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The following is an account given to me by my sister, Julie, of one of her experiences. You will soon be able to see some of the reasons why she confided in me. However, she revealed another reason for baring her soul to me which you will find out about later in the selection. We sat in my living room one afternoon a couple of weeks ago as she began her story asking me to turn my voice recorder on.

Julie’s Account — The Survey:

It is very hard to find guys to have a good time with anymore. None of them really know how to please a woman. And, if they are talented in the bedroom then they want to get serious too fast. In utter desperation I checked out an interesting internet matching site on my computer.

For $49.95 you filled out a survey telling about yourself and what you’re looking for. In most ways it was a pretty typical questionnaire. You know the drill; they asked about your education and age and the like. But, the very first question was whether you are looking for lust or love or just a good time. Of course, you could fill out more than one survey if you wanted to explore various sides of yourself for an additional $49.95.

Carefully I answered each question after choosing my user ID as HotLady69 saying I was interested in Lust. Truthfully I answered that I am 21 years old with brown eyes and hair, 140 pounds, 5’6″, 36D chest, and am single. After putting what kind of guy I was looking for I entered my zip code and the computer guaranteed I would receive 15 matches within the next four days and that they would be real men (For some reason the only guaranteed guys ten matches).

There would be no additional charge from the web site and I would be allowed to request a second run with my survey for no charge. Also, for the next 60 days guys who matched up with me when they completed their survey would be given my information. True to their word I received 15 user names in the next couple of days.

I was able to review all of the guy’s answers and decide which ones I wanted to go to the next step with. If both parties checked the appropriate box then the system sent out another questionnaire that was much more personal and detailed. Since I had checked the “lust” box initially the questions had to do with sexual preferences much more than the romantic side of things.

Most unique about this site was there was no picture sharing and there was no space to write in the traditional short essay about your desires. The hope was to find a compatible person without vanity entering into things and by the time you did share photos and chatted you would already be hooked on one another’s personality and preferences.

This second survey was shorter and I asked to send it to nine of the guys. Eight of them replied answering questions like if they preferred sex rough, gentle, or somewhere in between on a normal basis . Another question involved what kind of relationship they wanted dominate, submissive, switch, or mutual control.

There were a few general interest questions to help narrow things down about hobbies and the like. To my surprise I had all eight replies back in an hour or so. Quickly I limited myself to five guys and a couple weren’t really old enough as I was looking for a much older guy and another guy lived too far away.

So, once again, another survey was spit out. I was hoping that the survey’s were about to give way to human interaction. This survey was down and dirty. It asked things like what positions I like and if I like oral sex giving and receiving. I was asked about each part of my body whether I liked it to be caressed, kissed, nibbled, bit, spanked, or fucked. They didn’t stop there asking about exhibitionism, humiliation, water sports, and scat.

Amazingly four out of the five guys replied with their surveys. I was getting wet reading their answers especially since the computer compared my answers with theirs side by side this time. I was shocked that three of the four guys matched almost perfectly. With my finger in my panties I selected each of them and clicked on the proceed to next step button. Then, I was asked which of my selections I wanted to meet in person first.

To my disappointment they only allowed me to select one at a time. I could meet as many as I wished but had to complete my first meeting with each before I could meet the next guy. I am not sure of the reason for this. I selected BigDude51 as he fit my criteria almost perfectly and he was 30 years older than me and I like older men.

A message popped up about the security measures the site takes the first being a simple background check. For an additional charge they would do a more complete check which I opted against. The second measure was to meet your mate at either a fast food restaurant or a mall which they picked for you using the zip codes provided.

I hit enter again and selected to meet the guy at 7:00 that night. Instantly a response popped up saying the guy, real first name of Joe, had accepted. We were gaziantep yavuzeli escort to meet at a McDonald’s two miles from my house. The meeting was a disaster as he treated me like a whore asking me where we should go to fuck almost before saying hello.

Being determined I was home by 8:00 and selected GrayDude52 and arranged for an 8:45 rendezvous. We were to meet at the same restaurant and I was told his name was Glen. Glen had described himself as 5’8″ and 160 pounds with hazel eyes and silver/brown hair which proved to be the truth.

