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The dark mistress pondered her dilemma. She had no control over who took what pills at a rave. As other pushers had done, she donated her samples to the promoter’s supply even though her motive was a bit different than most. Yet, her dope was popular, and she usually had a selection of a few potential victims each time. Her last two pairs of subjects had perished of starvation and dehydration within days of being placed in her dungeon. The third, she hoped, would be the charm.


This was the first rave Eric had attended. Sure, he had attended lots of parties in his time, but this was excellent. Glancing at his watch, it was just past 1:00 and a surge of people had just added their bulk to the crowd. The techno music was loud. Beer and dope was free for the taking. Even thought it was in an abandoned warehouse across town in the ghetto, there were plenty of white guys and even white girls here. And the girls were hot, hot, hot! But he was frustrated that Jill, the girl he most wanted to hook up with, was with her friends flirting with a bunch of black guys. Oh well. He might still get lucky tonight, if not Jill, then someone else. Hey, you never know. Even geeky guys sometimes get lucky.

But wow, that last pill, the red one branded Degredation, made all his senses super intense. Wow, what a rush!


Keisha had been to so many raves that this one was no big deal. She was hanging with some sistahs at a table by the DJ.

Tanya reached out and held Keisha’s long braided hair out and said, “You’re lookin’ good, girl!”

Sonya then said, “Keisha! Look at Duane making an ass of himself!” Duane, and a bunch of other brothers, were all hitting on white chicks, of course. Honkeys ought to get back in their Beemers and get out of the hood and back to their own clubs!

She remembered what her mamma once told her. Always stand tall and be proud whatever else happens. Duane’s an idiot, she put him out of her mind and resolved to have fun at this party!

Keisha grabbed at a plate of pills on the table and nabbed a red one she had never seen before. Degredation? Worth a try. She swallowed it down with gulp of beer.


Eric woke. Where was he? It felt like the time he woke from an operation in the hospital — one moment, the doctor was poking him with needles and telling him to count backwards, the next moment, he was awake on a gurney with a nurse handing him a glass of water. But this time, there was no nurse. Alertness came to him quickly. He was lying on his back, but he was embedded in the wall. What the hell! His head seemed to be supported from underneath by some narrow brace. His body was immobile, like he was in some kind of shell. He turned his head to look around. He was in a room about ten feet wide by ten feet long. He couldn’t tell how far above the floor he was. One wall had some sort of large recess with some gadget below it. It was hard to tell at this angle. His wall had two indentations above him, closer to the ceiling. He tried to reach for the mechanism, but his body was encased in some sort of cylinder with very little room to move his arms or legs. The far wall was barred, and seemed to have a barred door, like a jail cell. Then he noticed her. There was a girl lying on the floor. A black girl. She was naked — completely naked. She seemed to be unconscious. It was hurting his neck to be looking around so he faced back up toward the ceiling to wonder what in hell was going on.


What kind of jackass pill that was, wondered Keisha.

Knocked me straight on my ass. Damn this floor was hard. What the?

She was no longer at the rave. She was in this, like, room. And she was naked! Was she raped? Then she saw the jail bars!

Damn, busted for dope!

She stood and walked to the bars.

What the hell! This ain’t no jail. Looks like one of those places you play laser tag at the mall. Huh, what was that noise?

She spun around. There was a guy’s head sticking out the wall? A white guy! With bright red hair. She crouched back down and leaned with her back to the bars.

This guy’s head is sticking out the wall about waist height above the floor. There’s four round holes in the wall. Two about four feet above his head and about two feet apart. And two about a foot above the floor about two feet apart. The dude’s head is resting on some sort of thick metal plate situated vertical-like with a shallow hard plastic bowl just under the back of his head. But how do I get out of this shit? The door is weird too. The lock is made out of some kind of clear stuff, like glass or clear plastic. There is some kind of steel pin going through a bar holding the door closed. The pin is hanging from some wire up over a pulley and back down to an empty can. All this contraption is behind that clear glass or plastic. There’s a clear plastic tube sticking out of the thing angled down as it came out of the lock. The tube is about four inches long. The end of the tube inside görükle escort the door curved down and into that little can. It looks like if you could somehow fill that can with water or something, it would pull the pin up and unlock the door. There was some kind of name for this kind of contraption! What was it? Rube Goldberg! They call this a Rube Goldberg machine!

