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Dear Reader,

This is a very short collaborative piece (3500 word challenge) between myself and my friend who is also a Literotica member, _HMP. He is a gifted and talented artist, who I enjoy working with. This is a side to me that I have wanted to explore for some time. Written in a “He said, She said…” style, I had thought about changing it to a more traditional story with character development etc… However, this one seems to lend itself to rawness and editing it in that way just felt wrong. Also fair warning I have a heavy slant to the poetic side, I like mixing airy and rawness. I hope it is ok, that it is enough for you.

I hope you enjoy our story.

E growling against your lips as I hold you down, there in the wet grass. Making you mine with each tight grasp of your soft skin. That contrast of you and I in perfect synch as I seek your warmth.

Quenching your need with mine each time my veiny length drags between your swollen lips. Slow and rhythmic to the sound of the rain. Forcing myself to slow down when all I want from the start is to ravage your body and take what’s mine. Instead, I grind against you slow enough for you to feel every hair on my body scratch against your softness. Drawing the wet from your pussy. “Here kitty kitty”, whispered through a smile against your ear, a reminder of your tease this morning, and confirmation that your pussy purrs only for me.

Grinding. Dragging. Drawing..

Rain drips from my beard onto your skin as I lay a trail of kisses from your mouth to your neck, searching for your pulse.. and I find it with the tip of my tongue, just as the rim of my cock presses to your clit. But paused there.. feeling your pulse quicken as I flick your pink with short, fast jolts. My strong hands keep you pinned to the ground. My thighs flexed and spread, keeping you open for me.

Your pussy blossomed.. your slit gaping, needing to be filled with my heat.. but instead it’s the damp breeze that finds its way in, cooling your neediness. Held down, watching your face as my cock continues its slow torture. Vein after vein caressing your flesh. Pulse on pulse. Skin on skin. A fucking fire between us. My fingers tangle with yours as I lean down again, teasing your earlobe, just like I love teasing your clit. Circles and flicks. Nips and sucking. Sending bolts straight to your pussy. My breath against your ear.. low moans and growls, the same ones that vibrate through your pussy when I’m feasting on you.

My beard digging into your neck, scratching like it scratches your thighs when you close them against me..trapping me when your hands grip my hair, and you take what you want. I wonder what you want more now.. my mouth, sucking your cum out of you – or my cock, filling you with mine.

“Show me..” I whisper in a hiss, teeth pressed into your neck, just below your ear.


My body tense and trembling beneath you, my nipples hard and my body flooded with goosebumps, reactive to your touch. Your eyes daring me to choose, bucking my hips to roll you off, my pussy aching for you, but I try and fight the temptation. Straining to free myself, my fists pushing at you. Your laugh impossible to hide bursa escort bayan as you pin me further into the sopping wet ground. Already my pulse quickens, my heart races, the intensity of you is almost too much. Your brows furrow and you lean in to me once more, lips buzzing over mine.

Your legs flexed and open, rolling your hips down and your heavy veiny cock sliding between my pussy lips. The head of your cock pushing into my slit, pushing just a little and then back again, letting me ride the length of your thick shaft. My breath nearly sucked from my lungs completely as your kiss consumes me once more. Your tongue sliding in between my lips and teasing the underside of my upper lip, the same way you teased my clit before. You know exactly what you are doing, you know the bolts of sensation coiling through my needy wetness, the pearl of wet that dropped.

How easily my body betrays me, you still sucking and swirling tiny circles inside my upper lip, you release one of my wrists, only to slide it between my legs, held open by your strong thighs. Your palm wide and flat, fingers scooping and sweeping over my heat. Sticky sweet coats your palm, and you pull your mouth from mine only to suck on your dripping fingers. Your tongue and beard coated with my taste, you pull my mouth to yours for a deep dirty kiss.

Tasting myself on your tongue as you suck it deep into your mouth, raw and erotic, this primal lust between us. Your thick shaft pressing into me once more, each vein popping and pulsing against my clit. My legs wanting to close around you, desperate for release, panting as our tongues coil, and we draw in one another’s breath. I want more and more of you with each breath I take. Grunts and growls vibrating against my ear as you nuzzle into my neck.

Your raspy voice hissing against my flushed skin once more… “Show me..”

My body convulses and coils inward, so close, and you have barely touched me. But my body craves you, even like this, our bodies wet and slick, fog rolling in. Naked against the elements, against the fragrant earth, heavy rain drops pelting our bodies, wet suction, mad heat. Your beard soaked dripping over me, eyes nearly blinded with wet, yet you press on…. “Show me..” those words echoing in my mind, a soft whimper escaping my lips. Another roll of your hips, hard and rigid, thick purple veins feeding your monster. I know what you want, to stretch me open. To impale, to grind, to fill, to fuck, to own.

Lifting my hips, tilting them up to you, wanting you to feel my wet, that clench, that tight hug on your cock… I feel you slowly enter me.


My eyes are fixed on yours. The carpet of lush green that surrounds us reflected in them; and through it, the hunger. The animal. Kitty transformed into a lioness, now digging your claws into my back. Raking. Marking me as yours as my rigid length seeks that warm hug of your pussy. Invading you, inch by inch. Stretching you open for me. You clench around me as your nails dig deeper, drawing blood when I growl against your whimpering lips. The battle of pain vs need. Caution vs hunger.

Each time, the animal wins.