Looking around the restaurant I didn’t see anyone that was a likely candidate. Then to my surprise my father walked in. My face turned three shades of red as I realized my dad fit the description to a tee and yes his first name is Glen. I had never thought that my widowed father would be surfing dating sites.

I could see it in his eyes the moment the same realization hit him. He froze in his step and, I think, his face got even redder than mine. Both of us knew we couldn’t avoid each other forever so I waved him over to a corner table. I knew I wasn’t the product of the second virgin birth in history but I still hadn’t thought of my dad as a man filled with lust before this moment.

Our conversation started out very slowly and haltingly. But, before long, we were grilling each other throwing questions back and forth almost angrily. Things calmed down as we came to the realization that we both were just as involved. The tone of the questioning changed. I blushed when asked, “Julie, do you even know what water sports are?”

“Umm, yes, dad I know and love the feel of a guys hot piss all over my body or watching a guy trying to catch my piss in his mouth,” I replied in a whisper but defiantly. Just then I glanced over at him and saw a huge bulge in his pants and emotions began stirring I didn’t know I had. Suddenly, I had feelings of pure lust for my dad.

“So, dad, what about you? Is it really true that you like eating a girl’s cream pie?” I retorted in my snottiest voice. All the while I could feel a twitch in my loins and my panties getting wetter and wetter. I wasn’t sure how we were going to extricate ourselves from this situation.

“It is a great way to clean up after sex,” he said in a very matter of fact tone. Our eyes locked and the tension built between us. Then he looked down and openly stared at my D cups. Part of me thought about running and meeting HardGezzer48 but I couldn’t get up out of the chair. Shyly I smiled knowingly at him.

“So, we caught each other being bad; what’s next daddy?” I was both terrified and excited waiting for his answer.

“Well, little girl, McDonald’s is no place to explore that. Meet me back at my house and we’ll take it from there,” he huskily replied. He hadn’t called me his little girl in several years. I was scared to go as I was afraid of what I might do but slowly I got up and sauntered to the door. His eyes followed every step I took.

The ten minute drive to the house was a total blur as thoughts of incest went through my head. The implications of actually having sex with my dad seemed overwhelming but the thought of going yet another night without a man seemed equally overwhelming. I honestly didn’t know whether I would seduce or be seduced by my own father.

I got to the house and let myself in. After I didn’t see my dad pull up in the driveway I went to my old bedroom and looked around. It was just like I had left it three years earlier; all frilly and feminine. I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off my shoes wondering where my dad was. Finally, about ten minutes later he waltzed in.

Apparently he had been deep in thought and ran a red light and received a ticket from a friendly police officer. He wasn’t upset, at all, as he knew he was clearly guilty as the same thoughts of what to do with me raced through his mind. He sat on the edge of my bed and immediately memories of when he used to sit in the same spot to read me a bedtime story flooded my mind.

Somehow he seemed different sitting there with his square shoulders and chiseled face; handsome enough to make most women melt. Then, I looked down at his lap and the large bulge was still there. We laughed about the ticket he received trying to keep from facing the real problem. We shifted nervously and he cleared his throat.

“The fact is that we both were looking on the internet to fulfill a need we both have and evidently have the same tastes. The only question remaining is can we resist the temptation to commit incest?” He always had the knack to boil things down to their simplest form.

“I don’t think so, daddy,” I whispered hoarsely. My dad was about to respond when I wrapped my hand around his cock through his pants and gave it a squeeze. Before he could protest I grabbed his head and kissed him passionately shoving him back onto my bed as our tongues danced wildly.

“Oh Julie are you sure you want to do this?” gaziantep yeni escort he groaned breaking off the kiss. Now straddling his stomach I smiled down at his lust filled face and yanked off my blouse and bra. As my tits flew free they bounced against one another. Leaning forward I grabbed his hands holding them above his head against the mattress and dangled my globes over his face. They swayed like large cantaloupes just out of his mouth’s reach.

“Yes daddy, right now, daddy; I want to be your little slut fuck toy! But, right now I’m gonna show you what a hot bitch I can be when we switch. So, shut up and suck my fucking titties; you can spank and punish me later,” any pretense of avoiding the inevitable was now gone. I lowered my chest to his waiting mouth.