But how do I fill that can with water to open the door? She tried to stick her finger up the tube, but it wouldn’t go in far enough to bend down and touch the can.

She tried to lean over, her head nearly to the floor, with her ass against the tube, to pee at an upward angle into the tube, but even when her aim was right on, she couldn’t pee with enough force to pee up the tube.

She was also getting thirsty. She looked around again. There was a drinking fountain in the room recessed in the wall. She could use a drink. There was some sort of seat in front of the drinking fountain with two rods sticking out of it. How could someone sit on that, she wondered. She went over to it. She tried to stick her head in the recess to get her mouth over the faucet, but she couldn’t fit. It seemed that the only way to get in position would be to sit. She tried pressing one of the buttons to see if water would come out, but no water came from the fountain. She looked at the two rods sticking out from the seat in front of the fountain. One was bigger than the other and set about three inches apart. They each had some kind of trigger button on them. Then she noticed a sign on the wall next to the fountain. “Press all four buttons simultaneously to drink.” But what does simultaneously mean, wondered Keisha. That’s honkey talk! But then she got an idea. She gingerly sat at the fountain. The two rods sliding up her two lower orifices. The front one felt good, but that back one hurt and felt yucky. She pressed the two buttons with her two hands and water came flowing gently out the faucet. She reached her head in and took a drink.

Her thirst quenched, she stood and then sat on the floor by the dude in the wall. Maybe he knows what the hell is going on? And why in hell am I naked?

“Hey, you know what’s going on?” she asked.

“Where am I?” he answered.

“You’re stuck in the wall about four feet above the floor. What happened at the rave? Do you know anything?”


Eric watched the girl get up and explore the room. She studied the bars for quite a while before going over to that recess in the other wall. She fiddled with the thing for a while until she sat down. He heard water running for a bit, then she stood and came over to him and spoke.

“Hey! Y’know what’s go’n on?” she said.

“Where am I?” he asked back.

“Yo stuck in th’ wah’ ’bout fo’ feet ‘bove the floh’! Wha’ happ’n at th’ rave? Y’know anyth’n?”

Eric could barely understand her through her ghetto accent. “I was at the rave, then I popped some dope, then I was here. That’s all I remember. How about you?”


Keisha thought about that. “What kind of dope did you take?” she asked him.

“Some red pills. I think they were labeled Degredation or something. Some dominatrix type woman all in leather was giving them out.”

“Yeah, that’s what I took too. That bitch must have snatched us! We’ve got to get out of here!”

“How are we going to get out? I’m stuck in this wall! Is there a door by those bars?”

“Yeah, there’s a door. But it’s damn weird! Everything’s, like, rigged or something! To open the door, you got to stick some kind of hose into a tube and fill some can with… Damn! Damn! I know! You can open that door!”

“Great! Open the door and get out and get the cops!”

“No. I can’t open the door. But you can!”

“Me? Why me?”

“Cause, like, well, you’re a guy. And you got– Well– You can open the door and I can’t! You’ll see if you can get out of the wall!”

“I don’t know how to get out of this damn wall!”

“Wait! There’s a sign here, like the fountain!”

“What’s it say?”

“It says, uhm, ‘To release the captive, lift the four levers re– recess– Damn! I can’t read that word!”

“What word?”


“That’s ‘recessed’.”

“Damn! ‘To release the captive, lift the four recessed levers simul– wait, I remember this word — simultaneously and push the top two up until the top half clicks into place.”

“So there’s four levers in this wall holding me?”

She fiddled with two of the lower levers. Inside each of the circular recesses was a lever that lifted easily enough. The two top ones looked to be about the same, but she didn’t want to stand and reach over his head so he could see her titties from underneath.

She finally answered, “Yeah! But I can’t reach all four of them at the same time! No way! Two of them are down here by the floor, and two are up over your head!”

“I guess I need another person, at least, in this room bursa escort bayan to get me out of this wall.”

“Yeah! I guess you do.