I asked you to gorukle escort show me and you’re delivering, rolling your hips against me. Corkscrew, taking me into your tightness. Daring me to thrust. Your whimpers turned to growls, fueled with need.. with frustration when instead of thrusting, I stay still and let you feel that veiny monster pulsing in you. Your monster. “You fed it.. now I want you to feel it..”. Still. Deep, low thumping against your walls as our pulses meet. My body weighing you down into the wet ground.

I move my thighs outside yours and close them. “Feel it..” making your pussy choke my cock with that tight, wet grip. Squeezing more and more.. “Feel it..”

I grab your wrists, pinning you again into the wet grass. The stillness. Nothing but our heartbeats and the rhythm of the rain against our bodies. The rain, rolling off your skin.. matching the wet of my precum coating you. Your wet soaking me. Eyes locked. Your breath stolen, and mine.. the scent of your taste still lingers. Pulse after pulse sending waves through our bodies. Slow…..fucking….. torture, but I love seeing that rage build in your eyes when they darken with primal need. My lioness. My queen.

I smile through the growls, daring you to fight me.. to react. But you return in equal measure and just squeeze my cock harder til a low grunt escapes my lips and into your mouth as I stifle it with a kiss.

I could fill you like this. This perfect stillness.. but on the inside, the beasts are roaring….


The rain continuing to flood the ground below us, our bodies pink with chill as the temperature drops. Colder now, we shake off the shiver, slow and steady in deep penetration. The sky dark and shifting as the clouds in your eyes darken from blue to black. That primal hunger, never quite satisfied. Another growl as your teeth flash and sink into my soft pale neck. “Feel it…” those words permeating my psyche, panting near violently, my body trembling, fighting my desire for you.

I “Feel it… every fucking inch of it..” in fact. Corkscrew churns of your hips, your ass clenched tight. I feel it, every vein, every ripple, each and every pulse of you.

Your hairy chest dragging over me, my nipples near chafe but rock hard and screaming for more of you. Releasing my wrists, you let my hands wander, combing your chest hair, tangles of sopping wet, then to your back, my long nails digging in. Scratching and leaving a trail behind in past scars. Eyes locked, breath shared, that steady clenching and flexing your cock rhythmically with my tight wet pussy. I know you want more, you ache for more, that fever engulfing you.

Blinding you with tunnel vision, until all you can see, all you can breathe, all you can taste is fucking. Not stopping until we both surrender, both spent, both exhausted and unable to move.

The heat of you expanding and growing inside of me with a fury now, I don’t relent, instead I fight back with as much passion. Clenching so hard against you, I nearly push you out. Daring you, taunting you, you know my little game, but you also know my weakness. Your kiss deepens and you softly cup bursa merkez escort bayan my jaw with both hands. Slowly you slide your hands down to my hips, pinning me down against the earth. The rain pounding us, flooding our skin, parched dry mouths panting faster and faster with each primal thrust claiming my body…that tightness, that familiar look. Your smirk as you realize, you have won. The little beg in my eyes as I surrender, my body shaking and fighting with all that is left in me.

Such utter betrayal of my body, as I feel the build up of that first wave of orgasm take me, my pussy grips your cock tightly. I had more fight in me, but that tightening, that delicious build, the intensity of you. Crying out as my teeth bite down into your shoulder, screaming out, feeling it…your husky, breathy whispering to my ear… “Let go…”


Your surrender feeds the “Beast”. A mischievous smile curls my lips as you bite into my shoulder. “Let go..” I whisper, feeling your pussy clench my cock over and over. I know you’re right there. I know I could just let you ride out that wave on my cock.. the intensity of the build-up is enough. But I’m not satisfied with “enough”. I don’t want you to just explode in orgasm; I want you to lose all control. I want every inch of you to surrender to pleasure; every inch of you shaking.

“Let go..” and I move quickly down your body, gripping your rain-drizzled hips.. lifting them off the drenched earth, latching my lips onto your clit just as your orgasm is about to peak. Sucking it out of you. Each delicious ripple. Sucking. Drinking. Feasting.

“Fffff…”, the only thing that manages to escape your mouth before you bite your lower lip. It is your nails this time that dig into my shoulders where your teeth already marked me. Sucking it out ofout of you. Taking what’s mine. Your nails rake my scalp as you buck your hips against my mouth, breaking the suction. Slurps and wet pops fill the air with each thrust. Gripping your hips tighter, fighting you, not letting you break that suction again. And now it has intensified.

Hard-sucking your pink, pulsing flesh. Mine. Watching you tense and scream out. Convulsing against my mouth. My cock, still wet from you, hot and pulsing against the rain. All it needs it a few firm strokes and I’m right there with you – tightening and flexing, spilling and creaming my palm, my fingers.

My beard scratches your thighs as you try to close them around my head, trapping me. The dark of my mustache, a stark contrast to your light as it’s dug into your skin. I slip two of my cum-soaked fingers inside you, swirling and smearing. I know that feeling my cum tickling your walls will push you over the edge. Especially now when I pulled my fingers out, letting my hot cream ooze out. Your body is shaking in my firm grip.

Droplets of rain bounce off your skin. A water dance on an ivory stage to your soft whimpers. Your orgasm is subsiding, but I keep on sucking your tenderness. I know what this will do to you, I know you’ll want to push me off. I smile at you as the tip of my tongue flicks your sensitive clit, making you jolt. A nip in between the flicks and it’s too much.. you start pulling back, pressing your foot against my chest and push me back. “Fuck..”, you finally manage to say it, in between breaths.

I sit back in the grass, beard soaked from you and the rain. Slicking my hair back as I grab your ankle and tug.. smiling at you, “We’re not done yet..”

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