Hungrily my father devoured my boobs as I swung them back and forth across his face. He licked and nibbled eagerly from one breast to the other. There was no question that he wanted this as much as I did. A flash went through my mind wondering if he had ever fantasized about me. With words muffled by my tit flesh he managed to respond, “Oh yes baby I’m yours. Oh God yes.”

Harder and harder I savagely ground my boobs in his face. I stopped and crammed my left tit into his mouth and was surprised to see how much he was able to take in. He swirled his tongue all around as he chewed around far back from my areola. I pulled away and repeated this with my right tit which he sucked, bit, and licked with equal vigor. Letting go of his wrists I sat up and ground my pelvis on the bulge in his crotch.

My father’s cock felt so nice against my ass. Reaching down I placed his hands on my tits and pressed them against my chest showing him that I wanted him to maul the hell out of them. As he got the idea and tortured my titties I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off of his broad chest. I rubbed my hands all over his bare skin.

After pinching and twisting his nipples I lay down on top of him and bit down his body. Working methodically from his shoulders to his chest to his stomach I didn’t miss any part of him while he laid there moaning. My own excitement level grew as I could now feel his cock between my breasts.

“Your cock is mine daddy,” I exclaimed. The faint smell of his manhood hit my nostrils as my face reached the top of his trousers. Enthusiastically I unfastened his belt and pants and kneeling beside the bed yanked both his pants and underwear from him as he kicked off his shoes. I paused for the briefest of seconds to yank off his socks before taking in the vision of his beautiful long thick hard cock.

It was like a flagpole standing up proudly with two large lemon drop balls dangling tantalizing in between his now spread legs. Temptation overcame me as I reached and cupped his balls in one hand and squeezed until daddy gasped in shock. I used my other hand to spank his erection; watching it bounce off his belly with each smack.

I didn’t stop squeezing his pretty cock. In fact I got rougher and rougher with each pulsating squeeze as I climbed up onto my bed with my ass and pussy just out of his reach. While squeezing the base of his cock with my other hand I flicked my tongue over the spongy head getting the small drop of pre-cum that had just appeared on it.

Salty ecstasy filled my mouth as I cooed in delight. Eager to get his mother load I began fisting his cock as I sucked the head into my mouth. Swirling my tongue all around the head as I worked further down the hard shaft until I had to take my hand away and my nose hit his pubic hair. His hips came up to meet each of my down strokes.

Groans of excitement came from him as he grabbed for any part of me he could reach. He caressed my back and tits and ran his fingers through my hair. I was positioned so he could only reach the top of my pants; so, I moved just enough to allow him to unfasten them but still frustrating him as he couldn’t reach inside (except the very top of the undies) let alone pull them off.

Like a machine my head was bobbing up and down his member hitting the back of my throat with each stroke. I could feel his big cock twitching getting ready to spill its contents. I drove him over the edge when I jabbed a finger up his asshole and diddled his prostrate. Thick globs of sticky gooey jism filled my mouth; excitedly I swallowed and swallowed every drop. His fingernails dug into my tit.

Letting his now half hard member fall from my mouth I licked my lips and smiled down at him. Dad was panting still out of breath as I stood up beside the bed and slowly pulled off my pants then after running my fingers all over my silky purple bikini panties worked them down my legs and onto the floor.

“You remember when I was a teenager and I was mad at you and I yelled, ‘kiss my ass?'” I purred.

“Ah yes,” he answered simply but with lust in his eyes as he knew what I was getting at. As I got closer his eyes were examining every inch of gaziantep zayıf escort my body.

“Well, I am finally gonna make you do it! Daddy, kiss my fucking ass,” I lustfully demanded. Bouncing back onto the bed I swung my hips over his head and sat my ass in the middle of his face. My hands rubbed his chest and belly as I ground my cheeks against his nose and mouth.

After biting and licking all over both halves of my ass my dad pulled my cheeks away from my ass crack. His tongue immediately found my tiny rosebud and gave it a rimming one could only dream of. He sent shudders up my spine as I rocked on his mouth with his hands kneading the soft flesh covering his face.