At that, Keisha pondered. She stood and walked back to the barred door and it’s strange lock. He has to pee into that can at the end of the tube to fill the can and make it pull the pin up to unlock the door. She figured that out. She figured out how to get water out of the fountain. So it’s up to her to figure out how to get the white guy out of the wall so he can pee up the tube to unlock the door.

She stared at the wall with the guy’s head sticking out for five minutes, ten minutes, a half-hour. “Holy shit!” she shouted.

“What!” he shouted back.


Eric laid on his back wondering if whoever put him and that black girl here was just going to leave them there. It seemed that there was some kind of puzzle here. The black girl already figured out the water fountain. And she claims to have figured out how to open the door, and that she needs to release him first to open the door.

His thought was shattered when she shouted, “Hoe sheeh’!”

“What?” he asked.

In a moment, she was standing by the top of his head facing the wall. The view was startling, he was looking up at her face, upside down, between her breasts. Her nipples pointed down and out — and hard.

“Ah knows how ta ge’ choo out’a thayh. But choo ain’t gon’ like ih’!”

He was afraid to ask. “Just get me out. Okay?”

He heard her suck in a breath and say, “Hea’ goes! Hold yo’ breath!”


Keisha took a breath before making the jump straight up and forward.

“Here goes! Hold your breath!”

Keisha grimaced and placed her hands on his forehead, crouched, and them jumped. She landed with a smack!


Hold my breath? What’s she going to do, Eric wondered. The answer to that thought came in an instant as she placed her palms oh his forehead and pushed herself up toward the ceiling. The next thing he knew, his head was being crushed by the weight of her body, while, at the same time, being squeezed by her powerful thighs, as he stared straight into her ass crack. In a moment, he realized that his nose had been pushed up into her anus, and something was tickling his chin. Moments passed as she wiggled and squirmed. The weight of her body was crushing his head, yet it was bearable. At times, it seemed that her weight increased and then subsided, increased again and subsided again. His lungs were starting to strain to release his breath, but he was totally immobile and unable to speak. His straining lungs managed to push a squeak of air out that came out sounding like a quick fart.


It took Keisha a moment to steady her balance after jumping up on his head. Her feet were dangling a few inches above the floor, and she had to clamp her legs against the sides of his head to keep her balance. She immediately grabbed for the two levers just above her head. The sensation was bizarre. Like the time some fresh air charity took her horseback riding in the country when she was a child. It felt just like that. Something was sticking up her ass, and felt very uncomfortable, but it didn’t go as deep as that rod when she used the fountain. At least her clit was pressing down on something soft, maybe his lips, that thought gave her a tingle. Well, stop daydreaming and get this thing open! She flipped her braids back that had fallen in front of her face. Then she looked down her side and reached into one of those holes with one foot. She slid her foot under the lever and lifted it. It lifted easily. She did the same for the other foot and lever. Concentrating on her arms, she started to push up on the two hand levers. The top part of the wall started to lift up! The first couple of inches were easy. But the higher she lifted it, the heavier it got. She let it down again and let out a sigh.

Just then, she heard a little fart come from below, but she didn’t fart. The strain, however, had built up a real fart and she let it out. It was one of those long quiet hot ones that burned coming out. But the funny thing was that she didn’t smell it afterward. It should have stunk! Where’d it go?

Never mind that, and she took a deep breath again for a second try. This time, she lifted it higher, but it didn’t click into place. She dropped it again and had to take a few breaths. She got ready to try again, but he started squirming under her ass. That isn’t going to help, she thought. She took another deep breath and lifted it again. This time she noticed two red lines on separate adjacent panels that moved closer the higher she lifted the top wall. Maybe she has to make the lines meet to get the top wall to click in place. She pushed with all her might, and got the two red lines to within an inch of each other. But she couldn’t quite get them to meet. Damn! One more time! This time she just closed her eyes and just kept pushing. She opened her eyes and saw that bursa escort the lines were almost touching, when one of her feet slipped off the lever. Damn! Last try. I hope this guy can breathe! Again, she mustered all her strength and pushed again, concentrating on lifting and on keeping her feet on the levers. Slowly, she raised the wall. Sweat was pouring off her forehead, down her chest and down her back. Just a little more. Just a little more. Then the lines touched, and he heard a loud click. Exhausted, she let go of the handles and let out a deep breath. She had to sit and catch her breath for a few moments. Then she wiped the sweat from her forehead and reached down to feel the floor with her toes. She couldn’t touch the floor with her toes. Even though her toes were only a few inches above the floor, the sensation of being unable to touch the floor was frightening. She finally slid herself back off his head and dropped to the floor, landing on her feet.


