With one fluid motion she raised her arms, gathered her hair in her hands, and then pushed it to the top of her head. As she’d known, the gesture lifted the bottom of the t-shirt several inches above her trimmed bush.

The moment her muff came into view, Jim’s face turned red and his cock sprang from his boxers. Seeing it, Randi’s stomach fluttered and she felt her own face flush with excitement. To her it looked long, thick, and beautiful. What’s more, it seemed to be bobbing with anticipation and pointing right at her snatch. She and Jim looked at it, and then at each other. There was a confused, embarrassed little grin on his face. With her hands still raised, Randi nodded at the new arrival. “You and your friend seem to like my hair better up.”

His eyes seemed to snap into focus. “Well, to be honest, it wasn’t your hair up there that got my, got our, attention. It was the hair down here.”

The book had vanished. He reached a hand out, then hesitated and looked up at her, as if asking for permission. She nodded. When the back of his fingers stroked her pubs, Randi’s knees almost buckled. This was going to be good.

To keep from falling, she scooted closer, in so doing spreading her legs and bracing them against the side of his bed. She wanted to say something but couldn’t talk. All she could do was stare down at her brother who was, in turn, staring at her pussy. They both watched his fingers explore the converging line of her thighs, the sensitive skin beneath her silky pubs, and the damp, swollen lips that marked the entrance to her churning body.

When a fingertip slipped inside and brushed against her clit, she shuddered. “Oh, damn it, Jim. Please, don’t make me beg.”

He tore his gaze away from the curly bush just inches from his face and looked up at her. “Make you beg? This is like a dream. I mean you’re my sister. I just can’t believe you really want to.”

“Want to? I haven’t even had a date since coming back from college. Believe me, I don’t just want to, I need to. Now.”

“Oh, God, me too. Shirley and I broke up before Christmas. And since then, having you so close, I thought I was gaziantep yabancı escort gonna die.”

This was too much. She and Jim had both been horny as hell and wanting each other but afraid to make the first move. It might have been funny if she wasn’t about to explode. “Well, if we don’t get started I will die.”

Not waiting for any response, she crawled onto the bed and straddled Jim’s hips. He immediately thrust them upward. The tip of his cock slid between the folds of her pussy, but slipped past the target. Even that miss felt so good it almost got her off. The look on Jim’s face made it clear he felt the same way. She had to hurry.

“Let me help,” she said, giving him a quick smile. Reaching between her thighs, she grabbed his thick shaft and lowered her hips until the cockhead was securely in place, then slammed her hips down. At the feel of her brother’s beautiful boner surging up into her long neglected pussy, her body seemed to explode in pure ecstasy.

With a cry of, “Oh shit, yes,” she surrendered to the climax. Waves of passion raced from her pussy. It was hard to breath, impossible to think. She had no idea where she was or who she was with or even what they were doing. At the height of her own passion, Jim’s cock shoved in deeper and she felt something warm and strong erupting inside her.

Opening her eyes, she looked down at the almost anguished expression on her brother’s face. She contracted her pussy around his dick, trying to milk it dry and increase both his pleasure and her own. Jim’s hips were thrust high and trembling, turning his dick into a hard, flesh-and-blood vibrator. The sensation was exquisite and triggered another orgasm that rocked her body, mind, and maybe even her soul.

It was one of those fireworks and shooting star deals. She began to lean forward. But Jim grabbed at her breasts, pushing her back upright. She gasped at the increased pressure inside her pussy. With nothing else to hold on to, she wrapped her arms around her head as her body thrashed about on Jim’s unyielding dick. Just as she began to recover, he lowered his hips only to launch them back up, shoving deep into her panting body and sparking another erotic explosion.

By the time the room started coming back into focus, she was lying on Jim’s chest, trying to regain her senses. Though still a little disoriented, she recognized the wonderful feel of a stiff cock sliding back and forth inside her hot juicy pussy. With a surge of joy, she realized her brother was still hard and wanted more. That was fine with her. She was eager to take everything that marvelous young cock of his could deliver.

The next time was slower, easier, more sensuous. They even started kissing. As she’d expected, Jim was a good kisser. Having his tongue exploring deep in her mouth while his cock did the same inside her pussy was such an incredible turn-on. What made it even nicer was having his long fingers massaging her bottom and squeezing the cheeks of her ass while he kept rhythmically pumping his cock back and forth inside her pussy.

Most of the time, Randi liked to set the pace when making love. It wasn’t a matter of dominance or submission, just a desire to make sure things got done right. That’s why it surprised her when, at some point, she found herself letting Jim take over. It was a sensuous feeling, almost luxurious, having him direct the action. He might be younger and less experience, but she sensed he was a competent, caring lover. And there was something else, something special she couldn’t quite identify. But it was something more than just his being her brother.

Whatever the cause, for the next few months they could almost be like they were live-in lovers. Taboo or not, they both wanted this and were in it together. And that made it extra special.

So was the feel of his fantastic dick inside her pussy. She wanted to check it out so bad. But right now it was doing too good a job to stop. Randi shuddered with pleasure and her body contracted around that hard thick piston pumping away inside her.