After I came for the first time I suddenly threw myself back on the bed My pussy was dripping with my honey as I spread my legs. I lifted my knees to give my father a complete appreciation of what was between my thighs. Urgency had crept into my voice as I demanded, “Daddy get over here and eat my pussy!”

Of course, I really didn’t even need to ask as he was already getting into position. His tongue found my hole and became the perfect scoop as he greedily devoured my juices. I crammed his face against my pussy aiming him from spot to spot which I didn’t really need to do as he knew what he was doing.

He was magnificent as he found every sensitive spot I have and was expert at teasing my throbbing clit. Unable to fully control myself my ass was wriggling all over the mattress. Wave after glorious wave of ecstasy washed over my body as I climaxed hard over and over again. I moaned, “Oh daddy, excellent, you’re a fucking great cunt lapper! But, I need to fuck you this minute; lay down so I can fuck that great big prick!”

Pointing toward the ceiling my father’s cock was now fully recovered from my earlier blow job. Quickly, I straddled his thigh and diddled my hot little button with the head of his cock. Still playing with his member I ran it up and down my slit; twisting and squeezing and toying with it. He bucked his hips urging me to put his cock in my pussy.

Torturing him just a bit longer I smiled at him and continued having fun. But, it didn’t take long for me to give in. I lifted my pelvis and shoved his fat cock head into my hole. His cock felt so natural inside of me. Slowly I slid my pussy down his erection until I bottomed out on his pelvic bone. Then lifting back up I pounded down on him fast and hard. In surprise he yelped, “Oh fucking gawd!”

Riding him wildly I pinched his nipples and held onto them like the reins of a horse. Bouncing up and down on him causing the bed to squeal in protest my whole body shuddered in wave after wave of lust. His hands clawed into my thighs as his face became weirdly contorted as he tried to catch his breath.

Animal lust now thoroughly consumed me as I threw my head back and moved one hand from his tits and played with my clit. My hand was like a blur on my button as he pounded his hips up to meet each of my thrust. I hollered, “Oh daddy, feels so good, I am going to cum; oh yes, cum in your daughter’s pussy!”

“Oh crap, oh shit, so fucking tight, so good; I’m cumming sweetie, oh damn,” he gasped. The words hadn’t left his mouth before I was bathing his balls with my honey. I came over and over clasping my thighs around his legs holding tight so I wouldn’t collapse before milking out every drop of his seed. I felt his prick twitch inside of me several times as he filled me up with his jism.

We didn’t even clean ourselves up but instead just climbed into each other’s arms and fell asleep. The morning light was just creeping in through the window when I was awakened by our father.

My initial Reaction:

I couldn’t believe what she had just told me and had to interrupt her. A big lump had formed in my throat and I hoped she didn’t noticed the tent in my pants. It was hard to sit there and listen to her incestuous tale without having feelings for her myself. Gulping hard I asked, “You’re kidding you actually had sex with dad? That’s unbelievable!”

“Nothing it all seemed so perfect, bob. Do you want me to tell you the rest,” she said looking at my lap and placing a hand on my thigh. Quietly I agreed believing the rest couldn’t be any sexier than the first part had been.

Julie’s account — The next morning:

As I was saying the sunlight was streaming through the window as I was awakened by dad. Having rolled on to my back I found that he had pushed my legs apart and I awoke to find three of his fingers buried deep into my cunt twisting and wiggling deep inside of my sex. At that moment I knew he wanted to continue our incestuous fun.

“This is mine, you understand? Now, my baby girl you will pay for switching things up before I even took control,” He said as he saw my eyes flutter open. The next thing I knew he had pulled out his fingers and had tossed me onto my stomach. The spanking he proceeded to give me was furious and sensual; better than I have ever experienced in my perverted life.

It was so hard that he brought tears to my eyes and caught my body on fire but without being cruel. It was obvious that he was a caring daddy. With the spanking of about 25 sweet smacks out of the way he tenderly soothed my ass with both his mouth and fingers. As dad pulled apart my legs slightly I relaxed my ass allowing my puckering hole to come into full view for him.

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