Eric let out an explosive breath, and then fought to catch his breath. After his breathing calmed down, he realized that the top part of the wall was a foot above. He was free of this trap! He started to slide himself out of the hole — and then realized that he was naked. What the hell, so was she. He slid himself out a little more, rolled over onto his chest, and crawled out until he could bend down and reach the floor with his palms. He finally pulled himself out and fell to the floor on his shoulders with a thunk!

He spun around and then sat upright. He looked up at the black girl, looking down at him. Her hair was all in braids and she was kind of cute. And she was extremely black, even for a black person. Her skin was black as coal. It made her eyes stand out like beacons, her skin was so totally black.

It surprised the hell out of him when she kneeled down in front of him and said, “So ya’ wan’a fuck?”

“What?” is all he could say in answer.

“Yo! Ya’ wan’ fuck?”

“Well, I– I mean we hardly know each other?”

“Bro! I jus’ been sitt’n on yo’ face!”

“Yeah. So you have!”

“We’s both naked an’ ah’m ho’ny as fuck’n hell!”

Eric wasn’t sure. He had never been with a black girl before. Not that it should matter, of course. But it was a new experience. They’re both naked, and she was just sitting on his face with her pussy pressed against his mouth and his nose up her asshole. He reached out tentatively to touch her.


Keisha took in the view. This white guy was even more bleached-white than most honkeys.

Mustn’t get out in the sun much, she thought. And get a look at that carrot top! Pretty blue eyes though!

Seeing the hard-on this white dude had ever since he crawled out of that hole in the wall made Keisha even hornier than from sitting on his face pushing that damn wall up with all her might. Losing her patience with his shy ass, she grabbed his hand and flung herself on him and mashed her mouth to his. Ooh, she was so wet she could feel herself dripping! She crawled higher on his body and pressed one of her nipples to his mouth. After he got that one hard and wet, she switched him to the other nipple. Then she grabbed him and rolled over, pulling him on top of her.


Eric panicked. “Um, wait! I don’t have any rubbers!”

She answered, “Who cay’s fo’ rubbers? Don’ choo’ know that the man gives you mo’ money fo’ the mo’ babies you got anyway?”

At this point, her logic seemed irrefutable to him, and so plunged into her. He pumped and pumped, and came quickly. She rolled back on top, facing him, snuggled her head on his shoulder, and exhaustion quickly brought her to sleep.

Wow is all Eric could think! That was fantastic! But now she fell asleep on top of me! I still don’t even know her name. Eric succumbed to the inevitable, himself, and also fell asleep.


The dark mistress giggled with glee! This was the first couple to solve the puzzle of the wall trap. The show immediately afterward was a surprise bonus! The MPEG, she was sure, would be a hit in the newsgroups! She was posting it to some binaries group at this very moment. Now, would they solve the door puzzle before they starved to death like those before?


Keisha woke after what seemed like a full night’s sleep. She opened her eyes to see him meeting her gaze. “Sleep good?” she asked.

“Yeah! I slept pretty good. How about you?”

“Yeah, I slept good too.”

She then shimmied down his body to where her body was between his legs. She put him in her mouth and started sucking. It didn’t take long for him to come in her mouth.

“Hair trigger you got, white boy!”

“Yeah, well. Brown sugar gets me hot!”

“Yeah? You got brown sugar before?”

“Well, no, you’re my first.”

She looked around. “And it’ll be your last unless we get out of this fuckin’ jail!”

She stood, and he stood next to her.

She grabbed his hand and walked over to the door.

“See this thing?” she asked as she pointed to the tube and can mechanism behind the clear surface.

“Yeah, that’s weird.”

“Sure is. You got to stick it in this hole and piss in that can to open the door so we can get out of this place.”

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