Jim must have sensed her growing passion. He began using deeper, faster strokes. From deep inside her insatiable pussy, a growing heat began radiating. Then Jim squeezed hard on the cheeks of her ass while slamming home every inch of his unyielding cock. Randi whimpered and clung to her brother as another mind numbing orgasm took command of her body.

It might not have been as powerful as the earlier ones, but it seemed to last forever. Each time she began to recover, Jim would slam back into her, sending new waves of passion rippling across her body. It seemed like a long, glorious time before he showed any mercy. Or maybe he’d come. She was too exhausted to be sure. When the climax finally ebbed away, she felt spent and, oh so content.

Tremors still raced through her body. She’d been in this same position for, how long? gaziantep yaşlı escort Who knew when they’d started or what time it was now? Who cared? But she needed to stretch out. With Jim’s help, they rolled over together. She sighed and wriggled on the bed. That’s when she noticed he was still inside her, still hard, and still wearing his boxer shorts.

To confirm what she already knew, Randi contracted her vagina and felt it clutching at a thick shaft. “I’m not believing you.”

Jim smiled, and returned the compliment. “I’m not either. It’s as much your doing as mine.”

“Didn’t you come just now, when I did?”

“Oh yeah.”

She felt a mixture of disbelief, excitement, and pride in her brother’s recuperative power. “Well, however you’re doing it, I’m still willing. But, you gotta get rid of those disgusting drawers.”

Jim laughed and said, “You drive a tough bargain.” A moment later he held a pair of wet, sticky boxers.

“You’re a man of many talents Mr. Druitt. Now, where were we?”

The shorts sailed across the room and landed with a damp, plop. He looked down at her and then flexed his hips, sending his cock back into her pussy. “Were we here?”

“Oh yes. Oh–” Her voice trailed off into a sigh as Jim plunged his hard young cock deeper into her tingling pussy, then began hammering into her with an almost maniacal fury. The sensation was so intense, so exquisite, it was hard to even breath. All she could do was wrap her arms and legs around his straining body and urge him to fuck her even harder.

He ran his fingers over her face and then into her hair. Using it to direct her lips to his, he attacked her mouth. She received the assault with an open lips and a darting tongue. Their kisses were hungry, primal, and erotic beyond belief. Once again the combination of her brother’s tongue and cock working together triggered an orgasm. The pleasure was excruciating. She gasped and shuddered under the impact of Jim’s unrelenting attack and the passion it had unleashed.

The aftershocks of the orgasm seemed to go on forever. In part because Jim never stopped or even slowed down. If anything, he was pounding into her with even greater ferocity. Each stroke seemed deeper and more violent than the one before. But even as she urged her brother to batter her harder, a small part of her mind felt serene.

At the height of her last climax she’d felt the strangest sensation. She and Jim weren’t just two people screwing; they were two people making love as one. Because it’d come to her that she had an intuitive awareness of her brother’s inner thoughts.

Back when she was on top, apparently in charge, she’d felt herself turning over control to Jim. Now, even though it might look like he was trying to screw her into a coma, she sensed he was putting her in charge. He wanted nothing more than to be a force of nature, free of all self-imposed restraints, hurling himself on and into her willing body. And while she was the grateful recipient of that passion, he wanted her to be its conductor. Their minds were working as one.

It was a shared consciousness and very intimate. She’d felt something similar when she was a kid, hiding in the dark, watching her mother and father make love. It’d made her feel safe and happy. Then her daddy died and so did the feeling.

Years later, it’d been re-kindled by Craig Dickerson. Only with him it was both spiritual and outrageously physical. Now with Jim, she felt it once again, felt it sensitizing every cell in her body. While Jim physically assaulted her with an animal-like ferocity, their mental connection super-charged each orgasm.

She’d just experienced another mini-climax when the constant pounding stopped. It was disorienting, and she said nothing while her legs were lifted high and wide, very wide. Jim pushed them so far apart her muscles and ligaments began to protest. Before she could decide what to do or say, Jim pulled back until only his cockhead was still in place, then he slammed back down. With her legs spread-eagled, Randi could feel his big cockhead hurtling deeper and deeper until just as their bodies met, it hammered against her cervix. The pain wasn’t unbearable, but it wasn’t fun. “Oh, shit. Not so deep, Jim. Please.”

All movement stopped. He looked surprised, concerned, maybe even embarrassed. With great care he lowered her legs. “Sorry, Randi. I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything. That was just something I’d read about and though it’d be fun.”

“It didn’t hurt that much, honest. You’re just mucho man, especially with me in that position. I could have taken it. But I might have been sore and out of action the rest of the weekend. And we wouldn’t won’t that, would we?”

Jim looked relieved but also a little startled, as if he’d just realized they had the entire weekend to make love. As he shook his head, Randi felt something sliding out of her pussy and then heard a little plop. In his concern for her, Jim had lost his erection. She wiped his sweaty face and smiled. “So now we know how to deflate that thing. Come on, let’s go shower and grab a bite. Then maybe we can pump it back up.”

–the end–

note: Depending on the response from readers, this may either be the first chapter of a nine chapter work or a one shot deal. Your vote and feedback will help me decide. RF

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